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Not to be confused with Zafkiel.

DAL v2 15

Japanese (Ruby) ザドキエル
Japanese (Base) 氷結傀儡
Base meaning Freezing Puppet
Rank AA-rank Angel [1]
Novel Debut Volume 2
Anime Debut Episode 4

Zadkiel (氷結傀儡ザドキエル, Zadokieru?) is the Angel of ice corresponding to the fourth sephira. Its original wielder is Yoshino Himekawa.


Yoshino Himekawa[]

When Yoshino summons <Zadkiel>, it takes the form of a rabbit-shaped giant that is around three meters long and resembles Yoshinon, Yoshino's hand puppet. The giant quadruped has one red round eye and an eyepatch, large sharp teeth, and white skin, and is capable of flight. Yoshino would typically manipulate its movements via strings from two holes in its back. Yoshino usually keeps her hands inserted in these holes, but she can use the strings to remotely control <Zadkiel> for sneak attacks. In this form, <Zadkiel> has the ability to absorb water from the ground and air and release it in the form of freezing air that acts similar to liquid nitrogen.

The second time that Yoshino summons <Zadkiel>, it takes the form of an even larger quadruped towering over most buildings. It still resembles Yoshinon but without the eye patch, and has the same powers as the initial <Zadkiel> but with greater strength. At her full power, Yoshino is capable of creating a large blizzard dome that extends to 10 meters. The dome automatically reacts to Reiryoku or the Maryoku fueling AST's CR-Units. Origami notes that she is capable of freezing things without substance, like the Territories generated by Wizards. Kotori even compares the intensity of her ice storms to being constantly targeted by a barrage of shotguns. After being sealed, Yoshino can only summon the smaller <Zadkiel>. Yoshinon is hidden from view when <Zadkiel> is present, but can telepathically communicate through <Zadkiel>.

  • Shiryon (凍鎧シリョン, Shiryon?. lit. "Frozen Armor"): In Tobiichi Devil, Yoshino gains the ability to fuse her Astral Dress with <Zadkiel>. In her <Shiryon> form, Yoshino's powers over water and ice increase to the point where the surrounding area becomes frozen. Shido remarked that she looked like she was wearing <Zadkiel>. Usually, her hands in this form are equipped with mittens, but for combat purposes, she can switch to large gauntlets that contain icicle claws. [2]

Shido Itsuka[]

Shido does not summon the entire giant puppet when using <Zadkiel>. Instead, when Shido uses <Zadkiel>, he summons giant ice pillars around him for defensive purposes, or simply blasts cold air forward with his hands. He first uses this power to protect Miku from an attack by Tohka in her Inverse state. During the time when Shido's powers went out of control, he was able to cause snowfall willingly and create beautiful candles and flowers made out of ice.


The parallel-world Spirit codenamed <Beast> has indirect access to <Zadkiel> via the Fourth Sword (四番目の剣, Yonbanme no Ken?), a small sword with two large extensions resembling rabbit ears protruding out from a curved handle. During <Beast>'s confrontation with the former Spirits in Shido's world, she uses the Fourth Sword to summon an ice wall to block an <Yggd Folium> strike from behind her.


  • Zadkiel means "Righteousness of God."


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