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Volume 3[]

Yuri, as Dominion of Netzach, is first seen attending the emergency Dominion conference held at Tiphereth in the aftermath of White Queen's appearance at Yesod. Before the conference starts, she asks about the model of her sister that went to serve under Kareha Banouin at Hod. White Queen gatecrashes the conference while it is being held, and when she states her intent to kill the Dominions, Yuri prepares to attack. However, White Queen escapes. After the meeting is disbanded, Yuri goes back to Netzach.

Volume 4[]

Yuri is mentioned during a conversation White Queen has with her three subordinates after hearing of Kareha's death at Hod. One of the subordinates intends to question her via torture.

Volume 5[]

Upon arriving in Netzach, Kurumi and Hibiki immediately seek to meet with Yuri. They do so at the central casino under watch from several Yui models. Yuri assigns the price of 100 million Yui Points to open the gate to Tiphereth. After the meeting, Yuri calls forth a specific model of Yui that she reserves particular affection for, and touches Yui's cheeks before letting her go. Two Dominions in Maya Yukishiro of Chokmah and Oka Miyafuji of Tiphereth then arrive, having been invited by Yuri to Netzach. Yuri later defuses a situation where Maya, Oka, and the late-arriving invitee Ariadne Foxrot are threatening Kurumi. She and the other Dominions get Kurumi to agree on the terms of a poker game with 50 million Yui Points at stake. When a Yui model explains the agreed terms to Kurumi and Hibiki later on, Yuri's voice comes out of the Yui model's mouth at one point, making Kurumi aware of Yuri listening in on them from somewhere. Speaking through that Yui model, Yuri allows the participation of Hibiki and Cistus.

In a separate conversation with the other Dominions, Yuri agrees to let Hibiki join their poker game even while in disguise. During the poker game, Yuri watches Kurumi eliminate Oka and Hibiki early. Then, when Ariadne is eliminated, Yuri decides to concede and declare Kurumi the winner, letting Kurumi and Hibiki go to Tiphereth. However, due to the time it takes to process 100 million Yui Points' worth of coins, Yuri proposes to invite all of the poker game's participants to her mansion home for the night first.

Upon arriving home, Yuri brags about the Yui working as a housemaid there, before retreating to her room having told the other Dominions that she fell sick. The next day, Yuri is found dead. The other Dominions deliberate on the culprit and initially accuse Kurumi and Hibiki. When they agree to let Kurumi investigate the murder, the mansion's AI system, also called Yuri, suddenly traps the visitors inside, threatening them with the detonation of Yui models stored inside. During the investigation, Kurumi and Maya discover that Yuri's room, where she was found dead, had cleaned itself up with no trace of Yuri to be found. As the investigation continues, Oka outs herself as the Bishop serving under White Queen, and tries to kill Kurumi after unsuccessfully luring her into a trap. Oka is stopped by the other Dominions, but is killed by a Yui model before she can speak further. This convinces Kurumi that Yuri faked her own death and is in fact in hiding, operating the mansion's AI system herself. Kurumi addresses Yuri, having identified her as the real Bishop, and calls her out on using Oka as a scapegoat. With that, Yuri summons a seemingly endless army of Yui models to attack Kurumi, Hibiki, Maya, and Ariadne.

The Yui models are ultimately defeated when the housemaid Yui, having been convinced to defect and fight for Kurumi, uses her Unsigned Angel on the mansion wall to disable Yuri's senses. In turn, Kurumi and Hibiki locate where Yuri is hiding. Before Yuri is killed for real, she tearfully admits to falling in love with a boy from the other world.