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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Volume 1[]

A model of Yui attends one of Doll Master's killing games. After everyone gives introductions in the classroom, her name is the first one to be called out to the battlefield. Tsuan is the first to locate her. Yui finds herself outmatched by Tsuan and has to retreat. She buys enough time to rip off a part of her Astral Dress, transforming it into a ferret that runs away after receiving important information about Malkuth. Yui then tries to use her Unsigned Angel to attack Tsuan by sealing her powers. However, Tsuan counters by throwing her halberd before the attack lands, causing Yui to be defeated.

Volume 2[]

Another model of Yui appears at the end of the volume to relay some bad news to Rinemu Kirari and Mizuha Banouin regarding Kurumi Tokisaki and Tsuan. Mizuha recognizes this Yui as the bodyguard of her older sister.

Volume 3[]

During the emergency meeting of the Dominions at Tiphereth, Netzach's Yuri Sagakure asks about her younger sister, mentioning in passing that she made the model of her sister who was sent to serve Kareha Banouin. This model of Yui is revealed to have filmed the skirmish between Rook and Kurumi at Yesod and the White Queen's subsequent arrival.

Volume 4[]

Yui is first seen at Hod, informing the Dominion there, Kareha, that her younger sister Mizuha is visiting. At night, Kurumi just so happens to bump into Yui, who is tasked with designing the swimsuit version of Kurumi's Astral Dress, as well as a water pistol that can hold <Zafkiel's> bullets. Yui doesn't elaborate when she claims to have "died many times". It is from Yui that Kurumi learns more about Mizuha's association with Kareha, as well as the fact that Hod has closed off its gate to Gevurah. Later, when Kurumi meets with Mizuha, Yui informs that Hibiki is waiting to challenge Kurumi outside.

Yui witnesses Retsumi Jugasaki's victory over Kareha in the "war game" and subsequent celebration. Retsumi then jumps in the way of a lethal round of shots fired at Kareha, causing her to flee. Yui is the first to find her near an abandoned house. Kareha refuses to move, threatening Yui with death if she approaches. She also instructs Yui to inform Kurumi of her location, intending to challenge Kurumi to a final battle.

Volume 5[]

Kurumi and Hibiki arrive in Netzach, where several Yui models staff the casino fronted by Yuri. They guard Yuri's room while the latter meets with Kurumi and Hibiki. After the meeting, Yuri calls forth a specific model of Yui that she reserves particular affection for. Later on, another Yui model leads Ariadne Foxrot into a different casino. After Kurumi agrees to the terms of the poker game between her and the Dominions, the same model of Yui that Kurumi met at Hod leads Kurumi and Hibiki to their hotel for the night.

After entering their room, Hibiki has a chat with Yui, and understands that the Yui models synchronize each other's memories. Hibiki also asks about Yui's interests and who she likes, before Kurumi asks whether Yui is scared of anything. Kurumi and Hibiki are served dinner by a different Yui model, who announces the participants of a game of Texas hold'em scheduled in seven days. After a private conversation, Kurumi and Hibiki decide to zero in on the Yui model that took them to the hotel, due to her being the more emotive model.

On the day of the game, held at a different casino, several Yui models watch on. Kurumi wins the game, but Yuri invites all the attendees to her mansion home first. They are greeted there by a model of Yui wearing a maid costume, to her embarrassment. The next day, Yuri is found dead. Yui testifies that she found Yuri dead in her bedroom. The other Dominions immediately suspect either Kurumi or Hibiki to be the culprit, and their suspicions rise when Yui claims to have lost one of her model units. A failsafe AI then traps the mansion's visitors and threatens to detonate multiple Yui models stored inside. While continuing to solve the murder mystery, Kurumi talks to the Yui who greeted them earlier.

Much later, after visiting Dominion Oka Miyafuji outs herself as the Bishop serving under White Queen, another model of Yui kills Oka and takes her Sephira fragment. This model was instructed by the failsafe AI, leading Kurumi to believe that Yuri's murder was staged. Yuri, who reveals that the AI is indeed her own voice through speakers somewhere in her mansion, summons a seemingly endless army of Yui models to attack Kurumi, Hibiki, Maya, and Ariadne. One of Maya's powers helps Kurumi and Hibiki locate Yuri while being chased by Yui models. At the entrance, they welcome new allies in Carte À Jouer, Cistus and the housemaid Yui, revealed to be the main Yui who was convinced to defect and fight alongside Kurumi. Yui uses her Unsigned Angel on the wall of the mansion, disabling Yuri's senses. In turn, the Yui models under Yuri's control begin to be taken down with ease. It is revealed that in her last moments, Yuri had yet to finish making another model of Yui.

Yui catches up to where Kurumi had located and killed Yuri. She seems to understand Yuri's actions despite her selfishness.

Volume 6[]

Prior to Kurumi, Hibiki and Ariadne's journey to Gevurah, Yui is also briefed when Maya explains the importance of Chokmah and Gevurah as key points in the Neighboring World to White Queen's plans.

Volume 7[]

Yui is one of several to receive a letter written by Maya, which implied that White Queen had begun to invade Chokmah.

Later on, when Kurumi uses <Tet> to enter Hibiki's dream, Yui is seen in said dream dressed up like a knight. In the villainess otome game cast for the dream, she plays a male suitor that is referred to as "the knight leader's son".

When Kurumi's forces is pushed to the brink by the White Queen's army, Yui joins the rest of the Dominions in the battle against White Queen at Chokmah, arriving alongside Retsumi, Rinemu, and Mizuha. As it stands, Yuri's will includes a warning that Chokmah will be attacked. It also tells her to do as she sees fit and even disregard the advice if she chooses to. Due to this wording, Yui ultimately decides to trust her older sister one last time, despite the complicated relationship they shared when she was alive.

Volume 8[]

Yui is among the Quasi-Spirits interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Yui ultimately chooses to stay in the Neighboring World, only visiting Keter to see off other Quasi-Spirits who have decided to migrate to the real world, including Hibiki herself. Yui gives a kunai to Hibiki before she departs.

Some time after the gate closes, Yui goes to the Dominion conference held somewhere in the Neighboring World, in order to be proclaimed the new Dominion of Netzach by host Maya Yukishiro. Yui protests at her unsuitability for the position, but Maya claims that Yui's strength in numbers will help stabilize the region. When a new Quasi-Spirit is discovered, the Dominions rush to see it, including two Yui models. The other model tries to comfort the newly-discovered Quasi-Spirit, and the main model is at a loss for words.