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Yui Sagakure
Kanji 佐賀繰唯
Romaji Sagakure Yui
Gender Female
Species Quasi-Spirit
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Yuri Sagakure (Older Sister)
Novel Debut Date A Bullet
Anime Debut Dead or Bullet
Japanese Asami Seto

Yui Sagakure (くれゆい, Sagakure Yui?) is a seventh type Quasi-Spirit that appears in Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet.


Yui Sagakure was one of the Quasi-Spirits participating in the Doll Master's death game.

In actuality, Yui is the younger sister of Yuri Sagakure, in place of the original whom Yuri killed to prevent her from leaving their home. After the incident, Yuri built robotic replicas of her sister, separated into two types: the robot-like mass production model that are to serve in Netzach, and the "Best Model" type which are nearly identical to a real person. The Best Model are sent to serve as spies for other Dominions who enjoyed Yui's espionage ability, but these patrons are also aware and assume Yui could betray them any time in favor of her creator.


Yui wears a remodeled indigo blue colored sailor uniform, with a short skirt to the point of being overexposed. The uniform also exposes her midriff. Where the uniform doesn't cover, fishnets can be seen on Yui's arms and collar. With a fierce expression and a sharp glint in her eyes wary of negligence, she resembles a kunoichi. Around her thighs, she has sheaths for her kunai, and wears red vambraces over her forearms. She also wears decorative armor pieces in her ponytail.


In Date A Bullet volume 1, Yui is dedicated to her duty to the "Princess" she served. Yui is not afraid to die because "there will be next time." Like White Queen's Empty followers, Yui does not fear death. Rather, she is more afraid to die a "meaningless death."


The original Yui Sagakure was a Quasi Spirit who sought for her purpose in life through battle. Because of this desire, she opposed her over-protective sister, Yuri, and tried to escape from their home. This was the catalyst that caused Yuri to kill her.

Best Model Yui Sagakure

Yui is well aware of her existence as a doll created by her sister and wants to be loyal to her.

Unlike the mass production model, the Yui made with effort by Yuri has full capacity to experience emotion. This emotion creates confusion over her sister's contradictory nature. That is, making Yui whom she loves, while simultaneously not caring if they are destroyed.

The doubt made her envious of the mass production models who are completely loyal, and made her question why she was given emotions. She thought of herself as a defective product. In addition to seeing herself as defective, Yui recognizes the dichotomy and manipulation of Yuri’s treatment of her and the Mass Produced types. She realizes that in actuality Yuri must care very little for her despite the lip service she assures them with. Upon seeing her sister’s dead body, Yui was deeply troubled by the fact she didn’t feel sadness and only shock. Confused as to if this reaction or lack thereof was because she was a robot or was because she was a bad sister for not feeling sad, Yui takes the burden on herself and sees herself as shallow due to her lack of reaction. Furthermore, she realizes that her motivation to ‘avenge’ Yui stemmed not from her own motives, but from a programmed response.

Despite serving her sister and obeying her whims, Yui isn't the most forthcoming with her duties, and even notes that she would rather Kurumi and Hibiki succeed in their goal rather than her sister. Yui is evidently troubled and damaged after enduring Yuri's treatment.

Mass Production Yui Sagakure

The mass production Yui Sagakure act like robots who run by an automated program or direct control from their creator. Despite that, they still have limited capacity of emotion, such as experiencing fear when in face of threat, except when they are in battle mode.

Powers and Abilities

Unsigned Angel: Shichihōgiyōjiya (七宝行者しちほうぎようじや, Shippo Gyoja?. lit. "Seven Treasure Pilgrims)")

Weapon: Kunai

Astral Dress: Izuna (隠形霊装・三四番イヅナ, Izuna?. lit. "Hidden Form Spirit Dress, Number 34")

Shichihougyouja has the ability to seal all five senses of its target.

Izuna has ability to conceal the user's presence. Torn pieces of the dress can also transform into a familiar in the form of a ferret to deliver messages.

As an artificial being, Yui has an ability similar to that of a robot, and can save and synchronize her memory with other Yui. She can also simulate body heat, while normally her body is cold like corpse.

Only the First Class model can use power of the Shichihougyouja while the weapons of mass production models are no different than normal kunai. Rather than individual strength, the Mass Production Model Yui Sagakure's main strength is their coordinated moves and quantity.

  • Goenmason (降閻魔尊ごうえんまそん?. lit. "Descending Lord Enma"): By scattering her kunai, Yui draws a magical circle that summons a barrier of flames to entrap the enemy. Alternatively, the barrier can also be used to protect allies from enemy attacks.



Best Model

  • (To Yuri Sagakure) “No, there was no need to ask anymore. For me, I only see this current reality. I can no longer stand by your side.” [1]


  • Yui's hobbies includes meditation and reading. For the former, her favorite book is a ghostwritten autobiography of Rinemu Kirari called Kirarin Revolution.


  1. Date A Bullet Volume 5 ○Eternal Bond


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