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Yoshino Puppet[]

Yoshino detected

Yoshino seen on screen

As Yoshino enters the world, her arrival causes the world to rain. She is seen dancing in the rain as Shido bumps into her after coming back from school. As she trips and falls down, Shido tries to help her, but she takes several steps back. With her body trembling, she asks him to not come closer, telling him that she doesn’t want him to hurt her. As Shido notices a puppet on the ground, he decides to ask if it is hers. Seeing that the girl was still cautious, Shido dropped the puppet on the ground and allowed her to retrieve it. After picking up the puppet, the girl uses it to call Shido a lucky pervert before saying goodbye and running away.

Sometime later, a Spacequake happens, and from <Fraxinus>, Shido sees that the Spirit <Hermit> is actually the girl from that rainy day. From the screen, Shido sees the AST launching countless ammunition at her. Asking why they are doing such a thing to a little girl, Kotori responds that to the AST, appearance doesn’t matter, focusing only on their policy of neutralizing the Spirits. Soon after, Shido learns that <Hermit> is a docile type that rarely fights back.

Yoshino's accidental Kiss

Yoshino accidentally kisses Shido

Shido is transported to her location, a department store, by using <Fraxinus>’s teleporter. As Shido approaches her, he finds her standing upside down by using her powers. She responds to Shido’s arrival by asking him if he had come to bully Yoshinon as well. After Shido responds to <Fraxinus>’s embarrassing commands, the puppet on her hand starts laughing and clapping. Despite initially enjoying the conversation, her mood took a turn for the worse after Shido asked if Yoshinon referred to her or the puppet. Then, she asks Shido what he meant by ventriloquism. In response, Shido quickly tries to avoid the subject by saying that Yoshinon is Yoshinon. Shido then impulsively asks her to a date. Despite expecting a rejection, Yoshinon accepts since he is the first human that she had a decent conversation with. As their lively conversation continued, she decided to start running up a jungle gym designed for children. As her balance breaks, she falls down and her lips momentarily connect with Shido’s lips.

Yoshino taunts Tohka

Yoshinon mocks Tohka

At that moment, they are confronted by Tohka, who demands to know what Shido is doing. Yoshinon then proceeds to insult Tohka by telling her that Shido has lost interest in her and left her for Yoshinon. Angry, Tohka grabs the puppet and tells it to shut up. Without her puppet, <Hermit> timidly demands her companion back. Frightened, she summons her Angel <Zadkiel>, a giant rabbit-like doll that is about three meters in length. <Zadkiel> starts firing bullets of ice at the two of them. After missing, she proceeds to escape by jumping out of the broken window. During her escape, she is confronted by homing missiles from the AST. However, before they can continue attacking, <Hermit> is declared lost and disappears.

The next day, Shido finds her again near the same location from yesterday. Making a face that looks like she could cry at any moment, Shido tries to calm her down by rolling around the ground and declaring that he surrenders. However, that only succeeds in giving her a dumbfounded face. Then, Shido asks if she is searching for the puppet from earlier. Nodding her head yes, Shido asks if he could help her search for the puppet, which surprises her. As they are searching from the rubble, she struggles to tell Shido that she is Yoshino and that Yoshinon is her best friend.

Shido promises Yoshino

Shido tells Yoshino that he will be her new hero

While continuing to search for the puppet, her stomach starts rumbling, causing Shido to ask her if she wants to go to his house for some food. After arriving back home, Shido prepares for her a Japanese rice bowl. While eating, she tells Shido that Yoshinon is her ideal hero, since Yoshinon is brave and does not hesitate like her. When Shido says that she likes the current Yoshino more, she starts crying because no one has ever said such nice things to her before. When asked why she doesn’t retaliate to the AST, she says that she doesn’t fight back because she knows how painful it is to be hurt, and understands that they wouldn’t like to be hurt either. After hearing this, Shido responds by telling her that he will save her and find Yoshinon. He will become the hero that will protect her from scary and painful things. However, the moment is ruined by Shido bringing up the kiss from yesterday, both confusing and embarrassing Yoshino. Soon afterwards, Tohka interrupts and frightens Yoshino away.

The next time she appears, she is relentlessly hunted by the AST. After being hit by a missile barrage, Yoshino summons her Angel to defend herself. Her powers cause the raindrops touching the ground to turn into ice. As the AST continued to fire at her, her Angel let out a large roar before beginning to freeze the spherical territories surrounding the AST team. As the attacks continued, she started to create a blizzard dome surrounding her that would freeze anything that went in. Despite the danger to himself, Shido enters, despite fully knowing that he will be frozen the moment he uses his regeneration powers.

After finally reaching Yoshino, Shido collapses while holding out the puppet. Moved that Shido managed to fulfill his promise, Yoshino starts crying again. After fulfilling Shido’s request for a kiss to save her, the blizzard dome and her Astral Dress both start to disappear. As the sunlight begins to pierce through the clouds, Yoshino remarks how pretty the sky looked. The two are then picked up by the <Fraxinus> ship, but Yoshino hides behind Shido’s back upon seeing Tohka. After being told that Tohka is a friend, she slowly starts to greet her.

Two days after being sealed, her first examination is over and she receives special permission to go over to Shido's house and thank him for saving her. Yoshinon asks for another date again when the examinations are over. Afterward, in her natural voice, Yoshino asks if she could come over later to play again. Seeing this, Shido praises her for being able to talk by herself while still wearing her puppet.

Kurumi Killer[]

On June 5, Kotori informs Shido that they have a guest. Yoshino appears in the Itsuka residence wearing a cool one-piece dress with a white summer sunhat that hides her eyes. Yoshinon greets Shido and tells him that the physical examinations have been finished, but there is still a need to practice. As Shido questions what the puppet meant by "practice", Yoshino raises her own voice and greets good morning to Shido. This impresses Shido since it is the first time he has heard Yoshino’s voice that loud. Kotori then informs Shido that Yoshino can now already talk to her and Reine. Consequently, Yoshino is ready to move to the apartment where Tohka is living in order to have a partner to practice speaking with.

As Tohka arrives, Yoshino starts retreating with trembling shoulders. However, under the encouragement of Yoshinon in her left hand, Yoshino takes a deep breath before stepping forward. Despite mumbling at first, she is able to greet Tohka after being encouraged by everyone. As Tohka compliments her on her sunhat, Yoshino tells them that Reine was the one who gave it to them. After Shido compliments her by saying that she looks cute, Yoshino’s face starts to turn red. As Shido and Tohka left for school, Kotori had Yoshino return back to <Fraxinus>. Before leaving, she says goodbye to both Tohka and Shido.

Itsuka Sister[]

Yoshino worried

Yoshino visiting Shido in the infirmary

Yoshino is present at the hospital bed as Shido wakes up. While hiding behind Reine, Yoshinon told Shido that they were worried because he wasn’t feeling energetic. As Shido struggles to get up, Yoshino helps support Shido as they make their way to the room where Kotori is located. Much later, Yoshino accompanies Tohka and Shido to buy swimsuits for the date with Kotori. As Origami arrived, she questioned why <Hermit> was there. This results in Yoshinon telling Origami to not bully Yoshino, adding that Origami will get lots of wrinkles if she keeps making that face. As they arrive at the store, Yoshinon encourages Yoshino to do her best. Clenching her fists, she turned to Yoshino in a battle-ready stance. As Shido questions this, Reine informs him that the person who makes Shido’s heart beat the fastest will win a date with him. As Tohka questions how to make Shido’s heart race, Yoshinon tells her something that makes Tohka blush furiously. Despite saying that the winner was obviously going to be Yoshino, Yoshinon tells Tohka to try her best. As Origami and Tohka finish presenting their swimsuits, Shido hears Yoshino’s voice, who asks Shido to save her. As Shido charged into the changing room, Yoshino told Shido that she couldn’t change her clothes with one hand. At that moment, Yoshino is declared to be the winner of the contest.

During Shido’s date with Kotori at Ocean Park, Tohka and Yoshino also arrive. Yoshino tells him that Reine told them to come, asking Shido if they were causing him trouble again. After everyone change into their swimsuits, Yoshino and Tohka head off to the pool to play. Later, Reine informs Shido that there is an emergency not with Kotori, but with Yoshino. Having lost Yoshinon due to the currents of the pool, Yoshino's deteriorating mental state caused a giant iceberg to appear at the center of the pool. After Shido finds Yoshinon, they use a blow drier to dry the puppet, Yoshino apologizes for causing such a large scene. However, Kotori reassures Yoshino that it wasn't her fault, instead pinpointing the blame on Shido's carelessness.

<Fraxinus> then plans to have some of their men in disguise flirt with Tohka and Yoshino, so that Shido could look cool standing up to them. However, Kotori recognizes the appearance of her subordinates and tells them to take the rest of the day off. Seeing this impresses both Tohka and Yoshino. As Shido is talking to Kotori, Yoshino and Tohka are in the swimming pool while wearing swimming tubes. After seeing the super water slide, Yoshino refuses to go out of worry that it will cause her to lose Yoshinon again. As they were eating lunch, Yoshino asked if Shido had a fight with Kotori, since he seemed much more relaxed after Kotori left. This causes Shido to realize that the pressure to seal Kotori is making him overwhelmingly nervous. After Shido returned, he told them that they were going on the boat tour next, but Yoshino requested that she go only with Tohka, so that Shido could be alone with Kotori.

As Tohka and Yoshino approach a waterfall, Yoshinon jokes that she wants to try freezing it. At that moment, both of them sense a subtle change in Reiryoku as the sounds of an explosion echo and vibrate through the air. Assuming their limited Astral Dresses, Yoshino and Tohka confront Origami, who is hellbent on attacking Kotori. They tell Origami that they won't let her hurt Kotori, since she is their benefactor. However, they were at a significant disadvantage since they only had access to around 10% of their powers and Origami was equipped with the new experimental unit <White Licorice>. Fortunately, the two of them were able to distract Origami long enough for Shido to reseal Kotori.

Miku Lily[]

Yoshino makes her appearance after Shido arrives home while exhausted by all the work he had to do as the Tenou Festival's executive committee chief. Yoshino tells Shido that it is getting late, so she decides to search for him as Kotori is getting worried. She then points to a poster, to which Shido explains that it is to promote the Tenou Festival. Shido invites Yoshino to come to the festival, as well as to come over for dinner. After entering the Itsuka residence, she joins Tohka in being immersed in a video game.

At the festival, Yoshino arrives along with Reine. Seeing Shido as Shiori, she blushes and averts her eyes as if she'd seen something she should not see. Yoshinon mocks Shido for crossdressing, while Yoshino awkwardly says that Shido looks cute. As Shido starts screaming, Reine informs Yoshino that Shido is engaging in work and that the outfit isn't his hobby. Afterward, Reine takes Yoshino to see the maid café. Yoshino is in the audience as she listens to both Miku and Shido’s performances. After Miku uses her <Gabirel> to brainwash the audience, Yoshino is among those affected. Upon Miku’s orders, Yoshino assumes her Limited Astral Dress and starts attacking Shido with shards of ice.

Miku Truth[]

After being under Miku’s control, the Spirit <Diva> orders Yoshino to change into a maid uniform. With Miku still angry about Shido deceiving her, Yoshino tries to cheer her up by offering her a towel. Finding Yoshino irresistible, Miku starts hugging her. After being asked if they had found Shido, Yoshino replies that they are still looking for him. At that moment, Shido arrives back on the stage with Kurumi. Under Miku’s orders, she and the Yamai sisters use their powers to fend off the army of clones that Kurumi unleashed. During the fight, Yoshino has her <Zadkiel> launch icicles at the clones. In the end, the assault of three Spirits proves too much, and Kurumi and Shido end up retreating.

Later, as Miku becomes more enraged by the events with Shido, Yoshino and the others try to calm her down. Miku confronts them over Shido’s relationship with Tohka. In response, Yoshino states that Shido is willing to die if it means saving Tohka. Much later, Miku arrives at the DEM building with her captured Spirits. Seeing that the building is too small to contain their Angels, she orders Yoshino and the Yamai sisters to stay guard outside and fight the opposing Wizards.

After seeing Mana, Yoshino prepares to attack her, since she identified Mana as a Wizard. Using her <Zadkiel>, Yoshino creates several ice pillars in the sky and shoots them towards Mana. Seeing that she is at a disadvantage, Mana directs Yoshino and the Yamai sisters’ attention towards Ryouko and her AST squad.

After Miku loses her hold on her captured Spirits, Yoshino begins to wonder where she is. Yoshinon replies that she remembers watching the concert at the Tenou festival. Yoshinon adds that she feels like her power was being sucked away, referring to how Shido used her powers to block an attack from a now inversed Tohka. As Yoshino struggles to avoid the constant Gatling fire from the AST squad, she reunites with the Yamai sisters, who use their power over the wind to deflect the attacks. Together, they learn from Origami that Shido is in the DEM building. At that moment, they all feel a large Spirit reading inside the building.

As Inverse Tohka is preparing to launch another attack, Yoshino intervenes by launching a blast of cold air to distract Tohka. She questions what happened to Tohka, asking her why she was attacking Shido. However, she is soon blown away when Tohka launches a devastating attack with her <Paverschlev>. Like everyone else present, she watches as Shido manages to bring Tohka back to her senses.

Natsumi Search[]

Yoshino, along with the other Spirits, see Miku clinging on to Shido. Yoshino replies shyly that it probably wasn’t good to do something like that in the middle of the road, while Yoshinon replies that it wasn’t good to snatch Shido from Yoshino. Then, Miku apologizes to Yoshino and the Yamai sisters for what she did. Miku tells the Spirits that she is about to give Shido a goodbye kiss and states that they should all share that kiss, scaring the other Spirits as they run away from Miku.

Later, Yoshino is in one of the 12 suspect photos that Natsumi gives to Shido. Yoshino ends up being the next investigation after Tohka. As the doorbell rings, Yoshino arrives dressed in a witch costume, while Yoshinon is dressed as Frankenstein. Yoshinon encourages Yoshino to say "trick or treat". However, Shido states that he doesn’t have any candy on him. As a result, Yoshinon makes an ominous smile and encourages Yoshino to pull her prank on Shido. After seeing this, Shido tells Yoshino to wait in the living room, while he makes some cake. As Yoshino eats the cake, Shido asks Yoshino about the first time he made food for her. Yoshino recalls that it was an Oyakodon. However, Yoshinon states that he doesn’t remember that, suggesting that it happened when she was at Origami’s house. As Yoshinon teases Yoshino for being so bold while she isn’t around, Yoshino quickly covers Yoshinon’s mouth, causing the puppet to start suffocating. After some time has passed, Yoshinon suddenly twitches its ear and whispers something into Yoshino's ears. While blushing, Yoshino offers some cake to Shido. Afterwards, she licks a piece of cake on Shido’s face. Embarrassed, she leaves, saying that it was a prank.

That night, Shido is approached by Natsumi’s <Haniel>. Shido declares that Yoshino was Natsumi in disguise, as she was the one who acted the most oddly during the investigation. However, Natsumi declares that Shido is wrong and causes both Yoshino and Ai to disappear. In the end, Shido figures out the person Natsumi had impersonated with a few helpful hints from the people who have not disappeared yet. Origami raises the question if Natsumi could transform herself into something other than a Spirit or human. Also, Miku gives Shido her hairclip as a memento of her if she would disappear. Both suggestions cause Shido to realize that there were 13 suspects within the 12 photos: Natsumi had transformed herself into an inanimate object. At last, Shido understands that Natsumi had transformed herself into Yoshinon. He reasons that Yoshinon had knowledge of her time at Origami’s home, which was impossible since Yoshinon is a split personality of Yoshino, and should have no knowledge of events where Yoshino isn’t present.

Guessing the correct answer, Natsumi’s <Haniel> releases its prisoners. However, during the process, everyone manages to see Natsumi’s true form. Angered at having her true form revealed, Natsumi transforms Yoshino and the others into children before leaving.

Natsumi Change[]

As everyone were turned into children, Shido struggles desperately to keep order. There, Yoshino looks like she is going to cry at any moment. As Reine arrives, she assures Yoshino that Shido is not angry over her accidentally breaking some silverware. The next morning, Yoshino helps set the table for breakfast. As Miku demands Shido to feed her, Yoshinon deliberately drops Yoshino’s fork, asking to be fed by Shido as well. As Shido leaves for school, Yoshino and the others wave their hands good-bye to him.

Later, Natsumi uses her powers to transform the Itsuka residence into a zoo, with Yoshino dressed as a rabbit. As Natsumi came under attack by Ellen, Yoshino and the others turn back to normal after Natsumi is wounded by the Wizard. Intervening, they stop Ellen before she can capture Natsumi. Later, Yoshino, Tohka, and Shido capture Natsumi on Kotori’s orders to begin the treatment that would raise Natsumi’s confidence. During the beautification treatment, Yoshino and Tohka fall asleep as Miku and the Yamai sisters went to work. Later, Yoshino helps out with the selection for new clothes for Natsumi.

As Natsumi tries to escape while disguised as Kotori, she runs into Yoshino and Tohka. They offer her a drink, with Yoshinon saying that she can push the vending machine with her phantom left. The puppet then starts to mimic shadow boxing. At that moment, Natsumi asks if they think she is disgusting. However, Yoshino says that she doesn’t thinks Natsumi is ugly. Instead, she lookes very pretty with her new make up on. Yoshinon adds that Shido’s appearance was hilarious, asking to be the makeup patient next time.

As the second satellite is starting to fall, Yoshino and the others offer their assistance to Kotori. Yoshino assists the Yamai sisters in trying to stop the descent of the satellite. They are assisted by Miku, who uses her <March> to strengthen them. However, during the process they are attacked by a <Bandersnatch> unit. As things take a desperate turn, Natsumi arrives and uses her powers to stop the <Bandersnatch> unit. After successfully stopping the second satellite, Yoshino agrees to be Natsumi’s friend. Afterwards, Yoshino and the others arrive after Natsumi allows Shido to seal her powers, making a commotion in the process.

Tobiichi Angel[]

DAL v10 03

Yoshino blushing with embarrassment

In the Spirit mansion, Natsumi has changed back to her real form and is sulking alone. As Natsumi spirals further down in her self-loathing, Yoshino pays her a visit. Yoshino invites her to have tea and sweets together. Afterwards, Yoshino offers to show Natsumi around in the city, which prompts Natsumi to ask the reason for why she's doing this. Yoshino says that she's happy that Natsumi is here and the two of them can talk to each other, because normally everyone else is at school around this time. Yoshino blushes and goes on to say that she and Natsumi are friends. Natsumi gets flustered too and offhandedly remarks that she'd marry Yoshino. Both of them become embarrassed, but Natsumi quickly changes the topic and they decide to sight see the city.

As Shido tries to desperately free himself, Origami suddenly comes back. Shido knows that Origami is not the kind of person who would return without finishing what she has set out to accomplish. Fearing the worst, Shido asks Origami why she has come back, but she remains silent. Shido's trembling voice seems to have triggered a reaction from Origami. Origami starts to smile, which gradually turns into loud laughter.

Yoshino entering the room does not make it much better. Shido yells at Yoshino to run away because Origami is definitely not her normal self, but it turns out that the laughing is because Origami is actually Natsumi in disguise. Apparently, the two of them saw Origami on the street and backtracked their way to where Shido was imprisoned. Shido tries to contact Kotori but his call won't go through even on the Fraxinus' special line. Thinking that something must have happened to <Fraxinus>, Shido asks Yoshino and Natsumi to guide him out of this place.

After Tohka fights with Origami, Shido and the others take refuge in a hospital. Both Natsumi and Yoshino collapsed into sleep from exhaustion. However, as Shido was reaching for the phone that was vibrating in Yoshino's pocket, Yoshino suddenly made a ticklish voice and slowly opened her eyes. Seeing that Shido was grabbing onto her, Yoshino's face turned red immediately. Misunderstanding the situation, Natsumi, after waking up, lands an uppercut on Shido. However, the peace is broken by Origami, who had inversed after returning from the past. Agreeing to help Shido reach Origami, Yoshino offers to use her <Zadkiel> to create a barrier to block some of the rays of dark light that Origami was emitting.

Tobiichi Devil[]

In the new timeline, Yoshino notes that Shido doesn’t look at as energetic as usual. Natsumi replies that it probably has something to do with a women, since that is the root of the problems for most high school boys. Natsumi states that if one woman can cause a person sorrow, then it takes another one to solve the problem. Hearing this, Yoshinon calls Natsumi a pervert. However, much to Kotori’s surprise, Yoshino agrees to Natsumi’s plans if it means cheering up Shido. Yoshino and Kotori stare in wonder as Natsumi then states that they will be using her powers to do the opposite of last time.

DAL v11 c03

Yoshino aged up by Natsumi's powers

As Shido is cooking, he finds Yoshino and Kotori aged up while wearing swimsuits on top of aprons. However, Kotori starts chasing after Natsumi who was wearing a maid costume instead. During the chase the string holding their clothes starts to fall apart. As the three girls return back to normal, they apologize to Shido for giving him more trouble. However, Shido merely smiles and appreciates that the girls were trying to cheer him up. Much later at the Spirit Mansion, Yoshino and Natsumi saw Tohka trying to get away from Miku. At that moment, they felt a disturbance which they recognized as the presences of another Spirit. Arriving at Shido’s location, they find him being confronted by Origami in her Inverse form. Agreeing to help Shido save Origami, they all summon their Angels and Limited Astral Dresses. As everyone else provided far ranged support, Yoshino and Tohka follow Shido as they made their way towards Origami. Yoshino used her <Zadkiel> to condense and freeze the water particles in the air in order to divert the trajectory of Origami’s laser beams. As they were attacked by one of Origami’s wings, Tohka tells Yoshino that she is leaving Shido to him.

Yoshino tells Shido to hide behind her. Despite considering herself to be a weak crybaby, she reassures Shido that she will deliver him to Origami. Activating the Shiryon mode of her <Zadkiel>, Yoshino transforms her Angel into a suit of armor. Yoshino creates a small blizzard tornado that momentarily pierced through Origami’s defenses, providing an opportunity for Shido to reach her. After Shido manages to bring Origami back to normal, Origami thanks the other Spirits for fighting for her sake.

Itsuka Disaster[]

As the Spirits meet in the underground <Ratatoskr> base, they all start discussing what is happening with Shido. Natsumi, while hiding under Yoshino’s shadow, starts worrying about the worst-case scenario. She and the others then listen on as Origami states that there are too many mysteries surrounding the <Ratatoskr> organization. Reine and Kotori arrive and explain that they all need to kiss Shido in order to restore the pathway connecting their powers to him. However, like the others, Yoshino is shocked by the Shido's new flirtatious personality, as he demands that they should make him fall for everyone in order to kiss him.

DAL v12 07

Yoshino's second swimsuit

During Yoshino’s date with Shido, she offered to apply sunscreen to Shido. However, their date was interrupted by a <Bandersnatch> unit sent by DEM to capture Shido. However, Shido easily destroys the unit by launching an attack he calls instant lightning blast. Afterwards, Yoshino removes her swimsuit in order to reveal a smaller one underneath. As she fulfills the condition of making Shido’s heart race, Kotori remarks that Yoshino is a terrifying child.

Like the rest of the group, she arrives to stop Kotori from firing <Dáinsleif>, assuring Kotori that she isn’t alone. During the final battle to save Shido, the girls assume their limited Astral Dresses, but know that their powers would only last five minutes until the Path was restored. Yoshino carries Natsumi on her <Zadkiel>, since the latter had already used up all of her powers on her date with Shido. After Shido breaks free from the restraints set by the Yamai Sisters, Yoshino arrives and freezes Shido’s feet in order to immobilize him. Taking this opportunity, Yoshino manages to kiss Shido. However, Natsumi wastes the opportunity by going on one of her usual negative rants. Shido then breaks free from his ice restraints and prepares to attack Natsumi. Luckily, Miku arrives and further restricts Shido with her <Gabriel>. As they both kiss Shido, Miku replies that she is lucky to have an indirect kiss with Natsumi. While angry at first, Natsumi realizes that she also had an indirect kiss with Yoshino, which embarrasses both of them.

After Shido is saved, Yoshino is among the group that walks in on Tohka kissing Shido. Yoshino timidly states that they shouldn’t do something like that while they are both still recovering.

Nia Creation[]

Along with the other Spirits, Yoshino is present at the meeting Kotori conducted in order to come up with a plan to win Nia over. Yoshino suggests that they give Nia more time to befriend Shido in order for her to be able to see his natural goodness. However, Kotori responds that she would also prefer that option, but their time is limited because they do not know when DEM will attack. After the suggestion of writing a doujin, Yoshino reassures Shido of the plan, saying that they can win Nia over if they accurately write how Shido saved them. As Nia hacks into the intercom, Yoshino looks like she is about to cry when Nia says that she wouldn’t consider reading their manga.

DAL v13 c04

Yoshino's helping out with sales

After Kotori issued the sales challenge to Nia, each Spirit submitted their own illustration of Shido in order to see who can be the main artist. Yoshino’s drawing, while cute, was only at the level of an elementary student, so it couldn’t be used. Afterwards, Yoshino congratulates Natsumi for being the main artist. As the doujin is almost done, Shido sees that Yoshino’s group was just as tired as the manga drawing team. They reply that they’ve been working on a secret project and would tell them during Comico. At the booth in Comico, Yoshino and the others reveal that they had designed bunny girl costumes. Throughout the day, Yoshino works as one of the sales girls. In the end, they manage to tie against Nia in sales and Nia agrees to give Shido a second chance.

However, their joy is short-lived, as Westcott’s actions cause Nia to start to inverse. As Nia summons an army of shadow creatures from her <Beelzebub>, Yoshino uses her <Zadkiel> to freeze the monsters. However, thanks to Nia’s power to momentarily manipulate the future, immobilizes Yoshino by causing <Zadkiel> to freeze her instead. Much like everyone else, she is terrified when Westcott manages to steal Nia’s Demon King.

After Nia finishes her medical Realizer surgery, Shido takes everyone outside to see the first sunrise of the new year. Along with everyone else, Yoshino is shocked when Nia states that every Spirit used to be human.

Mukuro Planet[]

Three days later, Yoshino joins Shido and the other Spirits in visiting the shrine for the first time in the New Year. While Shido's group is praying at the temple, Yoshino draws an illustration of Yoshinon on her wishing plaque. As Shido compliments her on the drawing, her cheeks start to blush as she accepts the compliment. However, she remarks that Nia's and Natsumi's wishing plaques are also excellent.

After the initial failure to convince Mukuro, Yoshino and the others suddenly crash out of their hiding spot, revealing that they have been eavesdropping on the entire conversation. Yoshino tells Shido that if Mukuro can see the beauty of the world, then she would lose her resolve to disrupt it, and requests for him to accept everyone's aid. However, the question is raised on how they are going to approach Mukuro when she is in space. Kotori quickly remembers something and decides to take everyone into a secret Ratatoskr base where the new Fraxinus EX is being built. Yoshino and the others are then marveled by the presence of the Fraxinus EX's AI, MARIA, which can now communicate directly with the crew. Then, MARIA informs everyone that Ratatoskr's founder, Elliot Woodman, would like to have a word with them.

After Woodman explains his reasons for leaving DEM and creating Ratatoskr, he introduces everyone to Karen, who had also left DEM with him. Much to everyone's shock, Karen is revealed to be Ellen's younger sister. However, the peaceful conversation is interrupted by DEM, who had found their location from <Beelzebub> and began their attack. As they make their way for the Fraxinus EX, Yoshino and the others accidentally run into Westcott in the process. Westcott uses <Beelzebub>'s ability <Ashufiriya> to transport everyone into a world of fantasy. Despite their attempts to resist, she and the others are all swallowed into the respective books that emerge beneath their feet.

DAL v14 c05

Yoshino as The Little Red Riding Hood

In the fantasy world, Shido finds himself desperately chased by a ravenous wolf. As he takes shelter in a nearby house, he is surprised to find Yoshino there and dressed in an outfit that makes her look like the Little Red Riding Hood. She explains to Shido that she woke up dressed like this, and she was suddenly called to go to granny's place. Yoshinon adds that they can't use their Angels or powers in this location. After clarifying this, she leaves the basket of food for the grandmother and prepares to leave. However, much to the duo's surprise, the grandmother ends up being the same wolf that was chasing after Shido. As the two make their escape, Shido accidentally trips while running, giving the wolf the chance to catch up. Luckily, they are saved by the timely arrival of Nia and Tohka, who restrain the beast with their weapons. After Nia explains the mechanisms of the fantasy world, Tohka uses her magic dumpling on the wolf. Eating the enchanted food, the wolf suddenly turns benign and offers to track their friends with his heightened sense of smell.

Upon the wolf's instructions, Yoshino and the others end up reuniting with Kotori's group at the main entrance of the palace. They explain to Yoshino and the others about the mermaid situation and how the guard will not let them inside. Soon after, Natsumi appears, having her looks transformed by a magician, and easily gains entrance to the palace. But, Natsumi's transformation is dispelled at the strike of midnight, and they are once again rejected entry. As the guard yells that he has been deceived, the now-shaking Natsumi quickly hides behind Yoshino. Eventually, they decide to use Kotori's matches to create illusions of beautiful dresses, which give them the appearance of nobles and allow them to sneak into the party.

There, they found Miku as the mermaid entertainment and Origami as the king of the castle. After reuniting, they start brainstorming again for ideas of how to escape from the fantasy world. However, at that moment, the castle is suddenly invaded by the villains from each of their respective stories. For Yoshino, the wolf reappears having reverted to his evil ways after digesting Tohka's dumpling. Since they couldn't use their Angels in the fantasy world, Yoshino and the others are helpless against the ensuing onslaught. Despite Natsumi's attempts to impede him, the wolf begins his preparations to eat Yoshino as the first victim. Luckily, they are saved by the appearance of a second Shido, who decisively slices the wolf in half while gracefully catching Yoshino. Natsumi then recognizes the doppelganger as the main character of the manga that everyone wrote to impress Nia. After the other Shido manages to defeat all of the villains, he opens a gateway back to their world with his <Sandalphon>.

After returning to their world, Yoshino and the others board the new Fraxinus EX and launch off into space to begin the mission to save Mukuro. Yoshino offers to support Shido by guarding him with her <Zadkiel>'s territory. However, Kotori relents that they should only interfere if Shido is in dire need of help. At that moment, as Shido starts to converse with Mukuro, Yoshino and the others' attention is diverted by the incoming four DEM warships approaching them.

Mukuro Family[]

Yoshino and the other Spirits, with the exception of Origami, Tohka, and Natsumi, decide to stay on the Fraxinus EX in order to help Kotori against Ellen. At first, they offered to leave and take care of the other warships that DEM sent along with <Goetia>. However, Kotori asks them to stay on stand by, as the Spirits would be their secret trump card against Ellen. Using the newly installed System Blót within Fraxinus EX, Yoshino combines her powers with Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku to unleash a devastating eruption of energy from the magic cannon that devastates <Goetia>, forcing Ellen to retreat back to Earth. Much later, Yoshino is among the Spirits gathered around Shido after he recovers from undergoing atmospheric re-entry.

On a later date, Yoshino is seen following Natsumi out of the Spirit Mansion as they go to buy something. As they walk, Shido calls out to them, but neither Yoshino nor Natsumi recognize him, and both of them run away. The day after, the Spirits gather at Kotori's house. Yoshino and Natsumi report that they were once followed by a boy who knew their names. A few hours later, a Spacequake alarm sounds in the middle of Yoshino and the other Spirits' efforts to find Tohka and Origami, both of which had fled the original gathering of the Spirits. Yoshino, Natsumi, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Miku, and Nia reconvene having found the two of them fighting each other in the air. Shido appears in front of them, none of them remembering him still, and begs to lend him their powers. Yoshino is the first of them to trust Shido. Once all six Spirits decide to trust Shido, Kotori hands down an instruction to send their Reiryoku towards six different locations via the <Yggd Folium> in order to protect Tengu City from Mukuro's attempt to stop the Earth's rotation.

Kurumi Refrain[]

Yoshino joins the other sealed Spirits with Shido in their discussion about Kurumi's recent challenge.

As part of Shido's training, Yoshino is aged up by Natsumi in order to play the role of a housewife, with Yoshinon playing her husband. The de-aged Miku and Nia pull away Yoshino's clothing besides her apron, causing Yoshino to cry out and fall on the floor.

Yoshino is reverted to her usual appearance for the next stage of training: to make chocolate to give to Shido on Valentine's Day. Yoshino's chocolate is shaped like Yoshinon.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Yoshino first attends the emergency conference of the Spirits and Ratatoskr's crew, only for the meeting to be disbanded once it is suspected that the enemy might be eavesdropping on them. Afterwards, Yoshino and Natsumi retreat to the Spirit Mansion and come across Tohka and Mukuro making rice balls in the kitchen. Yoshino voices an interest in assisting and convinces Natsumi to join them as well after the latter initially refuses. During the food preparation session, Yoshino admits to not liking celery. The four of them decide to call up the other Spirits to speed up preparations.

As the war unfolds between DEM and Ratatoskr, Yoshino becomes the first Spirit to engage, initially against several Bandersnatch units. Ryouko's AST squad is then given the command to engage Yoshino, who fends them off with ease, only for the squad's DEM "allies" to launch an energy blast at Yoshino with the squad in the way. Fortunately, Mukuro arrives to divert the blast using <Michael>. Mukuro and Yoshino warn Ryouko's squad to stay away, before leaving them to return to Origami and Mana. Both of them witness Artemisia's sudden ambush on Origami and help Origami fend off Bandersnatch units closing in on them.

Mio Game Over[]

Yoshino and Mukuro watch on as Artemisia is taken to safety following her defeat to Origami. Ryouko, who had earlier distanced herself from the military and now leads a squad of independent Wizards, finally sees the two Spirits in their sealed forms as young girls. Ryouko's squad find themselves in awe of both of them. Mana then arrives to alert all of them to Mio's presence from behind.

Mukuro rushes in to save Tohka from a flash of light that would have killed her. Origami, Mana, and Yoshino quickly follow. Mana commands a retreat after seeing Mio take Mukuro down with ease and recover her Sephira Crystal. Mio responds by using <Ain Soph> to create a new rule that prevents their escape. Origami, Tohka, and Yoshino then see Mio warp Mana away after pulling her close and restoring her memories of Mio. This leaves the three Spirits with no choice but to resist, but Yoshino is next to fall. Her <Zadkiel> is nullified by <Ain Soph> before she is gunned down by Mio taking control of <Metatron>'s lasers.

Mio True End[]

On the night of February 18th in the new timeline, Yoshino and Mukuro find themselves unable to sleep due to Miku's inappropriate advances towards them while asleep. Tohka finds out about this and handles Miku through means passed down by Nia. Yoshino and Mukuro quickly tend to Natsumi once she is freed from Miku's grip.

In the morning, Yoshino and the other Spirits help Ratatoskr oversee Shido's date with Reine. The Spirits are given three-button devices to cast their votes for the two key decisions on Shido's behalf. Yoshino votes on the first decision, for Shido to compliment Reine on her choice of clothing, because saying nothing would be a sign of unease and Reine would be happy to hear a compliment. Yoshino also votes on the second decision, for Shido to relax in the private outdoor bath with Reine, because this would allow the two of them to talk privately. Much later, when the Spirits see Shido kiss Reine, Yoshino covers her eyes slightly.

The DEM interrupt the date and Shido goes back to Fraxinus. There, Kotori accepts an outside communication line, receiving live feeds of the Spirits' friends at several locations. Yoshino and Natsumi recognize their one-time classmate Kanon Ayanokoji at one of the locations, and watch in horror as Kanon finds herself surrounded by Bandersnatch units. Fortunately, Yoshino and Natsumi are able to rescue Kanon thanks to Mukuro opening a wormhole for them via <Michael>. They return to Fraxinus to see that Kurumi had once again saved Shido from an attempt on his life, only for Mio to return having summoned <Ain Soph>.

After Shido kisses Mio having sealed all ten Spirits, he is pulled into <Ain Soph>, and the sealed Spirits witness this from outside the Fraxinus while standing on its hull. Yoshino remains silent as the other Spirits gather around Kurumi, who finds out Shido and Mio's location via <Rasiel>. Yoshino is the first Spirit to then notice DEM's enemy ship Goetia become enveloped in Reiryoku. Yoshino would eventually contribute her powers in the final battle against Westcott on two occasions.

At the end of the final battle, Yoshino gathers with all the other Spirits, Mana and MARIA, having found Shido at the familiar beach. Yoshino then witnesses Tohka grab the Sephira Crystal left behind by Mio after her passing.

Tohka World[]

One month after the final battle against Westcott, Yoshino visits the Itsuka house in the morning, intending to later buy supplies with Natsumi and Mukuro in advance of their first day back at school in a few weeks. A few days later, Yoshino is called up to the Fraxinus for a midnight meeting, along with Shido and the other Spirits apart from Tohka and Kurumi, to discuss Tohka's objective for taking Mio's Sephira Crystal, as Kurumi had discovered through <Rasiel>.

The following morning, Yoshino is privately given an invitation to a park by Kurumi, and arrives there to find out that the other Spirits (except Tohka) had been invited the same way. Once Kurumi appears to her invitees, she declares that the Spirits will be battling each other in order to circulate Reiryoku and preserve the world created by "Tohka" for as long as possible. Yoshino agrees to further terms of the battle royale proposed by Kotori, mainly the ban on attacking those who can no longer summon their Astral Dresses or Angels.

Just after the battle royale begins, Yoshino sees Kotori and Origami clash from a distance, and timidly asks Yoshinon for guidance. Yoshinon appears unimpressed at Yoshino's lack of will, asking her what she thinks about Shido. Yoshinon also says that if Shido receives a confession from someone else, it isn't a guarantee that he'd turn it down. Knowing what that would mean, Yoshino nods with determination. Just as Yoshinon is about to suggest an ambush tactic, Miku comes out of hiding to challenge Yoshino, the latter having to jump away from <Gabriel>'s <Rondo>. Despite summoning the puppet form of <Zadkiel> to freeze the air around her, Yoshino is pegged back by Miku's newfound offensive strategy that involved summoning an organ pipe to smash through <Zadkiel>'s ice barriers. Miku eventually lands a direct hit on Yoshino and seemingly claims victory, only for Yoshino to feign crying when her Astral Dress begins to disappear. Miku unwittingly lowers her guard enough to fail to spot the full-size <Zadkiel> puppet landing on her from the sky.

With Miku eliminated, Yoshino ends up having to carry her to a safe area of the park that Ratatoskr had designated. Once she does do, she sees Miku kiss a streetlight while sleepwalking, outing Natsumi's disguise in the process. Yoshino's newfound confidence in challenging her closest friend stuns Natsumi, who returns the favor. Yoshino narrowly avoids the attacks from <Haniel>'s copied Angels, including <Zadkiel> itself, and activates her own <Zadkiel>'s <Shiryon> mode to gain a new suit of armor and immediately launch a blizzard on Natsumi to eliminate her.

Yoshino hears some touching words from Natsumi, whose Astral Dress and Angel begin to disappear. Kurumi then emerges from the shadows to challenge Yoshino, who is struggling to maintain <Shiryon> mode. Yoshino maintains her determination to charge forward. A while later, Yoshino is revealed to have emerged from Kurumi's challenge with her Astral Dress still intact, able to dodge a <Metatron> blast from Origami, who herself was barely maintaining a piece of Astral Dress before collapsing.

Yoshino is given a change of clothes after being escorted to the safe area of the park designated by Ratatoskr. There, she is congratulated for her victory by Kotori, the last Spirit to be retrieved and taken to the safe area by Mana, who encourages Yoshino to be more confident. Yoshino doubts her victory, but Natsumi says that "that person" also said Yoshino won, "that person" later revealed to be Kurumi, who emerges from the shadows to admit defeat because she exhausted her supply of Reiryoku for <Rasiel>.

After the ground shakes to signify the imminent end of Tenka's artificial world, the Spirits hurry to find Shido and Tohka, the latter already beginning to disappear. Before Shido and Tohka can kiss, Yoshino interrupts them. She passes Yoshinon to Natsumi before exercising the right to confess that she won, doing so while she cries. This makes Shido and Tohka realize that they haven't yet confessed to each other.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

After the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Yoshino enrolls in Kotori's middle school starting from the third year, along with Natsumi, Mukuro, and Mana.

Yoshino is called to an impromptu Fraxinus meeting along with Natsumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru. Kotori called them specifically because they were Spirits who did not remember their human pasts. She announces that Ratatoskr has investigated, and found information on all of their human pasts, which she hands out as large folders to each attendee. Yoshino decides to accept her folder, but waits until after visiting Shido, to go through the folder with him.

The folder includes Yoshino's former home address. Shido asks if Yoshino would like to visit. She agrees to go there with Shido and Natsumi the following day; it turns out to be the second floor above a convenience store, and the locals they talked to have no recollection of a "Himekawa" living in the vicinity. Yoshino catches sight of a nearby hospital that so happens to be where the past version of her spent her childhood in. Inside the hospital, one elderly nurse happens to recognize Yoshinon, and mistakes Yoshino for her daughter. Yoshinon plays along by addressing Yoshino as "Yoshie". When the nurse wonders where Yoshie's mother is, Natsumi speaks up, claiming that Yoshino lost her memories, and that they came on her behalf. The nurse, introducing herself as Kaho Sumida, lets them follow her to a reception room, where they talk more about the past lives of Yoshino and her mother Nagisa, who had since died. On Yoshino's request, Kaho also lets her guests into room 302, where Yoshino used to stay. Kaho then leaves Yoshino's group alone in the room, as she has something to find.

Yoshino begins to remember a memory of one time when Nagisa visited her at hospital, which was the day that her mother gave her Yoshinon as a present to symbolize how she would always be watching out for her. After Shido and Natsumi call out to her, Yoshino cries for her lost mother, having regained her memories. Soon, Kaho returns with a box to give to Yoshino, who opens and finds a doll inside, which she recognizes as Yoshinon Junior. After leaving the hospital with Yoshinon Junior, Yoshino recalls another memory she has regained, which is the time when Mio gave her a Sephira Crystal. Despite knowing Mio only did so to further her own goals, Yoshino is grateful for the gift letting her survive her illness.

On the day the Spacequake alarm sounds, Yoshino is visiting Natsumi and planning to invite her to visit Nagisa's grave.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

During the confrontation with Beast, Yoshino and the other former Spirits were able to descend safely from Fraxinus using headsets connected to <Yggd Folium> Realizer units. Kurumi, Yoshino, and Miku are assigned the duty to protect Shido from Beast's attacks by generating Territory from their headsets. After Natsumi, Mukuro, and Nia join them, Yoshino injures herself protecting Natsumi from falling rubble caused by one of Beast's attacks.

After Natsumi successfully lands an <Yggd Ramus> through Beast's back, Beast's swords disappear. One of them reappears in front of Yoshino, who grabs it; the sword transforms into Yoshino's Astral Dress and her Angel <Zadkiel>, allowing her to reclaim her Spirit powers. With Beast unfazed by the Angels' direct attacks, Kotori commands a strategy that would involve <Zadkiel> and <Gabriel> immobilizing Beast first, before <Camael> and <Metatron> combine (with the help of <Michael> and <Haniel>) for a direct hit.