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Yoshinon is her best friend and idol. Originally, Yoshinon was a present given to Yoshino by her mother, Nagisa. The puppet symbolized an extension of Nagisa always looking out for her daughter even when she was too busy because of work. However, Yoshino soon forgot about this after losing all of her memories of being human. Despite this, Yoshino is very attached to her puppet. According to Yoshino, Yoshinon represents her ideal self, a representation of her ideal hero who never cries and is always confident.

As a Spirit, Yoshino was dependent on Yoshinon to the point that it became her mental support. Without Yoshinon present, she would not only cry a lot, but also freeze everything in the vicinity. Yoshino would willingly remove Yoshinon for the first time as she confessed to Shido in the artificial world. After remembering Yoshinon's origins, Yoshino views her puppet as a memento of her mother, but she gradually matures past wearing it all the time. By the time she enters high school, Yoshino is able to go to school alone while leaving the puppet at home.

Nagisa Himekawa

As Yoshino's mother, Nagisa worked hard as a field worker to pay for her daughter's hospital bills all by herself. While her work meant that she couldn't visit Yoshino too often, she deeply cared about her daughter and tried to visit whenever she could make time. She was also the one who gave her the Yoshinon puppet, telling her to think of it as an extension of herself so Yoshino wouldn't be lonely when she wasn't there. This in turn prompted Yoshino to make her own puppet, "Yoshinon Junior," to give to Nagisa for the same reasons. Unfortunately, she never got to deliver to gift, as Nagisa ended up dying in a workplace-related accident.

After becoming a Spirit, Yoshino lost her memories of her mother along with her human life. Despite this, Yoshino subconsciously based Yoshinon's quirks on her mother's personality. After regaining her memories and retrieving "Junior," Yoshino puts the puppet on and allows it and Yoshinon to have a happy reunion; which in a way, symbolizes mother and daughter being reunited.

Shido Itsuka

Yoshino’s new hero, savior, and the next person she depends on besides Yoshinon. She respects him a lot and looks up to him as a little sister would look up to an older brother. Yoshino trusts him greatly and is grateful to him for finding Yoshinon. This trust is what allowed Shido to seal her powers. However, Yoshinon's behavior hints that her feelings may be deeper.

Despite her timid nature, Yoshino gains the will to fight through the Spirit battle royal with the motivation of winning priority to confess her feelings to Shido, and would indeed achieve victory. As Tenka's artificial world is about to end, Yoshino proclaims that she has always loved him since he saved her, and will not concede him to anyone, even Tohka as she is about to disappear. After receiving clues about her human past, she invites Shido and Natsumi to accompany her as she tries to regain her memories, and after succeeding, she introduces Shido to Yoshinon, representing her late mother, as her most cherished person, lamenting that he has not responded to her confession.

Tohka Yatogami

Yoshino first met Tohka when the latter interrupted Shido's first attempt to have Yoshino fall in love with him so that he could seal her Reiryoku. What followed was a huge misunderstanding, during which the teasing of Yoshinon ended up angering Tohka to the point she took the puppet from Yoshino. This action causes Yoshino to become distressed to the point of summoning <Zadkiel> in order to get her puppet back.

Despite their problematic first meeting, the two of them reconciled with each other and became good friends after Yoshino’s Reiryoku was sealed. Tohka was arguably the Spirit that Yoshino was closest to until she met Natsumi. The two were often seen together when Tohka wasn't at school or with Shido and they act like sisters to each other. When Tohka is about to disappear due to Mio’s Sephira Crystal fading away, Yoshino is easily able to see that she is trying to pretend to be calm. This prompts Yoshino to confess to Shido in front of her to make Tohka reveal her true feelings at the last moment, showcasing Yoshino's willingness to put aside her own feelings for Tohka's sake.

Natsumi Kyouno

Yoshino's first interaction with Natsumi was when she disguised herself as Yoshinon as part of her "game", never even realizing she was not the real Yoshinon. Natsumi later sealed her into <Haniel> without her noticing. Despite this, however, Yoshino held no grudge against Natsumi and still actively sought to befriend her. Meanwhile, Yoshinon was actually fairly impressed by Natsumi's acting skills when disguised as herself.

After Natsumi's Spirit powers were sealed, their compatible and similar personalities allowed them to quickly become good friends with each other. During the Spirit battle royal, Yoshino was happy that Natsumi had not been defeated before they met so she could personally fight her. After receiving clues about her human past, she invites Shido and Natsumi to accompany her as she tries to regain her memories. After succeeding, she introduces Natsumi to Yoshinon, who represented her late mother, as her best friend.

Kotori Itsuka

Even though they are in the same age group, Yoshino initially did not interact much with Kotori due to their rapidly different personalities. However, after befriending Natsumi, her relationship with Kotori also began to improve. Unfortunately, much of this stems from Yoshino often having to be the one to calm down Kotori whenever Natsumi pranks her.

Miku Izayoi

Yoshino first saw Miku during her performance during the Tengu Festival and was amongst those who were brainwashed by her <Solo>. She had her first interaction with her not long after, when she defended her from Shido and Tohka. Afterwards, she became one of Miku's maids and did not have many issues with her yuri tendencies, although she was still startled by Miku's clingy tendencies.

After being freed from Miku's control, Yoshino becomes scared of her due to her yuri tendencies. However, she still did not quite agree with Natsumi's view of her being a "scary monster out to get you in your sleep." until she witnessed her cuddle up on Natsumi while sleepwalking.

Mio Takamiya

After regaining her memories, Yoshino acknowledges that Mio most likely gave her a Sephira Crystal for the sake of furthering the First Spirit's own goals to bring back Shinji. However, Yoshino still remains grateful to Mio, as that gift also saved her life from her illness worsening.