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Yesod (イエソド, Iesodo?) is the Ninth Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Miku Izayoi. The Dominion there was Mizuha Banouin, and the Deputy Dominion was Rinemu Kirari. After both Mizuha and Rinemu decide to head to the real world, the position of Dominion of Yesod is left vacant, with Maya struggling to find a suitable replacement.


Yesod’s main attraction is the central town, which houses a large idol stadium where high-profile idols perform. There are smaller stages littered around for new idols to debut. The town has cafes, residential areas, and a multitude of other miscellaneous buildings. The outskirts of Yesod harbor the Cradle of Dreams, where Empties often go to die and vanish into light. The Cradle of Dreams appears as a decrepit, abandoned theme park with a carousel, roller coaster, and a few other smaller attractions. This place also holds the <Voice of the Moon>.

History and Culture[]


Rinemu Kirari was the original Dominion in Yesod before Mizuha. However, due to a Compile that occurred, Rinemu lost her singing ability and thus her status as Dominion. Following her fall from grace, Mizuha Banouin stepped in to take over. This change in Dominion angered Mayuka Momozono, who believed herself to be a far better candidate for Dominion than Mizuha.

Yesod's history is believed to have remained static, with idol culture being a large part of life there. Quasi-Spirits in Yesod seemed to have been mostly focused on singing and growing in popularity due to them needing a desire to live, and because they enjoyed what they did. Compared to regions like Malkuth, Yesod has had a far less brutal history.


Yesod’s society revolves around performance and idols. Quasi-Spirits living there are often grouped into idols, managers, producers and event staff. Within the idol community, there are three genres; Lovely, which is characterized by a cutesy appearance and pop songs, accounting for 50% of idols. Then, there is Stylish, those who favor skill tend to pick this genre. Finally, there is Chaos, characterized by eccentricity. There are different rankings for idols. E rank, where an idol has less than ten fans. Then, D, C, B, A (5,000 fans), AA (10,000), AAA (15,000), S (20,000 fans), SS and SSS. SSS requires special conditions in order to achieve, and is the hardest to get to according to Hibiki Higoromo. There are also backup dancers, who tend to be around A rank.[1]

It is widely regarded as the region where weak Quasi-Spirits reside due to the pacifistic nature of idol work. Idol concerts are used to create Reiryoku, and Quasi-Spirits with a passion for this kind of work are able to continue living in Yesod due to its accommodating nature. Due to this pacifism, fighting is forbidden here.[2] Ninth Type Quasi-Spirits appear to gather here the most, as Ninth Types have an advantage over other types when it comes to sound and therefore singing. Mizuha Banouin, the Dominion, is a special exception as she is an Eighth Type and a highly revered idol.

Despite Yesod being one of the arguably more pacifistic regions, Empties are often used for menial tasks there, such as being bodyguards. Assassins from other regions are also hired in Yesod to target specific Quasi-Spirits due to most idols here being unable to fight.

After Rinemu gained the Voice of the Moon and thwarted Mayuka's plans of becoming Dominion, she and Mizuha worked to rule Yesod together, and sent it into a new ‘golden age.’


Yesod’s Compile event resulted in the current Dominion at the time, Rinemu Kirari, leaping on stage to save Mizuha from the pillars and losing her ability to sing in the process. Having lost this ability, she was forced to forfeit her position as Dominion as well.

Known Inhabitants[]


Yesod is directly connected to Malkuth, Tiphereth, Netzach, and Hod. There are no closed pathways between the three. However, Yesod has high security and standards for travelers who wish to leave and enter. This is because Mizuha endeavors to keep Quasi-Spirits safe from harm when under her care.


  • Rinemu has theorized that the Ninth Region Yesod is obsessed with idols due to the Ninth Spirit also being an idol.
  • Yesod is associated with the moon, which is referenced by its corresponding Spirit Miku having a crescent moon hairpiece included in her Astral Dress.


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