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Each Other[]

The two sisters share a very close relationship. Both Kaguya and Yuzuru care more about the other than themselves. It is noted that while Tohka becomes unstable when separated from Shido and Yoshino becomes unstable when separated from Yoshinon, they only become truly unstable when separated from each other.

Since they were originally one Spirit named Yamai, both twins originally acknowledged that only one of them could be allowed to ultimately become the new Yamai, meaning one of them had to die. However, they both planned to let themselves die rather than kill their treasured sibling. Nevertheless, the two of them were also stubborn to the extent of being willing to force the other to go along with it. In the end, Kaguya and Yuzuru were overjoyed when Shido found a way for both of them to survive.

Despite Ratatoskr's concerns about them becoming unstable when separated, they actually do just fine as long as they know the other is well. This is seen when they both go on separate dates with Shido. However, this does become an issue when they are truly separated. After Yuzuru disappeared, Kaguya became restless with concern, and she later attempted to attack Natsumi upon discovering she had kidnapped her sister. Conversely, when Kaguya was killed by Mio in the Game Over Timeline, Yuzuru completely lost her composure and began wildly attacking the Spirit of Origin.

For the longest time, all Kaguya and Yuzuru knew about Yamai was that she was their original. However, following the revelation that the Spirits were once human, the two came to doubt her very existence after Origami presented her theory that they might have had their memories altered. Because of this, they were shocked upon discovering that there indeed was an original Yamai and that she had died in a car accident, causing them to go through somewhat of an identity crisis until Shido helped them accept who they are now. As a result of this renewed understanding of themselves, upon touching <Beast>'s Eighth Sword, the consciousness of the original Yamai Kazamachi was awakened within them and they combined their minds and bodies to recreate her, a process they did not fear or fight back against.

Upon being reborn, Yamai's personality was shown to have been influenced by her separate selves, with her inheriting their speech patterns and feelings for Shido. Also, due to her being a fusion of the twins with both of their memories, she has an intimate understanding of their true feelings.

In Yamai Triad, Yamai was able to interact with Kaguya and Yuzuru through a shared dream sequence they had with Shido. However, in her excitement, she took the twins' place during a date with Shido and refused to give him back, which angered them into challenging her to a competition for him. Unfortunately, their fused self continuously bested them with ease, causing them to become disheartened and almost give up. Yamai, on the other hand, actually enjoyed herself and managed to re-energize them by making the final round winner-take-all. However, they never finished their final match, as Yamai forfeited after realizing how selfish she had been. As she turned to leave though, Kaguya and Yuzuru, alongside Shido, proposed they all go on a date together, which she happily accepted, showcasing that they had bonded during their competition.

Overall, Yamai has shown to be very proud of Kaguya and Yuzuru and cares for them greatly, requesting Shido to take care of them as the dream comes to an end.

Shido Itsuka[]

The Yamai sisters initially used Shido to judge which of the two was more seductive as their 100th match, but both later confide to him about their love for each other and entrust him to choose the other to live on. After Shido convinces them that they can live on together with their Reiryoku sealed, they kiss him in gratitude for peacefully ending their conflict, with their affection developed toward him leading to the sisters inadvertently sealing themselves. While Shido treats the Yamai sisters as friends and close acquaintances, the Yamai sisters claim that Shido is their "shared possession". However, it is hinted that their affections toward Shido are much stronger than before. 

During Shido's dates to figure out Natsumi's disguise, Shido would spend time with each sister separately. Yuzuru was happy to briefly have him to herself, and when Shido refuses to pick a sister he prefers, she requests that he pick Kaguya if the latter asked him to make the same choice, knowing how happy it would make Kaguya because they share a love of Shido. During this date with Kaguya, the latter would privately break down crying over Yuzuru's disappearance courtesy of Natsumi, but figures that Shido tried to hide this from her so she wouldn't worry and trusts him to save Yuzuru as the man who ended their conflict.

Upon learning about their past as Yamai Kazamachi, they sought out Shido's advice, who had a similar experience of being reborn from Shinji. Shido assures them that their existence does not mean any less just because they are a reincarnation of a different person.

Yamai was thankful to Shido for helping Kaguya and Yuzuru come to terms with themselves, which allowed them to fuse together to recreate her. She was also shown to have inherited the twin's feelings and playful attitude towards him. In Yamai Triad, she was able to interact with him through a shared dream he had with Kaguya and Yuzuru. Taking their place during a date with him, she ended up enjoying herself so much that she was unwilling to give him up, resulting in a competition with the twins. However, she ultimately forfeited after it was revealed that Shido had injured his hand during their date, something she did not even notice until Kaguya and Yuzuru pointed it out. Ashamed, Yamai turned to leave until Shido, alongside Kaguya and Yuzuru, proposed they all go on a date together, which she happily accepted. As the dream comes to an end, Yamai requests Shido to watch over Kaguya and Yuzuru.

Tohka Yatogami[]

The Yamai sisters get along very well with Tohka, especially Kaguya, because of their similar energetic personalities. Kaguya refers to Tohka as her kinsman.

Due to their closeness, as Tohka was fading away due to all the Reiryoku disappearing following Mio's death, Kaguya and Yuzuru grieved for her alongside the other spirits as she passed on. Conversely, after Tohka was mysteriously revived by the Will of the World one year later, the two were overjoyed, with Kaguya in particular being unable to hold back tears.

Origami Tobiichi[]

While Kaguya's relationship with Origami is unknown, Yuzuru got along well with Origami due to their similarly quiet personalities. Origami also gave Yuzuru some ¨advice¨ to help seduce Shido, causing her to refer to her as Master.

Unfortunately, Origami came to view the two of them as enemies upon discovering they were Spirits. Despite this though, they still treated her as a friend, even after she joined DEM and tried to kill them. In the end, following the various tribulations Origami went through, Kaguya and Yuzuru are both happy that she no longer views them as enemies, although Kaguya still expressed that she wants payback for her previous actions.

Due to the time limit of the twins' fusion, Yamai was never able to properly interact with Origami. However, Yamai did express gratitude towards Origami for helping weaken <Beast> beforehand, claiming she would likely have been no match for her otherwise.

Miku Izayoi[]

Kaguya and Yuzuru's first interaction with Miku was an indirect one when they competed against her in the Tenou festival concert. However, they were later brainwashed by her <Solo> and became her maids. While in this state, the two were also fairly respectful towards her. After being freed from the brainwashing, however, the twins became rather scared of her due to her Yuri tendencies, openly calling her a pervert.

In contrast to the twins, Yamai actually showed to have no issue with Miku's Yuri tendencies, even comparing her to a "cute kitten" and agreeing to give her a hug. Unfortunately, she was never able to give her the requested hug, as just then the fusion ran out.

Nia Honjo[]

Kaguya and Yuzuru's first interaction with Nia was an indirect one; when they helped draw the doujinshi that went up against hers. While they do not interact much overall, the manga artist does seem to recognize their drawing skills and regularly requests their aid when approaching a deadline.

Due to the time limit of the twins' fusion, Yamai was never able to properly interact with Nia, although she did give her an angry glare when she cuddled up to Shido for comfort after being criticized for not actively participating in the battle against <Beast>.

Mukuro Hoshimiya[]

The Yamai sisters were among the group of Spirits that set out to space to help save Mukuro. Post-sealing, they were also shocked by Mukuro's newfound personality after her emotions were unlocked. During the events of Spirit Streaming, the twins collaborated with Mukuro in order to boost the number of viewers for their stream. In doing so, they offered to teach Mukuro parkour tricks that a beginner can easily learn.