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Wizards (魔術師ウイザード, Uizādo?) are trained humans who battled the Spirits using advanced technology provided by a device called Realizer, while wearing armor called CR-Units.


Wizards are skilled humans who have undergone training and have a Realizer (顕現装置リアライザ, Riaraiza?. lit. "Manifestation Apparatus") implanted in their brain. They use Maryoku (魔力?) as fuel similar to how Spirits use Reiryoku. Even though most Wizards are under DEM Industries, the primary developer of Realizers, other countries also employ their own team of Wizards under their military forces. Such exist in Japan like the AST (Anti-Spirit Team) and Britain's SSS (Special Sorcery Service). Wizards activate their Wiring Suits (着用型接続装置 ワイヤリングスーツ, Waiyaringusūtsu?. lit. "Wearable Connection Apparatus") and CR-Units by tapping an ID-containing dog tag to their forehead, but the tag can be deactivated as punishment for insubordination.


Wizards are usually capable of various feats such as flying, enhancing their physical abilities, and creating barriers. The extent of their prowess is determined by the properties of their Territory (随意領域テリトリー, Teritorī?. lit. "Voluntary Domain"). Within the Territory, Wizards are able to manipulate the laws of physics to a degree depending on their skill level. Since their bodies become superhuman within their Territory, the average Wizard becomes lethargic immediately after disengaging it. Highly skilled Wizards like Mana and Ellen are capable of using their Territory without a Wiring Suit, but this requires much greater concentration.

Overall, even with all their equipment, all but the strongest Wizards are still incapable of battling a Spirit alone.

Treatment & Side-Effects

As seen from Origami and Jessica, Wizards can reach an activation limit by overexerting their brains, especially with highly advanced CR-Units, which can at worst cause bleeding from facial orifices and mental impairment. In order to lessen this weakness, some Wizards have undergone Maryoku Treatment (魔力処理, Maryoku Shori?), which are surgeries that apply magic to their bodies to strengthen their usage of the <Realizer> and gain a body similar to a Spirit. However, like how advanced technology can be fatal to Wizards due to the heavy strain placed on their brains, such procedures can shorten one's lifespan as a consequence.[1] For example, Mana's lifespan was shortened to the extent where it is predicted that she will only live for 10 more years. Meanwhile, Jessica's lifespan was shortened to a single day while eroding her sanity.


Prior to the creation of Wizards, Westcott, Elliot, Ellen, and Karen grew up in a community of Magus (魔術師メイガス, Meigasu?) that could naturally manipulate the flow of Mana (マナ?) traversing the world. However, their ability was weak and they could only muster up basic spells even when storing up enough copious amounts of mana through an external item like a talisman. Their village was burned down by humans who feared their power, leaving the four as the only survivors.

After creating the Spirit of Origin, Westcott and his friends were able to study her Angel <Ain Soph> to create the Realizer and Territory. Through this, Woodman specifically noted that they transcended being mere magicians and became all-powerful Wizards only heard of in fantasy stories. Historically, Woodman was the first person to learn how to manipulate the Realizer and earn the title of becoming a Wizard.[2]

Known Wizards


  • The terms "Wizard" and "Magus" share the same underlying kanji for "Magician" (魔術師, majutsushi?).


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