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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Volume 2[]

DAF Bullet 2 11

White Queen and Kurumi facing off

The White Queen first debuts after Kurumi, Hibiki, and Tsuan defeat Rook. As Kurumi asks Rook for her last words as she prepares to shoot her, she is interrupted by the White Queen. The White Queen’s arrival stuns Kurumi, and as Rook feverishly apologizes to the White Queen, the latter focuses on Kurumi. Kurumi then snaps out of her temporarily stunned state, and both she and the Queen attack at the same time. However, as Kurumi launches her tried and true barrage of bullets at the White Queen, the White Queen counters effortlessly. Kurumi is struck by her own attack and left struggling to figure out her next course of action.

She tells Tsuan to finish Rook off in order to thin the numbers against them, but much to everyone’s shock, the White Queen kills Rook, carves out her Sephira fragment and swallows it. Rook hands the White Queen her Unsigned Angel before disappearing into energy. The White Queen then opens a hole in space and lets a Pawn through, giving her Rook’s Unsigned Angel and transforming the Pawn into Rook. With Rook back in the fray at full power compared to her weakened, injured state earlier, Kurumi realizes the dire situation and orders Hibiki to run. The White Queen doesn’t move to follow Hibiki. Instead, she raises her weapon to Kurumi, and the two engage in battle against each other.

After the battle concludes, it is revealed by Yui Sagakure that the White Queen has emerged victorious.

Volume 3[]

The White Queen wins the battle against Kurumi, stabbing her with her saber and rendering her unconscious. The White Queen then transports Kurumi to Binah, her personal region, and locks her in the dungeon within her castle.

Later, the White Queen intercepts the regional conference held in Tiphereth. The meeting, having been about the White Queen’s battle against Kurumi, is brought to a halt as the White Queen arrogantly declares war on the Dominions, which incites anger from all of them, Oka especially. Rinemu cuts the rising tension by asking the White Queen if Kurumi is alive after their fight, to which the White Queen responds honestly (and heartily) that she is alive as she has a job to fulfill. After chatting between the two, the White Queen then states that she will kill everyone in the room. The Dominions take this threat seriously, and all of them make a move to attack, but the White Queen warps away with a mocking laugh. The Dominions then realize that the White Queen must have preemptively organized a way into the meeting for herself, revealing to them that the Empty in Oka’s mansion must be under the Queen’s control.

Back at her castle, Kurumi, Cistus, and Hibiki (who infiltrated the castle to save Kurumi) realize that they have a limited amount of time to escape from the White Queen’s castle, and Binah by extension, before the White Queen returns from her journey to Tiphereth.

The White Queen arrives back at her castle after two hours, and a bell chimes to announce her presence. The Queen immediately asks her subjects for a report on what happened in her absence. Her soldiers inform her of what has occurred, prostrating before her and appearing terrified of her ire. The White Queen responds disinterestedly despite this, waving them off and calling upon a Pawn to replace Rook, who was killed by Kurumi in her absence. Rook, however, appears to suffer some sort of paralysis, and as one of her Pawns suggests that the White Queen call upon one of her other Three Executives to replace Rook’s role for the time being, they are interrupted by Kurumi, who fires a shot at the White Queen from within the crowd of Empties. The bullet hits the White Queen, who is unfazed. The two then trade verbal jabs, and after Kurumi asks the White Queen what her goal is, the White Queen nods at an Empty, giving her the signal to attack Kurumi. The Empty is quickly killed, which makes the White Queen smile happily, stating that Kurumi didn’t hesitate to kill her soldier. They engage verbally again, and the White Queen sneers, stating that she is going to destroy and sacrifice the Neighboring World for her goal. After bringing Cistus into play, Kurumi and Cistus both unleash the first attack.

The White Queen responds by sacrificing her soldiers, trading places with them and heartlessly forcing them to die for her sake. She and Kurumi then engage, with Cistus laying down suppressive fire from the side. As they clash, the White Queen goads them, stating that they are simply worthless clones. However, Kurumi responds by saying that the White Queen herself is a clone. The White Queen immediately loses composure at this and screams that she is the original Kurumi Tokisaki whilst clutching at her head. She regains her composure again in seconds, but her erratic behavior confuses Kurumi and Cistus. She wastes no time in engaging the two yet again, using the Leo Bullet Arie in order to devour the space around them, but Kurumi temporarily halts it by shooting the bullet with Seventh Bullet Zayin, though not before it erases a considerable amount of the surrounding area.

DAF Bullet 3 11

White Queen struck by <Arie>

Cistus is distracted from the fight with the White Queen, preoccupied dealing with the Empty soldiers. The White Queen’s attack costs Kurumi an arm, and while Kurumi lays down her own blows, the White Queen regenerates effortlessly. Kurumi suffers many injuries and bruises, and as a clone made from when she was aged down earlier shoots at the White Queen, the latter is forced to deal with them. Intending for the White Queen to be distracted so she could load up another bullet, Kurumi aims at the Queen and fires. However, the White Queen’s reaction is too quick, and the Queen evades the shot, and launches forward to cut off Kurumi’s arms. The White Queen then picks Kurumi up by the collar and gloats over her victory even as Hibiki and Carte enter the fray to watch on. The White Queen then states that she will let Kurumi’s legs be eaten up by her Leo Bullet Arie once it is freed from the effects of Seventh Bullet Zayin, but as the effect is lifted, the White Queen is pierced by her own bullet. Her entire abdomen is blown away, leaving behind a sizable hole in her torso.

Kurumi, having distracted the White Queen by shifting her attention on her rather than focusing on operating her bullet, flees with Cistus, Carte, and Hibiki. Cistus snatches the saber from the White Queen’s hand. Out of commission, the White Queen orders for Rook to stop them, but the young Kurumi clone sacrifices herself in order to save Kurumi as she and her group escape.

The White Queen is then left with her soldiers. Despite her grievous wound, she already begins to regenerate it, and orders her weeping soldiers to leave the room. They do so without complaint, leaving the White Queen alone. The Queen then laments over her defeat, clawing at herself as she bleeds out. She feverishly begins to talk to herself, and suddenly starts to argue with herself, stating that she will withdraw into her body. Her personality then changes completely, and the White Queen stands up straight again. She then states that her previous personality failed and that this one would take over in her absence. Smiling calmly in stark contrast to earlier, she leaves the throne room to address her subjects again.

Volume 4[]

The White Queen is shown in Binah after Kareha’s death. She scoffs at Kareha’s death, and upon being questioned by her Three Executives, she orders for more effort to be put into the strategy for Tiphereth. She says if Tiphereth falls, then Gevurah will be isolated and vulnerable. She also orders torture in order to find out more information about Netzach. As the executives leave, she then monologues to herself about love, saying that she can’t wait to fulfill her love.

Volume 5[]

DAF Bullet 5 09

White Queen prepares to head to Gevurah

In the throne room of the Third Region Binah, the White Queen goes over the records of Bishop's memories. The Queen bemoans having been betrayed by her own subordinate, comparing it to having been backstabbed by her own child. However, she quickly forgets about this due to it now being irrelevant to the matter at hand. Instead, she prioritizes now having discovered Kurumi's weakness. She then creates a new Bishop from a nearby Empty. She informs the newborn Bishop that the moment to overturn the Neighboring World is at hand and they will proceed to the Fifth Region Gevurah. In that barren land, her true personality would take over.

Volume 6[]

While still in the Third Region Binah, the White Queen directs an Empty called Summoner to prepare a ritual on the bottom floor of the Fifth Dungeon Elohim Gibor. The plan hinges on summoning an elaborate copy of the Tenth Spirit to wreak havoc on the Neighboring World. However, the plan is foiled thanks to the combined efforts of Kurumi's dungeon team. During this time, the White Queen converses with her other personalities in discussing any new potential candidates for the Three Executives. Much to the surprise of the General and Lady personalities, the main personality of the White Queen states that the Politician personality has found a rather interesting candidate.

After Kurumi momentarily splits off from Hibiki and Ariadne to have her duel with Tsuan, the White Queen emerges in front of Hibiki by using a nearby Empty as a portal. Despite Hibiki and Ariadne's desires to withdraw, the White Queen deliberately taunts Ariadne by saying she's not here for her. The deliberate provocation causes the latter to try to retaliate by burrowing her threads underground and launching a sneak attack to bind the Queen. However, thanks to her speed in shooting the Libra Bullet Moznaim beforehand, the damage of Ariadne's attack is launched back at the Dominion. The White Queen then mocks Ariadne for her efforts and fires a point-blank shot that sends her unconscious.

DAF Bullet 6 10

White Queen extends her finger to Hibiki.

Now turning her attention to Hibiki, the White Queen offers either a chance to become one of her subordinates or a swift death. She asks Hibiki which one she would prefer. Internally, Hibiki decides upon a risky wager in trying to resist the Queen's brainwashing while outwardly accepting the offer. The Queen then extends her finger to Hibiki's forehead. Shortly afterwards, Kurumi arrives on the scene in complete outrage as Hibiki has just been transported away. However, Kurumi's anger quickly turns into shock as she hears the Queen's voice, which sounds identical to her childhood friend Sawa Yamauchi. As Kurumi is left so confused that she couldn't even raise her gun anymore, Sawa tells Kurumi that she won't wait anymore. After asserting her right to return back to the real world, she informs everyone that they'll be attacking the Second Region Chokmah next. She mockingly tells the Dominions to gather as much reinforcements as possible before departing.

Volume 7[]

In the Third Region Binah, the White Queen wakes up after recalling a distant dream. As Rook asks her Queen how the dream was, the Queen replies that it was a dream of days long since past and summarized that the recollection of the dreams must be because of recently encountering Kurumi Tokisaki. Feeling a chill in the White Queen's gentle tone, Rook hurries to change the topic. As preparations for their attack are underway, Rook apologizes to the Queen for Summoner's failure. While saying that the loss of the Spirit was regrettable, the Queen decides to move on over a matter that has already been lost. Rook then asks the White Queen what would happen next to her after their victory. The Queen denies wanting to become a God-like existence and instead insinuates that her prayer lies elsewhere. Turning the reins to the General persona, the White Queen tells her army of Empties to offer up their lives and die fighting. As her troops' enthusiasm reaches a tumultuous clamor over her words, the White Queen simply complains about the loud noise.

After the White Queen decoy was revealed to be Hibiki, the real one soon arrives on the battlefield in the Second Region Chokmah. Her strategy is quickly revealed to be using her modified Eighth Scorpio Bullet Het Akrab to start transforming her Empty troops into an entire army of White Queen clones. While the original White Queen fights Kurumi, she entrusts five special clones with the bullet to further increase their ranks. As Hibiki and the other Quasi-Spirits handle the growing clone army, the original White Queen confronts Kurumi in a one-on-one duel. During their scuffle, Kurumi realizes that the White Queen is vastly underperforming due to the amount of time and Reiryoku spent creating her army. The General personality acknowledges this failing and decides to sacrifice her persona in order to restore her body's strength. After General points her weapon to end her life, the original Overlord personality, which represents the White Queen's old identity as Sawa Yamauchi, takes command of the body. She is described as having a serene presence that looks out of place for the chaotic battlefield.