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Kurumi Tokisaki[]

As Sawa Yamauchi, she was once Kurumi's best friend. However, being cruelly murdered by Kurumi without knowing why caused her to develop a grudge towards her former friend. This hatred was made worse when her soul fused with the inverted Kurumi clone to create the White Queen. Still, the White Queen remained cautious of the original Kurumi's abilities, especially coveting the power of her Eighth Bullet to overwhelm her enemies with sheer numbers.

The White Queen derides the Kurumi clone she encounters in the Neighboring World as a pest at worst and an interesting tool to experiment with at best. Upon defeating this Kurumi, she took her to the Third Region Binah's dungeons to use torture and further research Zafkiel's powers.


The White Queen is obsessively in love with the boy from the other world. Her followers note that she has the rare look of a maiden in love when thinking about him. The White Queen's goal is to destroy the current Neighboring World and eliminate all pests so that she can rule over a new world with him by her side.


The White Queen valued Yuri's cruelty, even praising her extreme willingness to murder her little sister Yui in order to prevent her from leaving home. Seeing her potential, she offered her the position of Bishop, giving her a part of her Reiryoku and memories of the King in exchange. As Bishop, Yuri's role for the White Queen was to infiltrate the ranks of the Dominions and gather information.

However, Yuri secretly planned to betray the White Queen after falling in love with the King herself. After discovering this betrayal, White Queen laughingly notes that it felt like being betrayed by her own child. But after Yuri's death, she wasted no time in making a replacement Bishop, choosing to forget everything about Yuri since she viewed it as just extraneous information at that point.

Hibiki Higoromo[]

While the White Queen initially dismissed Hibiki as an irrelevant Quasi-Spirit, she later came to see her as Kurumi's key weakness which she could target. To that end, the White Queen personally arrived at the Fifth Region Gevurah to kidnap Hibiki and brainwash her into one of her servants. To that end, Hibiki was used to test the Eighth Scorpion Bullet <Het Akrab>, which turned Hibiki into a White Queen clone. However, thanks to Kurumi's precautions, Hibiki was eventually able to reclaim her identity while also stealing a portion of the White Queen's power in the process.


The White Queen treats Rook coldly and indifferently despite the valuable service she provides. She makes it clear that Rook is nothing but an expendable tool to her, with the Queen having no qualms about killing her and replacing her with another Pawn. From the White Queen's side, their relationship doesn’t extend further than that of a queen and bodyguard. Despite Rook’s infatuation with the White Queen, the White Queen brushes her behavior aside. However, it is noted that Rook and the White Queen often have conversations with each other due to Rook being one of her three most valued soldiers. Therefore, Rook is one of the few to have direct contact with the White Queen on a regular basis.