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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
White Queen
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Inverse Spirit
Hair Color White
Brown (Formerly)
Eye Color Red (Right)
Blue Clock (Left)
Nicknames Innocent
Personal Status
Occupation Dominion (Formerly)
Novel Debut Date A Bullet 2
Anime Debut Dead or Bullet
Japanese Saori Ōnishi

White Queen (白の女王クイーン, Kuīn?) is the Dominion of the Third Region: Binah. She is also known as White Kurumi. It is revealed that her dominant personality is Kurumi's childhood friend, Sawa Yamauchi (山内 紗和?).[1]


While traveling in the Ninth Region Yesod with Hibiki, Kurumi encounters her.

The White Queen, who suddenly appeared in the Neighboring World, is the biggest enemy to all Quasi-Spirits due to the magnitude of her threat level. War has been ongoing against her forces based in Binah, the Third Region, which she has taken over as her headquarters. She has spread her influence across the Neighboring World, and is corrupting other regions from the inside out in order to achieve her goal.


White Queen wears a white military dress decorated with epaulettes, and a white admiral's cap with an emblem similar to that of a rising sun on the front of it. In the middle of the emblem is a clock face. She also wears white gloves and heeled boots. She has long white hair usually tied in symmetrical twin tails. Her right eye is red-tinted while her left eye has a distinct blue clock engraved. She is stated to look identical to Kurumi, aside from the obvious color scheme difference.


The White Queen has a composed and regal disposition. However, that is merely a façade as she sees her followers as pawns for her to use and sacrifice. According to the Empty serving in her palace, the Queen can tell them to die, but she will never show any gratitude. While very easy to see through, this façade is strangely sweet, cheery, and similar to the disposition of a regal queen.

Rather than a battle maniac, the White Queen is a strategist. She performed infiltration, acts of terrorism, and experiments to change Empty into monsters to strengthen her army. She also captured and tortured Cistus to study and exploit Zafkiel's power. The White Queen is also callous, aggressive and intelligent. These traits combined together make for a formidable opponent, and this was acknowledged by the other Dominions. She has immense power, and all the tools at her disposal to back it up. She is considered and careful when planning attacks and engaging in battle, and will sacrifice her own soldiers when needed to ensure a victory. She also has the capacity to forward plan, and is uninhibited by taboos in the Neighboring World, one of these including encroaching on other Regions. The White Queen is goal-oriented and believes that her goal is far more important than the lives of her enemies and allies, as shown by how readily she sacrifices her own troops.[2]

The White Queen has multiple personalities due to using the Scorpion Bullet <Akrab> on herself. As a result, her speech can be unstable, changing styles throughout sentences. Including the original Overlord personality, there are 6 personalities in total. Each personality is in charge of a specific role for the Queen. General excels in fighting, Lady seduces and corrupts Quasi-Spirits, Executioner specializes in executions, Agent carries out infiltration work, and Politician takes command of the Empties. The personalities can also mentally communicate with each other, often dictating a specific personality in charge of a given task.


As the original personality that created the others, Overlord represents the White Queen's old identity as Sawa Yamauchi. Despite being in charge of the White Queen's body, she is usually dormant and allows the other personalities to handle matters for her. Kurumi correctly theorizes that this is to prevent her from interacting too much with the overall White Queen persona, since doing so would bring the inconsistencies and contradictions between her current and old personality to the forefront.

She is described as having a gentle and serene smile that feels out of place on a battlefield. While her tone of voice is very polite and calm, there is an underlying malice and chill coming from her words. Despite once treasuring Kurumi as her best friend, most of her kindness and amicability are all but lost. According to herself, she both loathes Kurumi for killing her and also the world for allowing something like that to occur. Her anger and vengeance are to the extent that she wishes to destroy the Neighboring World, viewing it as a place that should never have existed to begin with.


The first personality shown is described as a "fierce general," and is the personality she appears to use the most. In this mode, she is shown to be rather smug and insincere towards her enemies, as well as demonstrating capable and impressive battle prowess. However as shown in Volume 3, this personality will recede and be replaced if she is put through enough emotional stress. The White Queen’s mood and personality switches seem to be distressing to her, and she often fights and claws at herself before her personalities switch.[3]

Because she has Lucifugus, the General personality insisted that she is the real Kurumi Tokisaki's inversed state. She denied the accusation that she is an inversed Kurumi clone.


After the failure to stop Kurumi from escaping at the end of Date A Bullet 3, a second personality, described as akin to a "princess" emerges, while the first personality sinks to recover. As 'Lady', the White Queen is calm, polite and regal. She is also stated to look like a maiden in love when this personality is dominant.[4] Lady speaks in relatively informal speech patterns when compared to the original Kurumi. However, she also carries a deep level of disdain for Quasi-Spirits and Kurumi Tokisaki. This personality also appears to have different methods of spreading the White Queen's roots across the Neighboring World. Compared to General who prefers blatant invasion of other regions with military force, Lady opts for a more covert infiltration method.

Just like Kurumi, Lady is in love with the boy from the other world and strongly desires to reach the Real World to meet him. Her inversed state twisted that love, and she is ready to do anything; such as sacrificing the "insignificant" Neighboring World if it means she can welcome him as her King. She also desires to take over the other world and rule with him at her side.



The White Queen was originally Kurumi's childhood friend Sawa Yamauchi. One day, after being given the incomplete Camael Sephira by Mio Takamiya, she transformed into a monster that indiscriminately scattered flames to her surroundings. Confused and not knowing what was going on, Sawa ran into Kurumi, who killed her while thinking she was just another monster and not her best friend. After death, Sawa's soul arrived at the Neighboring World, where she had a once in a million encounter with an inverted Kurumi Tokisaki clone accidentally created through the Eighth Bullet <Het> reproducing the moment of her near inversion from killing her best friend. The clone discarded by the original and Sawa, who was now reduced to a soul, merged together from their shared grudge against the original Kurumi Tokisaki. From this unexpected union, the White Queen was born with a burning hatred for her old friend and the world that allowed such a tragedy to occur.


Powers and Abilities


Demon King: Lucifugus (狂々帝ルキフグス, Rukifugusu?. lit. "Lunatic Emperor")

Weapon: Astronomical Clock, Saber, Flintlock Pistol

Astral Dress: Unknown

Her clock, pistol, and saber possess special abilities controlling space that can cause different effects on the subject depending on the weapon used.

Some abilities of Lucifugus, such as Sartan and Betulah, are activated by using her saber. Meanwhile, there are also other abilities are triggered by shooting her bullets.

  • Cancer Sword Sartan (巨蟹の剣サルタン, Sarutan?): Warps space-time in order to protect the user or assault the enemy.
  • Leo Bullet Arie (獅子の弾アリエ, Arie?): A tracking bullet, guided by the White Queen's will, that devours space. The devoured space takes the form of a white trail that the bullet leaves behind. Anything that comes into contact with the trail or bullet will be shredded or annihilated into pieces. The White Queen dislikes using this bullet due to the noisy sound that the bullet makes while devouring space. In order to use this bullet, the White Queen must focus on her target so it can track them, so the White Queen is immobile while using this bullet.
  • Virgo Sword Betulah (乙女の剣ベトゥラー, Beturā?): Creates a crack in space and allows a person to travel between places. It is primarily used for instantaneous travel between different regions in the Neighboring World.
  • Libra Bullet Moznaim (天秤の弾モズニーム, Mozunīmu?): Rules over space and can reverse cause and effect within that space.
  • Scorpio Bullet Akrab (蠍の弾アクラヴ, Akuravu?): The true power of the Scorpio Bullet is the cause for the White Queen's multiple personalities. These personalities also function as storage batteries, which can then be consumed for a quick boost of power. As a surplus of the power, the user can also turn Empties into chess pieces under her control. The White Queen uses this bullet to turn Empty girls into her three personal executives; Rook, Bishop and Knight. All the executives inherit the memories of their previous incarnation. Unlike Rook and Knight who are made from Empty, Bishop has a parasitic nature and can be created from normal Quasi-Spirits. Bishop also has the ability to infect other Quasi Spirit with her memories and change her victim into another Bishop, which means unlike the other two chess pieces, there can be more than one Bishop. Because of this nature, her personality varies depending on the influence of her vessel.
  • Aquarius Bullet D'li (水瓶の弾ドゥリ, Duri?): Heals the target completely.
  • Gemini Bullet Teomim (双子の弾テォミーム, Teomīmu?): Originally, this power had the ability to create a degraded copy of the White Queen. However, the Queen disliked how the copies would tarnish her image, and thus she modified the powers of this bullet. By diluting the copies even further, they became Empties unrecognizable from herself. The end result was an artificial army created with the sole input of obeying the Queen's orders.
  • Taurus Sword Shawl (牡牛の剣ショール, Shōru?): An ability that accelerates the speed of the user. Sawa uses this in conjunction with her saber to perform a forward thrust with the tip of her blade.
  • Sagittarius Sword Keshet (射手の剣ケシェット, Keshetto?): The attack is described as both a sword as if a bullet, and a bullet as if a sword. Regarded as the White Queen's trump card, it has speed exceeding Mach 10 and is imbedded with enough destructive power to gouge out the space of the surrounding area. However, the White Queen only used this power during her final battle against Kurumi, as it can only be used once before never being usable again.

Het Akrab

The White Queen deeply coveted the original Kurumi's ability to use the numerical advantage of her clone army in order to overwhelm her enemies through sheer attrition. As such, she began plotting to use the fantasy RPG mechanic of the Fifth Region Gevurah to modify the powers of her Scorpio Bullet Akrab. The end result was the Eighth Scorpio Bullet Het Akrab (八と蠍の弾ヘット・アクラヴ, Hetto Akuravu?). Using this adjusted bullet, the White Queen is able to transform her Empties into near-perfect replicas of herself. Additionally, she also gave the ability to use this bullet to the first five clones she created. These five then spread out through their ranks to create a clone army of nearly 400 White Queens from their Empties. While the clones further created from the initial five have not been shown using Lucifugus's special abilities, their physical abilities have been bolstered to the point where they can put up a good fight against the Dominions.

However, the sound released when firing this bullet is very distinct. When confronted by Rinemu's superhuman level of hearing, the Dominion of Yesod was able to use her ears to pinpoint the location of the special five clones entrusted with the Het Akrab bullet. Additionally, Kurumi notes that creating so many clones must be very tasking for the original, hypothesizing that the sheer amount of time and Reiryoku spent is the reason behind the original White Queen underperforming in their ensuing fight.

During her final battle against Kurumi, the White Queen tore off her own arm and shot Het Akrab to transform it into a clone. Sawa would give the clone the name General, deeming her a replacement for the General persona that died during her battle against Kurumi in Chokmah. Due to using her arm as the foundation rather than an Empty, the resulting clone is of much higher quality and can even use Lucifugus' special powers. However, upon Hibiki's close inspection, General's ability to use Lucifugus is still inferior to the original. For instance, while she is able to fire the Leo Bullet Arie, she lacks the ability to use the bullet's tracking function that the original could employ.

Brainwashing Ability

As shown in case of Yuri Sagakure, the White Queen can share her memory and emotion of love to the "Man from the Other World" with others. To the Empty, this love fills their hollow hearts and controls them with a fanatical degree of worship for the White Queen. In the case of Kareha Banouin, the effect feels like a very powerful temptation of joy to give her everything for the Queen, growing stronger as it takes over her entire self.

This attempt does not always give the expected result. Kareha Banouin managed to fight against the emotion by holding onto her love for Retsumi, although she chose to disappear in fear of losing that love to the new love for her enemy. Yuri Sagakure ends up actually loving the boy from the other world more than the White Queen herself and schemed for her own purpose.


  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki) “Fight? You said fight? Amusing, amusing, how utterly amusing. No… fufu… even when reversed, I am still me? Tokisaki Kurumi, have you not understood yet? The disparity of when your strength falls short to mine?” [5]
  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki and Cistus) “──Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I am not a clone! I am the original, the original! How can a clone inverse! This Demon King <Lucifugus> is proof! I am not using a degraded replica of <Zafkiel> like you guys……!” [6]
  • (To herself) "Now then, everyone. Let’s begin playing chess. Taking command of Rook, Bishop and Knight. Dreaming of the day of that coming coronation. Ah, ah, ah, I really can’t wait.” [7]
  • (To Yuri Sagakure) “Because I fancy your talents. Your cruelty is simply of too great value to wastefully disappear. Isn’t that right? Because of your selfishness, you even killed your little sister in order to prevent her from leaving you. That greed is truly praiseworthy.” [8]
  • (To Bishop) “Let’s proceed to the Fifth Region Gevurah. The decisive battle will be on that barren land. Upon arrival, my personality will switch to the real one.” [9]
  • (To Ariadne Foxrot) “Please rest assured, Ariadne Foxrot. I recognize your power. I’m treating it with contempt after recognizing it.” [10]
  • (To Hibiki Higoromo) “You have options. One is life, the other is death. Please give me an answer that would make me want to be merciful. Now, which one is better?” [11]


  • The White Queen's Demon King, Lucifugus, is named after the archdemon Lucifuge Rofocale, and literally translates to "one who flees from light".
  • The special abilities of Lucifugus are named after the 12 western zodiac signs in Hebrew.
  • Kōshi Tachibana was in charge of her design and the names for all of her bullets.[12]
  • White Queen is also the name of a fictional character who appears in Lewis Carroll's 1871 fantasy novel Through the Looking-Glass.


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