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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Volume 1[]

DAF Bullet 2

Tsuan glaring at Empty

Tsuan first appears when the Quasi-Spirits participating in the Doll Master’s killing game are asked to introduce themselves. Tsuan calmly introduces herself, and the rest of the Quasi-Spirits erupt into whispers amongst each other. It is revealed that Tsuan is infamous for having killed one hundred Quasi-Spirits with incredible ease. Empty likens Tsuan to a gorilla in response to this, to which Tsuan responds by glaring at her and denying the unintentionally rude comparison.

Later, while the Quasi-Spirits are all being sent out into the field before the game begins, Tsuan is focused entirely on Kurumi Tokisaki (or rather, Hibiki Higoromo in disguise). The sheer intensity of her gaze makes Empty turn away in fear. After being encouraged by Kurumi, Empty approaches Tsuan with the intention of getting information from her. Tsuan, however, has no interest in Empty’s attempts or her at all, and glares at her until she dithers and drops the subject.

After all the Quasi-Spirits are free and able to battle with one another, Yui Sagakure finds herself chased by Tsuan. After putting distance between them, Yui then tries to launch a surprise attack on Tsuan. However, this proves to be ineffective. Tsuan notices the attempt, and counters with a volley of quick, heavy, and precise blows. The sheer ferocity and skill demonstrated by Tsuan horrify Yui, and she quickly realizes that she has no chance in a direct confrontation and uses her Unsigned Angel to retreat. Tsuan realizes too late and goes to track Yui down to finish her off, using her incredible sense of smell to aid her. This proves to be pointless though, as Yui reengages Tsuan, but is quickly dispatched regardless. Tsuan then swallows her Sephira fragment and proceeds to go to sleep on the floor, confident that nobody would likely attack her in her sleep due to her skill and infamy.

As two days have passed, it is revealed that Tsuan, Kurumi, and Empty are the only participants left in the game. Tsuan tracks Kurumi and Empty down using her hearing to determine the sounds of their showering and the scent of their Reiryoku. Blushing upon being complimented on her senses, Tsuan then states that Kurumi is the only other participant left alive and thus she desires to kill her. Empty proposes that the three of them group up and go against the Dominion, however Tsuan declines and continues to enforce the fact that she and Kurumi should duel. Kurumi accepts, and the trio walks away to find a more suitable location for their battle. Tsuan kills a doll on the way there, and scares away some more, before noticing that Kurumi vanished. Without hesitation, Tsuan immediately acts and locates Kurumi right as she is shot at. Wasting no time, she launches forward to engage Kurumi. Kurumi shows Tsuan no mercy and unleashes a barrage of bullets, but Tsuan counters by freezing Kurumi’s arm and proceeds to choke her. However, both suffer injuries at close quarters. Tsuan suddenly realizes the reality of battle upon meeting someone who offered a challenge, and has an epiphany over the act of killing, realizing that she is able to comprehend the meaning behind it rather than acting like a mindless beast.

DAF Bullet 8

Tsuan during her battle against Kurumi

Tsuan is rendered unconscious due to the hits she endured, but only for a brief moment. She then stands up despite the fatal injuries she suffered, and thanks Kurumi. Galvanized and on a euphoric, pain-fuelled high, Tsuan states that she wants to fight Kurumi more and wants to be damaged by her in order to grow stronger. The two engage once more and trade vicious blows, with Kurumi now on the defensive. Each time Kurumi lands a hit, Tsuan grows more excited and appears to grow even stronger. The two force a stalemate, and right as they both are about to deal the final blows to each other, they are interrupted by False Proxy and the dolls in her body. Tsuan is stabbed through the chest and forced to the ground, far too exhausted to fight back under the assault of multiple new opponents.

After Kurumi Tokisaki and Hibiki Higoromo are both back in their real bodies and kill Doll Master, they are approached by none other than Tsuan. Tsuan throws a large piece of debris at Kurumi, but she fails to land a hit. She then approaches Kurumi more civilly and proceeds to sniff her, easily deducing that the two of them had swapped bodies. Confused, she wonders which one of them to kill, before being questioned on if she admitted defeat when she passed out. Ignoring the question, Tsuan insists that she wants to fight Kurumi again, and asks to make an appointment to have a serious fight with her. Kurumi obliges and the two share a pinkie promise. Tsuan then leaves, none the wiser to the fact that Kurumi doesn't intend to uphold her end of the deal.

Volume 2[]

Kurumi Tokisaki and Hibiki Higoromo both left for Yesod after toppling Doll Master’s reign over Malkuth, with the former having forgotten about her promise to Tsuan. Tsuan, however, marks Kurumi as her prey and is revealed to have tracked the two of them down. She finds the two in a coffee shop and overhears their discussion about Kurumi training as an idol and having to debut in a contest.

At the contest after Kurumi sings her song, she stumbles off of the stage, dizzy and exhausted from singing and nerves. Unbeknownst to her, another contestant is added in at the last minute, and Kurumi hears a voice speaking to her. The voice asks if she’s okay, then goes on to affirm if Kurumi sang at her absolute best. Confused by the strange questions, Kurumi looks up and notices that the idol talking to her is none other than Tsuan. Kurumi is utterly dumbfounded by this and notes that Tsuan is wearing a new Astral Dress. Tsuan reveals that she isn’t there to fight physically, but instead aims to defeat Kurumi through singing. She chose the same song as Kurumi in order to have a fair competition, and repeats the words of Haraka Kagarike in saying that everything is a battle and that she doesn’t plan to lose. She then runs onto the stage and proceeds to perform.

Tsuan’s performance outclasses Kurumi’s, so much so that the host gushes over it and praises Tsuan for her wonderful performance. Tsuan arrogantly states that there is no need for thanks, looking pointedly at Kurumi while speaking. Tsuan’s odd statements about victory unnerve the host, and she turns to address the audience instead. It is officially stated that Tsuan has defeated Kurumi, and that her debut was the single most impressive one since Mizuha Banouin’s and Rinemu Kirari’s debuts.

Much later, Tsuan is left pondering over her next plan of action. She resides in the waiting room after performing at a concert, realizing that as an idol, she has to win over fans in order to be victorious and beat Kurumi. She is annoyed by the fact that her advantage over Kurumi in the singing battle means that her win wasn’t quite fair, as she was assisted by the Dominion's costume designer and a personally recommended manager. Her thoughts are interrupted by her manager, assigned by Mizuha herself, who tries to encourage Tsuan to stop overthinking and be more energetic. Tsuan flatly declines the proposal, so the manager leaves her alone in the room. She then hears a gunshot and immediately summons her Unsigned Angel <Lailaps> while walking to the door. She asks if the person who shot is someone trying to stalk her due to her status as an S-rank idol, however, it is revealed to be Kurumi, Hibiki, and Rinemu. Tsuan lets them in doubtfully, and after discerning who Rinemu is, asks if Kurumi was there to fight her in any manner. Kurumi declines much to Tsuan’s sadness, however Hibiki interjects with the real reason as to why they were there. She states that they intend to recruit Tsuan into a singing trio in order to return Rinemu to power, and cleverly seals the deal by stating that Kurumi would be indebted to Tsuan if she accepted the proposal. Tsuan immediately accepts upon hearing that.

DAF Bullet 2 07

Tsuan, Rinemu, Kurumi, and Hibiki warming up for their performance

A brief warmup between the three precludes their performance, with Tsuan and Kurumi trading verbal jabs. Fortunately, the trio’s initial performance is deemed a success. Kurumi is impressed and astonished by her own achievement of singing a song to completion, but Tsuan counters by stating that she didn’t break a sweat, implying her superiority over Kurumi and Rinemu.

Their celebrations are interrupted by Rook, who confronts Kurumi after stealing the <Voice of the Moon> from Rinemu. Out of warrior’s courtesy, Tsuan doesn’t interject seeing as Rook marked Kurumi as her target, and respectfully holds back. However after Rook escapes from Kurumi’s assault, Kurumi asks Tsuan to chase after her to which Tsuan obliges.

Right as Rook prepares to kill Mayuka Momozono, Tsuan manages to catch up to them and swing for Rook’s head with <Lailaps>. Rook blocks the blow, and Tsuan states that anyone trying to harm her prey (Kurumi) is her enemy, and that she also wants to fight Rook. Rook finds their following battle to be manageable, as her prowess allows her to read Tsuan’s straightforward attacks despite being at a disadvantage in terms of physical strength. Rook lands a barrage of blows on Tsuan, who protects herself with the freezing ability of <Brinicle>, but notices that she’s starting to suffer from frostbite. As Rook prepares the killing blow, Kurumi steps in, having caught up with Tsuan. As Rook undergoes a more serious mental shift after being forced back, Tsuan decides to help Kurumi so long as they can fight later.

Despite Rook’s new wave of oppressive attacks, Tsuan perseveres through the pain and unleashes a blizzard in order to obscure Rook’s view. This allows for Kurumi and Hibiki, who had been waiting to jump into the fray, to gain the upper hand over their opponent. But before the final blow can be dealt to Rook, the fight is interrupted by none other than the White Queen.

In a rare occurrence, Tsuan is left speechless by the emergence of the White Queen. As everyone regains their senses, Kurumi orders Tsuan to kill Rook. But before she can do so, the White Queen kills Rook and replaces her. Gearing up for battle against the White Queen, Tsuan reminds Kurumi yet again that they are to fight again at a later date, leaving Kurumi dumbstruck over Tsuan's single-minded obsession for a rematch.

It is later revealed that Tsuan and Kurumi were defeated.

Volume 3[]

Hibiki mentions that Tsuan managed to escape after being beaten by the White Queen. Much later, during the Dominion conference, Rinemu also reveals that it took an enormous effort to rescue her, and that she’s in a sorry state after her defeat.

Volume 4[]

DAF Bullet 4 05

Tsuan attacking White Queen's monsters

Tsuan appears briefly while Hibiki and Kurumi are in Hod. She is in Gevurah, fighting the White Queen’s abominations in order to protect her hometown and cover for Haraka Kagarike’s absence. She effortlessly dispatches the monsters attempting to invade Gevurah while being supervised by her superiors. She eventually stops for the day, and while being thanked by the other Quasi-Spirits supervising her, reflects on the fact that she’s annoyed by Kurumi’s absence. One of the Quasi-Spirits mentions that Tsuan’s expression while thinking about Kurumi looked as if she were in love. Shocked, but accepting, Tsuan decides that she is in love with Kurumi and briefly struggles between deciding if she should confess to her and then strike her with <Lailaps>, or strike her and then confess. Regardless, she accepts that she has become a yandere for Kurumi.

Volume 5[]

Tsuan is briefly mentioned to be organizing a resistance against the White Queen's forces due to the increasing intensity of her invasion.

Volume 6[]

While on the frontlines of the battlefield, Tsuan arrives to help weary Quasi-Spirits who are being pushed back by the White Queen's army. She is confronted by a group of Empty that combine together into a huge white monster. However, Tsuan casually slices the monster in half with her Unsigned Angel, much to the joy of the Quasi-Spirits looking on from the sidelines.

Tsuan is later informed of Kurumi's arrival at Gevurah, and rushes over to greet her in the only way she could - by swinging <Lailaps> at her. Kurumi fires a <Zayin> at Tsuan to end her challenge, and Hibiki orders for calm, getting Tsuan to guide her, Kurumi and Ariadne. Tsuan leads the travelers to a grassy plain and watches Hibiki lose her Astral Dress to a slime that wrapped around her. After the slime is dispatched by Kurumi, Tsuan hands over a piece of cloth for Hibiki to cover herself with. Tsuan then says that Reiryoku circulates in Gevurah through fighting, and the work of the previous Dominion transformed Gevurah into a fantasy land with its own RPG system. After arriving at a settlement, Tsuan leads the travelers to an Adventurers' Guild for registration. The receptionist there also hands out a dungeon-crawl assignment to them. On Hibiki's suggestion to change outfits as part of preparation, Tsuan changes into a paladin-like outfit. On the way to the dungeon, Tsuan leads the travelers past a log house where the Quasi-Spirits on guard there recognize her.

During the dungeon crawl, Tsuan occasionally helps Kurumi get familiar with the RPG system inside. She also has more familiarity with enemy monsters than her companions. After defeating an intermediate boss, the group decide to rest via Hibiki's acquired maid skill. Before they sleep, Tsuan asks for what Kurumi thinks of the dungeon, then admits that she doesn't know who modeled Gevurah into its current "fantasy world" appearance. Finally, Tsuan asks if Kurumi really does want to go back to the real world, and Kurumi admits she still wants to, because the real world has something that the Neighboring World doesn't. Tsuan again reminds Kurumi of the match she owes her before leaving. As the group continues to advance through the dungeon, Tsuan acquires an enemy detection skill to allow Hibiki to focus on acquiring more useful non-combat skills. The dungeon's next intermediate boss takes longer for the group to defeat. When Kurumi identifies said boss as an Empty and worries that White Queen may have conquered the dungeon, Tsuan thinks it hasn't happened yet. Upon reaching the B9F boss, Tsuan's enemy detection skill fails to identify their opponent, which is also able to intercept their telepathy. Eventually, Tsuan and Ariadne let Kurumi deal with the boss by herself, and she emerges victorious.

At the final floor of the dungeon, Tsuan notices Kurumi touch a Compile, and her dizziness afterwards. Kurumi admits to seeing that boy from the other world, and Tsuan announces to the others that Kurumi wants to go there. Strangely, Tsuan then holds both of Kurumi's hands, admiring her "in love" expression. Inside the boss room is a presence that frightens all of the travelers. Fortunately, Haraka arrives in time to explain the situation. She also applies buffs to Tsuan, who then proceeds to attack the synthesized Spirit. Tsuan is ultimately knocked back. On Hibiki's command, Tsuan uses the "war cry" skill to attract the Spirit's attention, while also using a protection skill to withstand the Spirit's attack. Neither of those commands buy enough time for their allies, due to the Spirit's quick regeneration. Eventually, the Spirit swings her sword upwards, causing the room's ceiling to collapse and separate Kurumi from the others. Tsuan and Haraka are then slammed against the wall by a single swing. Fortunately, Kurumi recovers in time to engage the Spirit. Tsuan, Haraka, and Ariadne recover enough to contribute their attacks as well, but the Spirit dodges all of them and starts aiming at Kurumi, who dodges in return. Kurumi telepathically discusses a strategy that would involve Kurumi charging at the Spirit, Hibiki rushing in front of Kurumi and the other three positioning themselves behind the Spirit. The strategy succeeds in getting Kurumi to fire a <Zayin> directly at the Spirit. This allows Ariadne, Haraka, and Tsuan to stall with their Unsigned Angels, long enough for Hibiki to think of, and successfully carry out alongside Kurumi, a strategy that defeats the Spirit once and for all.

Hibiki's strategy also destroys her Unsigned Angel, causing Tsuan to worry that Hibiki may turn into an Empty. The dungeon begins to collapse entirely at this point, prompting the five of them to jump up - Kurumi and Tsuan also helping the others avoid falling rubble. Upon escaping the dungeon, Kurumi and Tsuan go somewhere for their promised match, with Haraka watching them from afar. The match supposedly ends in another stalemate, with Kurumi noticing that Tsuan attempted to stop her own <Lailaps> from crushing Kurumi on the head. In response, Tsuan admits her own feelings for Kurumi, and wants her to stay in the Neighboring World. Kurumi initially rejects, but Tsuan wants her to reconsider at the end of her errand. Tsuan and Haraka arrive just in time to see White Queen disappear, having defeated Ariadne and taken Hibiki for herself.

Volume 7[]

Tsuan apologizes for taking Kurumi's attention away from Hibiki and indirectly causing her abduction. After Ariadne comes to, the four of them, now led by Haraka, decide to go to Chokmah. When Tsuan asks why, Ariadne ends up having to explain. During the strategy meeting with Maya Yukishiro, Tsuan is paired with Haraka as part of the resistance unit. She finds herself with Carte À Jouer and her four cards right in front of the gate to Binah, as the others leave for private conversations. Unable to talk to Carte, Tsuan ends up pondering her decisions.

Soon, White Queen's Three Executives arrive at Chokmah and engage the Dominions and Kurumi. Kurumi tasks Tsuan, Ariadne and Carte with destroying the Empties that come out of the gate. When White Queen herself appears to join the battle, the Empties gain a morale boost and start to turn the tide.

A while later, when Kurumi suspects White Queen to actually be Hibiki, and gains access to Hibiki's mind via <Tet>, Tsuan is seen in a dream sequence dressed in male clothing and referred to as "Prince". Tsuan is also imagined, in a different memory of Hibiki's, to be the culprit behind a murder. By the time Hibiki's consciousness returns and she joins the fight, Tsuan had exhausted herself fighting off the Empties. In turn, the real White Queen returns with a clone army of herself, which surrounds Tsuan. It is unknown whether Tsuan fought them off by herself, but reinforcements eventually arrive in the form of other Dominions.

Volume 8[]

Tsuan is the first Quasi-Spirit interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Tsuan chooses to leave the Neighboring World in order to go on her own fighting journey in the real world. Haraka visits Keter to see her off, leaving Tsuan in tears as she speaks.

In the real world, Tsuan joins a martial arts class and rises through the ranks. The observing Hibiki claims that Tsuan would eventually appear on TV and be coveted by agents.