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Tohka Good End First Half[]

DAL v21 c03

Shido encounters the mysterious Spirit for the first time.

As Shido is going back home from his outing with Kurumi, the Spacequake alarm begins to ring for the first time in a year. Earlier than anticipated from the Spacequake alarm, several cracks appear in the evening sky as if it had been torn apart by a giant claw. The next moment, a severe shockwave occurs that blows Shido away from the ensuing impact. As Shido struggles to get back up, he sees a beautiful girl standing at the epicenter of a crater that she just created. Mesmerized by the sudden appearance of a Spirit, Shido asks for her name. However, the girl only responds with a hoarse voice about to disappear, citing that she has already long since forgotten her name.

Breaking this uneasy stalemate, the girl lets out a small groan. She raises her arm to start indiscriminately swinging down her claw. With each slash, everything within her field of vision is sliced apart to shreds, forcing Shido to duck down and circle around her to avoid being hit. After an unknown amount of attacks, the girl picks up her fifth sword, which boasts a thick blade like a battle-axe. She stabs it onto the ground, causing flames to erupt from there. Then, using the eighth sword, she summons a gust of wind to blow Shido into the sky along with the scorching flames. As Shido is left barely alive after landing on the ground, the girl begins drawing closer to him, prepared to deliver the finishing blow with the tenth sword. However, just as Shido is about to die, his throat leaks out Tohka's name. This causes the Spirit to hesitate for a moment, which gives <Fraxinus> the opportunity to successfully retrieve Shido.

Afterward, Fraxinus observes that the girl, whom they decide to temporarily codename <Beast>, has gone into a dormant state after destroying the surrounding area. However, just as <Fraxinus> is planning out their strategy for capturing <Beast>, a hole in space suddenly emerges at the center of their conference room. As <Beast> exits out from there, she lets out a roar that terrifies everyone present. However, among all the shudders, Shido stands up to greet and approach <Beast>, reaffirming his decision to save her.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

As Shido tries to talk to <Beast>, the Spirit wonders to herself why she came here. She admits that she came here chasing after Shido's scent, but cannot remember why she did that. As she starts to question even her own identity, <Beast> lets out another scream and starts attacking everything in sight while still onboard the ship. Seeing that <Fraxinus> will crash at this rate, Shido takes a chance to tackle her through a hole that has been opened through <Fraxinus>'s hull. Before doing so, Shido instructs Mukuro to tell the others so that they can use the ship's Territory to ensure that he can survive the impact of landing on the ground.

However, <Beast>, struggling to break free during the process, causes their landing coordinates to shift ever so slightly to a non-evacuated area. With the Territory fading away from enduring the impact, Shido is left helpless before <Beast>. Shido tries telling <Beast> his name again, but his attempt only causes her more confusion and pain. Grabbing the first sword, she launches a barrage of light onto him. Fortunately, Shido is saved by the timely intervention from the former Spirit girls, who had come equipped with headsets designed to manipulate the Voluntary Territory through <Fraxinus>'s <Yggd Folium>. The girls then decide to break off into teams, with Origami, Kaguya, and Yuzuru being left to distract <Beast>.

DAL v22 02

<Beast> standing victorious

After some time has passed, Kotori arrives on the battlefield with the <Yggd Ramus> in hand, a branch-like sword with the power to momentarily strip away her Angels. Since Maria discovered that <Beast>'s swords are the girl's former Angels, stabbing <Beast> with the <Yggd Ramus> may allow them to temporarily regain their Spirit powers. As such, the battle shifts with all the other girls trying to serve as a distraction for Origami, who has the best chance of landing a hit on <Beast> with her CR-Unit equipped. However, just as Origami attacks, <Beast> uses the future entry power of the second sword to slightly shift the aim of Origami's hand. Then, by quickly turning the sixth sword like a key, she sends Origami onto the ground, and the Wizard's CR-Unit is reduced to pieces.

With all his allies seemingly defeated, Shido is left struggling to stand up as <Beast> begins to approach him again. Noticing that Shido's voice is causing her pain, she demands that he shut up. Recalling that Shido's words were the same as a boy who had disappeared, <Beast> felt a fierce pain strike her heart. Now seeing Shido as someone dangerous to her sense of self, she prepares to swing her sword to eliminate him. However, before she can, a barrage of Maryoku from the sky comes raining down on her. Natsumi, who didn't participate in the early attack, yells as she comes charging at <Beast> with the <Yggd Ramus> in hand. <Beast> easily decapitates Natsumi, only to find out that it was a hologram created through the <Yggd Folium>. The real Natsumi prepares a silent sneak attack right in front of her, only to be narrowly foiled by her using the sixth sword to open a hole to suck in the attack.

As Natsumi is left terrified at her attempt failing, Shido quickly struggles to stand up and tries to distract <Beast> by flirting with her. Natsumi, after being offered encouragement from Shido, quickly hurries to manipulate the Territory to move the <Yggd Ramus> sword that Yoshino left behind on the battlefield. For the first time, <Beast> has a look of pure shock as the sword successfully stabs her from behind. <Beast> lets out a scream as her body starts glowing, scattering her Reiryoku as her swords are sent flying toward the feet of each of the respective former Spirit girls. Using her swords, the girls are able to regain their powers. As <Beast> curses them and asks what they have done to her, Kotori and the other Spirits proudly stand up to declare their counterattack will now begin.

With her swords plundered, <Beast> resorts to fighting solely with her claw. Despite narrowing down her attack options, the other girls still acknowledge <Beast> as an even greater threat now that she is taking the fight much more seriously. Deciding to settle this in a single blow, Origami prepares <Metatron>'s <Artelif> while Kotori prepares <Camael>'s <Meggido>. Miku and Yoshino then use their sound and ice to bind <Beast>'s movements. However, <Beast> breaks free from her bindings and dodges the attack by fleeing upward. Still, this is within the Spirits' plans as Mukuro and Natsumi, the latter through <Kaleidoscope> copying <Michael>, open up a huge wormhole that redirects the attack directly at her. However, <Beast> emerges from the trail of Reiryoku with her Astral Dress badly damaged and the tips of her hair heavily singed. With everyone caught off guard, she prepares to launch a direct attack on Kotori with her claw.

DAL v22 c01

<Beast> vs. Yamai Kazamachi

Luckily, Kotori is saved by the intervention of Yamai Kazamachi, the fused form of the Yamai sisters after they had grabbed the Eighth Sword together. <Beast> launches a slash at Yamai, who uses her superior speed to dodge each blow. Then, Yamai skillfully fuses her chains to the handle of her lance, pushing <Beast> back with the sheer wind pressure from her throw. At that moment, <Beast>'s claw gives off a faint glow, transforming into a huge great sword. Everyone is left shocked by this, as the sword looks identical to <Sandalphon>. As everyone is confused as to why <Sandalphon> is her claw rather than the tenth sword, <Beast> takes the time to launch a flying slash toward Yamai. Luckily, Yamai is able to defend against the blow by using <El Peguez> to summon a shield by tying her wings together through her chains. Wanting to settle it in a single attack, Yamai uses her trump card, <El Yevrun>, a giant ballista formed through combining her Angel with portions of her Astral Dress.

The sheer wind pressure of the arrow fired completely razes the destroyed surroundings and lands a direct hit against <Beast>. However, <Beast> still emerges from the rubble, now using her sword as a cane. As <Beast> glances at Shido, she gives a terrified look as if finally realizing something. Letting out a cry, <Beast> swings down her sword to open a scar in the sky. Beast quickly flees into this scar and retreats. Shido, who later comes into contact with the tenth sword that <Beast> left behind, learns from a mysterious voice that the sword is the Demon King <Nahemah>. The sword can be used to open a portal to the world where <Beast> had fled. After getting the other girl's blessings with Miku's help, Shido departs for <Beast>'s world by using <Nahemah>. Finding <Beast> on top of a mountain of rubble, <Beast> tries to tell Shido that she made the decision to never approach him again. However, Shido quickly hushes her with a kiss. At that moment, <Beast> is revealed to be Tohka Yatogami from a parallel world.

Reunited with Tohka, Shido is about to cry, but he holds back the tears as both mutually acknowledge that they aren't each other's Tohka and Shido respectively. Shido asks Tohka what had happened to her world, to which she tells him with great difficulty that she destroyed it after losing her sanity over her Shido dying. Shido tries to cheer her up, which causes Tohka to say that Shido will always be Shido. Then, Tohka is asked why she appeared in his world. Thinking it over, she vaguely recalls being called by something, but by then she couldn't even recognize what that meant anymore. As Tohka asks Shido how he arrived here, Shido points to <Nahemah> and tells her that he was brought here by a gentle God who loves Tohka very much. While confused by that answer, Tohka acknowledges she still must thank that person for letting her regain her sense of self.

DAL v22 c02

Tohka and Shido discuss about their different worlds

Seeing that Tohka is still depressed, Shido asks Tohka out on a date so that they can continue to talk properly. Tohka bashfully agrees and changes out of her Astral Dress to a copy of her Raizen High School uniform. Tohka takes Shido to the ruins of Raizen High School, which has somehow still maintained its form within the piles of rubble. They climb up to the rooftop to continue their conversation. The pair then discusses the differences that happened between their worlds. When the topic of the Tohka from Shido's world is brought up, Tohka starts crying over how incredible her other world self must be for helping Shido and the others so much. Seeing Tohka staring off at this ruined world, Shido offers Tohka the chance to come live in his world.

Shido reaffirms to Tohka that he's not using her as a replacement for his world's Tohka and wants to help her since she is a Spirit. He also adds in a half-joking manner how angry his world's Tohka would be if he even considered the notion of a replacement, which causes Tohka to burst out laughing. Still, Tohka remains hesitant over the offer, citing that Shido dying could easily make her lose control again. Shido reaffirms that he won't die easily and offers her the same words he said to his Tohka at the end of their first date. However, Tohka sadly says that it's the first time that she's ever heard those words before. Ultimately, Tohka chooses to reject Shido's offer, wanting to stay in the world that holds the memories of meeting her Shido. While disappointed, Shido respects Tohka's decision. Then, she summons <Sandalphon> to open another portal to send Shido home. But before Shido leaves, Tohka grabs Shido and gives him a farewell kiss on the cheek. She gives her parting words to Shido, telling him to continue the rest with his Tohka. As Shido is left dumbstruck, Tohka deeply smiles, pushing his body into the portal.

DAL v22 08

Tohka encounters Kurumi

Two weeks after meeting Shido, Tohka begins to travel around her destroyed world. Tohka feels remorseful over the destruction she had caused and is overjoyed at seeing that some people have survived her rampage. While wondering what to do next, she is surprised to see a visitor emerging from the shadows. The person ends up being a more mature-looking Kurumi Tokisaki. Tohka is astonished over this, as she clearly remembers killing Kurumi and taking <Zafkiel> as her sword. Kurumi teases Tohka, citing that she has a face that looks very similar and could lead to an easy misunderstanding. At that moment, Tohka realizes that her <Zafkiel> sword has always been giving a weak Reiryoku response as if only operating at half-power. Then, Kurumi smiles at her and states that she has been waiting for Tohka to regain her sanity for a long time now, but didn't expect it to come from the aid of a Shido from another world. Then, Kurumi offers Tohka the chance to redo this world.