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Parallel World Tenka[]

Parallel World Tohka doesn't seem to have ever even met her world's version of Tenka, as she seems unfamiliar about her when Shido references her Inverse Form’s personality as a kind goddess watching out for Tohka. Despite this though, much like the main world Tenka, Parallel World Tenka seems to deeply care about Tohka's well-being, enough to lend <Nahemah> to Shido so he can save her.

Tohka Yatogami[]

Parallel World Tohka never met her main world counterpart. However, after being told about her by the main world's Shido, she displayed admiration for her alternate world self's life and achivements.

Parallel World Shido Itsuka[]

Parallel World Tohka was absolutely devastated when her world's version of Shido died. In her grief, she went beyond merely inversing and turned into a feral beast that indiscriminately ravaged everything she saw. After regaining her sanity, she remains loyal to her Shido's memory, choosing to stay in her world mainly because it was the world where she met her Shido.

Shido Itsuka[]

Parallel World Tohka would display occasional lapses in her otherwise feral behavior while confronting Shido, feeling some strange attachment to him despite not recognizing him, and found herself repeatedly failing to kill him. Her inability to grasp his importance in her mind provoked confusion and anger, later designating him as the target she needed to kill the most. As her consciousness began to return, she fled from him by returning back to her own world. However, Shido follows after and kisses her, which would be the final key in allowing Beast to fully regain her sanity.

The two would proceed into a date where they discussed the differences in events between their worlds, ultimately accepting that he is not the Shido she knows and vice versa. This leads to her choice to stay in her own world despite Shido's invitation to come to his. As she helps him return home, she expresses hope for him reuniting with her alternate self.

Parallel World Kurumi Tokisaki[]

For the longest time, Parallel World Tohka believed she had killed her world's version of Kurumi. When Kurumi confronted her after she regained her sanity, Tohka was shocked by her survival. As it turned out, she had killed a Kurumi clone instead and only stole a portion of Zafkiel's power. Kurumi then offered Tohka a second chance to redo everything. Afterward, the two began a journey traveling their destroyed world, seeking the remnants of the Spiritual Vein in order for Tohka to properly transfer her powers to Kurumi. In doing so, they can hopefully regain usage of Zafkiel's power to travel back in time and save their world.