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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
This article deals with the Tohka Yatogami of the parallel world timeline. For the main timeline Tohka, please refer to the Tohka Yatogami article.
……Name, huh? I’ve long forgotten such a thing── [1]

—Parallel World Tohka, to Shido Itsuka

Tohka Yatogami
Kanji 夜刀神 十香 (並行世界)
Romaji Yatogami Tōka
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 155 cm [2]
Species Spirit
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Relatives Tohka Yatogami (Alternate World Self)
Rank SSS-Class Spirit[4]
Novel Debut Volume 21

Tohka Yatogami (Parallel World) is an alternative version of Tohka Yatogami in a world where events occurred slightly differently than the world of the main story. She is referred to with the codename Beast (ビースト?) and regarded as a mysterious Spirit that appeared one year after the disappearance of Spirits.


Beast is an alternate Tohka Yatogami from a parallel world where events played out very differently from the world where the main story occurs. Just like the original Tohka, she met Shido Itsuka and was saved by him. However, in this world Shido died, causing Tohka to fall beyond the abyss of despair. In the process, she completely lost her sense of self, attacking everything and killing the other Spirits in the process.


As Beast, Tohka has silvery white hair as if the color has faded away, though the tips retain the faint pigment of their original purple color. Her skin is as pale white as a ghost. Her eyes are described to have a hollow look as if she has lost all purpose in life. She wears a dark purple Astral Dress with a cracked gem on the collar and is covered by a tattered cloak. Remnants of Tohka's original Astral Dress can be seen on her shoulders and leggings. Additionally, her ten swords hover around her while a claw composed of five floating nails gathers around her left hand.

After regaining her sanity, Tohka's hair still remains white, but a more brilliant light in her magenta-colored eyes has been regained. During her date with Shido, she switches her Astral Dress for a copy of her Raizen High School uniform. Her three sizes are B84/W58/H83, which are the same proportions as the main timeline Tohka.[5]

While traveling with Kurumi in their post-destroyed world, Tohka uses <Haniel> to take up the appearance of Shido Itsuka as a disguise. [6]


Due to having lost her sense of self, Tohka behaves very much like her namesake, an animalistic existence that seeks to destroy everything within her sight. In this state, she can only let out a feral roar. When there is nothing left visible to destroy, Tohka will briefly enter a state of dormancy before resuming her rampage elsewhere. However, Shido notes that her behavior is similar to a crying girl unsure of what to do and lashing out that anger at the world. As her battle with Shido and the others progresses, she slowly regains her sanity to the point where she begins to speak coherent sentences again.

After her date with Shido, Tohka fully regains her sense of self. Afterward, she displays a deep level of attachment to her world, resolving to stay there because it is the world that holds the memories she shares with her Shido. Also, she displays a great deal of remorse over her actions, openly weeping when seeing any surviving humans from her rampage.



In Beast's world, the timeline deviated in terms of certain events occurring. Rather than the school trip taking place in Arubi Island, it was held in Okinawa where Tohka won a food-eating contest against the Yamai sisters. Likewise, other small changes occurred like using cat ears for the school festival, Natsumi transforming into Yuzuru, and challenging Nia with nurse outfits. In the end, the biggest change occurred when Shido died, causing Tohka to fall into the abyss of despair. After killing the other Spirits (though Kurumi is later revealed to have survived) and converting their Angels into her blades, Beast drove the survivors of humanity underground and transformed the planet into a barren wasteland filled with debris and rubble.


Powers and Abilities[]

Spirit Form[]

As a Spirit with multiple Angels, Beast is an immense threat to a world where the concept of Spirits has been gone for over a year. She completely overwhelms the AST, forcing them to flee. Even after the girls temporarily steal her Angels, she is noted to be even more dangerous than before due to her taking the fight more seriously. She was even able to easily take on all the other Spirits at once. Her durability is immense, being able to continue fighting even after tanking a simultaneous attack from <Metatron>'s <Artelif> and <Camael>'s <Megiddo>. She is fast enough to keep up with Yamai Kazamachi's supersonic speed, and would likely have overwhelmed her without the damage taken from the aforementioned bombardment.

Spirit Data[]

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
510 492 502 345 32

Ten Swords[]

Due to taking in the Angels from the other Spirits in her world, Beast has access to all ten Angels in the form of the ten swords hovering around her. Tohka's original Angel <Sandalphon> has transformed into five floating nails that hover around her hand as a claw, which can cut through virtually anything, including the fabric of spacetime. However, due to the former Spirits girls having a connection to the Angels, they were able to use the <Yggd Ramus> to temporarily separate the swords from <Beast> and use them to momentarily regain their powers.

  • First Sword (一番目の剣, Ichibanme no Ken?): A sharp, pointed sword with ornamental wings on the handle, the first sword represents <Metatron>. Through this blade, Tohka can rain down rays of light onto her enemies.
  • Second Sword (二番目の剣, Nibanme no Ken?): A small pen-sized sword that represents the book Angel <Rasiel>. The sword retains <Rasiel>'s power of future entry. By quickly scribing words into the air, <Beast> was able to rewrite the future to shift the aim of Origami's sneak attack.
  • Third Sword (三番目の剣, Sanbanme no Ken?): A thin sword with four clock gears attached to the hilt. Unlike the other swords, the sword that represents <Zafkiel> is only operating at half-power due to the survival of Parallel World Kurumi through unknown means. When the sword is temporarily stolen by Kurumi Tokisaki, she specifically notices that the powers of the Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Bullets have been sealed.
  • Fourth Sword (四番目の剣, Yonbanme no Ken?): A small sword with two large extensions resembling rabbit ears protruding out from a curved handle, the fourth sword represents <Zadkiel>. Using this sword, Tohka is able to lower the surrounding temperature to form instantaneous ice walls for defensive purposes.
  • Fifth Sword (五番目の剣, Gobanme no Ken?): A greatsword in the shape of a battle-axe, the fifth sword represents <Camael>. By stabbing the sword into the ground, Tohka is able to make the ground erupt out flames like a volcano.
  • Sixth Sword (六番目の剣, Rokubanme no Ken?): A key-shaped sword that represents <Michael>. Through this sword, Tohka is able to open up wormholes for instantaneous travel and for blocking sneak attacks.
  • Seventh Sword (七番目の剣, Nanabanme no Ken?): A small dagger-like sword resembling a witch's hat, the seventh sword represents the Angel <Haniel>. While traveling with Kurumi in their destroyed world, Tohka uses this sword to transform herself into Shido so that the surviving populace won't recognize her as the calamity that brought their world to ruin. By stabbing herself with the sword, Tohka is able to restore herself to her original appearance.
  • Eighth Sword (八番目の剣, Hachibanme no Ken?): A spiral shaped sword that represents the Angel <Raphael>. By swinging this sword, <Beast> is able to summon large gusts of wind.
  • Ninth Sword (九番目の剣, Kyūbanme no Ken?): A thin small sword in the shape of a conductor's baton, the ninth sword represents <Gabriel>. By stabbing the sword into the ground, Tohka can produce a wall of sound to repel enemy attacks.
  • Tenth Sword (一〇番目の剣, Ichireibanme no Ken?): Unlike the other Angels, the tenth sword actually represents Tohka's Demon King <Nahemah>. When Shido touched the sword, he was able to hear a mysterious voice very reminiscent of Tenka. Like its counterpart <Sandalphon>, this sword retains the ability to cut through intangible concepts. By using this sword, Shido was able to open a scar in space that allowed him to travel to <Beast>'s world.



  • Parallel World Tohka is also referred to as a Beast in kanji (一匹の獣); the same text used to describe the Beast of Revelation that would emerge from the sea in the Japanese version of the New Testament.
  • She likes her memories and dislikes solitude.[8]
  • Since Beast can use multiple Angels, Tsunako took inspiration from Tohka's full form from the movie when designing her. [8]


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