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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Tohka Dead End[]

Tohka & Shido's first meeting

Shido and Tohka's first meeting

On April 10th, Tohka manifests in this world and causes a Spacequake to happen that tears apart her surroundings. As she makes herself aware of the environment around her, she sees a boy approaching her. The boy inquires for her name, but she replies back that she has no such thing. The nameless girl asks him with a weary face if he has also come to kill her as well while pointing her sword at him. However, before their conversation can continue, she is confronted by a flying squad, with Origami Tobiichi at the head of the formation. She sets up a barrier as the flying squad launches a barrage of missiles at her. Origami, noticing Shido's presence, breaks the formation and confronts her with a close-range laser sword. In response, Tohka summons her Angel, <Sandalphon>, from her throne and the two exchange a parry of sword blows. As the battle wages on, Tohka is eventually declared Lost and disappears from the world once more.

Tohka faces Origami

Tohka vs. Origami

A week later, Tohka reappears at Raizen High School. She is once again confronted by Shido, who under <Fraxnius>'s orders tells her that she should state her own name before asking for someone else's name. Angered by the reply, she sends out a warning shot at Shido, which causes him to hastily give his name after being frightened by this display. Recognizing Shido from earlier, she remembers that he was the one who said that he was not there to kill her. Shido following <Fraxinus>'s second command merits another warning shot, with her telling him that she does not want to hear any of his jokes. However, after seeing her sadden face, Shido yells that not all people are here to kill her, and he has come to talk with her. Most of all, Shido assures her that he will not deny her existence.

Despite being somewhat happy by his reply, she replies back in a tsundere manner that she will not be fooled by him. She justifies to herself that she will use Shido to obtain more information about this world. When asked where she is, Shido replies that they are in a classroom, surprising her that such a small space can fit up to 40 people. Then, she asks what Shido wants to call her since it is needed for a conversation. When Shido gives out the name Tome, she instinctively gives another warning shot, feeling that the name is mocking her. Eventually, they settled on the name Tohka, naming her after the tenth of April, the day on which the two had met. Then, Shido shows her how to write the characters for her new name on the blackboard. However, their conversation is ruined by the AST, who start launching another assault in order to lure Tohka out of her hiding place.

Tohka then tells Shido that he should probably leave now, since he may get attacked by his fellow humans if he stays with her. Despite this, Shido refuses to leave. He tells Tohka that he wants to continue their conversation and answer her questions. The two resume their conversation by using Tohka's barrier to prevent Shido from being injured by the rain of bullets. Shido asks Tohka what kind of being she was, to which Tohka replies that she is not quite sure herself since all of her memories are vague and unclear. She remembers somehow being born into this world, and then suddenly being attacked by the AST in the sky. As Shido prepares to invite Tohka on a date, Origami once again sees Shido present and rushes in with her laser sword. In response, Tohka once again summons her Angel and sends Origami flying backwards from the recoil of an attack that easily destroys the classroom. Meanwhile, <Fraxinus> uses their teleporter to retrieve Shido before he could get injured in the explosion.

The next day, as Shido stares at the wreckage of the school, he suddenly hears Tohka's voice from behind, who asks him to stop ignoring her. Finally having his attention grabbed, Shido asks in a surprised manner on why she is here. In response, Tohka folds her arms and tells him that he was the one who invited her on a date. Tohka then asks Shido the meaning of the word date. However, before Shido can respond, he sees that Tohka's appearance is starting to attract a crowd, so he quickly takes her to a deserted back alley to hide. Shido then asks what happened to her yesterday, to which Tohka replies that she just naturally disappeared, comparing it to moving from this world into a different space. Shido questions her about what kind of space it is, but Tohka responds that she is not sure. The moment she enters there, she naturally falls into a sleep-like state and is forcibly woken up when she returns back to this world. Feeling weird, Shido asks if today was different, to which she replies with a blushed expression and averts her glance, telling Shido that she doesn't know.


Tohka eating food.

Tohka demands to know the definition of the word "date", and Shido replies that it is when a boy and a girl go out to have fun together. As Tohka agrees to have a date with Shido, he tells her that her clothes will not work since they will attract unnecessary attention. As Shido tells Tohka that they need to find her a change of clothes, Tohka prepares to use her powers to stun a nearby girl and take her clothes. Shido quickly tells that she cannot just carelessly attack people since it would be the same thing that the AST does to her. Relenting, she decides to transform her Astral Dress into a school uniform from Shido's school. As they walk towards the town, the two approach a street full of shopping centers, to which Tohka asks Shido if they are preparing for an all-out war. They go to a bakery after being allured by the smell of bread, realizing that even Spirits can feel hungry. Shido and Tohka continue their trip towards various restaurants and coincidentally went to a restaurant, to which Kotori and Reine were having their conversation. Both Tohka and Shido's actions attract the attention of <Ratatoskr>. Kotori, who had seen them in the restaurant she is at, proceeds to launch F-08•Operation <Tengu's Holiday>, a plan prepared if a Spirit is ever the one that approaches Shido. Guided by <Ratatoskr>, the remainder of their date is compromised of various activities prepared by the <Fraxinus> crew.

Shido reaches hand

Shido reaches out his hand for Tohka

After finishing the tour around the shopping district, Shido takes Tohka to a park that has a great overview of the city during the sunset. Here, Tohka tells Shido that she had a great time and that she understands the AST's thoughts now. The world is so beautiful and every time she appears, she destroys a part of the world. Tohka gives Shido a melancholic expression and tells him that it is probably for the best if she does not exist. Shido quickly responds that today was different since she did not cause a Spacequake. But, Tohka replies back that the amount of times she appears is random. Shido, refusing to give up, tells her that it is okay for her to live in this world and that he will accept her, no matter how much the world rejects her. As Tohka slowly starts to reach out towards Shido's hand; suddenly, Shido pushes her out of the way, shielding her from an attack.

Tohka enraged

Tohka infuriated

Shido falls motionless on the ground in a pool of his own blood after pushing Tohka away. Tohka gazes in shock as she sees the scene in front of her and gently takes her jacket off to cover Shido's body. Seeing this as a sign of the world rejecting her in the cruelest way possible, she summons her Astral Dress and unleashes the final form of her Angel, <Halvanhelev>. Unhinged, she launches a relentless attack on the AST squad. She confronts the person who shot Shido and prepares to deliver the final blow. However, at that instant, Shido, who had been revived by mysterious flames, is seen falling down from the sky. She catches Shido and questions if it is really him, to which Shido responds that it is him. However, at that moment, <Halvanhelev> has reached its critical state and the energy inside it needs to be released. Remembering what Kotori told him, Shido tells Tohka to kiss him all of a sudden. She asks what a kiss is, and Shido embarrassedly replies that it is when they press their lips together. Immediately afterwards, Tohka's inquisitiveness kicks in, and she kisses Shido instead. The kiss causes Tohka's Angel and Astral Dress to disappear, leaving her naked as she descends towards the ground with Shido. She hugs him while feeling embarrassed, telling him that he cannot see her now. She then asks Shido with a faint voice if he will take her out on another date again. Upon hearing his affirmative response, Tohka expresses a warm smile.

A weekend after the incident, Tohka transfers into Shido's class as a new exchange student, with Reine having created fake documents and a family name for her. Tohka tells Shido that over 99% of her powers have disappeared, so she is not viewed as a threat to the world anymore. However, after noticing Origami, Tohka yells and demands to know why she is here as well. The teacher, Tamae, hurriedly cut between the two of them and was about to tell her the location of her seat. However, Tohka tells her it's unnecessary, and she lets out a sharp look at the student beside Shido, demanding her to move. Tohka then calmly sits next to him while still glaring silently at Origami.

Yoshino Puppet[]

Tohka cookies

Tohka presenting her cookies to Shido

At school, Tohka bakes some cookies for Shido during the home economics period. She asks Shido to try eating it, but slowly becomes depressed as he was hesitant about eating her cookies and thinks it might be because of him being good at cooking. As Shido made up his mind and took a cookie from the container to his mouth, a silver fork was thrown by someone and breaks the cookie in Shido's hand into small pieces. Tohka shouts that it is dangerous to throw a fork like that and finds Origami with her right hand stretched out. They both quarreled until Origami points out that she had messed up with the proportions of the ingredients, to which Tohka questions why didn't Origami say anything during the class. Unsatisfied, she eats Origami's cookies and while it tasted delicious, she still doesn't want to admit her defeat. Then, both of them brought out their containers at the same time and ask Shido whose cookie does he wants to eat. After Shido ate their cookies, Tohka states that her cookie was eaten slightly faster, to which Origami denies it. She quietly faces Origami and releases a punch that was originally meant to hit her vital, but it ended up hitting Shido who got between them instead.

Tohka goes home to the Itsuka residence to stay there for the time being before the mansion for Spirits was built. She takes a bath at the house and dries herself up. Unfortunately for her, Shido comes home and opens the unlocked bathroom door when she is wiping herself using a towel. She twitched and turned her face towards Shido. She tells him to get out, punching him straight to his stomach that makes him fly backwards, hit the wall behind, and fall hard on the floor. After putting on her clothes, she opens the bathroom door by a little bit and pokes her face through the gap while being embarrassed. She asks Shido if he had seen her naked, to which Shido denies furiously. She finally opens the door after coming to an agreement.

Tohka is questioned by Shido what is she doing here, to which she wonders if he did not hear it from his little sister yet. She tells him that she will be staying at his house for a while and it involves something about some sort of training. Later, while Kotori and Reine explain to Shido why they brought Tohka to his house, she watched a re-broadcasted anime in the living room that actually buys time for the three of them to keep her away from their discussion that involves sensitive topics. The conversation between them ends after Tohka opens the door to Kotori's room, unknown to them how long she has been there. While looking over Shido with sad eyes, she asks him if she is unable to stay here, causing him to be left speechless and eventually agrees.

After eating dinner, she proceeds towards the guest room to unpack her luggage that was delivered a while ago from <Fraxinus>. Then, she goes to the toilet. Once again after Shido was told by Kotori that the light bulb needs to be fixed, he opens the door to the toilet and sees her sitting in the toilet. Embarrassed, she told Shido to quickly close the door. While having one hand pulling down her gown’s hem, she violently grabbed the toilet paper that was installed on the wall and then threw it at Shido's face with all her might. Moments later, she opened the toilet door by a bit and peeks out. She forgives Shido and then timidly asks him to give the toilet paper that she threw to him.

During the night, Tohka goes to the living room while bringing something that looks like a blanket. As Shido feels suspicious after all the training that he just went through, he asks her where did she go. Tohka replies that she was asked by Kotori to play a game with her and since the night is a little cold, she went to find something that can cover her knees from the inside of her room. Later after Shido went to take a bath, Tohka goes to take one too, unknown to her that he is currently in the room. Having finished removing her clothes, she opens the door to the bathroom and jumped into the bathtub without checking the inside of it. She blushed really hard after knowing that Shido was in the tub and raised a scream while plunging him down into the water until he lost consciousness.

Director´s Cut ep 4

Tohka sleeping on her bed

The training continues until the next morning. Tohka wakes up and finds Shido in her room, on the same bed. She chokes after their eyes met and quickly takes some distance from Shido—towards the pillow side. She asks him why is he on her bed, to which Shido replies back with a question. Tohka blushes after hearing Kotori's words and pulls the blanket to cover her chest. For some reasons, she remembers the feeling from just now and starts touching her body. Her whole body stiffens up after touching the area where her breasts are, causing her face to go completely red. Then, Tohka raises a tremendous scream, starts grabbing things around her and throwing them randomly towards Shido, causing him to faint after being hit by an Akebeko ornament.

Tohka comes to school a bit later after Shido to avoid rumors about them living in the same house spreads. After taking her seat, she apologizes to Shido about the matter during this morning without looking at him and asks if he is alright. As she confirms his reply, Tohka makes a small nod. Their conversation actually attracts the attention of several of her classmates but due to Tohka not having realized it yet, she continues to mention the event happened during the morning. She finally notices the gazes of her classmates after Shido suggests to talk about it later. Trying to deny everyone's thoughts about them, Tohka accidentally blurted out the fact that they are living together, much to their surprise. Shido thinks fast and makes up a lie to fool them, and she matched their lies together after guessing what he is intended to do, even though it looks kind of forced.

During the lunch break, Tohka joins her desk with Shido's, at the same moment where Origami also did the same thing. They both exchange sharp gazes, but quietly sat down after Shido calms them down. Origami compares Shido's lunch box with Tohka's and notices that it looks identical. Noticing Origami's gaze at her lunch box, Tohka says to her that even if she gave her that look, she will not give it to her, without realizing the seriousness of that matter. While listening to Shido and Origami's conversation, Tohka puffs her cheeks and raises her voice after feeling left out from the talk. Moments later, the Spacequake alarm suddenly echoes. While being confused at first, she later joins her other classmates to the underground shelter and sees Shido along with Reine went somewhere else.

After evacuating to the underground shelter, Tohka inquiries Tamae about the alarm and the place they are currently at while suppressing her rustling feelings. Tamae is surprised that Tohka did not know about the alarm and explains that they will be safe here if a Spacequake occurs, which prompts her to further know about the phenomenon. She stays silent after realizing that she may have asked a question that could lead to exposing herself. Even so, Tamae thinks that maybe some people do not know about the Spacequake so she proceeds to give an explanation of it to her. Then, Tohka goes out of the shelter without telling the teacher after having a bad premonition regarding Shido.

Tohka angry aura

Tohka enraged at Shido

Upon arriving at the building where Shido is currently located, Tohka sees Yoshino and Shido unintentionally kissed each other. She comes to an understanding that Shido is flirting with another girl while she is very worried about him and thus becoming enraged. Tohka asks Shido if the important task he had to do is meeting the girl while pointing at Yoshino, to which Shido had trouble answering it. The Yoshinon puppet starts to conversate with her by asking her name first, to which she replies back that it's Tohka. The puppet then comments that Shido has lost interest in her and that she is an unwanted child, to which makes Tohka angrier than before and snatched the puppet from the girl's hand. She claims that she is not an unwanted child and that Shido has allowed her to be in this world, but the puppet cannot possibly respond without the girl. Yoshino then tugs her shirt, asking her to give the puppet back. As Yoshino's mental condition deteriorates, Shido questions Tohka if she can return it to the girl, but it leads to a misunderstanding on her side. Moments later, Yoshino suddenly summons <Zadkiel> and tries to attack Tohka using the bullet-like icicles. She is saved by Shido just in time before the bullets could pierce her. However, after <Zadkiel> left the building, she makes an expression equal to a spoiled child and pushes him away, saying that the girl is more important than her.

Later, when Tohka arrives at home, she has locked herself inside her room and refused to come out even after Shido pleads her to. From the intercom, Reine asks Shido if he could leave this problem to her, to which he replies that he does not mind it. The next day, on Saturday, Reine invites Tohka to accompany her for shopping, but she declines and tells Reine to leave her alone in an irritated voice. After analyzing her condition using a terminal-like computer, Reine says that she thinks of eating something outside while shopping, and Tohka becomes unexpectedly silent. After 10 seconds, she finally goes out of her room while still dressed in her wet school uniform and has dark circles under her eyes, possibly because she does not sleep for a day. Reine then explains to the dumbfounded Shido that Tohka's hunger value is rising and it is probably about time that she is reaching her limits. She turned her face away upon seeing Shido and walked away with heavy steps while urging Reine to hurry.

After walking in the rain for a while, Reine decided to have a lunch first at a family restaurant and Tohka agrees with it since she is dying from hunger. They have a little talk about her feelings before the foods they ordered arrive upon Reine's request. Tohka feels a little irritated by the fact that Reine is hard to understand since she seems to always be thinking of something and because of that, it felt like she can see through anything. Reine continues, asking Tohka if she cannot forgive Shido for meeting up with another girl, which prompts her to ask why he was mentioned. Eventually, Tohka surrenders and explains that she does not understand why did it turn into this kind of feeling after she sees Shido kissing another girl. She asks Reine if there is something wrong with her, to which Reine replies that it is a normal and healthy response, but added that they need to clear her misunderstanding first and says that the kiss was a total accident. Tohka asks Reine for confirmation that is it does not mean that the girl is more important than her, to which Reine affirms, and added that Shido would not go to the extent of putting his own life in danger just to save her if he does not care about her. Tohka becomes speechless and immediately stands up from her seat, asking Reine if they can postpone today's shopping to another day. After that, she goes out of the family restaurant and runs into the raining town to apologize to Shido.

Returning home, Tohka sees Shido and Yoshino in a state where they will be kissing at any moment and stiffens up. She makes a gentle smile and slowly enters the living room while being silent. After passing through both of them, she takes all the foods and drinks from the refrigerator and shelves, then rushes to her room to shut herself inside again. In her room, she eats the food that she brought and becomes frustrated that she could not apologize to him. Tohka originally wanted to welcome the little girl too, but she couldn't do it because of a [bad feeling] swirling inside her chest. Then, she sits on the floor while grasping her knees and moans in pain.

Later, Tohka immediately wakes up from her nap when a sound of explosions echoed. She is surprised by the situation and opens the window while those sounds happened, but the unexpected cold wind from the outside of the window makes her shiver. Tohka remembers hearing the Spacequake alarm during her nap and is just about to leave the room to evacuate to the shelter until she sees an object passes by with tremendous speed. Seeing that it is being ridden by a girl with a green colored coat, she confirms that it's the girl Shido had met up with and feels a shaking in her heart. Tohka cannot help but feel that Shido might be with her, and then runs out of the room.

After running in the frozen city, Tohka is frightened to see that the doll bends backward and started sucking the surrounding area, with Shido at its front. She instinctively feels that it was not something good due to it being similar to the time when she used <Sandalphon> to make a final blow. She tried to call out to Shido, but to no avail as expected. Then, she proceeds to summon <Sandalphon> by calling its name and stomping her heel on the ground, but it's also within her prediction that it will not appear. Recalling back, she has received many explanations from Kotori and the others about what kind of existence she is, what are they planning to do with her, and why her powers are sealed, which makes her feels uneasy at first but it later leads to a peaceful life to her. But, she keeps on calling the name of her Angel over and over again just to save Shido, even though that power is supposed to be unneeded. Tohka's mental state soon turns unstable due to a tremendous amount of stress overrunning her head after she reminisced the moment when Shido was shot, with her not wanting to experience being unable to do anything again.

In a split second, just before <Zadkiel>'s attack could hit Shido, Tohka successfully summons <Sandalphon> to protect him. After Yoshino flees from the scene, she calls out for Shido. Shido points out to her unusual appearance; wearing the school uniform with light membrane covered on some parts, making her finally realize about her current state. She asks him if he is injured, and he replied that he's fine thanks to her. She reverted her sights away awkwardly and then proceeds to apologize to him with a shaky voice. She tells Shido that she was irritated by something that she doesn't know and caused many problems for him as a result. Despite wanting to show courtesy to Tohka, the present situation took priority, so Shido requests for Tohka to lend her power in order to help him save Yoshino.

After a few moments of silence, Tohka replied sadly that the girl must be more important to Shido than her. However, Shido responds that isn't the case. That girl, Yoshino, is also a Spirit; and like her, has been suffering from pain all this time. Wanting to be a hero that can save her, Shido once again begs Tohka to lend him her power. Giving out a small laugh, Tohka remarks how she could have forgotten: it this person, this type of man, who had saved her. Kicking down the throne of <Sandalphon> to create a makeshift snowboard, she tells Shido to get on, since they have no time to lose. As AST prepares to launch another attack on <Hermit>, Tohka intervenes and swings an attack with <Sandalphon> at Origami. Amused that Origami was able to dodge the attack, Tohka gives off a slight smile before telling the AST squad that she won't let them disturb Shido. At that moment, all of the AST members transferred their attention to Tohka instead, as she leads them away from Shido.

After Yoshino is successfully sealed, Tohka also arrives back at the transporter room of <Fraxinus>. After telling Shido that she's glad he's safe, Shido notes the slight burns on her uniform gained from her battle with AST. As Yoshino starts to hide behind Shido's back, Shido helps introduce the girls to each other, telling Yoshino that Tohka helped him save her. Afterwards, the two Spirits witness Kotori angrily crying and scolding Shido for being too reckless. Seeing this scene, Tohka briefly looks at Shido with an unhappy face before telling him it is nothing.

Two days later, Tohka, along with Yoshino, move next door to the Itsuka residence at a mansion specifically designed to house the Spirits. Before being finished packing, Tohka pulls Shido aside in order to tell him that Kotori and Reine have already told her about Shido's role of saving Spirits. She remarks that if there are other Spirits that are suffering, she definitely wants Shido to save them. As Shido agrees, Tohka gives a smile before making a complicated face. After hesitating for a moment, she reaches out her arms and gives Shido an extended kiss. After breaking free, she muses it's a mysterious feeling, but she felt uncomfortable when she saw Shido kiss Yoshino. That's why she asks Shido to promise not to kiss anyone else anymore. Despite the impossibility of the request, Shido felt overpowered by Tohka's resolve and reluctantly agrees.

Kurumi Killer[]

On June 5th, Tohka arrives at the Itsuka residence a few minutes after Yoshino. As she arrives, Shido hands her the lunchbox that he made for her. Tohka asks what is on the menu for today, to which Shido responds that he made asparagus wrapped in bacon, fried rice with eggs, and macaroni salad with tomatoes. Tohka becomes shocked and is worried that the meal might be too grand, and people might riot over it, much to Shido's confusion. When he offers to switch lunchboxes with her, Tohka panics and declines his offer immediately.

Tohka notices Yoshino standing next to Shido and greets her warmly, seemingly forgetting about the events that happened a few weeks ago. Yoshino is surprised by her hospitality and greets her back nervously. Tohka comments on Yoshino's appearance, calling her sunhat cute. Yoshino replies that she thinks Tohka is cute as well, making the older girl blush. Tohka turns toward Shido, asking if he thinks of her as cute too since she is wearing the school summer uniform. At first, Shido answers that the uniform suits her, but after getting scolded by Kotori through his transmitter, he overdoes it and calls Tohka cute to the point where "he couldn't take his eyes off her". Tohka becomes deeply embarrassed and covers his mouth to silence him.

As Yoshino leaves the scene, Shido and Tohka walk together to school. As they started to walk, however, he notices that Tohka has no bra straps under her uniform. Shido questions Tohka on whether she had worn the bra properly, to which she replies that she didn't know what a bra is. Shocked, Shido pushes her back into the apartment and goes to her room. Once there, Tohka begins to have trouble understanding why she needs to wear a bra but is able to, at least to a certain degree, understand why and wears one before she and Shido leave for school again.

Tohka and Shido then arrive at school late, at which they arrive at their classroom afterward. After Tamae introduces the new transfer student, Kurumi Tokisaki, to the class, Tohka, Shido, and Origami are surprised to hear Kurumi announce herself as a Spirit in front of the entire class. Later after class, Tohka, along with Origami, secretly spy on Shido and Kurumi as Shido shows her around the school, where they then hide inside a locker but both of them fall outside, where they are then discovered by Shido and Kurumi, who question them why they were inside. She and Origami then fake in having anemia, right before Origami leaves where she takes the opportunity to grab Shido's other arm that Origami was previously holding onto.

Six in the afternoon, after being allowed to follow Shido giving Kurumi a tour around the school, Tohka, Shido, and Kurumi leave school together before Kurumi parts from them on a crossroad. After buying some groceries at a supermarket, Tohka guesses if they will have hamburger steak for dinner, which Shido affirms. While continuing to walk back to Shido's house, both Tohka and Shido are surprised to see a girl run up to and hug Shido, while calling him "big brother". After showing the girl, Mana Takamiya, where Shido lives and heading to the living room, Tohka notes that Mana looks a lot like Shido, which Mana explains that it's because they are siblings.

The next day, Tohka notices that Kurumi is going to be late on her second day just after transferring, where Origami then says that she won't come. Tohka then asks Origami what she means by this just as Ms. Tamae enters the classroom with the attendance booklet to begin their attendance, where she first calls Kurumi's name just as she arrives late for class afterwards. Later during lunch break, Tohka tries to eat together with Shido, but he apologizes to her because he can't eat with her for now and excuses himself before leaving. Tohka waits for Shido up until before lunch break ends, but he still does not show up, where she begins to cry. Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura, and Mii Fujibakama then approach her and ask why she is crying, where she answers that Shido hasn't come back yet and has not properly spoken with him today. When the trio believe that Shido is mistreating her, she tells them that it wasn't Shido's fault as to why she is crying, telling them that she has just gotten used to having him by her side. She is then given tickets to the aquarium, being advised by the trio to take it and go to the aquarium with Shido tomorrow during the school's anniversary, which she accepts.

After class, Tohka catches up to Shido, whom had ran from Origami to escape from being interrogated about Kurumi. She followed Shido inside his house, locking the door and, after an awkward moment, asked Shido to take her on a date. Shido, who is confused at what had just happened, agreed to, brightening her expression, where she proceeded to tell Shido to meet her at the front of the station tomorrow before running off, leaving Shido still confused.

Tohka's new outfit

Tohka's new appearance for her date

The next day, Tohka arrives at the station for her date with Shido, who compliments her about her clothes, causing Tohka to feel a bit embarrassed. Tohka then takes Shido to the aquarium, who later points out that the aquarium was on the opposite side of where she was walking. She and Shido then turn around where she follows him there. After reaching the aquarium, Tohka asks Shido what an aquarium and after hearing him say that it keeps fishes, she immediately thinks about fish-related food, where Shido quickly clarifies for her. They then go inside. Once inside, Tohka expressed her concern of them getting lost due to the amount of people around before she and Shido stepped inside, where she is amazed at all of the different fishes within the aquarium. Tohka then suggested that they go further to see more of the fishes, but Shido feigns that his stomach is hurting before temporarily leaving. He tells her to look at the fishes first and that he will catch up as soon as possible.

When Shido returns, a worried Tohka asks him if he is okay which Shido responds by saying that he is, with Tohka sighing in relief, just as her stomach growls, causing her to feel embarrassed. When Shido suggests that they eat first and return to the aquarium later, Tohka agrees immediately. Tohka then asks Shido what he would like to eat and, noticing Shido is rubbing his stomach, asks him if his stomach still hurts which Shido reassures her that he is alright. After lunch, Shido excuses himself from Tohka again. Five hours later into the date, Tohka is looking around for Shido again and frowns upon not seeing him anywhere among the people moving nearby. Being too deep into her thoughts, she bumps into another person that was walking by. Upon apologizing and hearing the person's voice, she is surprised to realize that this person is Origami, whom she immediately asked why she was here with an annoyed voice. Despite wanting an answer which Origami refuses to give, Tohka changed her mind, saying that she doesn't have time to argue with her. After hearing that Origami is also looking for Shido and hearing that she is also on a date with him. Tohka then chases after Origami after the latter had noticed something and left her behind.

Tohka and Origami later find Shido sitting on a bench at the park and asked him where he has been, but upon hearing the tone of his voice after apologizing to her and Origami, Tohka asks him if he is hurt and pulled Shido's hand, where Shido immediately bats away her hand, and asks him if she had hurt him before Shido apologizes for his sudden action. Obviously worried for him, Tohka tells Shido to tell them what happened to him, before he runs away.

Later that night, Tohka visited the Itsuka residence to check up on Shido and timidly walked in after Shido opened the door. Entering the living room, and walking up to Shido's side, Tohka asked Shido if it was okay to touch him where Shido said that it was fine. Climbing onto the sofa and moving between the sofa and Shido, Tohka wrapped her arms around Shido's body, hugging him tightly from the back. When asked by Shido what she was doing, Tohka says that the television said that if one is lonely or afraid, it would be fine to do this. After being asked by Shido what show she heard it from, Tohka responds that she heard it from a children's show. Tohka then reveals to Shido that she heard from Reine about the incident between Kurumi and Mana. She then reminds Shido what he said to her when she moved into the Itsuka residence, reminding him that if a Spirit like her were to appear, he would save them.

Tohka then says that she and Kurumi are no different. While in her case she had Shido saved her, she points out that Kurumi does not have anybody, saying that for a longer duration of time, no one extended a helping hand towards her. She then adds that if it weren't for Shido, she would be in her same state two months ago, saying that she would probably be the same as Kurumi right now. Tohka then says that if Kurumi really is a brutal Spirit beyond from saving, she will protect him. Tohka then begs Shido not to let such an incident continue to happen and save Kurumi. She is then thanked by Shido and saying that he is fine now, Tohka asks if he is not lonely anymore, referring that if he is no longer afraid which Shido says that he is now alright. Loosening her hold on him, Shido asks Tohka if she would like to eat as well, to which she energetically nodded in response.

The next day at school, Tohka notices that the rest of the students in their classroom are lying unconscious after Shido opens the door to their classroom and shouts her name. Lightly pressing her head as she responds to Shido, Tohka tells him that her body feels heavy and asks what is going on. Shido tells Tohka to stay and rest, stating that he will resolve what is happening. Tohka called out Shido's name when he had just left the classroom, where she then dragged her heavy feet and started to move forward. Tohka then loses her balance and falls down onto the floor, bringing the tables and chairs with her. Tohka shouted, however at that instant, her head began to feel a sense of stimulation. Vigorously shaking her head, Tohka began to materialize her limited Astral Dress and Angel. Forcefully jumping up and landing firmly on both feet and clenching her fist, she walked out of the classroom while shouting where Shido is.

Running out of the corridor, Tohka encounters Kurumi who asks her to accompany her for a while. Later, Tohka comes across Origami, who is wearing her wiring suit, and both reach the rooftop. With Origami, Tohka asked Shido if he was alright, before turning her attention to Kurumi and an injured Mana kneeling on the ground. Both Tohka and Origami then moved in front of Shido, readying their swords against Kurumi. Tohka and Mana then exchanged looks of surprises upon noticing each other appearances. Tohka then spoke to Kurumi, asking her what her exact plan was. After Kurumi summons her clones, Tohka and Origami both began to defend Shido against her clones, but she, Origami, and Mana were eventually overwhelmed by Kurumi's clones. Letting out pained breaths and struggling, Tohka was unable to escape her bonds from the clones holding her down.

Itsuka Sister[]

Still pinned down with pained expressions, Tohka and Origami eventually fall unconscious due to their wounds. Later, after the incident with Kurumi is over, Tohka watches over Shido when he is healing from the injury he took after taking an attack that Kotori unleashed that was meant for Kurumi. During her vigil, she falls asleep next to Shido's hospital bed, causing her to miss the moment when Shido wakes up. After Shido is transported back into <Fraxinus> from visiting the hospital, Tohka immediately wraps her arms around Shido's neck and tightly squeezes, feeling relief that Shido is alright after the incident with Kurumi. Letting go of Shido, she then senses a familiar scent on him, stating that the smell is almost the same as Origami's. But before she can inquire more, her talk with Shido is interrupted by Reine, who asks her to play with Yoshino while she advises him to follow her. Tohka asks if she can stay, which prompts Shido to apologize and state that he has to take care of something. Coming to understand what he means, Tohka pouts but obediently left.

The next day, Tohka and Yoshino leave the apartment next to the Itsuka house. Tohka finds Origami beside Shido, causing her to give off a wary expression and ask her why she is here. After a moment of not being answered, Tohka reiterates her question to Origami, but Origami says that she has something to ask her. Upon being asked if she remembers the Spirit clad in flames the day before, Tohka states that even if she knew she would not tell her anything. To her surprise, Origami bows her head to her and begs Tohka to tell her who it was. Frantically moving her head around, Tohka tells Origami to not do this and asks her to raise her head, telling Origami minor details about who the Flame Spirit was, keeping her actual identity a secret to herself. Unintentionally, Tohka reveals to Origami that she and Yoshino are going to buy swimsuits with Shido, causing Origami to also come along with them, to Tohka's shock as she is unable to accept the situation.

To her surprise, Origami says that she won't come along since Tohka does not like her, but instead will go with Shido only, which then forces her to beg Origami to come along with them just to get away from Shido. Widening her eyes in shock, Tohka's request to Origami is rejected, but in the end, however, Origami tags along with them. Once at Tengu Station and inside the elevator to their destination, Tohka asks Shido what a swimsuit is, and before Shido could answer, Origami spoke up by saying that a swimsuit is a sort of weapon model for anti-Spirit use and that it is only used against Spirits, adding that Shido maybe planning to use them against her and Yoshino, causing Tohka to misunderstand until Shido has her realize that Origami was deceiving her. Shido then corrects her about what a swimsuit is.

Exiting the elevator, Tohka is the first to run up and look around the store with curiosity. After asking Shido where the swimsuits are, Tohka's eyes widen when he says that the one displayed are swimsuits, trembling her two hands and hesitantly took a one piece swimsuit for a closer look. Realizing something, Tohka asks what should be worn over it, but Shido says that only the swimsuit is to be worn, leaving Tohka with a wary expression, uttering that it can not cover the whole body and the surface being small. After being told by Shido to pick one and try it out, Tohka turned to Yoshino, in a battle ready stance, and announced that whoever makes Shido's heartbeat the fastest will be entitled to have a date with him, to Shido's shock and confusion. She then asks Shido what would make his heart beat faster, where Yoshinon then whispers to Tohka for a way to do so and after being told how her face turned red. When Origami declares that the right to Shido will be hers, Tohka, while tightly holding her fists, took the swimsuit by her hand and walked into the fitting room beside Origami's.

Pushing the curtain aside, Tohka is now wearing the one piece swimsuit, shyly revealing her figure, which causes Shido's eyes to widen, and asked him how it looks on her, with Shido being unable to give a proper response, although Tohka assumes that Shido likes it and smiled. However, after Origami shows off her swimsuit to Shido, Tohka told Shido being her the swimsuit that was near him which was four times more revealing and, despite Shido's shy protest, ordered him to just bring the swimsuit to her. Snatching it over, and quickly putting it on, Tohka asked Shido how the more revealing swimsuit looked on her with her cheeks tinged red, though her hands visibly fidgeting with an expression of being unable to calm down. Tohka asks him again about what he thinks of the swimsuit, and receiving a nod from Shido as a response. After Origami changes back to her casual clothes, Tohka crossed her arms and asked Origami if she admits defeat. When Origami asks that Shido lift her skirt up, Tohka becomes flustered and then cries out in surprise as she reveals a white swimsuit underneath her casual clothes.

Not wanting to accept Origami as the victor of the challenge, Tohka puts her ear to Shido's chest and is shocked to hear his heartbeat increasing. Tohka then takes a hold of Shido's right hand, not wanting to admit defeat. Tohka then forcefully drags Shido's hand toward her chest, but Shido quickly pulls back. When told by Shido that his heartbeat is already fast enough, Tohka cries aloud in despair that it increased when Origami did it, and once again tries to pull Shido's hand to her chest, feeling extremely embarrassed, however, her action is stopped upon hearing Yoshino's voice calling out to Shido. Tohka then frowns in surprise, as Yoshino's predicament in trying out a swimsuit causes Shido's heartbeat to increase, thus making her the winner to have the right to date Shido.

The very next day, Tohka and Yoshino arrive at Tengu Station where Shido was about to begin his date with Kotori. Inclining her head in wonder, Tohka tells Shido that they are going to Ocean Park after the latter asks why she and Yoshino are there. Arriving at the Ocean Park, Tohka, Kotori,and Yoshino change into their swimsuits and after asking Shido, she and Yoshino both excitedly run and jump in the pool. Later when Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori decide to buy a swim tube for Yoshino, three suspicious men approach them. As Tohka frowns in suspicion at their arrival, Yoshino hides behind her while one of the men forcefully grabs Kotori by the wrist. However, Kotori reveals that they are disguised members of <Ratatoskr>. As the three men kneel down and cry in front of Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino are left with their heads tilted in wonder. Tohka asks what just happened, but Kotori tells her not to pay any attention to what happened. Afterwards, Tohka and Yoshino both went back into the pool using the swim tubes, crying out in relation to Shido how they are not sinking because of them.

Noticing that Shido and Kotori are going somewhere, she asks where they are headed and causes Tohka's eyes to shine once Shido points at the mountain. When she asks Shido if she could come along, Tohka dejectedly let her shoulders down after noticing Shido's reaction to her request. However, Shido proposes that they go together with Kotori, with Tohka's expression immediately brightening up. As Tohka is removing her swim tube, she decides to remove it upwards, causing it to be blocked by her bust until it reached her chest, causing her swimsuit to be pulled upwards as well. Shido notices, hastily cries out to her to stop and to simply remove it from below. Arriving at the top of the slide, Tohka notices that Kotori does not want to slide down with Shido, but then says that she will go with Shido instead. Pressing herself onto Shido, she notices that something is troubling him and leans forward while asking him if he does not want to play, causing an infuriated Kotori to step forward and sit before Shido. She, Shido, and Kotori then slid down the water slide, with Tohka letting out an excited wail of laughter. However, at the next bend, all of three of them are launched into the air due to their speed, plummeting to the pool below. Tohka let out a dazzling smile upon resurfacing and expresses her enjoyment.

Returning to Shido and Kotori, Tohka asks if they could go again, but both pass on the offer. Just at that moment, two girls swim over behind Tohka, with one of them accidentally loosening the top half of her swimsuit, causing it to fall and float on the water. Noticing her situation, Tohka quickly covered her chest, submerging her head into the water and embarrassingly asked Shido if he saw, with the latter saying that he didn't before being punched by an enraged Kotori. Later at lunch, Tohka happily and immediately consumed the sandwiches present on their table. However, after Kotori walks away from the table, Tohka and Yoshino both look at Shido and asked if he and Kotori had a fight, citing that he is quite readable in expression, but gets no reply from him as he leaves to the restroom. When Shido returns, Tohka asks him if there is something wrong, with Shido nodding as a response. When Shido says that they are gonna go on about the tour next, Tohka asks what it is and after hearing his explanation, she waves her arms and cries out in excitement. Tohka then asks Shido if he isn't coming along, with him answering that he isn't as he has something to do with Kotori. When Tohka decides to help Shido out, Yoshino grabs her hand and says that she wants to go on the tour, asking her to come along with her. Reluctantly, Tohka goes along. Both she and Yoshino then went on the tour.

Riding a large boat during the tour, Tohka and Yoshino take their attention to the dormant volcano in the water park when suddenly an explosion echoed. Initially expression her amazement, Tohka noticed that Yoshino started to turn pale, immediately an alarm sounded at the pool instructing people to take shelter. Holding her breath, she is unable to explain why. Upon turning her attention toward Yoshino, Tohka notices that she too has the same expression as her. Hearing the sounds of explosion and noticing that Shido is missing, a sense of dread started to spread in her heart. Yelling Shido's name loudly, Tohka jumps into the water from the boat, where they are informed by Reine that Shido and Kotori are in danger. Tohka then arrives at the siblings' location, and slices both of Origami's cannon barrels, wearing her Limited Astral Dress. After asking if Shido and Kotori are alright, Tohka uses <Sandalphon> to block numerous missiles aimed at her fired by Origami. Despite feeling pain, Tohka urges Shido to escape with Kotori while she and Yoshino hold off Origami while they still can. She and Yoshino then engage Origami, with Tohka cutting down the numerous missiles Origami fired at her.

However, some of the missiles dodged Tohka's sword, exploding near her but before one can hit her, Yoshino freezes them all. Looking at Shido, Tohka did not say a word with Shido understanding already what he needed to do before she continues her battle against Origami. Tohka then tries to persuade Origami to stop trying to kill Kotori, reminding her of how she had accidentally shot Shido and how painful it was for her to believe she had lost him, telling her to stop immediately. However, Origami ignores her and fires a barrage of missiles at her, hitting her. Despite Tohka's efforts, she is unable to stop Origami from firing her missiles, with one aimed at Shido and Kotori, causing it to explode and nearly miss the Itsuka siblings, but injuring Shido. Tohka has then shaken off the <White Licorice>, but Shido is able to persuade Origami to change her mind.

Yamai Tempest[]

One month later, Tohka and Shido finally complete their arduous exams. <Ratatoskr> had made preparations in secret to ensure that Tohka will not fail, but Tohka states that she will do her best and begins studying after hearing the meaning of a test. As it turns out, she doesn't like the fact that Shido is studying while she does nothing at all. However, a single hour of studying leaves her exhausted. After Tamae leaves with the exams, Tohka stands up from her chair all wobbly and tells Shido that she is going out to get some water. After returning, she sees Shido with Origami. Confronting them on what they were doing, Origami merely replies that it is a secret and exaggerates on the details of the event in order to infuriate her.

The conversation is interrupted by Tamae, who tells the class that the school trip has been changed from Okinawa to Arubi Island. After hearing that she can't join Shido’s group because of the gender division, Tohka droops down her shoulders in disappointment, but then immediately raises her head after getting an idea. Racing to her locker, Tohka puts on a jersey as a substitute for the skirt and ties her hair up. As everyone asks what she is doing, Tohka tells them that her name is "Touru". She tells Tamae that there shouldn’t be a problem now that she is a boy, but the teacher yells to her that it doesn’t change anything. Much to everyone’s surprise, Origami sides with Tohka and asks for the request to be accepted. However, she quickly adds that she wants Shido to switch over to the girl’s side in exchange. As Tohka screams that she has been deceived, Origami continues to mock her and tells Tohka to enjoy being in the boy’s group. However, Tamae interjects and states that nobody will be switching groups. Still, there is the arrangement of the seats on the airplane; thus, causing a shine in both Tohka and Origami's eyes.

On the trip there, Shido sits in-between Tohka and Origami. Throughout the entire journey, Tohka’s excitement over being in the airplane for the first time causes Shido to be unable to fall asleep. After finally arriving, she admires the beautiful view of the ocean but soon stops after feeling that someone is watching her. At that moment, both of them hear the sound of a camera shutter. They are greeted by Ellen, a person who claims to be an attendant cameraman that is deployed by Cross Travels to take pictures of their class. After Ellen leaves, Shido starts wondering what just happened, but also adds that Tohka was right about someone watching them. Soon afterwards, Shido and Tohka are separated from the rest of the class due to the appearance of a sudden typhoon. However, Tohka is then knocked unconscious by a flying garbage can. Along the way, she is carried back by Shido, who soon hands her to Reine for medical treatment.

Later that evening, Tohka's arrives in the public bath just after Shido and the Yamai sisters. As their gazes met, both of them let out a simultaneous scream. Shido quickly asks why Tohka is in the male bath, but she retorts that she had followed the signs and entered the women's bath. Immediately, Shido realizes that the Yamai sisters had purposely switched the signs to trick him. Shido immediately swears to Tohka that this is an accident and he has been deceived. At that moment, the sliding door opens again, with Origami and the Ai, Mai, Mii trio about to enter the room. Tohka tries to provide a distraction for Shido to escape, yelling that there is a giant mushroom bread outside. But in the process, she takes a large step back and accidentally pushes Shido off the cliff and into the sea.

Later that night, Tohka shares a room with Kaguya and the Ai, Mai, Mii trio. After hearing Kaguya’s archaic speech, she tilts her head as if not understanding what the latter had said, but also praises the wind Spirit for her expansive vocabulary. Having been impressed, Kaguya requests that Tohka become her kinsman, which she accepts despite not knowing what that is. Remembering that Tohka was the one Shido carried on his back, Kaguya tells Tohka that she has some questions to ask her. Later that night, Tohka tries to sneak into Reine’s room, where Shido is currently resting. In the process, she bumps into Origami, and they start a small argument on the best way to nurse somebody back to health. Tohka is mocked by Origami for her lack of preparedness, with the AST member pointing out that she has already brought a medical thermometer, cooling sheet, and a towel for wiping off sweat. Tohka responds that she also has a towel. However, Origami retorts that the towel is a last resort, and that she would normally lick the sweat off, causing Tohka to question what she means.

The next day, Tohka participates in the volleyball match held by Reine. Despite wanting to be on Shido’s team, she ends up on a team with Origami and Reine. Despite her team originally having the advantage, their opponents started to make a comeback after Kaguya and Yuzuru started working together. Later that evening, Tohka asks Shido if they can go out for a walk on the beach. After arriving, Tohka confesses that she made a small lie and wanted to talk to him since she noticed that he felt troubled. Grateful for Tohka's consideration, Shido tells her about the situation between Kaguya and Yuzuru. After listening, Tohka states that she can somewhat relate to their feelings, as she would rather be killed than let Shido die instead. However, their conversation is overheard by both the Yamai sisters, who are both angry that the other one is choosing to sacrifice themselves. The twins both agree that the only way to settle the matter is to resume their battle.

As Shido and Tohka attempt to stop the conflict, they are stopped by Ellen, who states that she is grateful for the arrival of <Berserk>. Ellen commands the <Bandersnatch> units to attack them, but Tohka easily repels the assault with her Limited Astral Dress. She then goes on to attack Ellen, somehow sensing that the woman gave off an intensity that is even more than an entire AST Team. However, she is easily defeated by Ellen, who shatters Tohka's <Sandalphon> with a single strike after equipping her CR-Unit. Seeing Tohka about to be captured, Shido curses his own helplessness. The next moment, the <Bandersnatch> unit is sliced in half and Tohka's <Sandalphon> appears in his hands. Surprised at the manifestation of an Angel by a human, Ellen decides to take Shido along with Tohka. However, the nearby <Bandersnatch> units all start malfunctioning due the main Realizer on board <Arbatel> being damaged. Shido seizes this opportunity to escape, as Ellen accidentally trips into a nearby hole.

Arriving at where Kaguya and Yuzuru are fighting, Shido tries to break up the fight by using his <Sandalphon>. However, his initial attempts at swinging the sword fails to produce the arc of light released earlier. Tohka tells Shido that <Sandalphon> is summoned by his wishes, so it should be powered by his desires. Therefore, if he imagines the wish in his heart, the Angel will answer to his will. As Tohka helps him hold the sword, they swing down a single sword strike that splits the sky in half. Finally attracting the twins' attention, Shido yells that he has not given his decision yet. Instead of only two choices, he offers them both a third one: allowing both of them to live at the expense of sealing their powers. Despite initially rebuking Shido's decision, the twins start crying after imagining what it would be like to go to school together. Afterwards, the Yamai sisters both descend on the ground and thank Shido for his help by kissing him at the same time. However, much to their surprise, their Astral Dresses start to disappear just as Tohka arrives. As Tohka demands to know what is going on, Shido tries to stutter an answer before comically falling down from the exhaustion of summoning an Angel.

As everyone prepares to head back to Tengu City, Tohka starts fighting with Origami over who gets to have the window seat next to Shido. They are soon joined by the Yamai sisters, who claim Shido to be their shared property. Not wanting to lose, Tohka and the others each try to cling onto each of Shido’s limbs, which ultimately causes him to collapse again.

Miku Lily[]

In the gymnasium of Raizen High School, Tohka and Shido are listening to Aii give a passionate speech about how they will win the Tenou competition this year. As she wonders what is happening, Shido explains that they are preparing for a collaborative school festival between ten different schools. After telling Tohka that there will be numerous shops selling food at the event, Tonomachi adds that their main rivals for the festival will likely be Rindouji Academy for Girls, last year's winners. Tonomachi also states that Rindouji's odds have increased due to the mysterious beauty that joined them last year. Stumped at Shido’s ignorance, Tonomachi scoffs that there is no one in their generation that doesn't know about "Miku-tan". This causes Shido to ask Tohka, which Tonomachi denotes as cheating.

Tohka then gets Shido to pinky swear to take her to the food stands on the day of the festival. However, Origami intervenes and grabs Shido's hand for herself. In retaliation, Tohka grabs Shido's other hand. However, Origami tells Tohka that a pinky swears done on the left hand signifies the end of a relationship. Shido then tells Tohka that he has never heard of anything like that before, causing her to become angry over being deceived. The Yamai sisters then join in on the fight, and the combined attention that Shido gets from the four girls causes the male members of the classroom to vote Shido for the position of the executive member to spite him.

Later that night, Tohka is immersed in a video game as Shido comes home from his duties as an executive member of the festival. She quickly offers Yoshino to join in on the game before dinner begins. After Shido is forced to crossdress to win over Miku, Tohka nearly blows his cover by saying his name. Luckily, Shido manages to cover her mouth before she can say anything, quietly telling her that there is a reason why he is acting like this. Nodding her head in acknowledgment, Tohka loudly declares that she is glad to meet a girl who is not Shido. After Origami arrives and starts taking embarrassing pictures of Shido, Tohka grabs her feet and tries to pull her away from Shido.

As the festival drew near, Tohka, Shido, and Origami find out that Aii had scared away their potential band members. Seeing that Shido had already challenged Miku to a music contest, the three of them all agree to join the band. After telling them that she has no experience playing an instrument, the trio decides to give her, according to them, a "legendary instrument that no one could possibly master": the tambourine. It is eventually decided that Origami would also provide the vocals, which causes Tohka to voice her desire to sing as well. However, they all decide against it, when Tohka voices her confusion at the Kanji that she is reading. On the day of the festival, Tohka helps out by assisting in the maid café. As they are preparing for their concert, they find that Origami is missing and Aii, Mai, and Mii have been brainwashed by Miku to abandon their performance. Luckily, the Yamai sisters arrive and provide substitutions for the drums and bass.

Tohka performance

Tohka singing

During their concert, the external damages to the stage cause their lip-sync audio to fail. As Shido struggles on stage and worries about what to do, Tohka steps in and reveals that she has a natural singing voice. In the end, they still aren't able to win the best musical performance from Miku, but they still won overall because of the visitors they attracted through their maid cafe. Unable to accept defeat because of teamwork, Miku summons her Angel, <Gabriel>, and uses its powers to control everyone that heard her song. During the ensuing conflict, "Shiori" is revealed to be a male to Miku. Angered and humiliated at being deceived, Miku controls the Yamai sisters and Yoshino to attack Shido. However, Shido is saved by Tohka, who did not hear Miku's performance due to wearing earphones at the time. Unfortunately, Ellen arrives and successfully manages to capture her, but not before she manages to throw Shido away to safety.

Miku Truth[]

As Tohka wakes up, she begins to expect the usual routine of eating breakfast and going to school with Shido. Much to her surprise, she finds herself tied down to a chair in a strange room. She is then approached by Ellen, who tells her that she will be soon reunited with her friends, as DEM is preparing to launch a full assault on the Tengu Square, aiming to capture Miku and the Spirits controlled by her. As Tohka tries to break free, she is soon restricted by Ellen’s Territory, which gives her body a crushing sensation that makes it difficult to breathe. Ellen then tells her that resistance is futile, since she has the world’s strongest territory, and begins interrogating Tohka for questions.

Inside the DEM isolation chamber, Tohka is later greeted by Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, the Managing Director of DEM. Westcott says that his goal is simple: he needs Tohka's Spirit power in order to overthrow the rules of this world. Tohka replies that she doesn't have that kind of power, but Westcott tells her that she would if she could awaken as the Spirit Tohka in the bordering dimension. As Tohka doesn't understand what he is talking about, Westcott muses on the various ways they could drive Tohka to despair. Westcott notices a reaction from Tohka when he mentions killing the person dearest to her. Ellen says that person is most likely Shido, as Tohka reacts very differently to his name. Westcott decides to keep waiting for Shido and leaves.

After Shido finally reunites with Tohka, he finds them still separated by a thick glass wall that even <Sandalphon> can't break. After Westcott laments that it is dangerous for Shido to stand there, Tohka shouts for Shido to run. At that moment, Ellen successfully ambushes an unsuspecting Shido and Westcott orders her to kill the boy, saying that the Sephira shouldn't break even if Shido died. Tohka swings her <Sandalphon> up and slashes the wall with a force enough to break her arms, but it didn’t even crack the wall. Knowing that her Angel isn’t enough, she shouts that she would do anything to save Shido. The thought of Shido really dying and her being unable to save him sends Tohka into deep despair, which causes her Angel to change. As her consciousness fades into a deep sea of darkness, she felt as if that something has grabbed hold of her.

Tohka emerges with a stern expression while equipped clad in a black Astral Dress. She asks Miku where she is right now, to which Miku tells her that she was kidnapped and brought to DEM’s main Japanese headquarters. Westcott christens Tohka the Demon King and orders Ellen to kill her. However, this Tohka proves to be quite a match for the mightiest Wizard. Ellen blasts Tohka away with <Rhongomiant>, but Tohka comes out unscathed and attacks Westcott with her a swing of her demon king <Nahemah> that completely annihilates the roof of the building. Knowing that Ellen isn't in her peak condition, Westcott decides to withdraw for now. Before leaving, he calls Shido by the boy's old family name Takamiya, before correcting himself by saying he doesn't know anything about Shido Itsuka.

With Westcott gone, Tohka then turns her sights at Miku and Shido. Seeing that it would be a waste for Shido to die after coming this far, Miku helps by restraining Tohka with her <Gabriel>. However, Tohka easily breaks free from the restraints and launches an attack towards Miku. At that moment, Miku runs out of power and is helpless in the face of Tohka’s attack. As Miku bemuses her fate, she is saved by Shido, who had subconsciously used Yoshino’s <Zadkiel> to create an ice barrier. As Tohka’s memories of Shido begin to resurface, she becomes confused at her own emotions and begins to see Shido as a threat that needs to be eliminated. However, she is then interrupted by Yoshino, who questions why she would be attacking Shido. As Tohka breaks free of Yoshino's water restrictions, she unleashes the final form of her demon king: <Paverschlev>.

Dark Tohka Shido

Tohka brought back to normal

A single swing from her sword results in massive property damage, annihilating the remaining Kurumi clones and <Bandersnatch> units. Tohka thinks she's killed Shido, but he is saved by the timely intervention of the Yamai sisters. In a reenactment of their first kiss, Shido screams out Tohka's name as he falls from the sky. As Tohka’s memories of Shido begin to fully resurface, she is brought back to normal with a kiss from Shido. As Tohka asks Shido what had happened, he decides to leave the explanation to Kotori and Reine and welcomes Tohka back. In return, Tohka nods her head and tells Shido that she is back.

Natsumi Search[]

Tohka and the other sealed Spirits arrive just after Miku finishes her interview with Kotori and Shido. Tohka angrily pulls Shido away from Miku, asking her what she is planning to do with Shido. Miku tells Tohka that she was about to give Shido a goodbye kiss, and invites the other girls to join in on that kiss. Miku tries to convince Tohka by saying it would be the same as kissing Shido, but Kaguya tells Tohka to not be deceived. Miku makes a jump to hug Tohka, which the latter quickly dodges. In the end, Miku's flirtatious actions cause Tohka and the others to run away scared, with Miku chasing after them.

On October 15, Tohka is walking with Shido towards the shopping district in search of ingredients for dinnertime. Tohka asks Shido about the giant pumpkin ghost decorating the general store. Shido replies that it is a plastic Jack O' Lantern used to celebrate Halloween. Tohka questions why the pumpkin is orange instead of green, to which Shido notes that pumpkins overseas often have a different hue. Shido offers to cook a pumpkin for dinner, causing Tohka's eyes to start shining as she runs off excitedly. In the process, she accidentally collides with another person at the side of the road. Tohka apologizes for not looking carefully. The man in the wheelchair also apologizes to Tohka, saying that he might fall into hell for injuring such a cute lady. Not understanding what he is saying, Tohka can only stare blankly. The man introduces himself as Baldwin, while the person wheeling him around is called Karen.

The pair asks for directions to the hospital, which Shido offers to show the way. Baldwin remarks that it is fortunate to see such a cute couple overseas, which embarrasses Shido and further confuses Tohka. Baldwin asks Tohka how long it has been since she met Shido. Tohka replies that she thinks it has been half a year and that they met during the Spacequake, while embarrassingly trying to deny that she caused the Spacequake. Enjoying the conversation with a smile, Baldwin asks Tohka if she is happy right now, to which Tohka replies that she is very happy. At that moment, a Spacequake alarm sounds, and the two separate from Baldwin and Karen after telling them to head to the shelter.

DAL v8 06

Tohka and Origami pointing to the fake Shido

The next day at school, Tohka is asked by Origami of Shido's whereabouts. Tohka responds that she won't tell her that Shido had to do something and is probably late. At that moment, Shido arrives and soon shocks Tohka by groping her breasts without any shred of hesitation or shame, causing her to blush heavily in embarrassment. After asking what is wrong with him, Shido replies back in a completely nonchalant manner. Afterward, the second Shido arrives at school later, with Tohka saving him from being ganged up by Ai, Mai, and Mii, only to punch him in the chest for his alleged prior actions. As Shido runs away to the school rooftop, Tohka and Origami begin to follow him. There, they are both startled to see two identical Shidos present. When trying to deduce the impostor, both Tohka and Origami point their fingers correctly at the fake Shido, with Tohka arguing that the fake one smells different from the real one. As Natsumi dispels her transformation, she angrily flies away while swearing revenge.

Much later, Tohka is included in the photos of 12 suspects that Natsumi gave to Shido. Trapped within Natsumi's twisted game, Shido must find the person that Natsumi had disguised herself as, or everyone will start to disappear. In order to deduce the correct suspect, Shido ends up going on an investigation date with every person in the photos. With Tohka, the date ends up occurring on the first day. During the date, Shido questions her on the last time they went out together. While confused by the question, Tohka correctly answers that they went shopping together a few days ago. Then, Shido deliberately calls Tohka with Natsumi's name to test if she gives a strange reaction. However, this only serves to make Tohka angry over Shido calling her with another woman's name. To appease Tohka's mood, Shido quickly makes up that Natsumi is a popular greeting for telling someone you love them, causing Tohka to blush.

Shido then takes Tohka to an "-all-you-can-eat" restaurant. However, Tohka tells Shido that she is not that hungry, greatly altering Shido since that was out of character for her. As her stomach starts growling, she tells Shido that she saw a TV show that said that it is unattractive for a girl to eat more than a guy. However, Shido tells her that he prefers a girl who can eat energetically, cheering up Tohka's mood as she begins eating. At the end of the date, Shido notes that there was nothing particularly off about Tohka. After the date with Origami, Shido finds Tohka at the doorsteps of the Itsuka residence. She comments that Shido looks so busy that he doesn't have time for both school or dinner recently. Hearing this, Shido apologizes for not making dinner lately, but Tohka quickly retorts that isn't the case. She understands that Shido has something he must do, so she wants to make sure he isn't worried about her during that time. Also, she shyly states that while not having Shido around is a little bit lonely, she will come running to help him whenever he needs it. Shido thanks Tohka and tells her that he has the strength of a thousand men with her support.

Later that night, Tohka is the next person that Natsumi captures in her Angel. However, on the last day, Shido is able to use the hints gathered to correctly deduce that Natsumi had transformed into Yoshino's puppet, Yoshinon. After giving out the correct answer, Tohka and the others are released from their confinement within <Haniel> and it also dispels Natsumi's own transformation. Angry at having her true form seen, Natusmi turns Tohka and the others into children in order to spite Shido.

Natsumi Change[]

As everyone was turned into children, Shido struggles desperately to keep order within the household. While Shido is juggling between roles, Tohka keeps yelling at Shido that she wants rice. As Reine arrives to help, she tells Tohka to wait a little bit longer for food, and she will give her a cookie in exchange. The next day, Tohka tries to go to school despite still being in her shrunken form. Tamae, thinking that Tohka is a child, doesn't recognize her and says that a school is a place for older kids. At that moment, Tohka is joined by the Yamai sisters, and they all complain to Shido how nobody can believe that it is them. Their presence in the classroom causes a misunderstanding of their relationship with Shido, which is only made worse as Natsumi uses her powers to unwrap Tohka's clothes. Seeing that it was now impossible to talk things out, Shido and the others quickly flee the scene.

A few days later, Natsumi uses her powers to transform the Itsuka residence into an animal zoo, with Tohka being dressed as a dog. At that moment, Ratatsokr announces that they finally have a lead on Natsumi's whereabouts. They soon arrive just as Natsumi was being cornered by Ellen. Tohka quickly uses her <Sandalphon> to block Ellen's next attack on Natsumi. Thanks to the injuries dealt with Natsumi by Ellen, the transformation on Tohka and the others are dispelled and they all turn back to normal. Using Miku’s song, they are able to control Ellen’s comrades, providing a distraction that allows Ratatoskr to retrieve them.

Seeing that Natsumi's issues are caused by her negative personality and self-loathing, Tohka and the others decide on a plan to boost Natsumi’s confidence. As they begin the plan, Tohka, Shido, and Yoshino arrive at Natsumi's room with a bag in hand. Much to Natsumi's protest, they forcibly drag her into it and carry her to a beauty salon where Miku will give her a massage. As that was happening, Tohka helps with the new selection of Natsumi's clothes. As Natsumi tries to escape while disguised as Kotori, she quickly runs into Yoshino and Tohka in the hallway. Natsumi tries to get them to admit how they think she is ugly. Confused at why Kotori is seemingly acting this way, Tohka tells her that she doesn't think that Natsumi is disgusting and remarks that she had fun selecting clothes for her. They are soon joined by Miku, Kaguya, and Yuzuru, and all of them tell Natsumi (who is still disguised as Kotori) that they would like to be friends with Natsumi. Unable to take in the positive compliments, Natsumi runs away from them.

As the second satellite is starting to fall, Tohka and the others offer their assistance to Kotori, who is exhausted from destroying the first satellite. Kotori begs them to save Shido, as he is in ground zero for the impact. Tohka and the others arrive in order to help Shido save the town. With Shido also summoning <Sandalphon>, Shido suggests that Tohka and he use their combined swords to destroy the metal spacecraft before it can hit the ground. However, Tohka tells him that Kotori said there were explosives attached, which means they have to destroy it while it is higher up in the sky. Seeing this, Yoshino assists the Yamai Sisters in trying to stop the descent of the satellite, they are assisted by Miku, who uses her <March> to strengthen them. However, during the process, they are attacked by a <Bandersnatch> unit.

As things take a desperate turn, Natsumi arrives and uses her powers to stop the <Bandersnatch> unit and transform the satellite into a mascot pig with cartoonish explosives. Then, she uses <Kaleidoscope> to transform her <Haniel> into a copy of <Sandalphon>. With the combined power of three Sandalphons, Natsumi, Shido, and Tohka are able to annihilate the falling object, saving the town in the process.

After successfully stopping the second satellite, Tohka agrees to be Natsumi’s friend. Afterwards, Tohka and the others arrive just after Natsumi allows Shido to seal her powers, making a commotion in the process.

Tobiichi Angel[]

After waking up, Shido heads off to school alone with Tohka after hearing that the Yamai sisters went on ahead of them. Tohka asks Shido if Natsumi is called Natsumi because she is loved by everyone. Shido quickly remembers that he had told Tohka that Natsumi means “I like you” when they were still searching for Natsumi. As sweat fell down from Shido’s cheek, Shido extends his lie in order not to upset Tohka and tells her that it’s similar to how Ai’s name means love. After arriving in class, they find Origami to be absent. Initially, Shido thinks Origami is just taking the day off until a dejected Tamae informs the class that Origami has transferred to another school in the United Kingdom.

DAL v10 04

Tohka greeted by Miku

Returning from school, Tohka and the Yamai twins sense an imminent danger as soon as they run into Miku outside Shido's house. Miku wants to give everyone a hug but the other Spirits are rather wary of her. Miku says she's here to play with her darling but it seems that no one is home. Tohka and the sisters realize that Shido must have left school early because of Origami. Just as the Spirits decide to look for Shido together, the Spacequake alarm goes off. As they believe it to be caused by the appearance of a new Spirit, the Yamai twins become rather curious. However, Miku tells them to hurry to the shelter. Before they can go anywhere, Origami shows up and tells the Spirits that there is no need to evacuate because she is the one who requested the alarm. There are no new Spirits, and AST won't be deployed either. Tohka asks her for the purpose behind this, to which Origami replies that she will defeat the Spirits here.

Origami equips Mordred and opens fire on the Spirits. Tohka grabs Miku and leaps aside, at the exact moment, the Yamai twins assumed their limited Astral Dress and kick against the ground in order to jump into the sky, as the place where they were standing is blown into smithereens by Origami's cannon. Tohka notices hostility and killing intent in Origami's eyes; the same kind of eyes Origami had when she first fought against her. Tohka asks Origami why she changed back to her old self. Tohka notes that Origami has actually changed in the last half year, while she certainly harbored hatred towards the Spirits, it was not the same kind of hatred she had back in the day. With <Mordred>, Origami is able to take on the Spirits alone without trouble. Tohka realizes that Origami is serious about killing them. Kill or be killed, Tohka had left behind the common sense of the battlefield more than half a year ago. And even if she understands that, she cannot bring herself to kill Origami. Kaguya's scream brings Tohka back to her senses. Unfortunately, being lost in her thoughts provides an opportunity for Origami to close in the distance between them. With an unforgiving force, Origami cuts through Tohka's Astral Dress.

DAL v10 07

Tohka vs Origami Round 1

As Tohka regains her consciousness after taking a hit from Origami, she hears Miku's voice and looks up to find the Diva battered and exhausted from seemingly having to protect Tohka while she was unconscious. With all the cuts on her Astral Dress and her heavily bruised body, Tohka asks Miku if she's okay, to which Miku says that she's somehow managed to come this far, but faints before she can finish her sentence. Like a death god clad in grey armor, Origami easily overwhelms the Yamai twins. Tohka knows that she can't defeat Origami in this state and wishes for more power. She realizes that she had almost succumbed to the dark powers she had when she saw Shido being stabbed by Ellen. Tohka understands that she cannot save everyone with that power. So she swings her sword in order to save her friends and asks Shido to lend her strength. As she charges up Sandalphon, Tohka feels a warm sensation running through her body.

Suddenly, her powers completely flow back to her and she assumes her full Astral Dress. Against the fully released Tohka, Origami no longer has any kind of advantage. At that moment, Origami begins to experience terrible headaches during the fight, as she realizes that she has reached the unit’s operation limit. Tohka capitalizes on the split second that Origami is distracted and lands a slash across her body. Afterwards, Tohka reconvenes with her friends and asks them if they are okay. When Kaguya sees her Astral Dress, she praises Tohka and asks her to teach her how to manifest it. Yuzuru, however, asks if Origami is alright, to which Tohka replies to she is not dead at least. The Yamai sisters tell Tohka that she should thank Miku since the latter Spirit had used her body to shield Tohka when she was unconscious. They point to Miku, who was still sleeping on the ground.

Pretending to still be unconscious, she mimics Kaguya and Yuzuru’s voices in order to get Tohka to give her a passionate kiss in order to wake her up like a sleeping princess. However, both Kaguya and Yuzuru deny ever saying that, revealing to Tohka that Miku was already awake. As the Yamai sisters get angry at Miku for using their voices, Miku apologizes and turns her flirtatious advances to them instead. However, the momentary peace was broken by Origami, who had returned after being turned into Spirit by Phantom. Tohka tells everyone else to leave since she can’t fight while also protecting them. Despite Miku’s protests, the Yamai Sisters agree and carry Miku away, while wishing Tohka luck.

DAL v10 c03

Tohka vs Origami Round 2

When Origami utters the name of her Angel, <Metatron>, brilliant light shines upon her and in an instant, she's clad in her Astral Dress. She tells Tohka that she is the Spirit who hunts Spirits and once every other Spirit is dead, she will kill herself. Origami readies her attack, <Shemesh>, as her crown spins and light particles begin to spread around it. As soon as Tohka sets up a barrier to shield herself, the light particles rain down on the city. The streets, cars, houses, and everything are engulfed by the rain of light. Tohka breaks through the downpour of destruction and attacks Origami, but to her surprise, Origami disappears in a flash of light and appears a few meters away from her original position. Tohka attacks again, but Origami teleports away using her <Mal'akh>.

Not giving Tohka a chance to catch her breath, Origami attacks the Princess with <Kaddur>. Tohka tries to defend herself against the light beam attacks but there are simply too many of them. To get out of the one-sided fight, Tohka leaps towards Origami, ignoring all the attacks the latter throws at her. Origami teleports away again just as Tohka's sword is about to reach her, but Tohka unexpectedly ditches Sandalphon to pursue Origami. With all of her strength, Tohka punches Origami in the face. As she is more badly hurt, Tohka knows that she would be at a severe disadvantage if they kept on fighting a long range battle. Betting it all on one decisive blow, Tohka summons her Throne and readies her <Halvanhelev>. Origami realizes Tohka's intentions and prepares her ultimate attack, <Artelif>, as well. Just as their ultimate attacks are about to collide, Shido's desperate scream snaps Tohka and Origami out of their battle frenzy. Not sure how to face Shido in her Spirit form, Origami flies away.

DAL v10 09

Tohka preparing for the kiss

Soon afterwards, Tohka and the others are relocated to the hospital after a nurse discovers them at the school's infirmary. Miku uses her <Requiem>, which has analgesic effects to help relieve the girls' pain. They discuss a bit about Origami and the fact that she has become a Spirit herself. Shido notes to himself that Origami has not changed since the eyes she had before she ran away were the same eyes that belonged to the Spirit-hating girl Shido knew. Concerned that Tohka's fully released form may alert AST, Shido figures that it'd be the best to re-seal her power as soon as possible. Tohka agrees to let Shido kiss her, though they more or less get sidetracked when Shido finds the other Spirits peeping at him and Tohka.

The momentary peace is interrupted, as Origami had returned back from the past, while in an inverse state. Tohka and the others were shocked by the new form Origami assumed. As everyone agreed to help Shido reached Origami, Tohka agrees to clear out a path by blocking the majority of the attacks that Origami was firing. However, since she is still injured heavily from her previous battle, Tohka tells Shido to hurry because she won’t last long.

Tobiichi Devil[]

In the new timeline, Shido is greeted by Tohka as he leaves the house. Shido gives Tohka her lunch box but he is a little surprised when Tohka asks if he has put a bite-size cutlet in it. Confused at Shido's reaction, she says that it's something they talked about yesterday. However, Shido does not have that memory whatsoever, so he concludes that it's something the Shido in this world, where Origami's parents are saved, has promised Tohka. Judging from Tohka and Kotori's behaviors, Shido concludes that this new world does not seem to differ significantly from the old one, but there are small discrepancies here and there. Shido apologizes to Tohka for not having the food promised; telling her that he ran out of ingredients. Tohka tells him not to apologize and remarks that every food he cooks is delicious. After hearing that the bento box contained scrambled eggs, peas, and 3 colored rice, Tohka’s cheeks start blushing in anticipation.

DAL v11 04

Tohka feels something is missing

As they arrive at school and Shido notices that there's still no one sitting where Origami should be. Thinking she's late to school, Shido settles down, but Origami does not show up as he waits. Suddenly, Tohka says she has a strange feeling that something is missing. As Tamae makes the roll call, Shido is shocked when he doesn't hear Origami's name being called out. He asks the teacher if there's been a mistake and what has happened to Origami. Tamae is confused and asks Shido who Origami is. It becomes clear to Shido that no one besides him knows about Origami. Fortunately for him, Origami's name sounds the same as paper folding origami, so everyone thinks he's referring to something else instead.

As Shido was on his date with Origami, Tohka and the others were relaxing in the Spirit mansion. Clutching to the sofa, she notes that her heart has been on a rampage today for some reason. Ever since the new transfer student arrived, she has been feeling something fuzzy around her chest and couldn’t do anything about it. Miku soon approaches her and asks her if she is grumpy that Shido isn’t here. Miku says that Tohka’s troubled face is too much and starts to hug her. As Tohka was trying to push Miku away, everyone in the mansion sensed the Reiryoku of a Spirit near the park. Feeling that Shido is in danger, Tohka leaps into action.

DAL v11 09

Tohka resisting Miku's hug

Just after <Fraxinus> crashed from Origami‘s power, Tohka and the others arrive just in time to save Shido from Origami’s feathers. As Tohka asks who the person they are confronting is, Shido replies that it is Origami, causing Tohka to question if it is the new transfer student. As Shido asks for help in saving her, Tohka is the first to respond to his plea. She reminds him that Shido is the one who saved her and showed her the beauty of this world, so of course now is the time for her to help Shido. As everyone else provides ground support, Yoshino and Tohka escort Shido as he makes his way to Origami. As they were slowly approaching, Tohka tells Yoshino that she will leave Shido to her, and focuses her attention to attack one of the <Wings> surrounding Origami.

After Origami is successfully sealed by Shido, Tohka sees Shido with a half-naked Origami and says this time it is special and she will let Origami be with Shido. Shido notices the changes in Tohka's tone as if she was speaking to Origami like an old rival. Shido asks if Tohka's remembered Origami and gets an affirmative reply from Tohka. He realizes that just like how he was able to regain memories when he kissed and sealed Kotori, sealing Origami helped others get back their memories of the original world. Origami thanks Tohka and others for fighting for the sake of saving her. Tohka, who wasn’t expecting Origami to act this way, tells Origami that she only fought because Shido had asked her to. Origami says then in that case, she won't thank them ugly selfish Spirits. Shido laughs and thinks about the problems that lie ahead.

Three days later, Origami returns to school after completing her <Fraxinus> checkup. As Shido starts to get sentimental over everything that has happened, Origami grabs Shido and presses his head against her abdomen. Tohka asks what Origami is doing and Origami says she's wiping Shido's tears. In response, Tohka tells Origami to get away from Shido but her rival states that while she's changed her attitude towards the Spirits, she will not give up Shido to Tohka. As long as Tohka pursues Shido, the <Princess> will remain the <Angel>'s enemy. As homeroom begins to start, Tohka and Origami return to their seats and begin to resume their old rivalry.

Itsuka Disaster[]

DAL v12 02

Tohka, with her scarf in Shido's hand

As they are walking to school, Tohka asks Shido if he is cold. Shido tells her that he probably underestimated the December weather and will wear warmer clothing tomorrow. In response, Tohka offers him her muffler. However, Shido refuses, telling her that gloves alone won’t keep her neck warm. After thinking about it for a minute, Tohka says that they can wrap the muffler around both their necks in order to keep warm. Once again, Shido refuses, thinking that he would get awkward stares of jealousy from his classmates if he did so. However, Tohka refuses to back down and pushes the muzzle to his hands, and remarks that Shido would catch a cold at that rate. At that moment, the Yamai sisters arrive and compare Tohka and Shido to a dog being walked by her master. As Tohka remains confused, Shido realizes that having a muffler in his hands resembles a dog collar. Shido then tells Tohka that they can also keep warm by chasing after the Yamai sisters, who soon quickly flee to school.

After arriving, the two find Origami at Shido's seat. Tohka scolds Origami for taking Shido's shoes, as he had to make the sudden switch to slippers because of her actions. Origami soon quickly leaves to go outside after checking Shido's temperature. Tohka comments how she can never lower her guard with Origami around. However, Shido comments that Origami seems to have remained the same. To Origami's credit, Tohka notes that the old Origami would have clung onto Shido no matter how much she protested. However, after Origami returned, she resumed her usual perverse antics, causing Shido to tell Tohka that Origami hasn't changed at all.

Soon afterward, everyone heads outside for their physical measurement exam. Shido warns Tohka and Origami that even though their powers are sealed, their abilities still far outshine those of a normal human; therefore, they need to hold back their strength in order to get a measurement in a sensible range. During the long jump, Tohka took the class lead with 2.9 meters. Tohka is then greeted by the Yamai sisters, who tell her that they were trying to keep things interesting by seeing who can get closest to 2.5 meters. Tohka bemuses that she should have done something similar to make it more fun. At that moment, Tohka's lead is broken by Origami, who has been consecutively scoring 0.01 increments higher than her. As Origami passes it off as a mere coincidence, Tohka tells her to go first next time. However, Origami refuses to accept, causing Tohka to call her out for doing it on purpose.

As they start to argue, their attention is drawn towards Shido, who was about to throw the handball. Tohka questions if he is going to be okay while noting how wobbly his footwork is. However, much to everyone's surprise, Shido was able to throw the ball into the clouds as it disappeared into the sky. Just before she was called for the 50-meter sprint, Tohka tells Shido not to force himself if he is sick. As Tohka was determined not to finish behind Origami, her mind contemplated the potential consequences for Ratatoskr if she attracts too much attention. While she was thinking, an instantaneous shadow flew right past her. Once again, it was Shido, who had just performed another superhuman feat. Much to Tohka and the other's worry, Shido soon collapsed powerlessly afterwards. Immediately during lunchtime, Tohka and the others arrive at the infirmary to check on Shido. Kotori soon arrives and prepares to transfer Shido to the Ratatoskr facility. Tohka is annoyed that Origami took the initiative to offer to carry Shido, but he insists that he can walk fine. However, Shido was unable to control his strength and ends up accidentally destroying the school corridor.

At the Ratatoskr base, Tohka and the others start to discuss Shido's condition. Tohka starts mumbling constantly, asking if Shido is going to be alright. Yoshino reassures her that everything is going to be fine since Kotori and Reine are around. However, Natsumi, in her pessimistic mood, tells them that they should still be prepared in case of an unlikely event. The Yamai Sisters quickly scold Natsumi for her negative thinking, as it would scare Tohka into believing it. After a moment of silence, Origami raises the question of Shido's condition, noting how he is acting similar to a Spirit that cannot control its power. This causes Tohka and the others to wonder if Shido is a Spirit. Origami replies that she is unsure, but she notes that there has never been an explanation given for how Shido can seal a Spirit's powers. Natsumi asks if she is implying that Ratatoskr is hiding something from them. Origami replies that she is grateful to Ratatoskr but wonders about their intentions, as it would be foolhardy to undertake such a dangerous activity without compensation. Hearing Origami's words, Tohka thinks to herself of the opportunities that Ratatoskr has given her, making her realize the crazy authority of the organization. However, if someone were to ask her why she is shown such hospitality, Tohka acknowledges that she couldn't come up with a satisfactory answer.

Soon after, Kotori and Reine arrive and begin explaining the situation after Miku rushes in after leaving her concert. After getting everyone's attention, Reine begins that the pathway circulating everyone's powers to Shido has shrunken, causing an overheat where the power remains trapped in Shido's body. Tohka asks if there is any way to save Shido, to which Kotori replies that they need to re-widen the pathway in order to restore him to normal. As Kotori stammers about the method, she embarrassingly states that they need to re-kiss Shido in order to restore the seal. Looking back Tohka realizes that her powers were sealed shortly after Shido had kissed her. After thinking for a moment, Tohka asks everyone if they had also kissed Shido, causing everyone to ask her how she thought Shido performed the seal. Finally, she understood why Shido looked so troubled when she made him promise to not kiss anyone other than her. Then, she declares that, just like how Shido saved her, it is now her turn to save him. However, much to everyone's surprise, Shido had already disappeared from his hospital bed.

Soon afterwards, everyone splits out to search the area for Shido. Tohka wonders how he could have gone far in his condition. After finally finding Shido, Tohka and the others are shocked at how he is using all of their powers to make a flashy entrance. More so, they are all troubled by the new flirtatious personality that Shido was displaying. Shido then boldly declared that if they want to kiss him, they would need to make him fall for everyone first. Kotori tells them that they have no time for shenanigans and orders everyone to restrain him by force. However, Shido easily diverts their attention by using Natsumi's powers to transform everyone into Shiori. Tohka remarks that she can easily tell the real Shido apart from impostors. However, the large crowd attracted by using Miku's powers causes her to lose sight of her surroundings. Shido then flies away using the Yamai Sisters' power of wind, telling everyone that they have until midnight to make him fall for everyone.

DAL v12 c04

Tohka in a ballroom dress

Back at the base, Reine arranges a plan where each Spirit would have a 45-minute date with Shido. Reine also warns everyone against using their powers, as there is a time limit on usage since the current situation prevents a counterflow of Reiryoku between them and Shido. After the plan is done, they invite Shido to a warehouse where they are all wearing swimsuits near a self-built water pool. In the middle of Yoshino's date, DEM had sent a squad of <Bandersnatch> units to capture Shido, but the latter easily annihilates them with his newfound powers. However, the damages sustained in the process force them to spend the remaining dates in a ballroom instead, with the remaining Spirits changing into formal attire. During Origami's date with Shido, Tohka notes that her chest felt kind of tight when she heard Origami declare her love for Shido. Despite wanting to hurry up and save Shido, these hindering thoughts won't leave her head. But Kotori interjects and tells her that these feelings are precious and needed to help save Shido.

As she is the last date in the evening, Tohka takes Shido to a long table filled with a mountain-sized feast. As Tohka's eyes start to glimmer, Kotori reminds her via communicator that Shido is more important than the food right now. She remarks that Shido must be hungry since he has not eaten anything since morning. Rather ironically, Tohka's own stomach starts to grumble, causing Shido to start to laugh as Tohka embarrassingly denies being hungry. As they both begin to eat, Tohka takes up a fork to feed Shido the roast beef. As Shido gratuitously accepts, Tohka asks him if it was delicious. After being told so, she remarks that it is kinda embarrassing, with a shy smile. Then, she closes her eyes as Shido is about to return the favor. However, she is quickly brought back to reality by Kotori, who yells for her to open her eyes. As Tohka does so, she finds Shido on the ground clutching for his chest in pain. As Tohka looks at Shido with concern, she and Kotori exchange shouts over what was happening, Shido started emitting a faint light, releasing a beam of energy that pierced the whole facility.

As Tohka and the others start to get up from the rubble, they are quickly contacted by Mana, who asks them to save Shido while she distracts DEM. Before Kotori can say anything more, she is interrupted by the dreadful sound of an alarm. Suddenly, Kotori tells everyone that she will handle the situation alone, despite everyone else’s protest. However, the other Spirits later arrive just when Kotori was about to activate <Dáinsleif>. Tohka states that Kotori is only giving up because she thinks that she is alone and convinces her to not surrender. At that moment, <Dáinsleif> starts activating anyway due to interference from Ratatoskr's Round Table. However, instead of being destroyed by the beam of light, Shido is saved by <Phantom>'s timely intervention. While all the Spirits stare at the mosaic being, <Phantom> remarks that she could understand Kotori’s painful determination, but she would be much troubled if Shido doesn’t continue living. The enigma then disappears, but not before calling everyone present her children and wishing them good luck.

DAL v12 11

Tohka hugging Shido

Seeing that time was of the essence, Tohka and the others left to chase after Shido. As everyone else managed to successfully kiss Shido, Tohka was the last one left. Despite both, they equip with their respective <Sandalphons> and as their weapons collided, their combined Reiryoku created a great explosion. Tohka thinks to herself that she never thought Shido could fight on par with her. In terms of raw power, she was at a clear disadvantage, but she compensated by using her superior swordplay, which allows her to successfully disarm Shido. However, at that moment, Tohka ran into her time limit, deactivating her Limited Astral Dress and exposing her to the volatile Reiryoku that Shido was emitting. Despite Kotori and the others offering their help, Tohka declines and states that this is something that she must do by herself. As she walks up to Shido, she wonders if he had always felt so much pain when he saved everyone. At that moment, Tohka finally realizes the name of the feeling that motivates her to save Shido: love. Managing to get in close enough, Tohka successfully kisses Shido, stabilizing his body as he soon regains consciousness. Embarrassed, Shido asks Tohka what she was doing. Giving a faint smile, she calls him an idiot, saying that she won't tell him before collapsing into his arms.

After Shido wakes up in the Ratatoskr facility, Kotori informs him that Tohka is sleeping right beside him, having taken the most amount of damage when trying to save him. As Kotori leaves to inform the others, Tohka begins to wake up. As Tohka struggles to get up, Shido tells her not to force herself and thanks Tohka for saving him. Tohka tells him not to worry about it, as she has been saved by Shido numerous times before. As Tohka is about to add something, her cheeks quickly turn red and she quickly remarks that it is a secret. More importantly, she brings up an apple slice to feed to Shido, since she was the only one who didn't get to finish her date with him. After eating the apple, Shido remarks that it tastes delicious, much to Tohka's delight.

Suddenly, Tohka's expression changes and she tells Shido that Kotori had told them that he had to kiss all the Spirits in order to seal their powers. She apologizes to Shido for giving him a contradictory request by telling him to save other Spirits while also forbidding the only method with which he could save them. Likewise, Shido also apologizes to Tohka for not telling her the truth much sooner. Still, she notes that Shido broke their promise, so she begins counting everyone's names before telling Shido to kiss her 7 times to make it up to her. Before Shido could react, Tohka gives him a deep kiss, just as everyone else entered the room. As the other Spirits and Mana all protest at the scene, with Shido unable to come up with an excuse, Tohka remarks that she has no other choice and suddenly pulls Shido closer to her into an embrace, much to everyone else's dismay.

Nia Creation[]

Tohka appears briefly during dinner time while Kotori and Shido are discussing Nia's situation. As Tohka wonders what they are talking about, Shido apologizes and tells her that it is about work, causing Tohka to apologize for disturbing them. Much later, Kotori asks for the other Spirits' help in coming up with a plan to win Nia over. During the discussion, Tohka raises the question of why Nia can only love 2D, which Kotori claims is worth further investigation. After deciding on writing a doujin detailing Shido's adventures, Nia hacks into their communication line and quickly objects to reading their work after they had invaded her privacy and insulted her Tokiya. However, Kotori refutes that there is a decisive way to determine if their work is good, and challenges Nia to a sales competition at Comico in three days.

DAL v13 08

Tohka helping sell the doujin

After Kotori issues the sales challenge to Nia, each Spirit submitted their own illustration of Shido in order to determine who will be the main artist. Tohka's drawing, while cute, was only at the level of an elementary student, so it could not be used. Afterwards, Tohka and the others congratulate Natsumi for being the main artist. As the doujin is almost done, Shido sees that Tohka's group is just as tired as they were. They reply that they have been working on a secret project and would tell them during Comico. At the booth in Comico, Tohka and the others reveal that they had designed bunny girl costumes in order to help promote their work. Approaching a young boy, Tohka tells him that one copy is only 500 yen. Tohka's smile wins him over, so he reluctantly agrees to buy their work. After Kotori suggests to call over any friends, Tohka invites Ai, Mi, and Mii to come purchase their novel in Comico, much to Shido's regret, since he still had not patched up what happened a month earlier when he lost control of his powers.

In the end, they manage to tie against Nia in sales, so Nia agrees to give Shido a second chance. However, their joy is short-lived, as Westcott’s actions cause Nia to begin inversing. Upon Ellen's arrival on the battlefield, Tohka quickly assumes her Limited Astral Dress and counters Ellen's attack on Nia. However, with only a fraction of her powers, Tohka stood no chance against Ellen, so Kotori tells the Yamai Sisters and Miku to assist Tohka in distracting Ellen. However, after Westcott absorbs Nia’s Qlipha Crystal, their group returns to Shido’s side, having sensed that something went wrong. Like everyone else, Tohka is terrified that Westcott gained the ability to use <Beelzebub>. After Nia recovered from her emergency surgery, Shido takes everyone out to see the first sunrise of the New Year. Like everyone else present, Tohka expresses her disbelief when Nia states that every Spirit used to be human.

Mukuro Planet[]

DAL v14 c02

Tohka praying at the shrine

Three days later, Tohka accompanies Shido and the others in visiting the Shinto Shrine for the first time in the New Year. After she finishes praying, Shido asks what she had wished for during her prayer. Tohka tells him that she wants to eat a lot of delicious food, and also wants to stay together with Shido and everyone else forever. Kotori soon joins them, inviting Tohka and her group to write wishes on the wishing plaques. Tohka is amazed by such an activity and comments that God surely must be very busy to grant so many wishes. After Miku arrives, Tohka and Kotori restrain the idol to keep her eccentricity to a minimum. In the process, they knock down the nearby table, causing Shido to fall down on Tohka in a posture identical to Nia's inappropriate drawing. Tohka, with her face now imitating a bright red cherry, grasps onto Shido’s hand and uprights herself. After apologizing to nearby worshipers, Shido returns the table to its former state.

The next day, the peaceful return to class is suddenly interrupted by a massive impact outside the classroom. As they look onward, they see a gigantic epicenter created by the crash landing of a huge meteor. Soon afterward, Tohka is informed about the appearance of a new Spirit by Shido. As they make their way to the Ratatoskr base, Origami, Tohka, and the Yamai sisters split ways with Shido. Despite Tohka not wanting to part with Shido, the Fraxinus crew thought it was best not to let other Spirits see them discussing strategies once a new Spirit appears. However, after failing to convince Mukuro, Tohka and the other Spirits suddenly crash out of their hiding spot, revealing that they were eavesdropping on the entire conversation. Tohka apologizes for intruding, but Miku defends her, saying that it is Shido's fault for making them worry. Everyone soon agrees to lend their power once again to help Shido.

However, the question is raised on how they are going to approach Mukuro when she is in space. Kotori quickly remembers something and decides to take everyone to a secret Ratatoskr base where the new Fraxinus EX is being built. The others are then marveled by the presence of the Fraxinus EX's AI, MARIA, which can now communicate directly with the crew. MARIA then informs everyone that Ratatoskr's founder, Elliot Woodman, would like to have a word with them. As they all walk towards Woodman's study, Tohka asks Shido who Woodman is, as it seems Kotori has a lot of respect for him. Kotori informs everyone that Woodman-sama is the chairperson of Ratatoskr’s board of directors and the organization's founder; without him, Ratatoskr wouldn't exist.

As they enter the room, Tohka is shocked that Woodman is the same person she and Shido had met right before Natsumi appeared. Upon Shido and Origami's questions, Woodman reveals the reasons for founding Ratatoskr. He was once a member of DEM alongside Westcott, but soon quickly changed his mind to protecting other Spirits after falling in love with the First Spirit. However, the quiet conversation is interrupted by DEM, who had found their location from <Beelzebub> and began their attack.

As Kotori asks Woodman for his orders, he tells her and the others to hurry and start the operation to save <Zodiac>. Meanwhile, he will take an alternative route with Karen. As they make their way for the Fraxinus EX, the Kotori and the others accidentally run into Westcott in the process. Tohka immediately summons <Sandalphon> and charges at him, but the Wizard standing beside the DEM leader intercepts the attack and is blown away instead. Afterward, Westcott uses <Beelzebub>'s ability <Ashufiriya> to transport everyone into a world of fantasy. They are all then swallowed into the respective books that emerge beneath their feet.

DAL v14 08

Tohka as Momotarou

After arriving in the fantasy world, Tohka and Nia appear just in time to save Shido and Yoshino from a malicious wolf. Upon Nia's suggestion, Tohka feeds the wolf one of the dumplings in her bag. After eating, the dumpling, the wolf suddenly becomes complacent and starts to repent for his prior actions. Nia remarks that Momotarou's dumplings are very efficacious against simple-minded creatures like the wolf. After reconvening with Shido and Yoshino, Nia informs them that they have been transported into a fantasy world created from the various stories and scenarios that <Beelzebub> has gathered in its database. Being trapped in this world, their appearances have also become intertwined with the stories. Tohka is equipped with a katana while being dressed as Momotarou, and Nia takes the appearance of Fatima, the main character from her manga Silver Bullet. Listening to their conversation, the wolf offers to be their guide, as his heightened sense of smell can easily detect outsiders.

Nia and the others reconvene with Kotori and her group at the entrance to the king's banquet. Using Kotori's matches to create illusions of beautiful dresses, they were able to sneak into the party. There, they found Miku as the mermaid entertainment. As conflict arose with the palace guards, the Yamai Sisters and Tohka prepare a fighting posture to open a blood path for the others to rescue Miku. However, they are stopped by Origami's timely arrival, who everyone discovers is the king of the castle. Seeing Origami, Tohka asks her why she is naked. Origami replies that her clothes can only be seen by those who love Shido, which causes Tohka to try to retract her previous statement by complimenting Origami on her skin-like clothes. Intervening, Kotori informs Origami that she has been tricked, as her fairy tale is obviously based on The Emperor's New Clothes.

After everyone is reunited, they begin to discuss possible ways of escaping. However, the temporary peace is broken by the wolf, who has returned to his nefarious ways after digesting Tohka's dumpling. Tohka tries to feed him another dumpling, but the dumpling is quickly stopped mid-air by the magic of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. The villains are then all joined by the other antagonists from each of their respective fairy tales. For Tohka, the ogre from Momotaro appears and is angry at Tohka for never showing up to challenge him. Since they couldn't use their Angels in the fantasy world, Miku and the others are helpless against the ensuing onslaught. Despite this, Tohka makes a brave leap forward with her katana, but her attempt is stymied by an explosion caused by the witch and is subsequently struck by the ogre's heavy iron club. Luckily, they are saved by the appearance of a second Shido, whom Natsumi notes must be based on the manga that everyone wrote to impress Nia. After the other Shido manages to defeat all of the villains, he opens a gateway home with his <Sandalphon>.  

After returning to their world, Tohka and the others board the new Fraxinus EX and fly off into space to begin the mission to save Mukuro. Before Shido is about to re-confront Mukuro, each of the Spirits offers their support in case of an inevitable confrontation. However, they are soon forced to leave Mukuro to Shido, as their attention is diverted by the four DEM warships approaching them. 

Mukuro Family[]

As Kotori asks the other Spirits for assistance in dealing with <Goetia>, Tohka and Origami request to leave and support Shido against Mukuro. While Origami is left to deal with Artemisia, Tohka arrives just in time to pull Shido away from Mukuro's counterattack. With the DEM squad of <Bandersnatch> units arriving to join the conflict, Tohka works to provide support for Shido by slashing away at the mechanical dolls with her broadsword <Sandalphon>. Thanks to Tohka providing a distraction and Natsumi's transformation ability serving as a decoy, Shido is able to find an opening to successfully unlock Mukuro's heart. However, as a result of Artemisia's sudden attack, both Shido and Mukuro fall into the Earth's atmosphere.

Much later, Tohka is among the Spirits visiting Shido in the hospital after he had used his powers to survive atmospheric reentry. As Shido takes a bath to clean up, he is interrupted by Tohka and the others intruding to help him bathe, much to his embarrassment. After Shido’s date with Mukuro concludes, Tohka is among the group of people who have their memories of Shido sealed away by Michael. Tohka and Origami arrive to class shortly after Shido is confused on why nobody there remembers him. Much to Shido’s distress, Tohka also lacks any knowledge of his identity.

At the Itsuka residence, Tohka hears the other Spirits discuss the mysterious person who approached them. The conversation causes Tohka a great deal of stress, which soon results in her collapsing. Tohka's Inverse Form takes over, first attempting to interrupt Shido's date with Mukuro. Tohka and Mukuro briefly skirmish in front of Shido, only for Origami in her alternate-timeline personality, who had arrived at their location slightly earlier, to attempt to calm them down. Tohka reacts aggressively when Origami suggests that Shido "defeated" her, although respectfully listens to Origami's reasoning after that. When Tohka asks, Origami replies that one way to win Shido's heart is to be the first to kiss him. Tohka interprets Origami's next statement as a taunt, and reacts accordingly. After Mukuro agrees to the challenge, Tohka immediately leaps towards Shido and attempts to kiss him, only for Mukuro to intercept. Another skirmish breaks out between Tohka and Mukuro, only for Origami to stop them and take them to a maid café, though hesitatingly. Tohka is persuaded to change from her Inverse Astral Dress to casual clothing beforehand.

Mukuro and Tohka attempt to feed Shido from each side, but display neither boundaries nor respect for each other. In turn, this causes a maid to interrupt them and demonstrate a more respectable way to feed their fellow patron. After the maid leaves their table, Tohka pulls Shido by the shirt, tosses him onto the floor and makes him eat cake off the floor. This catches the maid's attention, causing Tohka to threaten the maid. Shido and Origami quickly apologize and flee while dragging Tohka and Mukuro away.

Origami subsequently leads them to Tengu Tower. Tohka crassly dismisses Origami's explanation of the tower and begins to approach it. She also views Mukuro's hesitation as a weakness. At the observation floor, Tohka promptly declares battle against Mukuro. While waiting for Mukuro to return from the restroom, Tohka asks about her name, and in turn, Shido asks about inverse. Tohka refuses to recognize the term, defiantly stating that she is the true Spirit formed from the Sephira Crystal. When Shido protests, Tohka grabs Shido by the collar and tries to kiss him, only to be interrupted by an onrushing, outraged Mukuro. Mukuro is provoked even further when Tohka swipes at Mukuro's face and cuts some of her hair off. She blasts Tohka out of the tower and assumes her Shifuru form. In turn, Tohka manifests her Inverse Astral Dress while standing perpendicular to the outer wall of the tower. The resulting, violent clash prompts Ratatoskr to deploy Territories and minimize the damage to the surroundings. At one point, Tohka feels her body getting heavier as Mukuro gains the upper hand, even tearing apart Tohka's Inverse Astral Dress. Tohka quickly regenerates her Inverse Astral Dress while appearing to respect Mukuro as a fighter. Before Tohka and Mukuro can clash again, Shido and Origami arrive to interrupt them, the latter in her limited Astral Dress and CR-Unit. Origami repels Tohka's swing of <Nahemah>, forcing Tohka to deal with Origami first. Origami engages Tohka at altitude to keep Mukuro away from danger.

After Mukuro is sealed, Tohka quickly lands back where Shido is, sensing the opportunity to kill both him and Mukuro. She grabs Shido by the collar, only to have a change of heart once she sees Mukuro asleep. Instead, Tohka kisses Shido, and just before her Inverse personality fades, she asks Shido to not let "Tohka" feel sad. Tohka's original personality eventually regains consciousness.

A few weeks later, Tohka witnesses the return of Kurumi to her class.

Kurumi Refrain[]

At the end of her first day back, Kurumi requests to meet Shido at the rooftop. Tohka is the first to voice concern for Shido, who replies that he'll be fine. Later on, Tohka and the other Spirits gather at the Itsuka residence to discuss Kurumi's challenge to Shido.

The following morning, Tohka and Origami notice Shido arriving late to school with Kurumi. Shido later prevents Tohka and Origami from joining him with Kurumi at the rooftop; they end up having lunch with Kaguya and Yuzuru instead. In the evening, Kotori has another meeting with the Spirits, and Tohka asks about Valentine's Day. Despite trying to hide her disappointed mood, she isn't happy that she's the one giving food on that day.

The next day, as part of Shido's training, Tohka is aged up by Natsumi in order to play the role of a health education teacher. Tohka is then reverted to her usual appearance in order to help make chocolate for Shido. During the cooking session, Tohka gets ahead of herself by eating some of the chocolate meant to be re-made. Eventually, on Valentine's Day before class, she gives Shido a soybean-flavored truffle that she made. Shido, being considerate, decides to set aside a portion of his gift to Tohka.

A flashback to a successful assassination attempt on Shido reveals that Tohka was one of the Spirits that tried to stop Ellen, Artemisia and the Nibelcole that Ellen summoned.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Tohka and the other Spirits, along with Mana, are in attendance after Shido's return to Fraxinus from his date with Kurumi. After hearing from Shido about Kurumi, Tohka is the first to make a comment. After another meeting with the Spirits had to be disbanded due to Nia's concerns over the enemy snooping, Tohka and Mukuro retreat to the Spirit Mansion and decide to make rice balls to replenish themselves and their allies before the decisive battle. They invite the snooping Yoshino and Natsumi to join them in their preparations. Both Natsumi and Mukuro notice the oversized rice ball that Tohka made. In response, Tohka cuts out a portion of her rice ball to reserve for Shido, before filling the void with her least favorite food, plum, as a way to gain the willpower to fight DEM. She later relays an invitation to the other Spirits who were killing time in the Itsuka household.

Tohka leads the other Spirits back to Fraxinus to deliver their rice ball contributions to Shido, Kotori and the rest of the crew. Despite Tohka's explanation, Kotori isn't happy with the filling of coriander in her rice ball. Hours before DEM's impending attack, Tohka goes to the lounge, unable to sleep because of Miku. After seeing Shido still deep in thought over Kurumi, Tohka lets Shido rest his head on her lap. She offers an apology, believing that Shido wouldn't have suffered if he never met her. Shido quickly replies that his encounter with other Spirits gave him many memories that outweigh the suffering he's been through, and he'd never regret those moments.

Hours later, the Spirits gather as DEM mobilize themselves and surround Tengu City. Kotori talks with her fellow Spirits one last time before assigning them to their positions. Tohka goes with Kaguya and Yuzuru to support Shido, the trump card for dealing with the Nibelcole. The three Spirits fend off the Nibelcole's attempts to attack Shido from range, allowing Shido to kiss each Nibelcole that approaches directly. Tohka then witnesses Kurumi's arrival at the scene.

Mio Game Over[]

Tohka quickly moves to defend Shido from the recently-awakened Mio. After teleporting Shido away herself, Mio addresses Tohka, as well as Kaguya and Yuzuru, both of whom had arrived to assist Tohka. Paying no heed to Tohka's plea, Mio then informs the three Spirits of her intent to take back their Sephira Crystals, as well as remove Shido's memories to fully restore Shinji. They respond by attempting to attack three-on-one. After a momentary distraction by the Nibelcole is dealt with by Mio summoning <Ain Soph Aur>, Tohka coordinates a triple-strike of her <Halvanhelev> with Kaguya's <El Re'em> and Yuzuru's <El Na'ash>, but Mio dodges with ease before eliminating Kaguya. Despite Tohka's warning, Yuzuru carelessly charges at Mio and is also eliminated.

Mio is about to finish Tohka off as well, but Mukuro's timely arrival with <Michael> saves her. Origami, Mana and Yoshino arrive at the scene as well. Mio responds by summoning <Ain Soph>. Despite Tohka's warning, Mukuro attempts to attack Mio, only to twist her own neck using <Michael> and eliminate herself. Tohka tries to grab Mukuro's Sephira Crystal but Mio absorbs it first. Just as Mana commands a retreat, Mio reinforces <Ain Soph> to prevent escape while also drawing Mana close and teleporting her away. Left with no choice, the remaining Spirits fight. Tohka witnesses Mio deflect Origami's <Metatron> through Yoshino's <Zadkiel> to eliminate the latter. The seemingly helpless situation faced by Tohka and Origami gives Mio the initiative to kill both of them. But when Fraxinus' cannon <Gungnir> aims a full-powered blast from behind Mio, the momentary distraction gives Tohka and Origami an opening to launch another combined attack. However, Mio deals with all of them at once. The last thing Tohka sees before passing out is Fraxinus crashing to the ground.

Tohka wakes up in a lost state in the Neighboring World and finds herself face-to-face with her inverse self. Tohka asks where everyone else is, and her inverse self states that they had all died and their Sephira Crystals taken from them. Realizing that she is a pure Spirit, Tohka thanks her inverse self and vows to fight on, but is warned that her opponent is their mother, who would no longer make any more mistakes. In spite of this, Tohka's inverse self offers a hug and words of encouragement for her battle. With that, Tohka emerges from the bottom-most ring behind Mio's Astral Dress while wearing her own Astral Dress and holding <Sandalphon>, to the surprise of Shido.

Mio reveals that Tohka is a pure Spirit derived from the consciousness developed by one of her Sephira Crystals. As a result, Tohka did not initially have a name. Tohka is grateful for Shido naming her and giving her this chance to protect Shido. To her surprise, Tohka's next use of <Sandalphon> manages to rip off a part of Mio's Astral Dress. This causes Mio to take the battle seriously having realized that Tohka stole part of her Reiryoku. Mio brings out <Ain Soph>'s roots to strike Tohka directly, but Shido suddenly jumps in to shield Tohka, causing Mio to recall the moment Shinji did the same for her. The distraction is enough for Tohka to summon her throne, this time merging it with her Astral Dress to form <Ratelibish>. This allows Tohka to dodge the light from <Ain Soph Aur> and land a direct hit on Mio. Giving out faint praise, Mio summons <Ain> to envelop Tohka in light just as she charges forward once more. When the light disappears, Tohka is nowhere to be seen.

After Shido uses <Vav> to rewind time back to the day before DEM's mobilization, Tohka becomes the first to talk to Shido in the new timeline. Instead of telling her the whole truth, Shido merely says he dreamed that he saw everyone die. Tohka encourages Shido and even gives him a hug, reminding him that he had the power to seal Spirits. This gives Shido an idea of what to do next.

Mio True End[]

After talking to Shido, Tohka comes across Yoshino and Mukuro standing at the door of the room they were supposed to be sleeping in. She sees Miku groping Natsumi while sleeping, thus puts into practice Nia's plan to stop Miku, by waving a stocking at her and throwing it against the wall. Miku's subsequent head collision awakens Origami from the opposite room, who beckons Tohka, Yoshino, Mukuro, Miku and Natsumi over. Less than an hour later, Tohka bumps into Reine who was on her way to Fraxinus' bathing area. Tohka asks whether Reine likes Shido, and Reine affirms, which is enough for Tohka to respond jovially and continue towards the corridor.

In the morning, Tohka and the other Spirits help Ratatoskr oversee Shido's date with Reine. The Spirits are given three-button devices to cast their votes for the two key decisions on Shido's behalf. Tohka votes on the second decision, for Shido to relax in the private outdoor bath with Reine, despite her unease at the prospect. After DEM interrupt the date, Shido is retrieved and Tohka is once again the first to voice concern. When Kotori accepts an outside communication line, the received images are of the Spirits' friends at several locations. Tohka recognizes Ai, Mai and Mii in one of the locations, and reacts in horror as Bandersnatch units close in on them. Fortunately, Tohka is able to equip her full Astral Dress and rescue her classmates thanks to Mukuro opening a wormhole for her via <Michael>. When Tohka and the other dispatched Spirits return to Fraxinus, they see that Kurumi had once again saved Shido from an attempt on his life, only for Mio to return having summoned <Ain Soph>.

Despite Shido's attempt to reason with her, Mio still intends to reclaim Shinji. As a result, Tohka quickly rushes to Shido's defense by using <Sandalphon> to slash away <Ain Soph>'s roots. After Shido kisses Mio having sealed all ten Spirits, he is pulled into <Ain Soph>, and the sealed Spirits witness this from outside the Fraxinus while standing on its hull. With Tohka especially worried for Shido, Kotori communicates with the crew at the bridge and requests for visualization. Eventually, it is Kurumi who pinpoints Shido's location through <Rasiel>, but before she can find out more, the Fraxinus comes under attack again, by a Westcott attempting to reassert himself as the second Spirit of Origin. Tohka is the first to react, but her <Sandalphon> fails to get near Westcott. Westcott then imbues his colleagues with a power boost, and Artemisia swiftly knocks Tohka off balance, only to herself be pegged back when Mio and Shido emerge from <Ain Soph>. Tohka manifests <Halvanhelev> in the combined effort to overpower Westcott's <Belial>, only for him to summon <Athiel> and release dark powder onto the Spirits.

At the end of the final battle, Tohka finds Shido at the familiar beach, and is followed by the other Spirits as well as Mana and MARIA. Just as Shido mourns Mio's death having caught her familiar stuffed toy bear, Tohka jumps up to grab the other thing that Mio left behind - a Sephira Crystal floating above everyone. It sinks into Tohka's chest, and a blinding light emanates.

Tohka World[]

One month after the final battle against Westcott, during one morning where all the Spirits pass by Shido's house, Tohka is the last of the Spirits to appear to Shido, and gets to walk to school with him. A few days later, Tohka becomes the subject of the other Spirits' concerns, and is excluded from an emergency Spirit meeting held at night. However, her inverse form gatecrashes the meeting. Admitting to stealing the powers of "Tohka's mother" for her own benefit, the inverse claims that nothing will change, and promptly leaves the meeting.

With Kotori determining that Shido must date inverse Tohka to seal her powers, Shido promptly sets out to do so in the morning. With the inverse form still in control of Tohka's body, she leaves the doors of her room open. Shido promptly comes across Tohka's naked body in her own bathroom, and looks away while asking the inverse out on a date. The inverse grabs Shido by the collar before appearing to accept. In exchange, she destroys the communicator on Shido's neck while also asking to Shido to repeat his request. When Shido does so, Tohka's real personality suddenly re-emerges, only to blush with embarrassment having found herself naked. Tohka quickly understands the situation and lets Shido find a towel to cover her with. Still unaware of her inverse self, Tohka eagerly looks forward to dating Shido again.

After getting dressed, Tohka leads Shido to the exact spot where they first met. Shido does not immediately recognize the place, due to it being cratered on the day they met. After recanting how their first encounter transpired, they go somewhere else. This time, Tohka leads Shido to just before Raizen High School, sneaking both of them into the currently-closed school through the side gate. Tohka proceeds to show Shido the class 2-4 classroom, specifically the blackboard where Shido wrote down Tohka's name for the first time. At this point, Shido tells Tohka the truth about her inverse self that resides in her body, which took control to absorb Mio's Sephira Crystal, and they're in a world created by said inverse self.

Tohka doesn't doubt what Shido says, let alone what he's been told to do about it, having been familiar with how her inverse self takes over her body. She attempts to summon her inverse self herself, and to her surprise, it manifests as an identical copy of her body standing next to her in full inverse Astral Dress. Tohka's inverse, initially confused at seeing Tohka herself, eventually realizes that Tohka took "that woman's" power to incarnate her in the real world, and begins to merge herself with Tohka, but both Shido and Tohka stop her, the latter eager for her own inverse to come along on their date. Tohka's inverse eventually relents, transforming her Astral Dress into ordinary clothing similar to the clothing Tohka currently wears. With that, Shido also gives Tohka's inverse her own name: Tenka.

Shido is then given the initiative to lead Tohka and Tenka further away from Tengu City towards a more natural setting. Shido commands that they avert their gaze until he tells them that they've arrived. Ultimately, they arrive at an orchard of cherry trees. Tohka marvels at the sight of cherry blossoms being scattered by the wind, and soon the three of them chase each other "playfully". They soon retreat to a café to have cherry-flavored mochi. While eating, they hear an explosion in the distance, but Tenka passes it off as an attempt to spy on them.

Tohka soon takes the initiative, leading Shido and Tenka from the café to the plateau overlooking Tengu City where Shido took her on their first date. Tohka then has the idea to buy some ice cream for her guests, and leaves to do so, allowing Shido and Tenka some time to talk between themselves. Tenka, still in her usual sour mood, finally asks the important questions. Unable to answer them, Shido counters with his own question regarding Tenka's objectives, claiming that Tenka did so out of love for Tohka rather than any individual desire. Tenka doesn't take that well, and destroys the bench they were sitting on before manifesting <Nahemah>. Shido responds by manifesting <Sandalphon>. The swords clash, but Tenka momentarily drops hers after sensing Tohka's return, a split second before Shido does.

Dropping her purchased cones of ice-cream in the process, Tohka manages to tackle Shido before <Sandalphon> can make contact with Tenka. She claims that Tenka created the world they're in, for her sake. She knows this because she gained a part of Tenka's consciousness after manifesting Tenka's separate body. Tohka also reminds Shido of the time he escaped from a future where all the Spirits died. Though Shido never told Tohka about this directly, he considers that Tohka might have known about it through Mio's powers. Tohka also recalls how Tenka reached out to her in order to emerge from Mio, and Tenka reminds Shido that, as a pure Spirit, Tohka had been completely absorbed by Mio. Tenka finally discloses the truth about her world - the disappearance of Mio means that her Sephira Crystal and all the powers granted by it will disappear. The humans that were granted those powers will become ordinary humans again, while those not born from a vessel will disappear.

Tohka, who understood that she will disappear, also understands why Tenka absorbed Mio's Sephira Crystal and created her world - it was to prolong her existence. With that, Tohka and Shido prepare to confess, only to be interrupted by an earthquake and a cataclysm in the sky. Despite the imminent apocalypse, Tenka calmly restores one of the ice-cream cones that Tohka dropped and proceeds to consume it. She proceeds to do the same with the other two dropped cones, shoving them into Shido and Tohka's mouths. A giant hand emerges from the sky, subsequently emerging as an entire upper body. Tenka recognizes it as Mio's survival instinct, and thanks the formerly-human Spirits for maintaining her world for as long as they could.

The plateau is suddenly levelled; Tohka responds by carrying Shido to safety while still consuming her ice cream. Tenka also avoids being caught up by the levelling, claiming that Mio's survival instinct has been programmed to exterminate her specifically, so the only way to stop "Mio" is to defeat her. Tohka agrees, proceeding to face "Mio". After a respectful exchange of words, Tohka and Tenka fuse. The resulting Tohka wears a new Astral Dress and, after notifying Shido, leaps into the sky to confront "Mio". Tenka continues to communicate with Tohka telepathically. Tohka takes in Tenka's final words of encouragement to manifest <Sandalphon> on her right hand and <Nahemah> on her left hand before swinging both to cut off both arms of "Mio", as well as wound "Mio" on the chest. "Mio" responds by growing a new face on her chest wound, regenerating her arms and firing an invisible shockwave towards Tohka before aiming to grab her.

Determined to not let his date be interrupted, Shido intervenes on Tohka's side, using the powers of the Angels at his disposal. Shido then finds out, seemingly from Tenka, that he is able to use Mio's Angels as well, and thus summons <Ain Soph Aur> to block the giant "Mio" and allow Tohka to get up and continue fighting. With Tohka fighting a seemingly-endless battle due to the giant "Mio's" constant regeneration, Shido eventually figures out a solution. After being struck by <Ain>, the giant "Mio" almost-entirely disintegrates, leaving a single human-sized core. Tohka proceeds to summon the thrones of <Sandalphon> and <Nahemah>, reinforcing her swords with the debris of their thrones before combining them into a single giant sword, <Yezelhlev>, which she thrusts into the core to shatter it.

Tenka resumes control of Tohka's body, and confirms that they've reached the limit of her world, while also mentioning that time flowed differently in her world, with the month they spent there being equivalent to three real-world minutes. She urges Shido to continue her date with Tohka during her final moments, without forgetting to seal the Spirit of Origin's remaining powers in Tohka. Tenka also says it's sufficient for Shido to seal Tohka because of their intricate links with one another. Finally, Tenka says that the date she had with Shido wasn't bad, and proceeds to permanently relinquish control of Tohka's body. In turn, Tohka's Astral Dress also disappears, and Tohka wakes up in her usual clothing once more.

As the sun sets, Shido and Tohka walk together until they find a bench, and continue to talk happily about all the times they spent together. Kotori and the other Spirits eventually find them. At that moment, Tohka gets up to say her final words to all the Spirits that had gathered, before proceeding to kiss Shido. Yoshino suddenly interrupts them; as the winner of the earlier Spirit battle royale, she exercises her right to confess to Shido, doing so while in tears. This causes Tohka and Shido to themselves cry while confessing to each other before they finally kiss as the world collapses.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

A few days after the Beast incident, the Spirit Formula is reused again by the Will of the World to bring back Tohka. According to Nia's research through Rasiel, Beast had been brought to their world to speed up this process. Tohka suddenly appears before Shido in the same location where they had their last date, underneath the blooming cherry trees. In a reenactment of their first meeting, Shido asks for her name, to which Tohka cheerfully states her name and replies it was given by someone precious to her.