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Tiphereth (テイファレト, Teifareto?) is the Sixth Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Mukuro Hoshimiya. The Dominion there is Oka Miyafuji, but after her death, the position is left vacant.


As the central hub of the Neighboring World, Tiphereth is directly connected to each region apart from Malkuth and Keter. The main attraction of Tiphereth is Oka’s mansion, a large building where the conferences between Dominions are held. On the side, there is a gambling hall where Hibiki is infamous for cheating when playing Mahjong, and a strawberry parfait shop that Rinemu travels to when visiting.

History and Culture[]


Due to its convenient location, Dominion conferences are often held here. Oka as a Dominion favors unity and therefore attempts to incorporate aspects from all the other regions in order to exemplify this. Furthermore, Tiphereth has a policy in which things are to be natural, with crafts such as cooking encouraged to be made from real ingredients rather than Reiryoku. Currently, Oka’s death has left Tiphereth in a state of unrest. It was also revealed that the White Queen's forces had completely infiltrated Tiphereth through the Empty population, allowing the White Queen access to the region whenever she pleased. Oka had attempted to make countermeasures for this, but it is unknown how effective her methods ended up being.


Due to being at the center of the Neighboring World, Tiphereth serves as an information hub, with Oka claiming that any information that passes through the Neighboring World will eventually reach her region.


Theoretically, Tiphereth's Compile should allow the user to access Mukuro Hoshimiya's memories from a first-person perspective. However, no records of any Compile have been mentioned during Kurumi's journey through the Neighboring World.

Known Inhabitants[]


Tiphereth is directly connected to Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Gevurah, Chesed, Binah, and Chokmah. Binah’s pathway is closed off due to the White Queen's invasion.


  • Tiphereth means beauty or splendor in Hebrew.
  • Tiphereth is associated with the color yellow, matching the color of Mukuro's hair and Sephira Crystal.



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