The official timeline for Date A Live along the course of the story. No year has been stated for DAL. However, various dates have been provided throughout the course of the story.

April Edit



  • Shido begins his dating sim training under Kotori's instructions.


  • Shido meets <Princess> for the second time and gives her the name "Tohka".


  • Shido goes on his first date with Tohka.
  • Origami accidentally snipes Shido while targeting Tohka, causing Tohka to attack everything in sight.
  • Revived by a mysterious flame, Shido returns from death and is able to calm Tohka down. He then proceeds to seal her powers with a kiss.

May Edit


  • Tohka has a discussion with Reine about her feelings about Shido.
  • Shido meets Yoshino for the third time. She explains to him her ideal hero in Yoshinon.
  • Shido successfully seals Yoshino.
  • Mana transfers into the AST.


  • The construction of the Spirit mansion is finished.

June Edit



  • Shido goes on a date with Kotori to Ocean Park in order to seal her powers.
  • Origami attacks them while equipped with the <White Licorice>.

July Edit


  • Mana wakes up from her coma.


  • Shido's class arrive at Arubi Island for their school trip after having their destination changed by DEM.
  • Shido meets the twin Spirits, Kaguya and Yuzuru.
  • The twins decided that their 100th competition would be a test to see who can seduce Shido first. The winner will become the real Yamai and the loser will be eliminated.

September Edit

  • Shido's class begins preparation for the Tenou festival.
  • Shido meets the Spirit <Diva> for the first time.
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