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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

The official timeline for Date A Live along the course of the story. No year has been stated for Date A Live. However, various dates have been provided throughout the course of the story. Not all dates are explicitly given. The dates are result from calculation involving explicitly given dates and narrative contexts.


40 Years Ago

  • Fearing the secret community of magicians, outsiders burn down Westcott's hometown and attempt to massacre everyone there.
  • The four survivors, Issac, Ellen, Karen, and Elliot, share an oath of revenge against humanity in retaliation for their destroyed hometown.

30 Years Ago

  • Westcott, Ellen, and Woodman use the Spirit Formula to gather all of the world's mana into a single point, causing the great Eurasia disaster and giving birth to the Primordial Spirit in the process.
  • A few months later, the Primordial Spirit encounters Shinji Takamiya, who gives her the name Mio.

5 Years Ago

August, 3rd

Both Timelines
  • <Phantom> turns Kotori Itsuka into a Spirit.
  • Shido Itsuka gives his little sister Kotori a pair of black ribbon as her birthday gift.
  • Due to the power of <Zafkiel>, Origami travels to this date from the future.
  • Origami arrives from the future with the power of <Zafkiel>.
  • Origami flies around the city in search of the spirit that killed her parents.
  • Origami spotts <Phantom>, whom she believe to be her parents' killer, and starts chasing her across the sky.
  • Finally trapping <Phantom>, Origami fires a massive light beam down in order to destroy <Phantom>.
Original Timeline
  • Origami's parents are killed by the beam intended for <Phantom>.
  • Realizing she is the one who killed her parents, Origami mentally breaks down and inverses.
  • The young Origami is found by Shido, who encourages her to not fall into despair.
New Timeline
  • Kurumi sends Shido back in time to figure out the reason behind Origami's inversion.
  • After seeing the events, Kurumi suggests to Shido to find herself from 5 years ago to use twelfth Bullet again and change the past.
  • After talking to her future self through Shido, the past Kurumi agrees to use the twelfth Bullet.
  • Shido arrives a few minutes earlier and saves Origami's parents by pushing them out of the way from the attack.





  • Shido begins his dating sim training under Kotori's instructions.[2]


  • Shido meets <Princess> for the second time and gives her the name "Tohka".[3]


  • Shido goes on his first date with Tohka.[4]
  • Origami accidentally snipes Shido while targeting Tohka.[5]
  • Tohka bursts out in rage and attacks everything in sight.[5]
  • Shido is revived by a mysterious flame.[5]
  • Seeing Shido revived, Tohka calms down.[5]
  • Shido seals Tohka's powers with a kiss.[5]


  • Tohka transfers into Shido's class.[6]



  • Shido meets with "Yoshinon" for the first time.[7]
  • Tohka moves into the Itsuka household from her residence abroad <Fraxinus>.[7]


  • Shido meets with "Yoshinon" for the second time.[8]
  • Shido and "Yoshinon" accidentally kisses.[8]
  • "Yoshinon" is attacked by AST, and loses her hand doll.[8]

Saturday 13th

  • Tohka has a discussion with Reine about her feelings about Shido.[9]
  • Shido meets "Yoshinon" for the third time.[9]
  • "Yoshinon" introduces herself as Yoshino, and explains that "Yoshinon" is her hand doll and hero.[9]
  • Shido offers to retrieve Yoshinon the hand doll.[9]


  • Shido visits Origami's house.[10]
  • As per her request, Shido agrees to call Origami "Origami" instead of "Tobiichi".[10]
  • Shido retrieves Yoshinon.[10]
  • Origami reveals her past and reason of antagonism to Spirits to Shido.[10]
  • Yoshino appears in the city.[10][11]
  • The AST attacks Yoshino.[11]
  • Yoshino unleashes the power of <Zadkiel>, creating an ice storm barrier around herself.[11]
  • Tohka spots Shido in distress, and summons <Sandalphon> to Shido's posiotion.[11]
  • Shido requests Tohka to bring him to Yoshino, to which Tohka agrees to.[11]
  • Shido learns that his healing power is Spirit's power from Kotori explanation of warning.[11]
  • Shido approaches through the ice storm barrier of <Zadkiel>.[11]
  • Shido successfully seals Yoshino, but collapses due to his injuries.[11]


  • The construction of the Spirit mansion is finished.


  • Tohka moves from the Itsuka household to the Spirit mansion.[12]
  • Mana Takamiya is introduced to the AST.[12]



  • Kurumi Tokisaki transfers into Shido's class.
  • After the school, Kurumi kills three men in an alley.
  • Mana Takamiya appears at the scene, and kills Kurumi.



  • Shido goes on a date with Kotori to Ocean Park in order to seal her powers.
  • Origami attacks them while equipped with the <White Licorice>.



  • Mana wakes up from her coma.
  • Kurumi Star Festival (short story) takes place.


  • Shido's class arrive at Arubi Island for their school trip after having their destination changed by DEM.
  • Shido meets the twin Spirits, Kaguya and Yuzuru.
  • The twins decided that their 100th competition would be a test to see who can seduce Shido first. The winner will become the real Yamai and the loser will be eliminated.


  • Shido's class return from their school trip. Kaguya and Yuzuru officially transfer into Raizen High School.



  • Kotori Birthday (short story) takes place. She turns 14 years old on that day.


  • Shido's class begins preparation for the Tenou festival.
  • Shido meets the Spirit <Diva> for the first time.
  • Shido approaches <Diva>, but is harshly rejected.
  • In attempt to approach Miku who is revealed to hate men, Shido was forced to crossdress into his female persona "Shiori".


  • The Tenou Festival's first day beings
  • Rindouji Private High and Raizen high, among the participating schools, compete in a Stage Performance.
  • Rindouji is announced to be the Stage Performance winner, but the overall score champion is Raizen High.
  • Miku uses her angel, <Gabriel>'s ability to control mass crowd of people. Including Yoshino and the Yamai sisters.
  • Miku discovers the true gender of "Shiori".


  • Jessica dies during her fight with Mana from overusing <Scarlet Licorice>.
  • Shido is fatally injured by Ellen.
  • Seeing Shido dying, Tohka inverses.
  • Miku exhausts, and everyone she has controlled gets freed.
  • Shido recovers due to <Camael>'s ability, and joins the spirits against "Tohka".
  • Shido kisses "Tohka", returning her to normal.
  • Due to the severe damage from the past events, the second day of the Tenou Festival was cancelled.


  • After discussion, the third day of the festival is held rather than being cancelled. Its events are covered in the short story Tennou Festival Contest.


Sunday 15th

  • Shido meets <Witch> the Spirit for the first time.
  • <Witch> introduces her name Natsumi to Shido.
  • AST attacks Natsumi, but she fends them off.
  • While fighting AST, Natsumi accidentally reveals her "secret" to Shido, unbeknownst to the latter.
  • Angered, Natsumi threatens Shido and flees.

Monday 16th

  • "Shido" sexually harasses his classmates Tohka, Ai, Mai, Mii, the Yamai Sisters, and his teacher Tamae.
  • At noon, the real Shido arrives at the school.
  • Shido spots "Shido", and chases his doppelganger up to the rooftop.
  • Tohka and Origami arrive at the rooftop, and deduce the real Shido out of the fake.
  • The fake Shido is revealed to be Natsumi, who threatens the real Shido even further.

Between 16th and 21st

  • Roger Murdoch purposes to demote Westcott from his position in the DEM.
  • All supporters of the proposal raise their arms, which are cut off by Ellen.

Saturday 21st

Sunday 22nd



  • Origami is turned into a Spirit by <Phantom>.
  • Origami hunts down Kurumi to have the latter send her into the past: August 3rd 5 years ago.
  • Using the power of <Zafkiel>, Kurumi sends Origami into the past.
  • Origami returns from the past in an inversed state.
  • Kurumi sends Shido back in time as well to figure out what happened.


  • In the new timeline, Shido wakes up in his room after altering history by saving Origami's parents.


  • Origami arrives as a new transfer student with longer hair than her previous self.
  • Shido discovers that Origami is still an inverse Spirit in the new timeline and will automatically assume Spirit form after seeing anything related to Spirits.
  • Origami Counseling (short story) takes place either on this date or the day after.


  • Shido goes on a date with Origami.
  • At the end of the date, Origami assumes her Inverse Form after seeing Shido heal his hand with <Camael>'s flames.
  • Fraxinus is shot down from the sky while trying to stop Origami.
  • The other Spirits arrive in time to help Shido save Origami.
  • Origami realizes that her inverse self is her personality from her original timeline, who still carries the guilt of accidentally murdering her parents.
  • Shido is able to rescue Origami's heart, undoing her inversion and sealing her in the process.
  • The other Spirits regain their memories of the original timeline.


  • Origami returns to school after cutting her hair again. She affirms her love for Shido, having previously come to depend on him.



  • While suffering from a cold, Shido loses control of the Reiryoku sealed in his body. [13]
  • Reine analyzes that Shido's fever is because of the pathways between Shido and the sealed Spirits being narrowing, causing Shido's body to overheat.
  • In this feverish state, he begins flirt with random girls and asked the Spirits to make him fall in love in order to restore the path to normal.

20th to 25th

  • Spirit Merry Christmas (short story) takes place on these dates. Kurumi Santa Claus (short story) also takes place on the night of the 24th.



  • After Nia recovers from her medical Realizer treatment, Shido takes her and the other Spirits to see the first sunrise of the New Year.
  • Nia reveals her theory that all the Spirits used to be humans.
  • Spirit New Year (short story) takes place.



  • Kurumi returns to school.
  • The first assassination attempt on Shido (by Ellen Mathers) is reverted, then prevented on a later iteration of the timeline.


  • The Nibelcole kill Shido at his home. This is also prevented on a later iteration of the timeline.

11th to 13th

  • Kurumi Valentine (short story) takes place on these dates.


  • Kurumi's date with Shido, in which he learns about Kurumi's past. A clone of Kurumi then reveals to Shido that the real Kurumi had reset time 204 times to protect Shido.


  • Shido tells the other Spirits about Kurumi's efforts to protect him.


  • The clone Kurumi discloses to Shido and Kotori, a tip-off of DEM's plans to kill Shido.


New Timeline
  • Shido goes on a date with Reine, watched by the other Spirits and the Ratatoskr crew on board Fraxinus.
  • The date is interrupted by DEM mobilizing early. Their airship Goetia strikes Fraxinus and assimilates its Territory, allowing Westcott and his allies to invade.
  • Westcott begins the ritual to become the second Spirit of Origin.


Original Timeline
  • DEM mobilizes and surrounds Tengu City.
  • Ratatoskr dispatch the Spirits in teams to disable the Bandersnatch and neutralize the Nibelcole.
  • Mio is awakened. She kills the other Spirits and retrieves their Sephira Crystals.
  • Shido resets the timeline by using <Vav>.



  • Yoshino, Natsumi and Mukuro are revealed to have enrolled in Kotori's middle school, but will officially start attending during their third year in April.

Between 20th and 31st

  • The Spirits battle each other in order to circulate Reiryoku and preserve Tohka for as long as possible.

One Year Timeskip


  • Kotori gives the Yamai twins, Natsumi, and Yoshino files containing their former lives as humans
  • Yoshino regains her memories after visiting the hospital where she used to stay.
  • Yoshinon is revealed to have been a gift from Yoshino's mother Nagisa.


  • Shido, Origami, and the Yamai sisters prepare to graduate from high school in a few more days.
  • A new mysterious Spirit, Beast, appears over one year after the death of the Spirit of Origin.
  • Beast is revealed to be a version of Tohka Yatogami from another timeline.



  • Kotori, Yoshino, Natsumi, Mukuro and Mana begin their first year at Raizen High School.
  • Shido is reunited with Tohka, who has been restored by the will of the world. [14]