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Tengu City

Tengū City

Location Information
Kanji 天宮市
Romaji Tengū-shi
English Tengu City
Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 1

Tengu City (天宮市, Tengū-shi?) is a large urban area which serves as the main location of the events of the Date A Live series. The city is well-known throughout the world due to frequent cases of Spacequake caused by Spirits. At the same time, all the destruction caused by the Spirits is restored in record time, mainly due to the fact that magic is secretly used to repair buildings.

Tengu is located south of Tokyo and north of the Kanagawa Prefecture. The location of the city is located in the center of a huge crater stretching for several kilometers.


Tengu is part of Tokyo Prefecture, despite being located separately. The city is mainly built up with low-rise buildings, although there are also high-rise buildings in the center. Tengu is considered one of the most modern cities in the world, with public bunkers dispersed in all areas, and almost all families own personal bunkers. Many buildings also have a retractable security system that protects against the damage incurred during Spacequakes.

The city is the most important point of influence of two warring organizations: DEM and Ratatoskr. The central region is under the influence of DEM, while the rest belongs to Ratatoskr. The city is also home to the military base of the Anti-Spirit Team, an anti-Spirit squad that is part of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

Ratatoskr's influence in Tengu is so strong that the city is actually a veritable military fortress for the secret organization. There are various cannons and weapons hidden underground and can be deployed if necessary. Also, one of Ratatoskr's secret bases is located just below the city, which served as the temporary headquarters for the Fraxinus crew while their airship was incapacitated.


Tengu was once an ordinary city, but 30 years ago a Spacequake completely destroyed the city. The number of victims was enormous, and the destruction extended for tens of kilometers. The city was put into a rebuilding program using the latest technology and began to restructure from the ground up, but for some time the city's population remained small as the threat of another Spacequake remained and the necessary infrastructure had not yet been completed.

There were correspondingly few schools and students at that time due to the severe population decline. Therefore, the city residents decided to combine all school festivals into a single holiday to make it more fun. Since then, this tradition has been preserved, despite the fact that later the population began to grow rapidly. Nowadays, the Tenou school festival is a huge celebration where almost the entire city can gather.

5 years ago, Tengu City suffered a massive fire that burned down the entire Nanko district. The fire was caused by Kotori's transformation into a Spirit as she was unable to control her powers due to her young age and ineptitude.

Notable Locations[]

  • Tengu Station Plaza
  • Raizen High School:
  • Kaisei Junior High School
  • Rindouji All-Girls Private School
  • Saito University
  • Itsuka Residence
  • Spirit Mansion
  • Tengu Tower


  • The kanji used for Tengu (天宮) literally translates to heavenly palace.