Character Infobox - Date-A-Live
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Character Infobox - Date-A-Live
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This template is used to create a infobox for the characters of Date-A-Live.
Type {{Character Infobox - Date-A-Live|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Character Infobox - Date-A-Live
| name       = Tohka Yatogami
| image      = [[File:Tohka_anime_simple1.png|250px]]
| caption    = Tohka Yatogami as shown in PV 
| Kanji       = 
| Romaji     =

| Age        = 
| Gender     = Female
| Species     = Spirit 
| Hair Color = Purple
| Eye Color  = Purple
| Nicknames  = Princess 
| Equipment  = 

| Relatives     = 
| Affiliations  = 
| Occupation    = Student
| Rank          = 
| Voice Actor   = 

Results in...

Character Infobox - Date-A-Live

Tohka anime simple1

Tohka Yatogami as shown in PV

Gender Female
Species Spirit
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Nicknames Princess
Personal Status
Occupation Student

Parameter Explanation
Name Insert character name here
Caption Insert caption for image (if available)
[Kanji] Kana (Kanji or Katakana) for character
Romaji Romaji for character
Age The character's age
Gender Character's gender
Species The Character’s Species (Human, Spirit, Etc.)
Hair Color Hair color of character
Eye Color Eye color of character
Nicknames Nicknames, titles of character, code name
Equipment Any equipment (or abilities) the character has used or possessed over the course of the series
Relatives Character's relation to other characters
Affiliations Any organization, group, or faction the character has aligned with
Occupation Any occupation stated if stated for that character; if affiliations info is not clear enough
Rank Character's rank (if available)
Voice Actor If featured in the anime, place Japanese voice actor and English voice actor (if credited) here

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