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Haruko Itsuka[]

Tatsuo is Haruko's husband. In the past, Tatsuo notes that she frequently beat him up for accidentally falling into her breasts, though she now reacts with mild amusement. Knowing that her husband is often oblivious to feelings of the opposite gender, Haruko can be very jealous and insecure about Tatsuo.

Shido Itsuka[]

Due to working overseas, Tatsuo trusts Shido enough to look after their home in Japan. Incidentally, Shido looks identical to his prior self, Shinji Takamiya, who was Tatsuo's best friend during high school. However, Tatsuo didn't recognize the similarities until after Mio's death.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Kotori is Tatsuo's daughter. However, due to work keeping both parents overseas, Tatsuo leaves Kotori under Shido's care.

Mana Takamiya[]

After recognizing Mana as his wife's long-lost childhood friend through a file report, Tatsuo arranges a surprise reunion for them. When they reunited for the first time in 30 years, Tatsuo is teased by Mana for how predictable it was for him to marry her childhood friend. Mana also jokes around about their now complicated family dynamic, as Tatsuo is technically her father as well due to him adopting Shido. However, this led to a misunderstanding where Haruko believed Mana to be Tatsuo's illegitimate child.

Nia Honjo[]

Tatsuo briefly encounters Nia while he and Mana were looking for Haruko, who had run away due to a misunderstanding. Nia recognizes Tatsuo as one of the engineers behind MARIA, and files a complaint about the cold treatment she specifically receives from the AI.