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Tohka Dead End[]

Shido and his classmates find out that their homeroom teacher for their second year is Tamae, who was infamous in the school for her youthful appearance despite her actual age. A Spacequake alarm occurs just before lunch break, and Tamae finds herself having to direct her class to shelter.

Tamae is later revealed to be responsible for letting Kotori Itsuka into Raizen High School as a visitor. After Shido clears the dating simulation as part of his training under Ratatoskr, he is directed to flirt with a real female, and Tamae happened to be the closest by at school. Shido's attempt to flirt makes him aware of Tamae's desperation for a marriage, forcing him to flee before Tamae can finish talking.

A few days later, Tamae introduces a new student, Tohka Yatogami, to her class, who quickly gets into an argument with Origami. Despite Tamae's attempts to quell Tohka's anger, the new student forcibly choses a seat next to Shido and glares at Origami.

Yoshino Puppet[]

When another Spacequake alarm occurs, Shido brings Tohka to shelter and trusts Tamae to watch over her while he leaves with Reine Murasame. Tamae finds herself having to explain to Tohka what Spacequakes are. But once Tohka finds out, she escapes from the shelter.

Kurumi Killer[]

Tamae introduces Kurumi Tokisaki to her class. At the end of the school day, Tamae makes another attendance log and warns her class of recent disappearance incidents at Tengu City. The following day, Tamae witnesses Kurumi's late arrival to class.

Yamai Tempest[]

Tamae is first seen at the end of the school day after her class sits the last of their end-of-term exams. The day after, she announces to her class that their school trip location had been changed to Arubi Island. Tamae then witnesses Tohka's attempt to crossdress as a boy in order to stay in a group with Shido. Tamae clarifies that the groups remain gender-separate only while at their destination, thus allowing Tohka and Origami to sit next to Shido on the plane.

At their destination, Tamae hears from Reine that Kaguya and Yuzuru, both first seen at Arubi Island, have transferred into Raizen as students. Afterwards, when attempting to check up on Shido, the door opens on Tamae, who sees Shido naked, causing both of them to scream. At the end of the school trip, Tamae gets the students to line up as they make their way to the airport for the flight home.

Natsumi Search[]

Tamae witnesses Shido's inappropriate advances towards her, and tells the real Shido, who arrived in school late, that she can no longer marry him, while remaining unaware that the perpetrator was actually Natsumi in disguise.

Tamae ends up becoming part of Natsumi's "find me" game, and Reine sets Shido up on a meeting with Tamae to discuss his career plans. However, the meeting's conversation quickly drifts towards the flirting back in April, causing Shido to run out and quickly confirm that Natsumi was not disguising herself as Tamae. But because of this, Tamae is absorbed into <Haniel> the following day, only let go once Natsumi's disguise is finally found out.

Natsumi Change[]

The day after being freed from <Haniel>, Tamae informs Shido in class of several visitors coming to see him. They turn out to be the Spirits turned into children. Tamae tells off the child Tohka for not waiting at the staff room.

Later on, another <Haniel> spell suddenly strips Tamae of her clothes right in front of Shido, forcing him to flee again.

Tobiichi Angel[]

Tamae is first seen informing her class of Origami's transfer out of Raizen High School "due to unforeseen circumstances".

After Shido goes back in time, to the day Kotori became a Spirit, he encounters the Tamae of that time period, who doesn't recognize Shido and gets offended by some of his words. Only when Shido briefly looks in the notebook that Tamae dropped, does he realize that he went back in time.

Tobiichi Devil[]

On Shido's first day in class in the new timeline, he notices an empty seat to his left. Once Tamae calls to confirm Hiroto Tonomachi's attendance, Shido suspects something wrong, so he suddenly asks about Origami. Tamae asks who Origami is, and the other students interpret Shido's outburst as him having folded paper cranes for Tamae.

The next day, Tamae coincidentally introduces Origami to the class as a transfer student.

Itsuka Disaster[]

Tamae encounters Shido outside of class, unknowingly during his Reiryoku high. Shido not only proposes to Tamae, but he also catches the attention of passers-by. Using <Haniel>, Shido suddenly manifests an orchestra to play the wedding march for him and Tamae. This causes Tamae to realize that she has forgotten the marriage registration form and leaves to retrieve it.

Mukuro Planet[]

On the first school day of the new year, Tamae laments at her miserable love life in front of her class, and wishes for a meteorite to fall on Japan. Ironically, a meteor does fall on the Raizen High School sports ground.

Mio Game Over[]

Moments after Mio is awakened, Shido is teleported away, finding himself inside a Spacequake shelter with Tamae and several of her class. The trio of Ai, Mai, and Mii restrain Tamae to allow Shido to escape from the shelter.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, Ai, Mai, Mii, Tonomachi, and Tamae are cornered in their Raizen High School classroom by Bandersnatch units deployed by Isaac Westcott. Fortunately, Tohka arrives in time to save them.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after Mio's disappearance, Tamae proudly announces to her graduating class that she is getting married.