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Spirit Mansion

Spirit Mansion

Location Information
Kanji 精霊マンション
Romaji Seirei Manshon
English Spirit Mansion
Novel Volume 2
Anime Date A Live Episode 5

Spirit Mansion, officially named Glaðsheimr,[1] is a large multi-story building built specifically to house Spirits. It is located right next door to the Itsuka residence.


Despite the obvious resemblance to an ordinary residential building, this complex is hundreds of times stronger than ordinary buildings due to being reinforced with Realizers. The building also has a high resistance to the powers of Spirits, so even if something happens inside, no one on the street will know about it. The complex was built at the end of Volume 2 of the light novel in less than two days.

Due to the size of the building, each Spirit has their own room, although Kaguya and Yuzuru prefer to share the same room. Miku, Origami, Nia, and Kurumi do not live here as they have their own personal apartments. However, if necessary, they can stay here overnight since there are enough rooms for everyone. The building also has a spacious kitchen, a fitness room for maintaining health, and a theater room for entertainment.

Even though the Spirits live here separately, they visit Itsuka's residence every day and eat there since Shido prepares their food. Shido also frequently comes to visit the Spirits as well.



Date A Live: Rinne Utopia[]


  • Glaðsheimr is Old Norse for bright home. According to Grímnismál, it is a realm in Asgard where Odin's hall of Valhalla is located.
  • The address of the Spirit Mansion is Spirit Mansion, xx-xxx, East Tengu, Tengu City, Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
  • The room number for each Spirit is as follows:
    • Tohka's room is number 410.
    • Yoshino's room is number 405.
    • The Yamai sisters' room is number 802.
    • Natsumi's room number is unknown, but it is the furthest room on the top floor. After the events of Volume 20, Natsumi moved into the room next to Yoshino's.
    • Miku's room (when she stays overnight on special occasions) is number 901.


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