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The <Kingdom> has inversed. Well then, prepare yourself humanity.

—Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott.png

Katakana アイザック・レイ・ペラム・ウェストコット
Romaji Aizakku Rei Peramu Wesutokotto
Age 50 [1]
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Human (Formerly)
Inverse Spirit
Hair Color Dark Ash Blonde
Nicknames Ike (by Ellen and Woodman)
Personal Status
  • Unnamed Parents
  • Unnamed Adoptive Parents
  • Nibelcole (Creation)
Affiliations DEM
Occupation DEM Director
Novel Debut Volume 5
Anime Debut Episode 01
Manga Debut Date AST Like
Japanese Ryōtarō Okiayu
English Alex Organ (Season 2)
Christopher Wehkamp (Seasons 3-4)

Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott (アイザック・レイ・ペラム・ウェストコット, Aizakku Rei Peramu Wesutokotto?) was the main antagonist of the Date A Live series who was first introduced in Volume 5. He was the director of Deus Ex Machina Industries.


Westcott was the director and founder of DEM and seemed to be familiar with almost everything happening around the company. He also seems to know about Shido's past, since he briefly called him Takamiya before switching back to Itsuka.

Westcott is the one responsible for minimizing the punishment for Origami as he seemed to be interested in Origami's ability to pilot the <White Licorice>. He is also obsessed about harnessing the powers of the Spirits in their “natural form”, making him responsible for Tohka’s transformation into her Inverse Form.


Westcott is a tall man often seen wearing a formal jet black suit. His hair is dark ash blond, and he has a pair of sharp eyes as if a knife was used to cut slits on his face. The color of his eyes are dull blue and give off a lifeless look that is only strengthened when complemented by his extremely pale skin. Despite looking 30 years old, Origami states that he gave off a feeling that of being an experienced veteran. He is often noted to emanate a foreign, disturbing presence to those who encounter him.


Ever since he was a child, Westcott has always had a morbid fascination with death and derived a sadistic sense of pleasure watching the suffering and mourning of others. However, he was also clever enough to understand that such feelings would isolate himself in his community, so he resolved to hide these feelings. After his hometown was burned to the ground, he lost this social restraint holding himself back and chose to relish rampantly in his sadistic tendencies. He is also quite masochistic, deriving pleasure from his own suffering just as much as others'. He can mourn the deaths of his loved ones while also enjoying his ability to feel such sadness in the first place. He places little importance on self-preservation, and expresses interest in the experience of death.

Westcott's mindset has been described as one not just cruel or brutal, but rather as something that could only be classified as abnormal. However, during his confrontation with Shido Itsuka, he retorts that he is in fact very ordinary in the sense that he is merely to doing everything in his power for the sake of his goals. What separates himself from others is his lack of ethics and morals when pursuing his wishes.

He has shown to be arrogant, selfish, and a person that has an uncanny mind or, in other words, a “cruel” businessman with a ruthless ambition. He has no regard for little things (such as his company or people's lives) as long as he accomplishes what he describes to be his most cherished dream. Even the DEM Wizards, who are completely loyal to him, are seen by him as only valuable pawns for his interests and goals. One instance of his cruelty was shown when he was considering how to draw out Tohka's natural form through various types of cruel physical, mental, emotional, and even sexual tortures that only the most twisted of individuals could think of. Another instance was shown when he let Nia escape so she could meet Shido and he could make her regain her hope in humanity, just so that he could turn her hope into despair and make her assume her inverse form.

At times, Westcott can also be very childish. Both Ellen and Karen admit that his actions with his newly acquired Demon King resembles a mischievous kid playing with a new toy.



Westcott grew up in a town of mages who could use sorcery along with Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Ellen Mira Mathers, and Karen Nora Mathers. However, one day a group of normal people who feared the power of mages burned down their village. Westcott, Woodman, Ellen, and Karen survived and watched their village being burned from a distance. This event caused something to change in Westcott. Afterwards, he gained a desire to create a new world, one with only mages living in it. This became the first step to the creation of DEM. Westcott, Woodman, and Ellen spent their youths learning everything they could about sorcery in order to find a way to create a Spirit, a being of immense power born from the mana of the world, which they could use to achieve their goal. Around the same time, the orphaned Westcott was adopted by a rich couple. However, the couple ended up dying in an accident, leaving their entire fortune to Westcott.

Around 30 years ago, Westcott began to set his plan for a new world into motion. Using a sorcery called <Spirit Formula> that he, Woodman and Ellen had created, they gathered all of the world's mana in a location and successfully created a Spirit, along with an alternate dimension in the process. However, this also caused the first spacequake, which destroyed a large portion of Eurasia, which Westcott, Woodman, and Ellen protected themselves from by using defensive barriers made using sorcery. Afterwards, seeing the destruction that he had caused, Westcott simply laughed manically.

Following the first spacequake, DEM became a huge company since their Realizers, which Westcott invented by studying the First Spirit's Angel, <Ain Soph>, helped with the reconstruction of the world. However, the Spirit he, Woodman and Ellen created managed to escape from them and ended up causing smaller spacequakes around the world for six months before suddenly disappearing. DEM eventually found the Spirit, now going by the name Mio Takamiya, living with Shinji and Mana Takamiya. In response to this, DEM abducted Mana and hunted Shinji and Mio. Westcott eventually confronted Shinji and offered to hand over Mana in exchange for Mio. Shinji tried to run away with Mio, but Westcott shot him in the chest with a gun. This, however, caused Mio's powers to manifest in an act of rage, allowing her to escape with Shinji.

After DEM discovered the existence of Nia, Westcott sent Ellen to capture her, which she did. The two then put her through horrible physical torture to attempt to make her go into her Inverse Form. However, no matter what they tried, she never transformed and in the end, he was forced to use a Realizer to suppress her memories to prevent her mind from collapsing.


Powers & Abilities

Westcott is one of the few pure Magus (魔術師メイガス, Meigasu?) left in the world, and held almost unrivaled skill in his hometown. He was able to sense Mio summoning <Ain Soph Aur> from far away. His most notable magical achievement was the Spirit Formula (精霊術式, Seirei Jutsushiki?), which was performed alongside Elliot and Ellen to create the First Spirit. After 30 years of further refining the technology, he would perform it again on himself to turn into the Second Spirit of Origin. Elliot would come to admit that Westcott's genius was instrumental to the creation of the Spirit Formula. While records of the Spirit Formula still exist within Ratatoskr's database, it is considered impossible for humans to replicate the ceremony again without someone at the level of Westcott’s expertise.

Westcott's plan involves making the Spirits go into their Inverse Form in order to extract their Qlipha Crystals from their bodies. Then, he bonds with the crystals to gain their ability to summon their Demon Kings. Westcott is able to accept Qlipha Crystals, which usually make their hosts go berserk, with no noticeable adverse side-effects. However, even he believes that his body could not handle taking in several at a time.


Demon King: Beelzebub (神蝕篇帙ベルゼバブ, Beruzebabu?. lit. "Tome of Divine Corruption")

Weapon: Book

Original Owner: Nia Honjo

<Beelzebub> has the ability to transfer information about a subject directly into its user's mind, as shown when Westcott found out about Shido changing the past during the events of Tobiichi Devil. Westcott can then freely share this information with others just by simply touching them. The demonic book can also summon shadow-like creatures from its pages that follow his every command. The pages themselves can serve as a shield capable of blocking attacks from sealed Spirits. They can also be used offensively, as he prepared to stab Shido with one during their fight before Miku and Natsumi intervened. Despite his own admission that <Beelzebub> is lacking in direct combat, he was use this Demon King to match Elliot, one of the most powerful Wizards in the world, in a one-on-one confrontation. Westcott was even able to slice off Elliot's arm and leg, albeit at the cost of one of his own arms.

However, since Nia's Inverse Form was in an incomplete state because of Shido's intervention, only a part of her Qlipha Crystal was extracted. As a result, Westcott's <Beelzebub> is also in an imperfect state, implying that the Demon King is not as powerful as it was when Nia was using it. Nia explains that neither of them can use their most powerful ability, future entry. Additionally, <Beelzebub> still shares a connection to Nia's angel <Rasiel>, as the two used to be two sides of the same embodiment. As a result, Nia can sabotage <Beelzebub> by interfering with its information network, which she has used to further weaken the Demon King. Nia also states <Beelzebub> shares <Raisel>'s weakness of being incapable of predicting the future and reading a person's inner thoughts. After Kurumi Tokisaki forcibly takes back Nia's Sephira Crystal, Westcott loses access to <Beelzebub>.

So far the Demon King owned by Westcott, Beelzebub, has shown to have the following abilities:

  • Ashufiriya (幻書館アシュフィリヤ, Ashufiriya?. lit. "Phantom Library"): After summoning <Beelzebub>, Westcott traps the targets into the book and transports them into an adjacent world created by <Beelzebub>. According to Nia, the world is created by various scenarios made by people's dreams and imagination. The people imprisoned assume the roles of fairy tale and manga characters, though several alterations might be made to the source material. While trapped within the fantasy world, other Spirits are unable to use their Angels.
  • Nibelcole (魔王の娘たちニベルコル, Niberukoru?. lit. "Daughters of the Demon King"): Summons various soldiers from <Beelzebub>'s pages, all of whom bare a striking resemblance to Marina Arusu. The Psuedo-Spirits have a hive mind which can be linked with Westcott's senses. However, due to <Beelzebub>'s connection with <Rasiel>, the Nibelcole has a significant weakness despite their great numbers. Because Shido still has Nia's affections, he is able to seal the Nibelcole with a kiss, causing them to revert back into paper and fade away into light particles. They also disappear when Kurumi removes Westcott's Qlipha Crystal, the source of their power.

Second Spirit of Origin

After re-creating the ritual that gave birth to Mio Takamiya on himself, through siphoning power from her rather than condensing the world's currently insufficient supply of mana, Westcott becomes the second Spirit of Origin. In doing so, he gained three new Demon Kings that serve as an evil counterpart to Mio's Angels. Aside from his Demon Kings, Westcott has also shown to be able to use her ability to empower others, as he was seen using it on both Ellen and Artemisia. He is also able to protect himself with a wall of Reiryoku which can completely nullify the attacks of the Spirits in their limited Astral Dresses, showing defense on par with Mio. His durability has also immensely increased, allowing him to survive a blow from Shido that channeled the power of all 10 Angels. However, the punch was still enough to gravely wound him and destabilize his powers. His consciousness was even able to linger for a bit after losing most of his body from his final clash with Mio, although the damage ultimately proved fatal.

Weapons: Flower, Tree, Seed

Athiel (極死祭壇アテイエル, Ateieru?. lit. "Altar of Extreme Death"): The evil counterpart of <Ain Soph Aur>, manifesting a demonic flower that emits particles of darkness rather than light, instantly killing anyone they touch. Shido speculates that those who have been directly empowered by Westcott are immune to the instant death effect of this Demon King.

Belial (永劫瘴獄ベリアル, Beriaru?. lit. "Eternal Prison"): The evil counterpart of Ain Soph, summoning a demonic tree capable of distorting the laws of reality within its boundary. Like Ain Soph, the branches and roots can be weaponized.

Qemetiel (■■■ケメティエル, Kemetieru?): The evil counterpart to Ain, summoning a demonic void without a physical form capable of illuminating the entire world with darkness instead of light before erasing whomever or whatever he desires from reality. After his power was destabilized by Shido, Mio feared that this Demon King would cause destruction well beyond even the Eurasian Sky Disaster if left unchecked. Upon clashing with Mio's <Ain>, the ensuing backlash was minimized, but it was still enough to kill both Westcott and Mio.


  • (To General Kiritani) "Do you still not understand, even though I am saying this much?" [2]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) "Ellen, with this I am certain. A peace-loving idiot is much scarier than anyone with dementia."[2]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) "I'll leave this matter to you Ellen. ——Ellen. Ellen Mira Mathers. The strongest Wizard that is second to none. If it is you, you'll definitely be able to accomplish it. No matter who the opponent is, even if it is the being that causes the atrocity of destroying the world."[2]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "…………..Kuku, a boy that is able to use the Spirit's power…………..I've heard about this and thought it was impossible but, I see, so that's how it is. Kuku, haha-hahahahahahahahaha!........Isn't this funny. In the end------everything was on the palm of her hands huh." [3]
  • (To Elliot Baldwin Woodman) “By the way, Elliot. Why don’t you come back to us. You should know this too but, we Inversed <Princess>. Our dearest realization is near. If you provide assistance that would probably make it even more certain. If you come back, Ellen would certainly be pleased.” [4]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) “This is ironic. To think the secret anti-Spirit weapon <Ratatoskr> came up with, would become our joker too. It isn’t particularly rare for medicine to become poison. However-------“ [5]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) "Yes.----It’s about time we try making our perfect inverse type?” [6]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) “It’s a very simple thing. Rather than simply dropping the glass, it’s better to drop it from a higher place so that it would break easier.” [7]
  • (To an unnamed Wizard) “Now, within a fairy tale… struggling in fantasy.” [8]
  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki's clones) “I will kill Itsuka Shido. No matter how many times you go back. No matter how many times you reset the world. No matter how many times you revise history. I will do it so thoroughly so that you will never be able to overturn it. Well, try and fight it if you can ──Worst Spirit.” [9]
  • (To the sealed Spirits) "Cheers my friends. For all of you, are at privilege to witness the birth of the Second Spirit of Origin." [10]
  • (Last thoughts before his death) "What... it was so simple... wasn't it? Fill them with despair..." [11]


  • His first name "Isaac" means "[He] will laugh" in Hebrew.
  • His last name, "Westcott", comes from William Wynn Westcott, one of the three founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which was one of the orders of the Hermetic Qabalah.
  • Qemetiel (ケメテイエル) is written as furigana over ■■■ rather than above any kanji.
  • Westcott's Spirit number is 0, which reflects his status as the Second Spirit of Origin. The number is derived from his middle name Ray (レイ) being pronounced the same as the kanji for 0 (零, rei). [12]
  • Tachibana briefly considered naming him Albert (アルバート) instead of Isaac, as Albert contains the katakana for the Chinese pronunciation of the number 2 (アル), which would showcase Westcott's possession of <Beelzebub>. [12]


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