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A collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. They are first printed in Dragon Magazine before being compiled in either the Encore series or fanbooks like Date A Live Material.

Short Summary

The following below includes summaries for short stories that have yet to be collected in a compilation volume.

Web Chapter (Tohka and Shido)

  • Tohka and Shido get locked inside the gym’s storage shed by accident.

Tohka Fearful

  • The event takes place a few days after Tohka has her Spirits powers sealed, and just right after she transferred into Shido's high school (In-between Volume 1 and Volume 2).
  • Tohka's first experience in school.

Date A Quest

  • Non-canon story: Yuusha Tohka goes on a quest to Maou Origami castle to rescue Queen Shido.

Fantasy April

  • A "What if" question by Tohka to Shido.
  • Shido answers that question by telling a narrative.
  • Origami's not-so-friendly input into the narrative every so often results in antagonizing Tohka into an argument with her.

Origami Deceive

Itsuka Shido's Ordinary Day

  • A retelling of "Ellen Mathers' Strongest Day": Shido mistakes Ai, Mai, and Mii for DEM spies.

Tohka Santa Claus

Spirit Baseball

Girls & Posters

Web Chapter (Mayuri and Shido)

  • Shido was about to go to school early in the morning, and then heard Mayuri's voice, joining her as they walked to school together.
  • Upon arriving at school, Mayuri and Shido went to their respective classrooms, the former being Shido's junior by one year.
  • During lunch, Shido and Mayuri meet up on the school's rooftop, eating and talking together about their bentos, thoughts and life.
  • Throughout the day, Shido realizes something important, as he grows deeply attached to Mayuri.

Web Chapter (Kurumi and Shido)

  • As Shido wakes up in the morning, he heard light footsteps coming into his room, thinking it was Kotori.
  • However, Shido heard an unusual voice that wasn't Kotori, but actually Kurumi, who called him "big brother" and said that Shido should eat breakfast before it got cold.
  • When Shido was about to go to school, another Kurumi appeared in front of him, and joined to walk with him until they had arrived to their classroom.
  • Upon arriving to school, Shido saw a very, very unusual scene in his classroom; his classmates and teacher had all been replaced with Kurumi's clones.

Kurumi Audition

Saika Crossover

  • Date A Live x King Propose Crossover
  • While practicing a teleportation spell as Saika, Mushiki ends up transported to the world of Date A Live. As a misunderstanding ensues where Shido believes Saika is a Spirit, Shido goes on a date with him to make fall in love.

Spirit Streaming

  • MARIA helps each Spirit establish their own streaming channels.

Spirit Trip

  • After Nia's drunken rant, MARIA plans a second trip to Arubi Island for Shido and all of the Spirits.
  • To celebrate the island's 35th anniversary, MARIA plans a quiz game where the winner will be able to select who they will room with at a luxurious suite.

Kurumi Voice

  • Kurumi receives a request from Miku to investigate a letter threatening to steal away the voices of an idol group.

Short Stories

Short Story Japanese Romaji Volume Original Source
Tohka Fearful 十香フィアフル Tohka Fiafuru N/A [1]
Date A Quest デート・ア・クェスト Dēto A Kuesuto N/A [2]
Fantasy April N/A
Origami Deceive 折紙ディセイブ Origami Diseibu N/A
Tohka Santa Claus 十香サンタクロース Tohka Santakurōsu N/A
Spirit Baseball N/A
Shido Itsuka's Ordinary Day N/A [3]
Girls & Posters N/A
Tohka Game Center 十番ゲームセンター Tohka Gēmusentā Encore [4]
Origami Impossible 折紙インポッシブル Origami Inposshiburu Encore [5]
Yoshino Fireworks 四糸乃ファイヤーワークス Yoshino Faiyāwākusu Encore [6]
Kotori Birthday 琴里バースデー Kotori Bāsudē Encore [7]
Yamai Lunchtime 八舞ランチタイム Yamai Ranchitaimu Encore [8]
Shido Hunters 士道ハンターズ Shidō Hantāzu Encore 2 [9]
Unidentified Summer Vacation 未確認サマーバケーション Mikakunin Samā Bakēshon Encore 2 [10]
Unidentified Brother 未確認ブラザー Mikakunin Burazā Encore 2 [11]
Spirit King Game 精霊キングゲーム Seirei Kingu Gēmu Encore 2 [12]
Tenou Festival Contest 天央祭コンテスト Tenou Matsuri Kontesuto Encore 2 [13]
Miku Onstage 美九オンステージ Miku Onsutēji Encore 3 [14]
Shiori Penalty 士織ペナルティ Shiori Penaruti Encore 3 [15]
Natsumi Teaching 七罪ティーチング Natsumi Tīchingu Encore 3 [16]
Mana Research 真那リサーチ Mana Risāchi Encore 3 [17]
Cat Café A Live キャットカフェ・ア・ライブ Kyattokafe A Raibu Encore 3 [18]
Tohka Working 十香ワーキング Tohka Wākingu Encore 4 [19]
Yoshino Highschool 四糸乃ハイスクール Yoshino Haisukūru Encore 4 [20]
Origami Normalize 折紙ノーマライズ Origami Nōmaraizu Encore 4 [21]
Kurumi Cat 狂三キャット Kurumi Kyatto Encore 4 [22]
Mana Mission 真那ミッション Mana Misshon Encore 4 [23]
Kotori Mystery 琴里ミステリー Kotori Misuterī Encore 4 [24]
Origami Counseling 折紙カウンセリング Origami Kaunseringu Encore 5 [25]
Reine Holiday 令音ホリデー Reine Horidē Encore 5 [26]
Silver Astray 白銀アストレイ Shirogane Asutorei Encore 5 [27]
Silver Murderer 白銀マーダラー Shirogane Mādarā Encore 5 [28]
Spirit Snow Wars 精霊スノーウォーズ Seirei Sunōwōzu Encore 5 [29]
Spirit New Year 精霊ニューイヤー Seirei Nyūiyā Encore 6 [30]
Nia Galgame 二亜ギャルゲー Nia Gyarugē Encore 6 [31]
Spirit Animation 精霊アニメーション Seirei Animēshon Encore 6 [32]
Spirit Online 精霊オンライン Seirei Onrain Encore 6 [33]
Spirit Offline 精霊オフライン Seirei Ofurain Encore 6 [34]
Tohka Food Fight 十香フードファイト Tohka Fūdofaito Encore 7 [35]
Yoshino Experience 四糸乃エクスペリエンス Yoshino Ekusuperiensu Encore 7 [36]
Kurumi Valentine 狂三バレンタイン Kurumi Barentain Encore 7 [37]
Yamai Exchange 八舞エクスチェンジ Yamai Ekusuchenji Encore 7 [38]
Miku Burglar 美九バーグラー Miku Bāgurā Encore 7 [39]
Mikke Measurement 美紀恵メジャーメント Mikke Mejāmento Encore 7 [40]
Natsumi Double 七罪ダブル Natsumi Daburu Encore 8 [41]
Tohka Brave 十香ブレイブ Tohka Bureibu Encore 8 [42]
Kotori Editor 琴里エディター Kotori Editā Encore 8 [43]
Mukuro Geisha 六喰ゲイシャ Mukuro Geisha Encore 8 [44]
Shiori Spirit 士織スピリット Shiori Supiritto Encore 8 [45]
Itsuka Parents 五河ペアレンツ Itsuka Pearentsu Encore 9
Volume 11.5
Nia House 二亜ハウス Nia Hausu Encore 9 [47]
Kurumi Audition 狂三オーディション Kurumi Ōdishon N/A [48]
Natsumi Challenge 七罪チャレンジ Natsumi Charenji Encore 9 [49]
Origami Training 折紙トレーニング Origami Torēningu Encore 9 [50]
Miku Scandal 美九スキャンダル Miku Sukyandaru Encore 9 [51]
Kurumi Friend 狂三フレンド Kurumi Furendo Encore 10 [52]
Tohka President 十香プレジデント Tohka Purejidento Encore 10 [53]
Mana Again 真那アゲイン Mana Agein Encore 10 [54]
Spirit Camping 精霊キャンピング Seirei Kyanpingu Encore 10 [55]
Spirit Werewolf 精霊ワーウルフ Seirei Wāurufu Encore 10 [56]
Tohka Graduation 十香グラデュエーション Tohka Guraduēshon Encore 11 [57]
Spirit Stranger 精霊ストレンジャー Seirei Sutorenjā Encore 11 [58]
Yamai Triad 八舞トライアド Yamai Toraiado Encore 11 [59]
Itsuka Partner 五河パートナー Itsuka Pātonā Encore 11 [60]
Natsumi Election 七罪エレクション Natsumi Erekushon Encore 11 [61]
Saika Crossover 彩禍クロスオーバー Saika Kurosuōbā N/A [62]
Spirit Streaming 精霊ストリーミング Seirei Sutorīmingu N/A [63]
Kurumi Detective 狂三ディテクティブ Kurumi Ditekutibu Detective Kurumi [64]
Kurumi Doll 狂三ドール Kurumi Dōru Detective Kurumi [65]
Kurumi Ristorante 狂三リストランテ Kurumi Risutorante Detective Kurumi [66]
Kurumi Secret Garden 狂三シークレットガーデン Kurumi Shīkurettogāden Detective Kurumi [67]
Spirit Trip 精霊トリップ Seirei Torippu N/A [68]
Nia Repair 二亜リペアー Nia Ripeā N/A [69]
Kurumi Voice 狂三ボイス Kurumi Boisu N/A [70]
Kurumi Comic 狂三コミック Kurumi Komikku N/A [71]

Short Story Popularity Poll

From September 18, 2020 to October 20, 2020, a voting poll was conducted to rank the 63 short stories compiled between Encore volumes 1 through 10. The results of the reader's votes were subsequently published in Date A Live Material 2, with Tohka After receiving a special illustration as the first place winner. Due to the timing of the poll, short stories written post-October 2020 and compiled into Encore 11 like Tohka Graduation, Spirit Stranger, and Yamai Triad, Itsuka Partner, and Natsumi Election were not eligible for the voting. Even if a story was published in Dragon Magazine prior to October 2020, they were not eligible if not compiled into Encore like Kurumi Audition. The ranking of the short stories is as followed:

  • 1st place: Tohka After
  • 2nd place: Kurumi Star Festival
  • 3rd place: Tohka Game Center
  • 4th place: Kurumi Santa Claus
  • 5th place: Mukuro Geisha
  • 6th place: Kurumi Friend
  • 7th place: Shiori Spirit
  • 8th place: Nia Galgame
  • 9th place: Mukuro Hair
  • 10th place: Kurumi Valentine
  • 11th place: Spirit King Game
  • 12th place: Shiori Penalty
  • 13th place: Origami Impossible
  • 14th place: Natsumi Challenge
  • 15th place: Kotori Birthday
  • 16th place: Yoshino Fireworks
  • 17th place: Itsuka Parents
  • 18th place: Natsumi Double
  • 19th place: Beginning of Nightmare / End of Nightmare
  • 20th place: Yamai Lunchtime
  • 21st place: Miku On-Stage
  • 22nd place: Nia House
  • 23rd place: Spirit Cruising
  • 24th place: Yoshino Highschool
  • 25th place: Spirit WereWolf
  • 26th place: Miku Burglar
  • 27th place: Shido Hunters
  • 28th place: Spirit Snow Wars
  • 29th place: Reine Holiday
  • 30th place: Spirit Camping
  • 31st place: Ellen Mira Mather's Strongest Day
  • 32nd place: Kurumi Cat
  • 33rd place: Spirit New Year
  • 34th place: Mana Research
  • 35th place: Spirit Merry Christmas
  • 36th place: Yoshino Experience
  • 37th place: Silver Astray
  • 38th place: Mana Again
  • 39th place: Reine Marriage Hunt
  • 40th place: Spirit Offline
  • 41st place: Yamai Exchange
  • 42nd place: Origami Training
  • 43rd place: Kotori Editor
  • 44th place: Kotori Birthday
  • 45th place: Miku Scandal
  • 46th place: Origami Counseling
  • 47th place: Spirit Dark Matter
  • 48th place: Tohka Food Fight
  • 49th place: Natsumi Teaching
  • 50th place: Spirit Animation
  • 51st place: Tohka President
  • 52nd place: Tenou Festival Contest
  • 53rd place: Spirit Online
  • 54th place: Cat Cafe A Live
  • 55th place: Tohka Reverse
  • 56th place: Kotori Mystery
  • 57th place: Unidentified Brother
  • 58th place: Origami Normalize
  • 59th place: Tohka Brave
  • 60th place: Silver Murderer
  • 61st place: Tohka Working
  • 62nd place: Mana Mission
  • 63rd place: Mikie Measurement

Kōshi Tachibana's Top Ten Short Stories

  • 1st place: Spirit Snow Wars
  • 2nd place: Tohka President
  • 3rd place: Yoshino Experience
  • 4th place: Natsumi Challenge
  • 5th place: Kurumi Star Festival
  • 6th place: Reine Marriage Hunt
  • 7th place: Spirit Werewolf
  • 8th place: Kotori Editor
  • 9th place: Mukuro Geisha
  • 10th place: Mana Mission

Tsunako's Top Ten Short Stories

  • 1st place: Kurumi Star Festival
  • 2nd place: Tohka After
  • 3rd place: Reine Marriage Hunt
  • 4th place: Beginning of Nightmare / End of Nightmare
  • 5th place: Nia Galgame
  • 6th place: Spirit Werewolf
  • 7th place: Tohka Game Center
  • 8th place: Spirit Offline
  • 9th place: Ellen Mira Mather's Strongest Day
  • 10th place: Yoshino Fireworks



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