A collection of short stories within the Date A Live series.

Short SummaryEdit

Web Chapter (Tohka and Shido)

  • Tohka and Shido get locked inside the gym’s storage shed by accident.

Tohka Fearful

  • The event takes place a few days after Tohka has her Spirits powers sealed, and just right after she transferred into Shido's high school (In-between Volume 1 and Volume 2).
  • Tohka's first experience in school.

Date A Quest

  • Non-canon story
  • Yuusha Tohka goes on a quest to Maou Origami castle to rescue Queen Shido.

Fantasy April

  • A "What if" question by Tohka to Shido.
  • Shido answers that question by telling a narrative.
  • Origami's not-so-friendly input into the narrative every so often results in antagonizing Tohka into an argument with her.

Origami Deceive

Itsuka Shidou's Ordinary Day

  • A retelling of "Ellen Mathers' Strongest Day"
  • Shido mistakes Ai, Mai and Mii for DEM spies.

Tohka Santa Claus

Spirit Baseball

Girls & Posters

Nia Galge

Web Chapter (Mayuri and Shido)

  • Shido was about to go to school early in the morning, and then heard Mayuri's voice, joining her as they walked to school together.
  • Upon arriving at school, Mayuri and Shido went to their respective classrooms, the former being Shido's junior by one year.
  • During lunch, Shido and Mayuri meet up on the school's rooftop, eating and talking together about their bentos, thoughts and life.
  • Throughout the day, Shido realizes something important, as he grows deeply attached to Mayuri.

Web Chapter (Kurumi and Shido)

  • As Shido wakes up in the morning, he heard light footsteps coming into his room, thinking it was Kotori.
  • However, Shido heard an unusual voice that wasn't Kotori, but actually Kurumi, who called him "big brother" and said that Shido should eat breakfast before it got cold.
  • When Shido was about to go to school, another Kurumi appeared in front of him, and joined to walk with him until they had arrived to their classroom.
  • Upon arriving to school, Shido saw a very, very unusual scene in his classroom; his classmates and teacher had all been replaced with Kurumi's clones.

Mikie Measurement

Tohka Food Fight

Yoshino Experience

Kurumi Valentine

Yamai Exchange

Miku Burglar

Natsumi Double

Tohka Brave

Kotori Editor

Mukuro Geisha

Shiori Spirit

Kurumi Audition

Nia House

Natsumi Challenge

Origami Training

Miku Scandal

Kurumi Friend

Chapters/Short StoriesEdit

  • Web Chapter (Tohka and Shido)
  • Tohka Fearful[1]
  • Date A Quest[2]
  • Fantasy April
  • Origami Deceive
  • Itsuka Shido's Ordinary Day[3]
  • Tohka Santa Claus
  • Spirit Baseball
  • Girls & Posters[4]
  • Web Chapter (Mayuri and Shido)
  • Web Chapter (Kurumi and Shido)
  • Mikie Measurement[5]
  • Tohka Food Fight[6]
  • Yoshino Experience[7]
  • Kurumi Valentine[8]
  • Yamai Exchange[9]
  • Miku Burglar[10]
  • Natsumi Double[11]
  • Tohka Brave[12]
  • Kotori Editor[13]
  • Mukuro Geisha[14]



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