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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Tohka Dead End[]

Kotori kicks Shido

Kotori waking Shido up

On April 10th, Shido finds himself being violently woken up by his little sister, Kotori, who had just delivered a kick to his stomach. In response, he pretends to be possessed by the T-Virus, which would force him to tickle his little sister to death. Terrified, Kotori runs away hiding downstairs. However, after fully waking up, he clarifies that it was only a joke. As they hear the news, they listen about another Spacequake occurring within their neighborhood. Remembering the Eurasia incident from 30 years ago, Shido starts to wonder why similar events have been happening more frequently recently. As he is preparing breakfast for both of them, Kotori makes him promise to take her out to a family restaurant for a deluxe kid's plate meal.

After arriving at school, he finds that he is now in Year 2, Class 4. He is greeted by Origami, who seems to know him, despite Shido not remembering any previous encounters between the two of them. Right afterward, he is questioned by his friend Tonomachi about this, while at the same time being made fun of for his lack of interactions with the opposite gender. After classes are over, the siren for the Spacequake goes off. Shido tries to call Kotori, but the call does not connect no matter how many times he dialed her number. After seeing from the GPS tracker in Kotori's phone that she is still at the promised family restaurant, Shido ignores the warning to go to the shelter and runs outside in an attempt to find his little sister.

Shido and Tohka

Shido meets the nameless girl

Soon afterward, he is blown away by the impact of the Spacequake. As he gets up, he sees a mysterious girl wearing a strange dress. The girl draws out a sword from her throne and points it towards him. Dazed by the girl’s beautiful, yet sad appearance, Shido asks for the girl’s name, to which she replies that she has none. He questions the girl about what she plans to do to him, to which she replies that she would kill him quickly since she viewed that he would probably going to try to kill her as well. However, the conversation is interrupted by a group of humans wearing strange suits that allow them to fly in the sky. In the group formation, he recognizes one of them to be Origami. During the ensuing clash between the nameless girl and Origami's group, Shido is mercilessly blown away by the impact of the conflict and loses consciousness after hitting his head against a wall.

While still unconscious, Shido hears a mysterious voice that sounds nostalgic to him. The voice tells Shido that it is glad to see him again, and to wait a little longer since that person will not make a mistake again. After waking up, Shido finds himself on <Fraxinus>’s medical office and greeted by Reine Murasame. Questioning the woman’s sleepy appearance, Shido is shocked to find out that she has not slept for 30 years and that she regularly consumes sleeping pills as if they were candy. After finally meeting the ship’s commander, Shido is stunned to discover his little sister, Kotori, and is even more startled by her abrasive and harsh personality. After she explains to Shido the situation regarding AST and Spirits, Kotori reveals to him that their organization, <Ratatoskr>, is dedicated to supporting him in peacefully resolving the conflict with the Spirits by dating them. While initially surprised at such an absurd method, Kotori is able to convince him by relying on Shido’s personal desire to save that girl. In preparation for his next encounter with the Spirit, Kotori announces the beginning of his training.

The next day, Shido is confronted by Origami, who asks him why he was at the site of the Spacequake yesterday. After responding that he was looking for his little sister, Shido agrees to keep Origami’s activity with AST a secret. After this, Shido heard from Origami that her parents died five years because of the actions of a Spirit. After finishing the conversation with Origami, Shido detected a significant amount of noise coming from a person falling, and it turns out to be Reine who has become the new Physics teacher at Shido’s school. On the way to the Physics room, they are soon joined by Kotori, who switches to her sadistic personality as soon as she places on her black ribbons. The two state that they are beginning Shido’s torture; or rather training, as Reine quickly corrects herself. To convince Shido to take his training, Kotori starts revealing embarrassing secrets from his past, like how he once created a secret technique called "Roaring Flash Blast Wave". For the next week, Shido was forced to play "Fall In Love, My•Little•Shido", a 15+ dating simulation game personally created <Ratatoskr>.

After completing the game, Kotori reveals the second part of Shido's training, forcing him to flirt with real girls in preparation for the Spirits. The first person he was forced to go after was the teacher of his school, Tamae. He heard from Reine on the intercom that he should tell her that he wants to marry her. The results were a success and Shido ends up having to run away from an overly excited teacher. After fleeing and apologizing to Tamae, Shido ends up running into Origami. Kotori then tells Shido that he must continue his training with Origami. As they started to converse, Shido began to recognize that Origami had a stalker-like behavior around him, with Origami saying that she would always look at him during class. Despite being forced to say things like he smelled her gym clothes, Origami remained emotionless and stated that she did the same things as well. Despite how awkward the conversation went, Origami still accepts Shido's request for a date, much to Shido's surprise. However, their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the Spacequake alarm. Kotori then told Shido the location of the Spirit's arrival: Raizen High School.

As Shido prepares to confront the Spirit, Kotori announces to him the members of the <Fraxinus> crew that will support him, prompting Shido to question if he will be taking advice from perverts. As Shido arrives at the classroom, the Spirit immediately sends a shot that flies past his cheek. Shido follows the <Fraxinus>'s crew advice for flirting with the Spirit, but it only seemed to agitate her further. After seeing the sad expression on her face, Shido immediately rushes to tell her that he had come to talk with her and that he will not deny her existence. As they started their conversation, Shido realizes that the girl did not have a name, to which she asks Shido for one to help start their conversation move along. Initially, he followed <Fraxinus>'s suggestion for the name Tome, but she fires another missed shot at him, feeling that the name was somehow mocking her. Eventually, they settled on the name Tohka, naming her after the tenth day of April, the day when they first met. Shido then writes on the blackboard, teaching Tohka how to write her new name.

However, the conversation is interrupted by AST, who had started firing a barrage of bullets into the classroom to lure the Spirit outside. Despite Tohka saying that Shido should leave now since he could get hurt in the crossfire, Shido resolves to stay and answer Tohka's questions. Tohka's powers shielded the two from the bullets, buying him the time to answer all of her questions. He asks her about her existence as a Spirit, to which Tohka replies that she's not sure herself because her memories are all blurry and unclear. As Shido prepares to invite Tohka on a date, Origami sees Shido inside the building and rushes in to try and save him. However, Tohka responds by summoning her Angel <Sandalphon>, causing a massive explosion within the room. Shido is then retrieved by <Fraxinus>'s teleporter before he could get injured by the impact.

We won

Shido on his date with Tohka

The next day, Shido stares at his school, which had been temporarily closed due to the damages sustained yesterday. As he briefly reminisces what happened yesterday, he becomes lost in his thoughts as a voice starts to repeat his name. As it turns out, it's Tohka, who is starting to get annoyed that Shido was ignoring her. Shido is surprised by Tohka's sudden appearance since the Spacequake alarm hasn't sounded yet. As Shido asks why Tohka was here, she replies that he was the one who had invited her to a date. However, Tohka's unusual appearance starts to attract a crowd, so Shido takes them both to a backyard alley to continue their discussion. Shido then asks where Tohka disappeared after yesterday. Tohka replies that she just naturally disappeared, comparing it to moving from this world into a different space. When Shido asks what kind of space this is, Tohka responds that she's not sure. The moment she enters there, she naturally falls into a sleep-like state and is forcibly woken up when she returns to this world. When Shido asks if today was different, she replies with a blushed expression and averts her glance, telling Shido that she doesn't know.

As Tohka demands to know the definition of a date, Shido answers that it's when a boy and a girl go out to have fun together. Curious, Tohka agrees to the date. But before they leave, Shido tells her that she should change her clothes, since they attract too much unwanted attention. Shido then stops Tohka from stunning a random pedestrian for her clothes, telling her that it would be doing the same thing that AST does to her. Relenting, Tohka then breaks apart her Astral Dress and changes her appearance to match that of the school uniform from Shido's school.

The beginning of the date consists of Shido mostly buying various assortment of foods for Tohka to eat. Shido and Tohka eventually head to the same family restaurant where both Reine and Kotori are chatting. Despite being shocked that the two are together, Kotori quickly decides on a course of action. Disguising herself as a waitress, Reine leaves him a message that he should continue as usual and that the <Fraxinus> crew will support him for the remainder of the date. The rest of the date consisted of various activities planned by <Fraxinus>. Eventually, Shido takes Tohka to a park with an excellent overview of the city during the sunset. Here, Tohka tells Shido that she had a great time. Shido asks if she still thinks that everyone here was out to kill her, to which Tohka voices her surprise at how nice everyone was to her. As Shido asks Tohka if she thinks that he is working with AST, Tohka replies embarrassingly that Shido is too kind for that, at the very least he would be someone whose relatives were taken hostage and threatened. But then, she painfully tells him not to make her think of him as an enemy.

Shido offers his hand

Shido offers his hand to Tohka

Tohka tells Shido that she understands AST's thoughts now. The world is so beautiful, and she destroys a part of that world each time by appearing. Tohka gives Shido a sad look and tells him that it was probably for the best if she didn't exist. Shido quickly responds that today was different, she didn't cause a Spacequake. However, Tohka replies back that the number of times she appears is random. Refusing to give up, Shido tells Tohka that it's okay for her to live in this world and that he will accept her, no matter how much the world rejects her. As Shido offers her hand to Tohka, he suddenly notices a light pointing at Tohka's face. Pushing Tohka out of the way, Shido takes the sniper round that was meant for Tohka.

Soon afterward, the wounds on Shido's body start to heal because of a mysterious flame. Shido is then recovered by <Fraxinus> and is told that Tohka is going berserk because of seeing him die protecting her. The crew then decides to throw Shido out of the ship and towards Tohka. As Shido falls from the sky, he is caught by Tohka, who tearfully asks if it is really him. Shido responds that it is him. However, at the moment Tohka tells him that <Halvanhelev> has reached its critical state, and she needs to release the energy inside. Remembering what Kotori said to him, Shido tells Tohka to kiss him. Asking for the meaning of a kiss, Shido embarrassingly replies that it's when you press your lips together. Immediately, after this, Tohka's inquisitiveness takes effect, and she kisses Shido instead. The kiss causes Tohka's Angel and Astral Dress to disappear, leaving her naked as she descends toward the ground with Shido. Confused and embarrassed, Tohka clings onto Shido, telling him to stay in that position, since others will be able to see. She then asks Shido if he will take her out on another date again. Upon hearing Shido's affirmative response, Tohka gives out a warm smile.

After the weekend has passed, Shido returns to school, as usual, bemoaning that he hasn't seen Tohka since the incident, as she had to undergo various medical check-ups by <Fraxinus>. Origami appears at school covered in bandages and apologizes to Shido about accidentally shooting him. As rumors start to spread around his classmates, Shido quickly accepts the apology to avoid causing a scene. At that moment, Tohka transfers into Shido's class as a new student. She tells Shido that Reine created fake documents and a family name for her and that over 99% of her power has disappeared, so she isn't viewed as a threat to the world anymore. However, as she notices Origami, she yells at why she was there. As the two glare at each other, Tamae-sensei tries to diffuse the situation by telling Tohka the location of her seat. However, Tohka tells her it is unnecessary and quickly moves her seat next to Shido. Despite feeling relieved that this was the best outcome, with both Origami and Tohka being alive and okay, Shido still felt that something was wrong as he was showered with strange looks from both sides.

Yoshino Puppet[]

While at school, Shido is presented with cookies that Tohka made during home economics. After agreeing to eat a cookie, he struggles to avoid the looks of jealousy that his classmates are sending to him. At that moment, a fork appears and breaks apart the pastry in his hand. Origami arrives, telling Shido that Tohka's cookies are unhygienic, so he should eat her cookies instead. To avoid hurting either girl's feelings, Shido ends up having to eat both of their cookies at the same time.

As Shido is returning from school, he lets out an enormous sigh and slowly starts to drag his feet like an old man. Despite being grateful that things were not as violent as before, he still wondered if Origami and Tohka could ever stop quarreling. At that moment, a large amount of rainfall starts pouring down from the sky. As Shido begins to run for shelter, he stops after seeing a girl who is wearing a hood with rabbit ears and a funny puppet on her left hand. As the girl slips and falls to the ground, Shido rushes over and offers his aid. As he asks if she is injured, the girl suddenly moves away, timidly asking Shido not to hurt her. Confused by the girl's behavior, Shido notices the puppet on the ground and asks if it is hers. He slowly drops the puppet next to her after seeing that the girl wanted the creature back, but was too scared to approach him. After slowly retrieving the puppet, the girl uses ventriloquism to communicate with him, calling him a lucky pervert before leaving. Despite having more questions for the girl, Shido notices that his clothes are getting drenched and quickly continues his walk back home.

Arriving back home, Shido notices from the shoes outside that Kotori has finally returned home. While he acknowledging that Kotori was probably busy with her <Ratatoskr> duties, Shido thinks to himself that he doesn't like seeing her not attend school normally. As Shido goes to the bathroom to change, he is surprised to see Tohka there, who quickly throws him out of the room. As Kotori arrives back home, Shido asks her why Tohka is here. Reine explains that there is a path existing between him and Tohka right now. When Tohka's mental state is disturbed, her powers will come flowing back to her, and Tohka seems most happy when she is with Shido. Also, she tells him that Tohka is here for his training because there are other Spirits that he needs to save. As he struggles to keep up with everything, Shido asks her what exactly is <Ratatoskr>, why Kotori entered such an organization, and an explanation for the reason behind his powers. Shido is told by Kotori that <Ratatoskr> was created to provide the Spirits with a happy life and that she was recruited by them five years ago. Shido voices his disbelief, as she would be only eight years old at that time of her recruitment. Shido questions if <Ratatoskr> is responsible for her double personality, to which Kotori snarks that he is being rude. In response, Kotori states that <Ratatoskr> obtained a boom five years ago when they discovered a person who had the ability to seal the power of a Spirit. Shido asks Kotori why he has this power; Kotori replies that they don't know for now. Shido attempts to press the matter further, but he ultimately relents upon seeing Kotori's gloomy expression.

As part of his training, Kotori sets him up with numerous awkward situations with Tohka. As Shido starts to protest, Kotori introduces another penalty, publicly broadcasting an embarrassing poem that Shido had written during middle school. Eventually, Shido starts to wise up to Kotori's tactics after she tells him the bath is ready. Knowing that Kotori couldn't resist a bath bomb, Shido offers her to take a shower first. Despite trembling and trying to resist, Kotori still offers the bath to Shido first. At that moment, Shido sees Tohka outside, thinking it was safe, decides to go to the bathroom. However, to Shido's shock, Tohka soon enters the bathroom afterward, causing Shido to imagine Kotori wearing sunglasses while making an inappropriate laugh and saying he was such a child before sipping some whiskey.

Later that night, Kotori arranges for some Fraxinus operatives to transfer Shido stealthily to Tohka's bed. After waking up, he finds his hand touching Tohka's breast. As Tohka starts to wake up, Shido shouts out that he has no idea why he's here. At that moment, Kotori arrives and jokes that it may have been because of Shido's perverse tendencies. As he shouts out that he is innocent, Kotori reveals that he has his cell phone. Despite Shido's screams of protest, Kotori mercilessly presses the send button, sending a recording of Shido's embarrassing poem to a public broadcast. Then, Tohka raises a tremendous scream and starts grabbing things around her and throwing them randomly towards Shido, causing him to faint after being hit by an Akebeko ornament.

At school, Tonomachi asks what happened to him, since he was covered in bandages. In response, Shido replies that it was a little something and quickly switches the subject when Tonomachi brings up the radio broadcast. Tonomachi then asks Shido if he had a preference between maids, nurses, and mikos since a vote will decide the next gravure costume. Not knowing what to say, Shido chooses maid as his answer and returns to his desk. Origami later arrives and questions him on his choice, but Shido tells her that it's nothing. Tohka comes to school a bit later after Shido to avoid rumors about them living in the same house spreads. After taking her seat, she apologizes to Shido about the matter during this morning without looking at him and asks if he is alright. Their conversation attracts the attention of several of her classmates but due to Tohka not having realized it yet, she continues to mention about the event happened during the morning. She finally notices the gazes of her classmates after Shido suggests talking about it later. Trying to deny everyone's thought about them, Tohka accidentally blurted out the fact that they are living together, much to their surprise. Shido thinks fast and makes up a lie to fool them, and she matched their lying together after guessing what he intends to do, even it looks kind of forced.

During lunch break, Tohka joins her desk with Shido's, at the same moment where Origami also did the same thing. Shido calms them down as they exchange sharp gazes with each other. Origami compares Shido's lunch box with Tohka's and notices that it looks identical. Shido tells her that it was something that they both got from the snack vendor. However, Origami calls him out on the lie, revealing to Shido that she knows that he bought that lunch box 154 days ago at a discount shop in front of the station for 1580 Yen. At that moment, the Spacequake alarm went off, Shido tells Tohka to follow their classmates and evacuate to the underground shelter. Reine then grabs Shido and tells him that even though he hasn't made his decision yet, there's something that they have to show him at <Fraxinus>. After being warped to <Fraxinus>, Kotori shows him a screen image of the latest Spirit that has appeared. Much to Shido's surprise, the Spirit <Hermit> turns out to be the girl who he saw yesterday. As AST appears on the screen to attack her, Shido questions why she doesn't fight back. They inform him that this isn't unusual, since <Hermit> is a very docile type Spirit. Unable to accept a little girl getting hurt, Shido asks Kotori to help him save this girl.

Shido is transported to her location, a department store, by using <Fraxinus>’s teleporter. As Shido approaches her, he finds her standing upside down by using her powers. She responds to Shido’s arrival by asking him if he had come to bully Yoshinon as well. After Shido replies with <Fraxinus>’s embarrassing commands, the puppet on her hand starts laughing and clapping. Despite initially enjoying the conversation, her mood took a turn for the worse after Shido asked if Yoshinon referred to her or the puppet. Then, she asks Shido what he meant by ventriloquism. In response, Shido quickly tries to avoid the subject by saying that Yoshinon is Yoshinon. Shido then impulsively asks her on a date. Despite expecting a rejection, Yoshinon accepts since he was the first human with whom she had a decent conversation. As their lively conversation continued, she decides to start running up a jungle gym that was designed for children. As her balance broke, she falls, and her lips momentarily connect with Shido’s lips.

At that moment, they are confronted by Tohka, who is angry that Shido was flirting with a girl while she was worried about him. Yoshinon then proceeds to insult Tohka by telling her that Shido has lost interest in her and left her for Yoshinon. Angry, Tohka grabs the puppet and tells it to shut up. Without her puppet, <Hermit> timidly demands her companion back. As Kotori tells him that <Hermit>'s mode is dropping rapidly, Shido asks Tohka to return the puppet, causing Tohka to question if what Yoshinon said was true. Frightened, <Hermit> summons her Angel <Zadkiel>, a giant rabbit-like doll that was about three meters in length. <Zadkiel> starts firing bullets of ice at the two of them. Shido quickly pushes Tohka out of the way of the attack, only to get rebuffed by Tohka afterward.

Despite Shido's pleas to talk to her, Tohka locks herself inside her room and refuses to come out. From the intercom, Reine asks Shido if he could leave this problem to her, to which he replies that he does not mind it. Leaving Tohka to Reine, Shido leaves to go shopping for food, along the way he runs into Yoshinon again. Under <Fraxinus>'s instructions, Shido tries to calm her down by rolling around the ground and declaring that he surrenders. However, that only succeeds in giving her a dumbfounded face. Then, Shido asks if she is searching for the puppet from earlier. Nodding her head yes, Shido asks if he could help her find the doll, which greatly surprises her. As they are searching from the rubble, she shyly tells him that her name is Yoshino and that Yoshinon is her best friend.

Hearing Yoshino's stomach begins to growl, Shido to ask her if she wants to go to his house for some food. After arriving back home, Shido prepares for her a Japanese rice bowl. While eating, she tells Shido that Yoshinon is her ideal hero, since Yoshinon is brave and does not hesitate like her. When Shido says that she likes the current Yoshino more, she starts crying because no one has ever said such nice things to her before. When asked why she doesn’t retaliate to the AST, Yoshino says that she doesn’t fight back because she knows how painful it is to be hurt, and understands that they wouldn’t like to be hurt either. After hearing this, Shido responds by telling her that he will rescue her and find Yoshinon. He will become the hero that protects her from scary and painful things. However, the moment is ruined by Tohka's arrival, which frightens Yoshino away. Seeing Yoshino with Shido also causes Tohka to shut herself in again. Suspecting something is off, Shido asks Kotori to investigate something, to which the latter responds by saying she will have Reine take care of it.

Kotori later tells him that they have located the puppet at Origami's house. As he enters there to find it, his communication with Kotori is suddenly cut off because of the security measures at Origami's place. As Shido arrives, Origami greets him while being dressed in a maid costume. Shido asks Origami if she was living alone, to which she replies that she lived with her grandmother five years ago after her parents died, but started living alone after entering high school. Origami offers Shido some cookies and tea, but Shido notes that his body was feeling odd after eating and drinking. Origami starts to move closer and closer, despite Shido's protests. In return, Origami offers Shido a trade. She then tells Shido that it isn't fair how she calls Tohka by her first name while referring to her with her last name. So, she requests for him to call her Origami from now on.

As Origami leaves to take a shower, Shido quickly uses that time to search for Yoshino's puppet. As he is searching, he finds an assortment of energy drinks and a pillow embroidered with [No problem] on the back and [I don't mind] on the back. After a moment of silence, Shido finally finds the puppet on top of the tall wardrobe located at the side of the room. Before leaving, Shido asks Origami what she would do if some Spirits turned out to be kind people. However, Origami says that is impossible since a Spirit five years ago caused a fire that killed her parents. For Origami, they are disasters which are the enemy of all living things. However, since Tohka currently gave no Spirit readings, Origami tells him that she couldn't proceed with any immediate action. However, their conversation is soon interrupted by another Spacequake alarm. As Origami leaves to join her comrades, she tells Shido to go to the evacuation shelter.

As Shido leaves the apartment, he sees that his surroundings have been turned into a winter wonderland because of Yoshino's powers. At that moment, his communication with <Fraxinus> is restored, with Reine telling him that his question was not merely an understanding. Shouting at the top of his lungs, he tries to get Yoshino's attention and show him the puppet that he has retrieved. However, the conversation is interrupted by Origami, who resumes fire at Yoshino. In retaliation, Yoshino's puppet starts to launch a cold blast of air as a counterattack, with Shido being in the range of the attack. Luckily, he is saved by Tohka, who had manifested <Sandalphon> in an attempt to protect him.

Shido points out to her unusual appearance; wearing the school uniform with light membrane covered on some parts, making her finally realize about her current state. She asks him if he is injured, and he replied that it's thanks to her. Despite wanting to show courtesy to Tohka, the present situation took priority, so Shido requests for Tohka to lend her power to help him save Yoshino. Shido tells her that Yoshino is also a Spirit; and like her, she has been suffering from pain all this time. Wanting to be a hero who can save her, Shido once again begs Tohka to lend him her power. Giving out a small laugh, Tohka remarks how it was this person who had saved her. Kicking down the throne of <Sandalphon> to create a makeshift snowboard, Tohka tells Shido to get on, since they have no time to lose.

As Tohka distracts the AST, he makes a dash-line for Yoshino's ice barrier. Before preparing to rush into Yoshino's ice wall, Shido remarks that he wants to confirm with Kotori if healing from fatal wounds is one of his abilities. After a moment of silence, Kotori replies that he's both half wrong and half correct. Any fatal injury he receives would cause his body to ignite on fire and be revived. However, he tells Shido to stop, since it is too reckless to enter the barrier while only depending on his recovery power. She explains to Shido that the blizzard has an internal barrier within 5 meters of the outer circumference. While within it, the damage to his body would feel like consecutive rounds of shotguns, and his wounds will not heal since the barrier would freeze anything that detects Reiryoku. Hearing this, Shido remarks that his healing factor must be because of a Spirit's power. Despite Kotori's protests to stop, Shido continues to march forward to find Yoshino.

As Yoshino is crying all alone in the center of the blizzard dome, Shido approaches her weakly while holding out the puppet. The flames then start to take effect and begin healing Shido's half-dead body. Shido tells her that, as promised, he is here to save her. As Yoshino starts crying again, he asks if he did something wrong. However, Yoshino tells him that she is happy that Shido managed to fulfill his promise. As Shido hands back Yoshinon to her, he remembers what Reine had said to him. Yoshinon is another personality within Yoshino that appears only when she wears the puppet. She theorizes that Yoshino probably gave birth to a new personality to restrain her powers from hurting anyone. Reine then tells Shido that he would be lying if he said that he didn’t want to save this kind and gentle little girl. Shido asks Yoshino for a kiss to save her. After Yoshino gives the kiss, both the blizzard dome and her Astral Dress begin to disappear. The two are then picked up by the <Fraxinus> ship. Yoshino hides behind Shido’s back when seeing Tohka, but after being told that Tohka is a friend, she slowly greets her. Kotori rushes into the transporter room while breathing heavily. Yelling at Shido with tears in her eyes, she pushes her face into Shido's chest and scolds Shido for doing something so thoughtless and reckless. She tells him while sobbing that he needs to follow her orders since it is safer that way. In response, he apologizes to Kotori for doing something so rash.

Two days later, Shido is shocked at how fast the Spirit mansion was built. He concludes that they must have used a Realizer to speed up the process. He is soon greeted by Yoshino, who has special permission to go to Shido's house after her examinations were over. In her natural voice, Yoshino asks if she could come over later to play again. Seeing this, Shido praises her for being able to talk by herself while still wearing her puppet. Soon afterward, he is greeted by Tohka, who after for a moment, reaches out her arms and gives Shido an extended kiss. After breaking free, Tohka muses that it's a mysterious feeling, but she felt uncomfortable when watching Shido kiss Yoshino. That's why she demands Shido to promise that he won't kiss anyone else anymore. Despite the impossibility of the request, Shido is overpowered by Tohka's resolve and accidentally agrees.

Kurumi Killer[]

As Shido is preparing to go to school, Kotori asks him what is in hand. Shido responds that it is a bento box that he made for Tohka, and he plans to put it in her mailbox to avoid unwanted attention. Kotori scolds Shido for his approach, telling him that he should go to school with Tohka since he will have to spend less time with her as more Spirits appear. As Shido reluctantly agrees, Kotori hands him an intercom, telling him that they will be training him in how to deal with Tohka's jealousy of other Spirits more efficiently. Additionally, Kotori also tells him that they have a special guest, which turns out to be Yoshino.

Yoshinon greets Shido and tells him that the physical examinations have been finished, but there is still the need to "practice". As Shido questions what the puppet meant by "practice", Yoshino raises up her voice and greets good morning to Shido. This action impressed Shido since it was the first time he heard Yoshino’s voice be that loud. Kotori then informs Shido that Yoshino can already talk to her and Reine now and that she wants to move Yoshino to the apartment where Tohka was living so that Yoshino can have a partner with whom to practice speaking. As Tohka arrives, Shido sees that Tohka's relationship with Yoshino has improved considerably, with Tohka complimenting Yoshino on her sunhat. Yoshino returns to the <Fraxinus> ship as Shido and Tohka leave for school.

After arriving at school, Shido is shocked to hear the new transfer student, Kurumi Tokisaki, introduces herself as a Spirit in front of the class. Soon afterwards, Kurumi approaches Shido and asks him to show her around the school. Despite initially questioning how Kurumi knew his name, he ultimately agrees to show her around after seeing her pleading expression. A moment later, Shido contacts Kotori and informs her of what Kurumi had just announced. After homeroom, Kotori tells Shido that Kurumi is indeed a Spirit, and he should be grateful that the other party has extended an invitation, and he doesn't have to deal with AST. Under Kotori's instructions, Shido takes Kurumi to the cafeteria first.

As they are walking, Kotori informs him that there might be two people following his movements, but adds that he should ignore it and focus his attention on Kurumi. Due to a miscommunication with the Fraxinus crew, Shido accidentally asks her what panties she is wearing today. Much to his astonishment, Kurumi is willing to show him. However, Shido quickly stops her, causing Kurumi to tease him for suddenly grabbing her skirt. As Shido apologizes, he tries to change the topic by asking her what did she meant by saying she is a Spirit. Kurumi tells Shido not to play dumb, as he should already know what she implied. As Shido questions how she knows about him, she tells him that it is a secret, but adds that she has been looking forward to meeting him. As Shido blushes due to Kurumi's advances, Kotori tells him not to be led by the other party. Kurumi then prepares to ask a request from Shido, but she is stopped by Tohka and Origami falling out from a nearby cabinet.

As Shido asks why they are there, both Tohka and Origami question why Kurumi is holding Shido's hand. After Kurumi claims it is because she has anemia, much to Shido's dismay, Origami and Tohka both also claim they have anemia and reach for his remaining arm. After Origami has to leave due to her AST duties, Shido continues to show Kurumi around the school, with Tohka also tagging along.

Mana hugs Shido

Shido meets his younger sister Mana

At six in the afternoon, Shido finishes his tour and parts ways with Kurumi at the school gate. Afterward, Shido accompanies Tohka to the nearby supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner, and Tohka requests to eat hamburger steak. As they are walking back home, they are approached by a mysterious girl with blue hair that Shido notes to look oddly familiar. Suddenly, that person runs up to hug him, while calling him "Nii-sama".

Mana's locket

Shido sees himself with Mana as children

After bringing her back to the Itsuka residence, the mysterious girl says that her name is Mana Takamiya, and she is Shido's little sister. Shido tells Mana that he has no memories of her at all. However, he asks Mana if she knows anything about their mother. Mana replies that it's expected that he doesn't remember her, as her memories are also fragmented. However, Mana reveals that she has a silver locket that contains a photo of them as children, which allows her to recognize him. Shido is surprised to discover its true as Mana states she has a faint memory of him leaving before she hugs him out of joy. Soon after, Mana and Kotori get into a fight about who is the better younger sister, but Shido tries to break up the argument by changing the topic. He asks Mana where she is living right now since he doesn't have any memories of her past. Hearing this, Mana gives a vague answer and tells him that she is working at a place that provides living quarters. Afterwards, Mana quickly excuses herself, leaving Shido staring in a daze at the entrance into where Mana had disappeared.

The next day at school, Origami tells Shido that Kurumi will no longer be attending school. Much to Origami's disbelief, Kurumi merely arrives late to school. Before classes begin, Shido receives a call from Kotori that a terrible situation has just happened, and he needs to come to the Physics lab. During lunchtime, he skips having lunch with Tohka and heads straight for Kotori's location. After arriving, Kotori scolds him for being late, while Reine points his direction towards the computer screen. Shido briefly sees a sequel to the dating sim he played before, but Reine tells him that is the wrong image. Instead, Shido is shocked to see a video recording of Kurumi being brutally massacred by Mana, who is being accompanied by the AST. Shido felt an urge to vomit from witnessing the brutal scene. As he reviews the video, he notes that Mana's eyes looked completely empty with the execution, almost as if she had gotten used to it. Shido then becomes puzzled over how Kurumi was able to reappear completely fine. Kotori informs him that they are unsure as well, but she replies that the current situation means that they have to seal Kurumi as soon as possible.

Later that night, Tohka, upon the suggestion of the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio, comes over to Shido's house and innocently seduces him to a date tomorrow by holding her aquarium tickets in an awkward position. Soon afterward, Origami calls Shido and informs him that he can't be left alone tomorrow. Unable to refuse either of the girls, Shido's date with Kurumi ends up with him having to enact a triple date, with him having to constantly switch between each girl using Fraxinus's transporter. The day starts with him meeting Tohka at the aquarium at 10:00 AM. Seeing Tohka from the crowd, he is amazed at the stunning new clothes that she is wearing. Reine's voice from the transmitter soon snaps him back to his senses. He apologizes for being distracted and compliments Tohka on her clothes, causing her to blush in embarrassment. As they make their way to the aquarium, Shido explains to her that an aquarium is a place that holds fish for viewing, and not eating. After arriving, he makes an excuse that his stomach is upset and quickly excuses himself so he can switch to his date with Kurumi.

For Shido's date with Kurumi, he reluctantly takes her to a lingerie store on the instructions of the Fraxinus Crew. Much to his shock, Kurumi agrees with his decision and even decides to buy the revealing underwear that he had pointed out. During the process, he runs into Ai, Mai, and Mii, who had all thought that he went to the aquarium with Tohka using the tickets they gave her. As the trio sees Kurumi, they assume that Shido is two-timing on Tohka, forcing Shido to escape. During his date with Origami, she plans for them to eat something for lunch before heading to the movie theater. After a long moment of silence, Shido asks Origami why she wanted to have a date with him today. Origami bluntly states that he can't be left alone today, and wants him to come to her house afterwards. Before Shido can ask any more, Kotori reminds him that Tohka is waiting, so he quickly excuses himself by saying he needs to go to the restroom.

For the remainder of the day, Shido struggles to juggle back and forth between each date while also simultaneously avoiding the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio. However, things take a turn for the worse after he momentarily leaves Kurumi alone in the park. After returning, Shido is terrified to see Kurumi finishing up murdering some civilians. Horrified at the scene, Shido lets out a scream at the grotesque scene. As Shido tries to escape, white hands stretch out from within Kurumi's shadow, forcefully grabbing onto Shido's leg. As Kurumi begins to move closer, she is stopped by Mana's intervention, who has her CR-Unit equipped. She asks if Shido is alright, to which Shido is too stunned to answer. After snapping her fingers, the mechanical parts on Mana's shoulder release a beam of light that continuously alters its trajectory until it finally pierces Kurumi.

Despite Shido’s protests, Mana delivers the final blow. As Shido questions why she did this, Mana replies that if she didn’t, he could have been the one who died. Shido says that he knows the AST’s position, but they shouldn’t treat the Spirits like monsters. Shido then asks her why she remained so calm when committing murder. Mana states that it’s because she has gotten used to killing her, as <Nightmare> is a Spirit that has revived countless times, no matter how many times she had killed her. She refuses Shido’s request to stop, saying that she is the only one who can stop <Nightmare> from murdering more people. Seeing that reinforcements are coming, she uses her territory to push Shido away.

Afterward, Shido shakily walks to the long bench at the park, weakly sitting down while trying to contemplate the events that had just transpired. He soon runs into Tohka and Origami. But rather than answer their questions, he knocks away Tohka's hand after remembering the scene of Kurumi dyed in blood. He then repeatedly apologizes for his actions before running away. He is soon contacted by Kotori, whom he ultimately rebukes after saying that he must be the only one who can save Kurumi and everyone. Later that night, he is approached by Tohka, who surprises him by wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly from the back. As Shido asks what she was doing, Tohka says that the television stated that if one is lonely or afraid, it would be fine to do this. Shido asks what show she heard it from, to which Tohka responds that she heard it from a children's show. Tohka then reveals to Shido that she heard from Reine about the incident between Kurumi and Mana. 

She then reminds Shido what he said to her when she moved into the Itsuka residence, warning him that if a Spirit like her was to appear, he would save them. Tohka then says that she and Kurumi are no different, saying that in her case, she has Shido, who saved her, but points out that Kurumi does not have anybody extending a helping hand towards her. If it weren't for Shido, she would probably be the same as Kurumi right now. Tohka then remarks that she will protect him if Kurumi really is a brutal Spirit beyond saving. Tohka then begs Shido not to let such an incident continue to happen and save Kurumi. Hearing this, Shido thanks her and tells her that he is fine now. Loosening her hold on him, Shido asks Tohka if she would like to eat as well, to which she energetically nodded in response. 

The next day, Shido approaches Kurumi at school and tells her that he will definitely save her. Hearing this, Kurumi tells him not to force his values onto others, as she hates that kind of wishful thinking. Frowning at Shido's proclamation, Kurumi tells him that he should put his words to the test and meet her at the rooftop of the school after class. After Kurumi activates her <City of Devouring Time>, he feels a sudden chill as his surroundings suddenly become much darker. Suddenly, his classmates around him start collapsing. Reine informs him that it is likely caused by Kurumi's powers, and he is likely being protected by the powers of the Spirits he has already sealed. Afterwards, he reluctantly tells Tohka to stay still and rest while he leaves to confront Kurumi. 

After arriving at the rooftop, Kurumi informs Shido that she will devour him to replenish her time. But before she proceeds, she wants him to take back the ridiculous notion of trying to save her. Shido tells her to release her shadow, but he will never take back his words. In response, Kurumi prepares to summon a Spacequake to obliterate the school. At that moment, Shido questions why Kurumi wants him. Reine informs him that Kurumi's mental state readings show that she is afraid of him. Hearing Reine's words, Shido threatens to jump off the building if Kurumi doesn't call off the Spacequake. Despite Kurumi thinking that he isn't serious, Shido still jumps off, causing Kurumi to use her powers to save him. Seeing that he has worth as a hostage for Kurumi, he tells her to listen to him for one more time. He asks her to let him have a chance, as he can let her experience a life where she won't have to kill or be targeted. Kurumi seemingly falters at Shido's words, and slowly reaches her hand out for him. However, Kurumi is suddenly stabbed by a hand emerging from her shadows. The original Kurumi appears and reveals that the hands within her shadow are actually other copies of herself. 

The original Kurumi scolds her copy for being so naïve and quickly restrains Shido with the hands emerging from her shadows. However, Mana suddenly arrives and immediately frees Shido, while also cutting off Kurumi’s arm in the process with her laser blade. However, Kurumi quickly regenerates her arm by rewinding time using the Fourth Bullet <Dalet>. She then proceeds to reveal that Mana has only been killing her clones and that she doesn’t even take her seriously. After freezing Mana in place by using the Seventh Bullet <Zayin>, Shido cries out Mana's name as Kurumi easily defeats her with a barrage of bullets. Tohka and Origami show up but are immediately restrained by Kurumi’s copies. As Kurumi takes everyone hostage, she attempts to summon a Spacequake to destroy the entire town. However, Kotori appears and cancels out the Spacequake with her own Spacequake. Much to Shido's astonishment, his little sister is cloaked in the flames of a fiery Astral Dress.

Itsuka Sister[]

As Kotori arrives to battle Kurumi, Shido stares in bewilderment at his little sister looking just like a Spirit. Kotori quickly tells him to get out of the way, as his current self would be killed easily. As the battle rages on, Kotori's regenerative abilities and firepower allow her to overpower Kurumi. However, Shido notices that Kotori is beginning to act more bloodthirsty as the battle continued. As Kotori is about to deliver the final blow, Shido tries to reason with his sister, reminding her that Ratatoskr's goal is to peacefully resolve the conflict with Spirits. However, Shido's words fall on deaf ears as Kotori is not her usual self and fires her blast regardless. Seeing there is no other choice, Shido runs helplessly to shield Kurumi from the explosion. At the last moment, Kotori snaps out of her trance and yells for him to dodge the attack.

As Shido's consciousness starts to black out, he vaguely recalls a distant memory of seeing a burning town. He remembers that it was Kotori's ninth birthday, and Shido went to the station to buy a present for her. However, upon returning, he finds Kotori crying in the middle of the blazing inferno. Shido reaches out for her, but Kotori shouts for him to stay away. Suddenly, the flames surrounding Kotori violently pushed him back. As his vision becomes blurry, he hears a mysterious voice that asks if he wants to save her. When Shido wakes up, he finds himself sleeping on a bed inside Fraxinus's infirmary. As his vision focuses, he sees Tohka sleeping right next to him. Reine and Yoshino soon arrive and remark that it is good that he has finally woken up. As Shido remembers his prior circumstances, he becomes frantic with questions about what happened to everyone else after the battle with Kurumi. Reine calms Shido down as he frantically seeks answers. She informs him of what happened and confirms that everyone is alive. Origami and Mana were sent to the hospital, while Kurumi escaped in the ensuing chaos.

After asking about Kotori, Reine and Yoshino accompany him to the quarantine room. Once they get there, Yoshino leaves and Reine tells him that he must go alone to speak to Kotori. After a moment of silence, Shido asks Kotori what kind of person she is. Kotori responds by saying that she is, of course, his cute little sister. In a more serious manner, Shido then asks if she is a Spirit. Kotori tells him that she is human, but the monitors classify her as a Spirit. She was born into the Itsuka family; however, she became a human holding the power of a Spirit around 5 years ago. Kotori remarks that Shido must have forgotten everything that happened five years ago, to which Shido recalls that he just had a dream about that event. As Shido asks what turned her into a Spirit, Kotori replies that she doesn't remember. When Shido questions how she could forget something this important, she responds that she doesn't want to hear it from a person who forgot his sister became a Spirit.

Kotori remarks that it was her first real battle, but her body moved instinctively as if she already knew how to fight. This causes Shido to question how she managed to cancel out Kurumi's Spacequake. Kotori replies that it was based on Reine's calculations, but it was still a risky gamble that could have magnified the Spacequake if she wasn't careful. Shido is then promptly kicked in the stomach by Kotori, who scolds him for being so reckless again. Since she took back nearly 100% of her powers, he no longer had his revival ability. As a result, he would have died if she hadn't changed the trajectory of her attack at the last moment. After being told that he had once already sealed Kotori's powers, Shido now understands how Kotori was recruited by <Ratatoskr> and why he has his healing factor.

When questioned about her behavior at the end of the fight, Kotori remarks that she sometimes gets destructive urges when using her powers. She worries, with her fragmented memories, if she may have accidentally harmed someone five years ago. Since she has fully regained her powers, Kotori tells Shido that he has to make her fall for him to reseal them. As Shido stutters at the realization, Kotori starts experiencing some nausea and accidentally drops the teacup that she was drinking. At that moment, Reine arrives and tells Shido that Kotori is at least fine for now, but that he should prepare for their date in 2 more days, as they aren't sure if Kotori will be able to withstand the power within her for any time longer than that. As Reine leaves to take care of Kotori, she requests that Shido go to the hospital to check up on Mana.

Upon arriving at the hospital, he accidentally runs into Origami, who tells him that they are probably using secret equipment to conduct Mana's surgery, so it is likely that no one will be able to meet her until she is transferred to the general ward. Afterward, Origami purposely falls to the floor on her knees and requests that Shido help her back to her room. Shido suggests that they grab a wheelchair, but she insists that he carry her. As Shido piggybacks her, he suddenly feels a jolt as Origami's fingers start caressing his back. As they arrive at the room, Origami's stomach starts to rumble. She points to an apple and requests that Shido feed her. Shido reasons that she should be at least able to do that for herself. However, Origami makes up an excuse and says that she has been told to avoid strenuous activities. As Shido reluctantly agrees to feed her, Origami takes the opportunity to lick Shido's fingers suggestively.

After Shido snaps back to his senses, Origami questions him about the Spirit that arrived when they were facing Kurumi, the one that had control over flames and was wearing a kimono Astral Dress. Sensing that something was off, Shido decides not to tell Origami about Kotori. Instead, he asks her why she seems so invested. Origami confesses that the Spirit of Fire is the one who killed her parents five years ago. Wanting to know more, Shido asks Origami to retell the events from 5 years ago, to which Origami explains the details that she remembers happening. Just as Shido is about to say something, a speaker message announces that visiting hours are now over. With that, Shido says his goodbyes to Origami before leaving with a troubled expression.

As he is leaving the hospital, Shido receives a call from Reine asking if he is done visiting Mana. Shido tells her that he was unable to visit her, causing Reine to reply back in a low, pained voice. As Shido asks if anything went wrong, Reine tells him it is nothing, and that he needs to go back to Fraxinus to discuss the strategic meeting for Kotori's date. Reine informs him that, compared to other Spirits, he has the advantage this time because he already has prior knowledge about Kotori. Shido suddenly prepares to ask Reine about what happened to Kotori five years ago, but he changes his mind after thinking it would be improper to ask this of someone who is Kotori's friend and subordinate.

After arriving at the Fraxinus hanger, Shido is greeted by Tohka, who gives him a tight hug while exclaiming how glad she is to see him safe. However, Tohka suddenly becomes suspicious after detecting Origami's scent on Shido. Surprised at Tohka's incredible sense of smell, Shido quickly stutters that it was just her imagination. Reine soon appears and asks to borrow Shido for a while from Tohka. After arriving at the main deck, Shido hears Kannazuki leading a rally proclaiming how much they love their commander. As they debate where to host the date, Reine asks Shido if Kotori has any particular places she wants to go. After thinking for a moment, Shido remembers Kotori saying she wanted to go to Ocean Park after seeing a commercial. As Reine gives her approval for the choice, everyone decides on Ocean Park for the location of the date.

The next day, the Fraxinus Crew has him train for Kotori's date by helping Tohka and Yoshino pick swimsuits since he needs to get used to seeing female swimsuits. As Origami appears, he decides to allow her to follow them in the selection. As Tohka starts arguing with Origami, Shido tries to break up the argument but becomes slightly nervous when Origami asks about the Spirit of Fire. Luckily, Tohka isn't able to remember much from the confrontation on the rooftop. As they are picking the swimsuits, Shido is informed by Reine that the girl who makes his heart race the fastest will win a date with him. Also, Reine dictates a punishment for Shido every time he blushes, such as having to kiss Kotori on the cheek and say sweet dreams to her while she is asleep. In the end, both Tohka and Origami's efforts, result in Shido's heart pace quickening. However, Yoshino ends up winning the contest after Shido charges into the changing room after hearing Yoshino cries for help. Much to his surprise, Yoshino, who is in a state of undress, tells Shido that she can’t change her clothes with one hand.

Afterward, Shido returns to the Fraxinus ship and drinks some coffee he obtained from a vending machine. He starts wondering if Kotori is really the person who killed Origami's parents. At that moment, Kannazuki soon arrives and asks him if he is confident about tomorrow. Seeing that Shido is troubled over not being able to remember the events from five years ago, he offers to let him watch an old video recording of the past events. Seeing the video, Shido views a town incinerated by a burning inferno. Next to Kotori, he recognizes that there is someone between her and Shido, However, focusing on that mosaic image ultimately gives Shido a severe migraine, causing him to collapse in the end. The next day, Shido lightly groans while supporting his head with his hand. Due to yesterday's incident where he lost consciousness again, he awoke to find himself in the Fraxinus medical bay. Nevertheless, the date with Kotori begins to commence just as planned.

As Kotori arrives, Shido is surprised to see Tohka and Yoshino accompanying her. Reine informs him that they also want to go to Ocean Park, and Kotori doesn't seem to mind having company over. Upon Reine's advice, Shido compliments Kotori's outfit, causing her to ask if someone from the Ratatoskr crew told him to say that. Despite Tohka and Yoshino joining the date, Shido notices that Kotori held a relatively reserved demeanor while following them. Furthermore, all of Fraxinus' planned actions of allowing Shido to charm Kotori end up failing due to her easily seeing through the plans. Eventually, Reine tells Shido to take Tohka to the super water slide, knowing that Kotori would end up jealous, and tag along. Nonetheless, the trio's combined weight ends up causing them to fall at an astonishing speed and plummet into the pool. After resurfacing, Shido notices that Kotori is hiding behind him, with her shoulders heavily trembling. Upon closer inspection, Shido notes that Kotori has tears in her eyes, which reminds Shido of her personality before the Spirits came into their lives. Shido asks her why she chooses to wear the black ribbons today, to which Kotori remarks that the black version is her stronger self.

During lunchtime, Kotori excuses herself while heading in the direction of the washroom. As they are eating lunch, Yoshino asks if Shido had a fight with Kotori, since he seemed much more relaxed after Kotori left. This causes Shido to realize that the pressure to seal Kotori is making him overwhelmingly nervous. Feeling frustrated, he tries to contact Reine and ask for the values of Kotori's emotional state. However, Kannazuki tells him that Reine has temporarily stepped out. Hearing familiar voices near the washroom, Shido follows his curiosity and sees Reine giving Kotori some sort of drug. After they are done, Shido confronts Reine about this, but she tells him that Kotori wishes to go on a date with Shido without him feeling compassion or pity for her. Motivated again, he returns and tells Yoshino and Tohka that he has to do something with Kotori as they leave for the boat ride. Following this, he grabs Kotori and tells them that they are going to have fun at the amusement park. When Kotori questions if it is because of the Fraxinus crew's decision, Shido throws away his communicator to show the decisions are solely his own.

After running around all the attractions, the two of them take a break on a park bench. Reminiscing, Shido notices that it has been five years since they last went to the amusement park together. As Shido is about to ask her something from the past, he suddenly feels some membrane-like thing expanding in his surroundings. Suddenly, the place where Kotori was sitting is suddenly engulfed in an explosion, while the invisible wall shields him from the impact. Searching for the cause, he sees Origami, who is equipped with a new CR-Unit. Shido screams at Origami, asking her if she knows what she has just done. Origami emotionlessly replies that she has just killed Kotori, the Spirit who had murdered her parents. However, Kotori emerges from the wreckage, commenting that something like that won't be enough to kill her, As a battle begins, Kotori has the advantage but falters after Origami reveals her parents were murdered by the Spirit of Fire five years ago. Fortunately, Yoshino and Tohka arrived, distracting Origami long enough so that he could seal Kotori.

Despite not knowing if it could work, Shido tells Kotori that he loves her the most in the world. After kissing her, Shido begins to remember the events from the past fully. Back then, a mysterious entity had turned Kotori into a Spirit. After collapsing from Kotori's flames, the unknown person told Kotori that she needs to kiss Shido to save him. After doing so, Kotori's dress shined a dim light and flames started to emerge from his body, healing him in the process. As he slowly wakes up, he wishes Kotori happy birthday and hands her a black ribbon as a gift. Then, he makes her promise to always be a strong person whenever she is wearing them. The mysterious person then reappears and congratulates them for achieving the best-case scenario, but decides to wipe out their memories so that they will temporarily forget about this event.

After recognizing his lost memories, Shido quickly moves to shield Kotori, who is being targeted by a stray missile. Since he has re-sealed Kotori's power, Shido's wounds begin to heal again. Stunned, Origami asks him what is happening. Shido replies that the Spirit powers of <Efreet> had been transferred to him. Therefore, if Origami wants to kill the Spirit <Efreet>, she will have to kill him as well. Shido then states that there was another person there five years ago, the person who turned Kotori into a Spirit. As a result, Kotori may not be the one who killed her parents. Despite wanting to believe Shido, Origami states that he has no proof. At that moment, the time limit for Origami's CR-Unit occurs, causing her to fall to the ground. However, after hearing Shido's continual pleas not to take Kotori away from him, Origami hesitates for a few minutes before finally collapsing from <White Licorice>'s time limit.

Afterward, Shido and the others bring Kotori back to the Fraxinus ship. Reine tells him that she will wake up soon but soon apologizes to Shido as the date was completely unnecessary to seal Kotori's powers. After all, Kotori loves her brother the most. As Reine says that, Kotori arrives and quickly tells Shido that the numbers must have been wrong and bribes Reine so that she will agree with him. Then, Kotori embarrassingly asks him if he had told the truth before he sealed her. Shido confirms that it is indeed the truth, but adds that he loves her as a little sister. Hearing this causes Kotori to land a fierce kick at Shido, who ends up burying his face in Reine's chest as a result. But before Kotori leaves, Shido compliments his little sister on her ribbons, noting that they really suit her. While surprised for a moment, Kotori smiles and softly thanks Shido for the praise.

Yamai Tempest[]

One month later, Shido and his classmates finally finish completing their difficult exams. Turning to Tohka, he asks if she is okay. Tohka stands up from the chair all wobbly, and says that she will be fine after getting some water. Soon afterward, Shido's attention is grabbed by Origami's appearance. Having not talked to her for the entire month, he feels if he lets this chance get away, he will miss the only opportunity to have a conversation with her. Hardening his resolve, Shido pulls Origami aside to talk to her. Not wanting their conversation to be heard by their classmates, Shido requests for them to move to a place where they can be alone for a while. After hearing those words, Origami grabs Shido's hand with all her strength and brings him toward the girl's restroom. Much to Shido's shock, Origami starts to remove her underwear. In response, Shido quickly pleads for her to stop.

Confused, Origami then asks why he brought her to a place like this, to which Shido retorts that Origami was the one who brought them here. Shido explains that he wanted to talk to her about what happened last month. Hearing this, Origami apologizes for her previous actions, saying that she wishes to believe in Shido's words; and if possible, not kill his sister. However, she also asks him if he is really human, to which Shido answers that he at the very least considers himself to be human. Despite getting a vague answer, Origami tells him that she will wait for a time when he is willing to tell her the complete truth. As they both leave the restroom, they are seen by Tohka, who asks them what they are doing. Origami taunts Tohka by remarking it is a secret and leaves after saying goodbye to Shido.

Afterward, Tamae informs the class that the location of the class trip has been changed from Okinawa to Arubi Island. As they are told to form groups, Tohka wants to join Shido's group but finds out she can't because the rooms are separated by gender. Seeing this, Tohka tries to pretend to be a boy to join Shido's group. Much to everyone's surprise, Origami agrees with Tohka's ridiculous proposal but demands that Shido switch to the girl's side in exchange. As the argument rages on, Tamae interjects and says that no one is switching groups, but they can still decide on whom to sit next to for the airplane ride. After hearing this, both Tohka and Origami's eyes start to shine towards Shido.

During the journey, Shido sits in between Tohka and Origami, which causes him a lack of sleep from being pestered by both girls who are fighting for his attention. After finally arriving, Shido notes Tohka's dynamic response to seeing the ocean for the first time. But Tohka suddenly stops and quietly tells him that she feels someone is looking at her. At that moment, both of them hear the sound of a camera shutter. They are greeted by Ellen, a person who claims to be an attendant camera operator who is deployed by Cross Travels to take pictures of their class. After Ellen leaves, Shido starts wondering what just happened, but he also adds that Tohka was right about someone watching them. Soon afterward, Shido and Tohka are separated from the rest of the class due to the appearance of a sudden typhoon. However, Tohka is then knocked unconscious by a flying garbage can. As Shido struggles to carry Tohka to the museum, he notices two human shadows within the storm. Seeing that they were likely Spirits, Shido yells for them to stop just before they are about to clash again. After remembering that they haven't had a contest in charm before, the two Spirits, Kaguya and Yuzuru, decide to use Shido as the judge for deciding who should be the real Yamai.

After reuniting with his classmates, they are surprised to find two identical twins between his arms trying to get his attention. Luckily, Reine arrives and makes up the excuse that the Yamai sisters are exchange students who came early for the school trip. After being pulled aside by Reine, Shido is embarrassed by the duo's antics to seduce him. Trying to understand what is happening, he asks the two why they were initially fighting. The twins inform him that there was only once an original Yamai, but that person split into the two of them after traveling into this world multiple times. The personality of the original is gone, so one of them must become the new main personality for Yamai. Consequently, they will use Shido to decide which one of them is worthy of becoming the new Yamai. Before they can continue, Shido is told by Reine that communications with Ratatoskr have been cut. Soon afterward, Reine pulls the twins aside after telling the two that she can help them win Shido over.

Later that night, the Yamai sisters grab Shido aside and take him to the public baths. Afraid that they will start acting violent if he refuses, Shido reluctantly agrees to go along with them. However, the conversation ends up with the two sisters arguing with each other, rather than seducing him. As he witnesses the scene, Shido suddenly hears the sound of the sliding door opening. He tells the twins to hide, as it would be bad if someone saw them. Hearing this, the twins both tell Shido that there is nothing for them to worry about. Despite not quite understanding what the two had said, Shido is quickly shocked by Tohka's arrival in the bath. As their gazes met, both of them let out a simultaneous scream. Shido immediately asks why Tohka is in the male bathroom, but she retorts that she had followed the signs and entered the women's bath. As the bad feeling crawls through his body, Shido realizes that the Yamai sisters had purposely switched the signs to trick him. Shido immediately swears to Tohka that this is an accident, and he has been deceived. At that moment, the sliding opens again, with Origami and the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio about to enter the room. Tohka tries to provide a distraction for Shido to escape, but in the process, she accidentally pushes Shido off the cliff and into the sea

Shido soon arrives at Reine's room, shivering from falling into the ocean. Seeing Shido soaking wet, Reine sarcastically tells him that it seems too early for a night visit. Reine tells him that she still can't communicate with <Fraxinus> yet. She explains that Kaguya and Yuzuru are a pair of Spirits sharing the codename <Berserk>, who are both quite famous due to the weather disasters they cause when appearing in this world. The Spacequake, this time, happened far above the skies of the Pacific Ocean. Kaguya and Yuzuru likely created a cyclone that blew them to Arubi Island. She comments that this is a lucky opportunity for Shido since it was rare to see <Berserk>. However, they still need to be cautious, since if he kisses one of the twins, the one with the powers left would likely notice and get angry, potentially endangering the inhabitants of Arubi Island in the crossfire. As Shido wonders what to do, Reine informs him that she has already started formulating a plan. Kaguya and Yuzuru have already been given intercoms, which she'll use to give them advice, hoping to control the twins' actions to a certain extent. However, Shido still needs to make a decision on which one is more charming by the day after tomorrow.

The next day, Reine arranges a volleyball match with her, Origami, and Tohka on one team, and Shido, Kaguya, and Yuzuru on the other. Despite his team initially being at a huge disadvantage, they make a comeback as Yuzuru and Kaguya finally start collaborating with each other. After the match, Kaguya requests to talk to Shido in private. When Shido asks why she talks archaically, she replies it is necessary for a Spirit with a super and tragic backstory. Then, in a more serious tone, she tells him that he should choose Yuzuru as the person who lives, citing how Yuzuru is the cuter one. Despite not wanting to disappear, she wants Yuzuru to live on more. Before she leaves, she threatens Shido to blow away the island if he does not choose Yuzuru, which causes Shido to be even more hesitant at what he just heard. A few minutes later, Yuzuru appears before Shido and requests that he choose Kaguya since she has a more charming personality. Similar to her sister, she threatens misfortune to Shido’s friends if he does not choose Kaguya.

Conflicted over what he has just heard, Shido ponders over how the sisters care for each other but are unable to show it to the other. Lost in thought, he is suddenly snapped back into reality by Tohka's voice. With a sweet smile, Tohka asks him if they can go out for a walk on the beach. After arriving, Tohka confesses that she made a small lie and wanted to talk to him since she noticed that he felt troubled. Grateful for Tohka's consideration, Shido tells her about the situation between Kaguya and Yuzuru. After listening, Tohka states that she can somewhat relate to their feelings, as she would rather be killed than let Shido die instead. However, their conversation is overheard by both the Yamai sisters, who are both angry that the other one is choosing to sacrifice themselves. They both agree that the only way to settle the matter is by resuming their battle.

As Shido and Tohka attempt to stop the conflict, they are stopped by Ellen, who states that she is grateful for the arrival of <Berserk>. Seeing that she knows about Spirits, Shido asks her if she is part of the AST. Ellen remarks that his guess is sadly off, and commands the <Bandersnatch> units to attack them. Tohka quickly repels the assault with her Limited Astral Dress but is then easily defeated by Ellen, who shatters Tohka's <Sandalphon> with a single strike. Seeing Tohka about to be captured, Shido curses his helplessness. He thinks back to how he was powerless to save Kurumi, a feeling that he never wants to have again. The next moment, the <Bandersnatch> unit is sliced in half, and Tohka's <Sandalphon> appears in his hands. Surprised at the manifestation of an Angel by a human, Ellen decides to take Shido along with Tohka. However, the nearby <Bandersnatch> units all begin malfunctioning due to the main Realizer on board <Arbatel> having been damaged. Shido seizes this opportunity to escape, as Ellen accidentally trips into a nearby hole.

Arriving near where Kaguya and Yuzuru are fighting, Shido tries to break up the fight by using his <Sandalphon>. However, his initial attempts at swinging the sword fail to produce the arc of light released earlier. Tohka tells Shido that <Sandalphon> is summoned by his wishes, so his desires should power it. Therefore, if he imagines the hope in his heart, the Angel will answer to his will. Reflecting on his resolve, he remarks that there is no way that he would let either of the sisters disappear. As Tohka helps him hold the sword, they swing down a single sword strike that splits the sky in half. Finally attracting the Yamai sisters' attention, Shido yells that he has not given his decision yet. Instead of only two choices, he offers them both a third one: allowing both of them to live at the expense of sealing their powers. Despite initially rebuking Shido's decision, the twins start crying after imagining what it would be like to go to school together. Afterward, the Yamai sisters both descend on the ground and thank Shido for his help by kissing him at the same time. However, much to their surprise, their Astral Dresses start to disappear just as Tohka arrives, leaving him desperately stuttering the situation to Tohka.

The next day, Shido is still exhausted from summoning an Angel. As everyone prepares to return to Tengu City, Tohka and Origami once again start fighting over who will get the window seat next to him. Shido tries to break up the conflict by suggesting that they use rock paper scissors to decide. They are soon joined by Kaguya and Yuzuru, who declare him to be their shared property. After saying that, the four of them all start pulling each of his limbs, causing him to let out a huge scream since his body was still worn out from using <Sandalphon>.

Miku Lily[]

Within the gymnasium of Raizen High School, Shido and Tohka listen as Ai gives a passionate speech about how they will win the Tenou competition this year. As Tohka wonders what is happening, he explains that they are preparing for a collaborative school festival between ten different schools. They are joined by the Yamai sisters, whom Shido notes have been getting along considerably since being sealed. After telling Tohka that there will be numerous shops selling food at the event, Tonomachi adds that their main rivals for the festival will likely be Rindouji Academy for Girls, last year's winners. Tonomachi also states that Rindouji's odds have increased due to the mysterious beauty that joined them last year. As Shido asks who he is talking about, Tonomachi scoffs that there is no one in their generation that doesn't know about "Miku-tan". This causes Shido to ask Tohka, which Tonomachi complains as cheating.

Afterwards, Tohka asks Shido to pinky promise her that they will go to eat on the day of the festival. As Shido is about to, he is interrupted by Origami, who quickly adds that he would drink her sleep medicine if he lies. Shido questions why she changed the part of 1000 needles instead. After Tohka grabs Shido's other hand, the Yamai sisters also join in on the commotion, declaring Shido to be their shared property. Jealous of the attention that Shido is receiving from the girls, Tonomachi nominates him for the position of the Tenou festival executive member. After every male in the classroom agrees with the decision, Shido lets out a scream at the hurdles of responsibilities that have just been handed to him.

Walking home at around dinner time, Shido complains about the responsibilities he just had to fulfill, such as dividing the school budget equally for the numerous booths he helped set up. Along the way, he runs into Yoshino, who went looking for him because of everyone starting to worry about how late he is. As Yoshino points at the flyer he is holding, Shido tells her about the Tenou festival and invites her to come. Upon returning home, Shido is kicked in the stomach by Kotori, who complains about him being so late. Shido apologizes and tells her sister that he was busy because of suddenly being made the executive committee for the Tenou festival. As Shido prepares to make hamburgers for dinner, Kotori informs him that for the time being, they have decided to give the codename <Phantom> to the mysterious person who erased their memories five years ago. Additionally, DEM was likely behind his school trip to Arubi Island. As Shido questions DEM's motives, Kotori criticizes him, saying that it's their fault that Mana ended up in such a state. Shido asks if something happened to Mana, but they are interrupted by the sound of the Spacequake alarm.

After being transported by Fraxinus, Shido arrives at Tengu arena, which has just been destroyed by a Spacequake. As he draws closer to the stage, he hears a voice singing an unmistakable song. Upon closer inspection, the sound is coming from a girl standing at the center of the stage while wearing a dazzling dress that is sewn with light particles. Kotori informs him that the new Spirit is likely <Diva>, a Spirit that has only been confirmed to have appeared once around half a year ago. Because of the lack of lighting covering the stage, Shido is only noticed by <Diva> after he trips on the floor. Unable to see Shido clearly, she mistakes him for a surprise audience and asks him to show himself. However, after fully seeing him, she unexpectedly starts to release a sound attack on him. As Shido tries to issue a response to her provocation, they are suddenly interrupted by the AST's arrival, with the team also moving to capture him alongside the Spirit. Before Fraxinus retrieves him from the conflict, Shido sees <Diva> acting in an overly friendly manner to the enemy Wizards.

The next day at school, Shido and Origami are shocked to see that Miku Izayoi, the representative for Rindouji Private Academy, looks identical to the Spirit <Diva>. After returning to Fraxinus, Kotori confirms to him that the Idol is indeed a perfect match for <Diva>. Additionally, their investigation has shown that judging from Miku's reaction towards the AST; she has a preference for girls. As Shido ponders over what to do next, Kotori merely gives him a mischievous smile. As Shido is carried away by Kannazuki and Nakatsugawa, Kotori gives him a thumbs up and wishes good luck to her "Onee-chan". Three hours later, Shido finds himself forcibly having to dress like a girl. As Shido curses Kotori for what she has just done, Kotori sarcastically tells him that he sounds a little bit too rude for a girl and gives him a band-aid-like contraption that helps him change his voice. Afterward, Kotori forces him to undergo a tutorial on how to apply makeup and act more like a girl.

The next day, Shido's disguise is almost revealed by Tohka, who almost carelessly gives it away. Additionally, Origami, who had easily seen through the costume, merely pretends to follow along and takes the opportunity to take numerous pictures, much to Shido's embarrassment. Nevertheless, the disguise is a success, and he ends up attracting Miku's attention, with him using the pseudonym "Shiori". During their second meeting at her house, Miku realizes that her powers have no effect on Shido when she tells him to transfer to Rindouji. Unbeknownst to Shido and the rest of the crew of <Fraxinus>, Miku already knows about the existence of other Spirits and asks if "Shiori" is one. This gives Shido no choice but to explain his ability to seal the power of a Spirit and expresses his intention of doing that to save her. Unexpectedly, Miku declines his offer as she is currently satisfied with her lifestyle. When Miku explains her reasons for causing the Spacequake a few days ago, he becomes enraged with her petty reasons and apparent lack of empathy. As she listens to Shido's replies, Miku decides to make a bet with him. She will allow herself to be sealed if Raizen wins the Tenou festival. However, if Rindouji wins, she will own "Shiori" and the other five Spirits. Despite the obvious disadvantage, Shido has no choice but to accept her condition.

Afterward, Kotori scolds him on his behavior towards Miku, before silently remarking that he did seem quite cool while doing so. Thinking back to the musical performance, he remembers that Aii, Mai, and Mii wanted to perform at a concert for their school's musical performance. Luckily, there were still empty slots available thanks to Ai scaring away possible bandmates. Eventually, it is decided that Shido, Tohka, and Origami will join their group by providing guitar, tambourine, and vocals respectively. On the day of the festival, Shido reluctantly helps out at the maid cafe while dressed as "Shiori". Much to his embarrassment, Yoshino and Reine end up visiting him, with him crying in a corner over them seeing his tainted self. As Yoshino struggles to give him a compliment, Reine informs him that Shido is not doing this because he wants to. Much later, Shido finds out that Origami is missing, and Miku had used her powers to brainwash Ai, Mai, and Mii into quitting their band. Fortunately, Kaguya and Yuzuru arrive and tell them that they can substitute for the drums and bass.

During their concert, the external damage to the stage causes their lip-sync audio to fail. As Shido struggles on stage and worries about what to do, Tohka steps in and reveals that she has a natural singing voice. In the end, they still aren't able to win the best musical performance from Miku, but they still won overall because of the visitors they attracted through their maid café. Unable to accept defeat because of teamwork, Miku summons her Angel, <Gabriel>, and uses its powers to control everyone who heard her song. During the ensuing conflict, "Shiori" is revealed to be male to Miku. Angered and humiliated at being deceived, Miku controls both the Yamai sisters and Yoshino to attack Shido. However, Shido is saved by Tohka, who did not hear Miku's performance due to wearing earphones at the time. Unfortunately, Ellen arrives and successfully manages to capture Tohka. During the ensuing chaos, Shido is able to slip away from Miku's grasp.

Thanks to the live broadcast, everyone in Tengu City, including Kotori and everyone on <Fraxinus>, has become Miku's thrall and has been ordered to find him. In a hopeless situation to avoid Miku or save Tohka, Shido struggles over what to do since he has no time, equipment, or power. At that moment, Shido hears a familiar laugh. Emerging from the shadows, Kurumi appears and asks if they can talk.

Miku Truth[]

Immediately afterward, Shido is offered help from Kurumi to rescue Tohka, who has been captured by DEM. Kurumi says it is a "give and take" situation since she is helping Shido because she is looking for someone in DEM and intends to use him as a distraction. Seeing that he has no other viable options, Shido reluctantly agrees, although Kurumi tells him that locating Tohka will take some time. Kurumi reminds Shido that they need to first take care of Miku, who is still sending the brainwashed masses after him. After the events on the stage, Shido remarks that it's going to be tough to communicate with Miku. However, Kurumi wonders if Miku always had a warped view of humanity, and men in particular. She asks Shido to search through Miku's personal belongings, and if her hunch is right, he might be able to discover Miku's weakness.

At Miku's residence, Shido gets teased by Kurumi about his cross-dressing. After some sexual harassment from Kurumi over "Shiori" wearing Miku's rather large undergarments, Shido finds a music CD, though the name on the covers reads "Tsukino Yoimachi". Listening to the CD, Shido recognizes Miku's singing, but its liveliness is very different from the entrancing voice she has now. Confused, Shido soon finds another important clue, a seemingly ordinary photo of Miku; a photo that shouldn't have existed. However, Shido knows that there is another possibility. Kurumi uses the Tenth Bullet <Yud> on the photo and CD to peek into Miku's past, but the sound of Miku's <Gabriel> interrupts Kurumi before she can explain to Shido about Miku's oddity. Knowing that soon everyone in the area will be after him, Shido and Kurumi decide to confront Miku instead directly.

Reentering the music stadium, Shido and Kurumi are up against tens of thousands of people out for blood. Kurumi quickly takes care of the mindless masses with her <City of Devouring Time>. However, Miku's <March> manages to give the people enough strength to overcome Kurumi's shadow. As both Shido and Kurumi are surprised at the outcome, Miku boasts that her <Gabriel> isn't limited to enchanting people. Kurumi, who is obviously not impressed, promptly summons her past selves. The area immediately becomes engulfed in darkness as Yoshino and the Yamai twins are busy fighting against the myriads of Kurumi clones, Shido is quickly taken to where Miku is by one of the past selves under the acceleration effect of the First Bullet <Aleph>. Kurumi drags Shido and Miku into her shadow so that the two can speak privately.

Even so, Shido is having a tough time getting through to the stubborn Miku, who won't listen to any of his explanations. Shido tells Miku that he is going to save Tohka, only to have the idol ridicule him for being too weak to do anything. Realizing that he'd stand a better chance against DEM if he could get help from even one more Spirit, Shido asks for Miku's cooperation, much to the latter's disbelief. Shido says that saving Tohka is much more important than sealing Miku's power. Of course, Miku doesn't believe a word and still refuses to help, noting how disgusting humans can be. As Shido questions her hatred for humanity, Kurumi says the time is up and pulls the two out of her shadow. The space Kurumi had created for Shido and Miku isn't invulnerable, and if the shadow were to be damaged, Shido would be affected as well. Maintaining the space and defending against three Spirits at the same time is no easy task. Thus, Kurumi grabs Shido and makes a hasty retreat.

After escaping, Shido apologizes to Kurumi because he wasn't able to persuade Miku, but that only promotes more teasing from Kurumi. One of Kurumi's selves brings good news, as she has found Tohka'a location. As Shido gets all excited, Kurumi teases him about adding another condition for helping him: something along the lines of saying "I like Kurumi better than Tohka" in front of <Princess>. Kurumi tells a flustered Shido that she is only joking and reveals Tohka is currently in DEM's main Japanese headquarters. Shido and Kurumi then face off against the impressive defense that DEM has set up. Shortly after getting past the <Bandersnatch> and Wizards, Kurumi is suddenly decapitated by Mana, who has come to her brother's aid. Mana says that she is under the care of Ratatoskr now and that she killed Kurumi because she thought he was going to be eaten by the Spirit. Another Kurumi shows up and says she has her own objectives and decides to leave Shido with Mana, but not before assuring him that the frontal attack led by her clones will continue.

Afterwards, Mana asks some pretty funny questions regarding Shido's cross-dressing before handing him a communicator to get in contact with Kotori, who apologizes for telling him to die when Miku was controlling her. As Shido merely laughs it off, Kotori tells him that it's too dangerous for him to rescue Tohka without proper preparations, as communications with Fraxinus will likely be jammed once he enters the building. However, she ultimately agrees to let Shido go under the condition that he will stay close to Mana and return safely. Shido successfully breaks through the main entrance of the DEM building with Mana's aid. However, the two become separated when they come under heavy fire from Jessica, who is equipped with the <Scarlet Licorice>. Against Kotori's orders, Shido decides to look for Tohka by himself. He soon runs into a couple of DEM Wizards, and it becomes apparent that Shido stands no chance against them. As Shido becomes restricted by their Territory, Tohka's broadsword <Sandalphon> suddenly appears. With <Sandalphon> in hand, Shido launches a wave of light that makes short work of the Wizards, though he does suffer a deep stab wound during the fight. As Kotori's blue flames start healing his body, he struggles to stand up and continues to make his way towards Tohka.

Even with Tohka's sword and Kotori's healing ability, Shido is eventually overwhelmed by the endless onslaught of Wizards. As Shido is about to lose consciousness while trapped inside the Wizards' Territory, Miku and her Spirits come to his rescue. Although Miku claims that she's only here to add Tohka to her collection, Shido thanks her regardless. Leaving Yoshino and the Yamai sisters to deal with the Wizards outside, Miku goes to find Tohka, with Shido following closely behind. Inside the DEM building, Miku finds out Tohka's exact location and gets the security pass by using her brainwashing power. She then mocks Shido for not knowing where Tohka is and belittles his determination. Finally becoming fed up with Miku's attitude towards humanity, Shido retorts that he knows Miku was once a human as well. Based on what Kurumi has told him, Shido deduces that Miku was turned into a Spirit by <Phantom>. Relenting on Shido's insistence, Miku finally reveals her past. She was once an idol whose only talent was her voice but eventually lost it after her fans betrayed her because of false rumors. As she was contemplating suicide, <Phantom> appeared before her and gave her powers that turned the world to her advantage.

After listening, Shido says that Miku is rejecting people because she's afraid of getting hurt again. He believes that deep down inside, Miku wants to connect with people normally, that's why she was so infatuated with Shiori, who could not be controlled by her voice. Miku of course childishly denies everything and thinks that if she were to lose her voice now, no one would ever listen to her again. In response, Shido says that he will listen to her no matter what happens, and he will always be her fan. As Miku questions Shido if he would put his life on the line for her like he is doing now for Tohka, he firmly replies that he would. After some more bickering, the two arrive at a solid-looking gate. After entering the room, Shido finally reunites with Tohka although they are technically still separated by a thick glass wall that even <Sandalphon> can't break. Westcott is pleasantly surprised to meet Shido and starts madly laughing about how everything is in the palm of "that woman's hand". Suddenly, Shido is stabbed from behind by Ellen, and Westcott orders her to kill him, saying that the Sephira shouldn't break even if he died. The thought of Shido really dying and her being unable to save him sends Tohka into deep despair, which causes her Sephira to begin to change.

After being revived by Kotori's powers, Shido is shocked to see a stern-looking Tohka clad in a black Astral Dress. Westcott calls Tohka the <Demon King> and orders Ellen to kill her. However, this Tohka proves to be quite a match for the mightiest Wizard. Ellen tries to blast Tohka away with <Rhongomiant>, but Tohka comes out seemingly unharmed and attacks Westcott with a swing of her <Nahemah> that destroys the exterior ceiling of the building. Luckily, no one is killed in the blast. Knowing that Ellen isn't in her peak condition, Westcott decides to withdraw for now. Before he leaves, he calls Shido by the boy's old family name of "Takamiya", before correcting himself and says he doesn't know anything about Shido Itsuka. After Westcott and Ellen make their exit, Tohka begins to attack Shido and Miku ruthlessly. Shido calls out Tohka's name, but Tohka doesn't seem to recognize it. Miku shields him from Tohka's attack and says that she's come here to see if Shido would really risk his life to save Tohka. Miku restrains Tohka with <Gabriel> to give him an opening. Enduring the excruciating pain from Tohka's attacks, Shido presses on until Miku's music suddenly stops because she has exhausted her Reiryoku. An impatient Tohka readies her <Nahemah> and unleashes a massive sword blast at Miku.

As Miku laments her actions and desire to have someone save her like Tohka, Shido manages to summon Yoshino's <Zadkiel> in desperation and saves Miku. Shido tells the confused Miku that he has made a promise to her. Remembering Shido's unhesitating reply that he would risk his life to save her if she were ever in danger, Miku is moved to tears. Seeing this, Tohka seems to be regaining her old self as she cries out Shido's name in pain. However, her confused memories cause her to view Shido as a larger threat, Tohka summons her throne and unveils the final form of her Demon King: <Paverschlev>. Miku tries to use herself as a shield to protect Shido, but fortunately, Yoshino arrives just in time to stop Tohka's attack. Shido calls out to Tohka again and approaches her despite the incredible strain of using the Angels. Tohka breaks free of Yoshino's attacks and takes a full swing, resulting in everything being momentarily engulfed in darkness. Tohka thinks she's killed Shido, but he is saved by the timely intervention from the Yamai sisters, who are using their wind powers to lift him up into the sky. In a reenactment of their first kiss, Shido screams out Tohka's name as he falls from the sky. At long last, Tohka is back to normal with a kiss from Shido.

The day after, Shido receives an invitation from Miku to come backstage. Along the way, he runs into the Yamai twins, and the two sisters jokingly ask Shido why he is dressed like a boy today and what's happened to Shiori. This causes him to realize that he is never going to live it down now. After arriving at Miku's room, he is taken aback when Miku calls him "darling". Miku says that she doesn't like men, but darling is a special exception. She then kisses him and willingly lets him seal her powers. As her Astral Dress disappears in the process, Miku says that even without her magic voice, even if other people wouldn't listen to her anymore, she will still sing for Shido. As she changes into a maid dress, Miku asks her darling to attend her encore. The audience is at first confused by the change in Miku's voice, but they quickly grow used to it. As the song comes to an end, Miku receives thunderous applause and cheering. A teary Miku thanks her audience and then says she loves "darling". Seeing the commotion, this sudden outburst has caused among the audience, Shido quietly hurries off from the confused crowd.

Natsumi Search[]

DAL v8 02

Miku clinging to his arm.

Much later, Kotori tries to interview Miku, but she starts to get annoyed at how Miku is clinging onto Shido’s arm and only talking to him. Kotori reminds Miku that they only brought Shido along because the idol refused to cooperate without his presence. Shido notes that, after being sealed, Miku’s personality has changed drastically, becoming much more childish in the process. As Kotori loses her temper, she reminds Miku that she said that she would only answer questions if Shido was next to her. As Miku starts to laugh, Kotori begins her questions. She starts by asking her about the existence that made her a Spirit. Suddenly, Miku makes a painful expression when thinking about her past. Shido offers her to rest a bit, but Miku states that she has decided to move forward now that she has Darling. Miku remembers when she lost her voice because of psychogenesis-type aphonia after being betrayed by her fans. At that moment an entity she calls "God" approached her and offered her a power that could change the world. The entity brought out a shining violet gem-like object. As Miku accepted the offer, the gem melted into her body. The next moment, she obtained a devilish voice that could make anyone do what she said.

Exhausted from telling her story, Miku tells Shido that they would have to cancel the plans for the Italian restaurant. As Shido asks if she is alright, Miku draws closer to hug him. He starts to worry that it could cause a scandal since Miku is an idol. However, Shido is assured by Miku that it is okay. In fact, she would even give a pose if the paparazzi came. She reminds him that it would be fine because even if no one hears her songs, Darling will always be her fan. At that moment, Miku moves in for a goodbye kiss. However, Shido is suddenly grabbed by Tohka and the others, who angrily ask Miku what she is doing. Seeing the other girls, Miku apologizes to Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru, for using her Angel to control them. She then tells them that she is about to kiss Shido, and invites the other girls to join in on that kiss. Shido gives a faint laugh as Miku's flirtatious actions scare the other Spirits away.

Much later, on October 15, Shido and Tohka are walking towards the shopping district in search of ingredients for dinnertime. Tohka asks Shido about the giant pumpkin ghost decorating the general store. Shido replies that it is a plastic Jack O' Lantern used to celebrate Halloween. He offers to cook a pumpkin for dinner, causing Tohka's eyes to start shining as she runs off excitedly. In the process, she accidentally collides with another person at the side of the road. The man in the wheelchair also apologizes to Tohka, saying that he might fall into hell for injuring such a cute lady, causing Shido to remark that he could take notes from the old man's words. The man introduces himself as Baldwin, while the person wheeling him around is called Karen. The pair asks for directions to the hospital, which Shido offers to show the way. Baldwin remarks that it is fortunate to see such a cute couple overseas, which embarrasses him and further confuses Tohka. Baldwin asks Tohka how long it has been since she met Shido, to which Tohka replies that it's been about half a year from when they met during the Spacequake, while embarrassingly trying to deny that she caused the Spacequake. Afterwards, a Spacequake alarm sounds and the two tell Baldwin and Karen to head to the evacuation shelter. Before separating, Baldwin tells a puzzled Shido that he is leaving the Spirit to him.

Upon arriving at his destination, he finds that an abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of town has suddenly come to life like he was watching a movie with high visual special effects. As he draws closer, he hears a faint giggle from a nearby person, who resembles someone wearing a witch costume. The new Spirit introduces herself as Natsumi and asks him what he is doing here. Under Ratatorskr's instructions, he tells Natsumi that he stumbled here by accident. The initial conversation between the two starts off well, with Shido responding to Natsumi's requests for praise by complimenting her on her appearance. However, the AST arrive and launch their attack, with Shido noting that Origami is not within their tanks. Nevertheless, Natsumi easily turns their missiles into carrots, and the AST members into cute dogs, pandas, and rabbits. However, a problem arises when a stray carrot missile explodes near where they are standing and throws dust into the air. This causes Natsumi to temporarily release her transformation power and force Shido to cover his eyes from the light emitted from Natsumi. When Shido is able to see again, Natsumi gets angry at Shido because she thought that he had seen her secret. Much to Shido's bewilderment, she then leaves the scene after threatening revenge on him for knowing her secret.

The next day, Shido finds himself late for the school. However, upon arriving, he finds that the entire class has started treating him like some sort of deviant. He is then pulled aside by the Yamai sisters, who are wearing their school swimsuits. They demand that Shido give back the clothes he stole from them, as well as Yuzuru wanting revenge for drenching her clothes with water. They proceed to chase after him as he runs away confused about what is happening. Tohka quickly interrupts to save him, but she also punches him in the chest for his alleged prior actions. After escaping to the school roof, he finds a doppelganger of himself awaiting him there. Recognizing the imposture's voice, he finds out that Natsumi had transformed into him in order to ruin his reputation out of revenge for seeing her secret. At that moment, both Origami and Tohka break in through the rooftop door. Much to their confusion, they see two Shido confronting each other, with both claiming that the other is the fraud. Fortunately, both of them are able to deduce the correct one. Tohka recognizes his smell, and Origami claims that the impostor's blinking speed is slightly off. Angered at having her disguise revealed, Natsumi flies away, leaving Shido to explain his newly convoluted situation to both girls.

Five days later, he receives an envelope with 12 photos and a letter containing a challenge from Natsumi. The transformation Spirit had impersonated someone in one of the photos. The objective of the game is for him to find which person Natsumi has transformed into. If he fails to guess the right one, then the real person will disappear. Having no choice but to play along, Ratatoskr arranges for Shido to have an investigation date with each of the suspects. The first date ends up being with Tohka, during which he purposely calls her Natsumi in order to see if there is a reaction. However, this merely causes Tohka to be upset over being called by someone else's name. In order to calm her down, he lies by telling her that Natsumi is a popular greeting for telling someone you love them, which causes Tohka to blush. At the end of the date, he notes that it seemed just like the usual Tohka.

For the next date, Reine tells him to just stay at home, since the person will be coming to him. After hearing the door being knocked, he finds Yoshino dressed in a witch costume, while Yoshinon looked like Frankenstein. Yoshinon encourages Yoshino to say trick or treat. But Shido states that he doesn’t have any candy on him. As a result, Yoshinon made an ominous smile and encourages Yoshino to pull her prank on Shido. After seeing this, Shido tells Yoshino to wait in the living room, while he makes some cake. As Yoshino eats the cake, Shido asks Yoshino about the first time he made food for her. Yoshino recalls that it was an Oyakodon. However, Yoshinon states that he doesn’t remember that, suggesting that it happened when she was at Origami’s house. As Yoshinon teases Yoshino for being so bold while she wasn’t around, Yoshino quickly covers Yoshinon’s mouth, causing the puppet to start suffocating. After some time passed, Yoshinon suddenly twitched its ear and whispered something into Yoshino's ears. While blushing, Yoshino offers some cake to Shido. Afterwards, she licks a piece of cake on his face. Embarrassed, she leaves while saying it was just a prank.

The last date for the day is with Yuzuru. Shido comments that it is unusual for her to be seen without her twin sister. Yuzuru asks if she alone isn’t enough, to which Shido denies, but adds that it was rare to see them apart. Yuzuru tells Shido that she and Kaguya share one mind and body, but she will be the one hogging Shido today. As they go for a walk, Yuzuru asks Shido which one of the twins he likes more. As he struggles to give an answer, Yuzuru scolds him for being indecisive. Shido asks her which one she wants to choose. Yuzuru replies that if she chooses Kaguya, she would praise him, but she would be both happy and angry if he chooses her. Yuzuru tells Shido that she and Kaguya share likes and distastes, so Kaguya also cares a great deal for Shido. Feeling that she has said too much, Yuzuru runs away while telling Shido to take care of Kaguya. At the end of the day, Shido realizes that he still didn't have enough information to make an educated guess. The next morning, Shido finds Kaguya panicking over not being able to find Yuzuru. At that moment, Shido realizes that the real horror of Natsumi's game has just begun.

As Shido begins his next date with Kotori, the mood is soured by Yuzuru's sudden disappearance. From the video recording, they see how Natsumi's Angel <Haniel> emitted a light that captured Yuzuru right after the clock struck midnight. Seeing his mood go down, Kotori slaps him on the head and tells him that being depressed won't bring Yuzuru back. As he starts to cheer up, Kotori tells him that it is still an investigation, so he has to ask her questions. Shido asks Kotori about the place they went for a date last June. However, Kotori remarks that are too simplistic, as Natsumi could have easily found that out. In response, Shido takes the time to remove Kotori's black ribbons, reverting to her timid personality as she begs him to give her ribbon back. Shido remarks that it's definitely the real Kotori before being punched by her after she had snatched back her ribbon.

Afterwards, the next date is with Kaguya, who asks what happened to his face. Shido quickly makes up the excuse that he was attacked by a boxer in the street corner on the way there. Apparently, in order to calm Kaguya down, <Fraxinus> lies by telling her that Yuzuru has gone for a long inspection. For the date, the two of them went out for bowling. However, during the date, Kaguya requests a match where the loser has to fulfill one demand for the winner. After Kaguya wins, she tells Shido that for the next ten minutes he has to vow that he will not be surprised by what she does, and also he must swear to never tell anyone what happens during that time. As Shido agrees, Kaguya lies down on his lap and starts crying, telling him that she knows they can’t find Yuzuru, and begs for Shido to find her sister. Immediately afterwards, the next date is with Aii, Mai, and Mii. However, due to Natsumi's prior actions while disguised as him, the trio thinks he is a shameless pervert. As the end of the day draws near, Natsumi's mirror appears before him and demands that he make his guess. Shido demands to know what she did with Yuzuru, but Natsumi merely replies that she will bring her back if he can win her game. Thinking back to the investigation, he feels that Yoshino was the most suspicious, so he reluctantly decides on her being the impostor. However, Natsumi claims that the guess is incorrect and takes both Yoshino and Ai away as punishment.

DAL v8 08

Shido struggling to hold Miku

As the third day begins, Shido bemoans his failure in preventing two more people from disappearing. However, Kotori tells him that he did great with limited information and that he needs to now focus on his date with Miku. As Miku arrives, she wears a frilly costume with white and purple as its basic tone. When asked what she is wearing, she replies that it is the appearance of Tsukishima Kanon-chan, the 4th war maiden of Valkyrie Misty. The amusement park is holding a cosplay event. As Shido says that he didn’t know that she liked to cosplay, Miku responds that it would be convenient for him, since the costumes come with masks, and they wouldn't have to worry about her status of an idol getting in the way of their date. She then hands Shido the costume for Jack-sama, the mysterious hero who saves Misty and the heroines. As Shido says he is fine, Miku responds that she also brought along the costume for Narusaki Mei-chan, the 2nd battle maiden. After hearing this, he quickly agrees to wear the Jack cosplay. As Shido changes into the costume, Miku then tells him that Jack is the secret identity of the 6th war-maiden, Kanou Emily.

After changing clothes, Shido tries testing by Miku by asking her how they first meet at the Tengu stadium. He deliberately lies by saying that she was surprised when Miku hugged her that time, an action that mirrors his first interaction with Natsumi. However, Miku correctly replies that it didn’t happen, since she still hated males at that time. They are approached by another group who request a photo. Agreeing to the picture, Miku tells Shido to do a figure skating pose where he carries her. However, the pose causes too much stress on his arm, causing Miku fall down as her mask slips off. With her identity revealed, a crowd of Miku’s fans starts to gather. Miku tells Shido that the fall strained her leg, forcing Shido to have to carry her while running away from Miku’s fans.

The last investigation date ends up being with Origami. As he arrives at the date, Reine informs him that Origami had already reached the predetermined location an hour earlier. Upon arriving, Origami requests two tickets for a 7:30 pm showing of Black Fantasia. Despite Shido's insistence, Origami demands that she pay for the tickets, which Reine notes is designed to make him feel guilty about leaving after the movie is over. Just before the film started, he asks Origami if she remembers the events that happened in June. Origami replies that she remembers she had a date with Shido then, pointing out the exact time intervals of each event during the day. When Shido asks how she can remember so much, Origami reveals that she keeps a detailed diary recording the events of each day. Origami hands her one of her journals. While skimming over the notes, a point of reference catches his eye. The journal details how Origami was the one to find Yoshinon from the wreckage, and he starts feels guilty about entering her home in order to take back the puppet. As the movie starts, Origami's hand moves closer to Shido. She says that she wants him to touch her as well, revealing that she isn't wearing any undergarments today. Her perverse actions force Shido to admit that it is certainly the real Origami present.

After the investigation is over, Shido returns home disappointed that he still doesn't have a solid lead on Natsumi's disguise. Lost in his thoughts, he is soon surprised to find Tohka at the doorsteps of the Itsuka residence. Tohka comments that Shido looks so busy that he doesn't have time for both school and dinner recently. Hearing this, he apologizes for not making dinner lately, but Tohka quickly retorts that isn't the case. She understands that Shido has something he must do, so she wants to make sure he isn't worried about her during that time. Also, she shyly states that while not having him around is a little bit lonely, but she will come running to help him whenever he needs it. Shido thanks Tohka and tells her that he has the strength of a thousand men with her support. However, to his despair, Tohka is the next person that Natsumi whisks away.

Between the two days after Tohka disappeared, Shido made a mistake in pinpointing the culprit twice, thus causing Tama-chan-sensei, Tonomachi, Mai, and Mii to disappear. Afterward, the only ones left are Kotori, Origami, Kaguya, and Miku. However, Shido soon receives a card from Natsumi, demanding that tonight be the last day for him to find her. Having no other choice, Shido gathers the remaining suspects together in a last-ditch effort to find the one that Natsumi had replaced. During the discourse, Origami asks if <Witch> can transform herself into an inanimate object, pointing out that she could have literally turned into one of the photos. To test her theory, Origami starts to pierce each of the photos with her knife. However, the attempt ends in vain, as Natsumi isn't disguised as a picture. As time starts to run out, both Origami and Kotori suggest that Natsumi entered a safe zone by disguising herself as the first person she captured. However, after declaring Yuzuru's name, Natsumi declares that they are incorrect again. As a result, Origami is the next person who got sucked into Natsumi's mirror. As time slowly starts to tick away, Kotori hastily declares Tohka to be the suspect, causing Kaguya to be the next person to disappear.

DAL v8 c04

Shido pointing to the culprit

Left with just two suspects, Miku screams that she can’t take it anymore. She decides to give her hair ornament to Shido as a memento in case she disappears. This causes him to realize that an object would disappear with its owner, giving the final clue necessary to deduce Natsumi's disguise. There weren't 12 suspects, but rather 13 candidates. Natsumi had transformed herself into Yoshinon, Yoshino’s puppet. The biggest clue was that Yoshinon had knowledge of her time at Origami’s home, which was impossible since Yoshinon is a split personality of Yoshino, and should have no knowledge of events where Yoshino isn’t present.

Guessing the correct answer, Natsumi’s <Haniel> releases its prisoners. However, during the process, Natsumi’s own transformation is also dispelled and everyone manages to see her true child-like form. Angry at having her actual appearance revealed, Natsumi retaliates by transforming his friends into children. As Natsumi flies away, Shido makes a fruitless plea for her to come back.

Natsumi Change[]

Afterward, everyone is soon relocated back to the Itsuka residence. However, Shido has difficulty maintaining control, as each of the newly transformed children begins causing mayhem that needs his attention. Luckily, he is saved by Reine, whose timely intervention restores order to the household. Marveling at the site, he comments that Reine looks exactly like a mother, which elicits a strange expression from her. Seeing that Reine took the compliment oddly, he quickly retorts that he didn't mean to insult her, which causes her to say that she didn't take it that way either. Reine tells him that they have yet to locate Natsumi, as she is likely concealing her presence from their radar. As he asks for a reason behind her actions, Reine retorts that she thinks it is simple harassment.

The next morning, Shido finds that everyone else has already woken up before him. After making breakfast, Miku demands him to feed her, which causes Yoshinon to deliberately drop Yoshino’s fork in order to also be fed by him as well. Noticing that Kotori is getting jealous, Shido also hands Kotori a piece of toast. Despite protesting about not being a child anymore, she still grumbles down the toast while averting her eyes. As he leaves for school, Tohka and the others wave their hands goodbye to him. Upon arriving, he finds that Tonomachi and his other classmates are still in their normal forms, having avoided being transformed and instead felt that the events that had transpired were like a realistic dream. However, he is surprised when Tohka arrives at school despite still being in her shrunken form. Tamae-sensei, thinking that Tohka is a child, doesn't recognize her and says that this school is a place for older kids. The Yamai Sisters join in, and they all complain to him about how nobody can believe it is them. Their presence in the classroom causes a misunderstanding of their relationship with Shido, which is only made worse as Natsumi uses her powers to unwrap Tohka's clothes. Seeing that it was now impossible to talk things out, Shido and the others quickly fled the scene.

For the next few days, Natsumi continues to use her powers to make him look like a pervert in public. Her latest prank involved turning the Itsuka residence into a zoo, with each of the Spirits dressed as animals. At that moment, Reine informs him that they finally have a lead on Natsumi's whereabouts, having traced her to be a kilometer away, inside a building under construction. They arrive just in time to see Natsumi being cornered by Ellen. Thanks to the damage that Ellen inflicted on Natsumi, Tohka and the others all revert back to their normal forms. As Ellen derides their attempt as futile, Shido retorts that they will use great numbers to their advantage. He then gives the command by telling Miku to use her voice to control Ellen's subordinates, providing an opportunity for the Fraxinus to retrieve them all.

After finding out that Natsumi had woken up, he requests Kotori to be able to see her. Kotori points him to the quarantined room where she is resting but advises him to be careful, since Natsumi's impression of him is at the lowest value, despite her being too injured to use her Angel. After entering the room, Natsumi tries desperately to eject him out of the room by throwing everything in the room at him. Running out of things to throw as amino, Natsumi is finally forced to converse with him. As she questions why he would save someone who tried to frame him as a criminal, Shido relents that he can't help himself when he sees a Spirit in danger, voicing out the other times with Tohka and the others. Asking why she wanted to erase everyone, Natsumi yells that she can't forgive anyone who gazes upon her real appearance. Questioning why he views her real appearance so negatively, Natsumi goes into a self-inducing rant about her looks and starts swinging her arms to scratch his face.

After Shido leaves the room with a large scratch mark, Kotori remarks that is why she told him to be careful, pointing out a similar scratch that she has on her face. Kotori remarks that they need to first help Natsumi overcome her negative personality since her lack of confidence in her real appearance would cause her powers to flow back to her, even if they managed to seal her. Furthermore, they have a two-day time limit, since Natsumi will regain usage of her Angel then and be able to easily escape. The next day, Shido, Tohka, and Yoshino carried Natsumi away in a sack. As Natsumi's eyes adjust to the light, she finds herself next to a beauty salon and wonders if they only took her there to mock her. In response, Kotori delivers a chop on her head tells told her that they are going to fix both her appearance and that negative persecution complex. Following Kotori's orders, they soon move to choose a new selection of clothes for Natsumi, with Shido giving the final touches, while in her Shiori uniform since he had gained experience with makeup when he had to cross-dress. Next, they tried to see if Natsumi could start a conversation with someone else. After Tonomachi fails, Kotori sends Kannazuki as the next person. However, that eventually fails as well, since Natsumi's gloomy attitude misinterprets what Kannazuki is saying and ends up punching him in the cheek.

DAL v9 09

Shido being threatened by Ellen

Ultimately, Natsumi is unable to handle all of the positive encouragement around her and runs away. After searching around the town for her, Shido is led back to his house. Much to his surprise, he finds Ellen there, sitting on a sofa. When he tries to call Kotori, Ellen takes his phone, saying that the whole house is under her Territory. She also wants to ask him where Natsumi is, but he sternly refuses to give any information to the DEM Wizard. Ellen tells him that the peaceful days he has with the Spirits are only because DEM allows it. In exchange for Natsumi, Ellen will let him and the other Spirits live. Shido still refuses, and Ellen takes out her sword. When she threatens to cut his ear off, Shido's phone rings, which he uses to take the chance to run away as Ellen is distracted.

Afterward, Shido is contacted by Kotori, who informs him that there is a large satellite descending from the sky. Since it is too dangerous for him to keep searching for Natsumi, she tells him to go to the Spacequake shelter. Meanwhile, they will attempt to destroy the projectile with the main <Fraxinus> cannon. However, Shido refuses to evacuate, since he hasn't found Natsumi yet. Giving out a sigh, Kotori gives in but tells Shido that his time limit is until they finish preparing their intercept attack. Shido continues to yell out for Natsumi to run to the underground shelter before the fragments from the satellite start falling. Suddenly, he receives a distorted message from Kotori warning him that Fraxinus won't make it in time. As the black boorish silhouette slowly starts to descend, Shido remarks that he wishes to protect everyone. With that wish in his heart, <Sandalphon> once again appears within his arms. Calming down his heart and taking a deep breath, Shido releases a powerful slash to the meteor. However, the Territory installed protects the satellite from the impact.

Struggling to commence the second attack, Shido is luckily reunited with Tohka and the others, who had all come to help him under Kotori's request. The Yamai Sisters and Yoshino attempt to slow down the descent, while Miku empowers everybody with her song. Meanwhile, he and Tohka prepare to use both their <Sandalphons> together to destroy the metal spacecraft before it can hit the ground. Unfortunately, even their combined might is still not enough, and they are attacked by <Bandersnatch> units attached to the satellite. Luckily, Natsumi appears against her will and saves Shido from a <Bandersnatch> unit moments away from dealing a fatal blow to him. Knowing that the satellite had explosives attached to it, Natsumi transformed the satellite into a mascot pig with cartoonish explosives. Then, she used <Kaleidoscope> to transform her <Haniel> into a copy of <Sandalphon>. With the combined power of three <Sandalphons>, Shido, Natsumi, and Tohka destroyed the falling object and saved the town.

After the battle, Natsumi cried as the group gives her unexpected praise for her actions. As they head back to <Ratatoskr>, Shido is pulled aside to a spot where the other girls can't see Natsumi taking the opportunity to kiss him, with the transformation Spirit knowing fully well that it would seal her powers since she acquired this information before she escaped. After everyone agrees to be friends with Natsumi, she starts to cry tears of joy, which causes the rest of the girls to scold him for making her cry. Unfortunately, the short-lasting peace is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a third satellite. With everyone still exhausted, it is virtually impossible to oppose the new threat. However, much to his surprise, the incoming projectile is annihilated instantly by a DEM Wizard. Upon closer inspection, Shido is shocked to discover that it is Origami.

Tobiichi Angel[]

Early in the morning, a pleasant fragrance invades Shido in his sleep. As he stretches, the back of his hand grabs something warm and soft, which is then followed by a quiet moan. Realizing that something is amiss, he wakes up to find Natsumi, in her adult form, sitting next to him on his bed. Startled by her appearance, Shido quickly backs away from her as Natsumi greets him. He is surprised to see Natsumi in this form, but Kotori soon enters the room and beats him up before he can figure out what's going on. Kotori explains to Shido that while Natsumi's powers have been sealed successfully, her mental strength is extremely weak because her emotions are quite unstable. As a result, her powers manifest much more easily than Tohka and the others. Kotori tries to lecture Natsumi but they end up insulting each other about their bust sizes. This causes Kotori to remark that Natsumi only has a nice body because of her transformation. The disparaging comment apparently upsets Natsumi so much that she starts crying. As a result, Kotori is forced to eat her own words and admits that she is more scrawny than Natsumi, only to realize that the little Spirit has tricked her into apologizing. As Natsumi runs away yelling out how Kotori admitted she is scrawnier, causing Kotori to chase after her. As peacefulness returns to his room, Shido decides to prepare himself for school.

DAL v10 c01

Shido captured by Origami

The seemingly repetitive school life has drastically changed, as Shido and Tohka arrive in class to find Origami absent. Initially, Shido thinks Origami is just taking the day off, but a spiritless Tamae informs the class that Origami has transferred to another school in the United Kingdom. Concerned about Origami's whereabouts, Shido heads to her home after school but finds it abandoned and empty. He decides to go to the AST base in Tengu City but stops when he sees Origami outside. Origami tells him to follow her and the two of them end up in a back alley. Before Shido can ask anything, Origami suddenly knocks him unconscious. After waking up, Shido finds himself tied firmly to a chair. He asks Origami just what on earth she's up to, but Origami offers him some mineral water to drink instead. She notices that Shido is suspicious of her so she takes a sip from the bottle to prove that it's not drugged. She makes Shido drink from the same bottle, scoring what she describes as an "indirect kiss". Absolutely disgusted, Shido says he needs to go to the bathroom in an effort to get Origami to untie him. However, he quickly changes his mind after Origami's perverse tendencies start to kick in again.

Origami confirms to him that she has joined DEM in order to obtain enough power to defeat Spirits. Shido asks Origami if she had kidnapped him on Westcott's orders, but Origami says that she's doing this on her own. She tells him that she's going to fight against the Spirits and she doesn't want him to get caught in their battles. In response, he says Tohka and the others have nothing to do with the Spirit that killed Origami's parents, but Origami rebuts that Spirits are inherently dangerous, even if they have adapted to modern society, Origami replies that she understands that Spirits are in fact living like "humans", and she's scared of how she has become used to hanging around the Spirits. Shido argues that they just want to live a normal life, but Origami says she won't allow that. She tells him that with Tohka's life, she will regain her old self. Despite his protests for her to wait, Origami heads off to her showdown against Tohka and the others.

Back in the ruins, Shido is still desperately trying to free himself. To his surprise, Origami suddenly comes back. He knows that Origami is not the kind of person who would return without finishing what she has set out to accomplish. Fearing the worst, Shido asks Origami why she has come back, but she remains silent. His trembling voice seems to have triggered a reaction from Origami. It's a reaction that he has never seen from her before: Origami is smiling. As he becomes unsettled and asks her why she's smiling, Origami doesn't answer him. Instead, her smile gradually turns into loud laughter. Being completely baffled by the situation, Yoshino entering the room does not make it much better. Shido yells at Yoshino to run away because Origami is definitely not her normal self, but it turns out that the laughing Origami is actually Natsumi in disguise. Apparently, the two of them saw Origami on the street and backtracked their way to where he was imprisoned. Shido tries to contact Kotori but his call won't go through even on the Fraxinus special line. Thinking that something must have happened to the Fraxinus, Shido asks Yoshino and Natsumi to guide him out of this place.

He arrives just in time to prevent Tohka and Origami from landing their final attacks on each other. His large scream of protest shakes the both of them out of their battle frenzy. Origami quickly flees the scene, not wanting Shido to see her after being turned into a Spirit. Afterward, Shido and the others relocate to their school's infirmary. Miku uses her <Requiem>, which has analgesic effects, to help relieve the girls' pain. They discuss a bit about Origami and the fact that she has become a Spirit herself. Shido notes to himself that Origami has not changed, the eyes she had before she ran away were the same eyes that belonged to the Spirit-hating girl he knows. Concerned that Tohka's fully released form may alert AST, Shido figures that it'd be best to re-seal her power as soon as possible. Tohka agrees to let him kiss her, though they more or less get sidetracked when they find the other Spirits peeping at him and Tohka.

At around midnight, Shido and the Spirits have been sent to a city hospital after being scolded for not evacuating during the supposed Spacequake. Tohka says she's hungry, so he decides to get some food from a convenience store. He sees the Natsumi and Yoshino sleeping next to each other on a pipe chair. Shido suddenly hears Yoshino's phone vibrating and remembers that they had forgotten to switch off their phones before coming to the hospital. Since the hospital has prohibited the use of mobile phones, he goes to turn it off. However, he ends up in an awkward situation when Yoshino wakes up as he is reaching for the phone inside her pocket. Viewing this awkward sight, Natsumi then sends him flying with an uppercut.

Seeing that the call is from Kotori, Shido immediately answers it. Kotori tells him that they are currently in an underground facility owned by Ratatoskr. Kotori says that they have been soundly beaten by DEM, and since the Fraxinus is undergoing repairs, it probably won't be operational for a while. Shido briefly explains the events on his side to Kotori, who is shocked to learn that Origami has become a Spirit. Kotori tells him to prepare himself for capturing Origami's heart, though the image he gets is more like Origami preying on him. Kotori says that they will talk more when they rendezvous at the hospital. Shido looks out the window and notices that it's suddenly getting a lot darker around him. As he is about to hang up, something unexpected happens. Origami, who had just returned from the past, had suddenly inversed and began to indiscriminately attack everything. The Spirits are also left speechless at the sight. However, Tohka says she doesn't know what has happened to Origami, but the only one who can bring her back is Shido.

As the Spirits work together to deal with Origami, Ellen makes an unexpected appearance before Shido. Kaguya attacks Ellen to make an opening for Yuzuru, who throws Shido towards Origami. No matter how he calls out to her or shakes her body, Origami shows no reaction to him. Remembering how he saved Tohka when she went Inverse, Shido prepares to kiss Origami. But as he lifts up to her downcast face, he is dumbstruck seeing her soulless eyes, and tear-stained cheeks that looked like she had seen all the despair in this world. Shido intuitively realizes that Origami is already beyond saving. He utters Origami's name one last time before gravity returns and pulls him down.

Recovering from the wounds sustained from his fall, he walks back towards Origami. However, several of Origami's wings suddenly fly towards him. Shido thinks about how he should deal with them, but the wings attack before he can do anything. A blast from the badly damaged Fraxinus blows the wings away and saves him. Kotori tries to tell Shido what to do, but Origami's wings surround the airship and open fire on it. The already half-broken Fraxinus is hopelessly shot down. Shido screams Kotori's name and staggers towards the fallen airship, but all of sudden he feels as if his strength is being drained away. Kurumi shows up and messes with him for a bit before telling Shido that there is no salvation for Origami now. Kurumi says she does what needs to be done and summons her Angel. Shido tries to get away but Kurumi stops him using her ability and shoots him again with another gun.

Just like the bullet that had stopped him earlier, he feels no pain from the second bullet. But the moment that the bullet hits him, his body feels like it has turned into some sort of gel that is blending in a mixer before passing out. After he recovers and finds himself in a seemingly peaceful Tengu City. Kurumi is nowhere to be seen and he immediately realizes that something is wrong as the city should be in ruins. Furthermore, it's supposed to be November, but the scorching heat is telling him otherwise. Shido tries to find Tohka and the others but bumps into Tamae-Sensei instead. He calls her by her nickname, which surprises the teacher. She doesn't seem to know him and thinks he's hitting on her. She blushes and says that she's a little embarrassed, but slips out that she's 24 years old. Shido sweats and tells her that she can't just take 5 years off her age like that. Tamae gets angry at Shido and asks him to give back her notebook, which he had picked up earlier. As she opens her notebook, Shido catches sight of the date and asks Tamae if that's today's page. Tamae shows him the date on her notebook, which leaves Shido astonished at realizing he has been returned five years in the past.

Tobiichi Devil[]

After realizing he has traveled to the past, Shido tries to make sense of what has happened to him as Tamae leaves after getting her notebook back. He understands that time can't be reversed, but he knows all too well that there is someone who has control over time. Just as he's thinking about Kurumi, a giggle startles him before he realizes it's Kurumi's voice. Shido scans his surroundings looking for Kurumi but she tells him that she is in a different "time". Kurumi explains that she has sent him five years into the past using the Twelfth Bullet <Yud Bet>, as well as the Ninth Bullet <Tet>, which allows her to communicate telepathically and share senses with people from in different timelines. Shido says he needs to go back to the present to help Tohka and the others, but Kurumi tells him about how she had sent Spirit Origami to the past before she came back as an Inverse Spirit. Kurumi says she wanted proof that history can be changed. She gets a little sentimental and says she's talked too much but urges him to hurry and find out what caused Origami to go Inverse.

Shido rushes back to his old home and recalls the fire caused by Kotori 5 years ago. Kurumi tells him that she understands his feelings, but he should give up on saving Kotori because of the changes it would bring if Kotori didn't become a Spirit. He realizes that had Kotori not become a Spirit, she would not have been recruited into Ratatoskr and he wouldn't have been able to seal the Spirits. Shido apologizes to Kurumi who says she wasn't criticizing him because the possibility of redoing the past is like fine wine in a poisoned glass. Shido notices Kurumi's words are like warnings to herself, but before he can ask Kurumi for some answers, he's interrupted by his neighbor Suzumoto, who has come to share some fresh vegetables with the Itsuka family. Shido becomes worried as he's just traveled back from the future and looks much older than he should be, but fortunately, he's accidentally used Natsumi's power and changed his appearance in time.

Kurumi teases Shido by asking him to stand before a mirror so she can see his cute face. Just then, the sky turns red and the area is swiftly engulfed in flames. Shido runs to the park where Kotori is, and finds his past self, his crying sister; <Phantom>. Shido calls to Phantom but she disappears in a ray of light. He looks up and sees Origami, clad in a fantastic white dress but her face twisted with anger and hatred. Origami quickly flies away fighting <Phantom>, with Shido desperately chasing after them. He eventually comes across a couple screaming Origami's name and he realizes that they are her parents. Before he can even do anything, however, a ray of light rains down and he is blown away by the shock wave. Shido gets up and is shocked to discover a massive crater where Origami's parents used to be. He sees the young Origami finding and cursing her future self and realizes that Origami is the person who killed her own parents.

After the future Origami disappears from the effects of the twelfth bullet, Shido rushes to the young Origami's aid. He tells the crying Origami that she's not alone and he would gladly take all her sorrow, and rage if she does not despair. Origami thanks him and asks for his name. She then asks him if everything he has said to her is true, which Shido confirms. Origami says she will give him her tears, smiles and happiness. In return, Origami tells him that this is the last time she will cry and the last time she will smile, and that she will only keep her anger and kill that Angel no matter how long it takes. Before she leaves, she tells Shido to keep all her other feelings with him until she kills the Spirit and leaves. Shido realizes, with some hints from Kurumi, that the reason Origami knew about him during their "first" meeting in high school is because she has in fact already met him when her parents died. Kurumi is very displeased with this outcome because by sending Origami and Shido back into the past, she has helped create the timeline original world.

Despite feeling that it is all over, Kurumi tells him that being unable to stop Origami is the destined future of this world. Kurumi says that she's been told that by the future Shido who has returned after not being able to do anything in the past. The future Shido has asked Kurumi to tell his past self to break that destined future. Shido regains hope and energy as Kurumi tells him it's not over yet. She suggests Shido do a time travel again, but having him return to the present and send him to the past again just isn't practical, as the Twelfth Bullet consumes a large portion of the Spirits' power stored in him. So they will do a much shorter time travel, but since she can't actually hit him with her bullet due to being in a different time period, Kurumi tells him to find herself from five years ago. She informs him that there should be another Kurumi in his current time period that is already in possession of <Zafkiel>. He asks if she had met him at that time, but Kurumi says she was just there to see the fire, as a disaster on such a scale could have very well been caused by a Spirit. Kurumi says she can guarantee that she was around the fire then and that she did not meet him. That is why him contacting her past self would alter history.

DAL v11 c02

Shido meets the Kurumi of 5 years ago.

Minutes later, Shido is running up to the rooftop of a building near the fire. Turning around, he sees that past Kurumi was wearing completely different attire, complete with an eyepatch. When questioning the present Kurumi about that, she repeatedly tells him to pay it no mind. They are interrupted by past Kurumi, who asks what business Shido has in a place like this. He bluntly asks her for help. Eye-patch Kurumi is surprised that Shido knows her name and warns him not to move. He tries to tell her that he was sent here by the Kurumi from 5 years later. Present Kurumi tells Shido that they don't have a lot of time and asks him to touch the eye-patch Kurumi. Shido says it's fine if she keeps pointing the gun at him, but he'd like her to hold his hand. Eye-patch Kurumi cautiously complies and present Kurumi quickly explains the situation. After a moment of silence, eye-patch Kurumi agrees to shoot Shido with the Twelfth Bullet. Before Shido disappears, eye-patch Kurumi wishes him luck and Shido tells her that he thinks the eye-patch suits her well. Present Kurumi lets out a choking sound upon hearing this while the other Kurumi thanks Shido for the compliment and bids him farewell till they meet again 5 years later.

Shido is then successfully thrown back to the time before Kotori became a Spirit. He talks with Kurumi and notices that she's speaking a little more coldly to him than before. He asks if it's because of the eye-patch, but Kurumi cuts him off. They discuss how they can save Origami's parents to prevent her from going Inverse. Shido eventually comes up with an idea and says to Kurumi that things would be fine if there were no "enemy" when Spirit Origami shows up. Hiding behind the plants in the park where Kotori was turned into a Spirit, Shido plans to talk to <Phantom> if he could, which Kurumi finds amusing and tells him that she wouldn't recommend trying to talk with <Phantom>. Soon <Phantom> appears and turns Kotori into a Spirit. Shido makes a mental apology to his sister and yells at Phantom. Although he can't see through the noises that are covering <Phantom>, Shido can tell that she was very surprised to see him. Her reaction prompts Shido to ask if she knew about him, but <Phantom> does not answer and runs away. Kurumi says <Phantom>'s reaction is quite unexpected and asks if Shido knew her. He tells Kurumi that he doesn't know anyone whose body is hidden by mosaic. However, it is clear that <Phantom> knows about him, and her reaction is very similar to that of Isaac Westcott, the Managing Director of DEM when he met Shido as the boy tried to save Tohka.

DAL v11 03

Shido sees Phantom in a fake form.

After finally catching up with <Phantom>, the mysterious being suddenly stops. She doesn't seem tot pleased with the alias she's been given but apologizes to him for running away as she didn't want to talk to him in front of Kotori. <Phantom> casts off the noises around her and uses Rinne Sonogami's appearance as her fake form to talk with him. Shido feels as if he has seen the face before but can't remember from where. <Phantom> says it's not time for Shido to see her yet and apologizes to him for using a fake form. She has figured out from the appearance he has comes from the future and asks what business he has with her. Shido asks her if she knew him, to which Phantom says that she does and she knows him well. He proceeds to ask about himself and the power that he possesses, but <Phantom> says she can't tell him yet and besides Kurumi is eavesdropping on their conversation too. Shido says that those are just his own questions and he wants <Phantom> to disappear from here. She asks him if that's a poetic way of expressing "I will kill you". He then clarifies that he wants <Phantom> to hide away, like going to the bordering dimension. She asks him for the reason why she should hide, but Shido is unsure if he could tell her, as she may be interested in turning Spirits Inverse like Westcott.

Getting no reply from Shido, <Phantom> says she can't comply with his request as she still has some unfinished business. He asks <Phantom> to wait but he suddenly feels as if his body has been placed under the same effects of a Wizard's Territory. <Phantom> moves close to him and touches his cheek with her hand. In that instant, Shido becomes certain that he knows the sensation of that touch. Phantom says that they will meet again when the time comes and that when this time does come she will not leave him or make the mistake again. Shido somehow vaguely remembers hearing those words before, but can't quite recall when or where. He regains control of his body after <Phantom> leaves and sees Origami attacking <Phantom> with her light. Shido swears to change history so that the past events will not repeat again. Origami and <Phantom>'s fight soon takes them to space directly above Origami's parents. As the Spirit attempts to fire her light beam at <Phantom>, Shido screams at her to stop but to no avail. Desperate, he firmly kicks off against the ground and races towards Origami's parents to push them out of the way. Enveloped in bright light, Shido loses consciousness.

Shido wakes up and finds himself back in the peaceful Tengu City that he's familiar with. He runs downstairs and sees (white ribbon) Kotori watching TV in the living room and yells out asking if she is okay. She asks her brother if he's still half-asleep and tells him it's November 8th when he asks for the date. Shido realizes that it's the day after Origami went Inverse. He becomes overwhelmed with joy and gives Kotori a big hug. Shido asks Kotori whether she'd believe him if he told her that he had just changed the world, leading to her wondering if he's having a relapse of delusions again. The Itsuka siblings are greeted by Tohka as they leave the house. Shido gives Tohka her lunch box but he is a little surprised when Tohka asks if he put bite-size cutlets in it. She says that it's something they talked about yesterday before saying goodbye, but Shido does not have that memory whatsoever. He concludes that it's something the Shido in this world, where Origami's parents are saved, had promised Tohka.

Judging from Tohka and Kotori's behaviors, it seems that this new world does not differ significantly from the old one, but there are small things that are different, so it might be a good idea to check with everyone as soon as possible. The Yamai twins show up and tease Shido a bit before Kaguya gets all embarrassed when Yuzuru mentions the fantasies Kaguya has about Shido and a certain diary that she keeps. As they arrive at school, Shido notices that there's still no one sitting where Origami should be. At first, he thinks that she's late to school, but Origami does not show up as Tamae marks the roll call. Shido is shocked when he doesn't hear Origami's name being called out after Tonomachi's. He asks the teacher if there's been a mistake and what has happened to Origami. However, Tamae is confused and asks him who Origami is. Soon, it becomes clear to Shido that no one besides him knows about Origami. Fortunately for him, Origami's name sounds the same as paper folding origami, so everyone thinks he's referring to something else instead.

While preparing the dinner, he almost cuts his finger while distracted by thoughts about Origami. Kotori and Yoshino come to help, but Shido drops the knife when he turns around to see his sister and the timid Spirit all grown up and wearing suggestive clothing. Realizing that this was caused by Natsumi's powers, he yells for her to come out. However, an argument between Kotori and Natsumi over their clothing choice causes a short chase that leads to everyone's clothes coming apart. The girls apologize to him, but he still thanks them for worrying about him before telling them that he's alright. Kotori states they can't be always so relaxed because there are still unknown Spirits like Kurumi and <Devil>. Shido is surprised to hear about <Devil>, especially since she is supposedly just as dangerous as Kurumi. Kotori explains that Devil is a Spirit Hunter who never appears alone, but will always show up when another Spirit appears and attacks that Spirit. Shido asks Kotori if he could see video footage or pictures of <Devil>. Kotori says there isn't much point but shows him a video. He quickly understands why Kotori would say there is no point as Devil is clad in darkness and is difficult to ascertain just what it is. However, he knows that this black silhouette called Devil is none other than the Inverse Spirit Origami.

The next day at school, a sleep-deprived Shido is trying to figure out what is going on with this world's Origami. Origami is not only still a Spirit, but she has gone Inverse as well. Shido thinks about telling Kotori everything and asking for help from Ratatoskr. Tamae tells the class that they have a new friend today. The classroom door opens and Shido is stunned to see the transfer student is Origami. During class, he passes a note to Origami and arranges a meeting with her. He asks her about the unusual reaction she had upon seeing him this morning. Origami says she was a little startled because he looks just like someone she had met in the past, but that was 5 years ago when Shido was still in primary school and the person had died right before Origami's eyes. Realizing that she is talking about him, he decides to go along with Origami's conclusion that he is that person's younger brother. As Origami thanks Shido for his brother saving her parents, he takes the time to ask if she's living with them now, Origami pauses and tells him that they had died in a traffic accident 4 years ago. Suddenly, he feels a rush of powerlessness as the end results remain the same despite his efforts to change the past.

He then asks Origami why she had joined AST. She is clearly surprised that Shido knows about her affiliation to AST, but thinks that he probably saw her during combat when he went outside instead of evacuating during Spacequake alarms. She says that she joined AST because of the Spirit who killed the person who saved her parents. She wanted to become that person and protect people from Spirits. Shido realizes the irony of fate and no matter what he does in the past; Origami will always end up fighting the Spirits. After asking if they can speak later, both of them start blushing after Shido realizes that he more or less just asked her out on a date. Blushing while covering her head with her notebook, Origami says that she will think about it. After Origami leaves, Shido thinks that Origami is definitely cute, but something is missing.

The next day, Shido is approached by Kurumi, who reveals that she has also retained memories of the original world, and she knows that Origami has become a Spirit, but she is uncertain as to what event could have caused Origami to become a Spirit in this world. She can, however, use the Tenth Bullet <Yud> on Origami to find answers, which causes Shido to once again ask Kurumi for her help. However, the instant that Origami sees Kurumi, she automatically assumes her Inverse form. Origami calls out the name of her Demon King, Devil of Salvation <Satan>, and attacks Kurumi and Shido. Kurumi leaps into the air and shoots at Origami, but the shot is easily blocked by Origami's "feathers", while the defenseless Kurumi is torn apart by Origami's attacks. Shido screams out Kurumi's name and turns to Origami, only to be surprised by how her "feathers" and Astral Dress have vanished, leaving Origami in her school uniform. As he tries to make sense of the events before him, he becomes more confused when Origami asks him what she's doing here. Origami asks Shido if she's had a blackout again and says she's been losing consciousness since a while ago. She thinks she's probably suffering from anemia and leaves after asking Shido if he has read the note she's given him.

Kurumi shows up again and tells him that it was only a clone created from the Eight Bullet <Het> whom Origami had torn apart. She tells him not to worry but says that it will be difficult to use the Tenth Bullet on Origami like that. Shido wonders if he made a mistake, but Kurumi tells him that their current situation is not bad compared to what took place in the original world. Shido understands what she is saying, but he can't agree with her because he wants to know what happened to Origami. Kurumi says she's also interested in how altering past events can change the world but tells Shido that she's not that softhearted and will be taking extra fees for any favors from now on. She bids him farewell and disappears into the shadows.

Back home, Shido, Kotori, and Reine discuss Origami, or rather Shido informs them of the events in the original world, and how he changed the past. Reine's analysis shows that Origami doesn't seem to know that she is a Spirit. Shido wonders how something like that is possible, which prompts Reine to put forward her theory. Reine says there are probably some sorts of conditions regarding the memories of the original world. Kurumi retains her memories due to her time-control abilities, though Reine is not sure how Shido manages to do the same. Shido thinks it's likely because he's the person who changed the world, but it's also true that he doesn't have memories of this world. Reine says the conditions may be being shot by Kurumi's Twelfth Bullet or having spiritual powers. Kotori adds that it's possible Origami gains memories of the original world when she receives powers from Phantom. Shido asks Reine if she's saying that the Inverse Origami is the Origami who has regained memories of the original world. Reine replies that it's just a theory, but it would seem to be a logical conclusion. Nevertheless, they decide to take the usual approach and proceed with a date. However, Kotori is shocked that Shido has already arranged a date, which causes her to ask about their relationship in the original world.

The date proceeds fairly well, due to Shido already knowing Origami's personality from the old timeline. During his date with the new timeline Origami, he brings her to a love hotel and a pharmacy full of aphrodisiacs out of familiarity with her perversion. However, there are times when Origami's old personality kicks in and her body acts involuntarily without her control. During the evening, they arrive at the park on high ground. Both Kotori and Reine tell him that Origami is nervous because of her weird behavior, so he should take the time to calm her down. Origami tells Shido that one of the reasons she left AST was because of her anemic blackouts, which could be fatal for a soldier. Also, she was unsure if killing Spirits is really a righteous thing to do. She tells Shido that she's sorry for saying that because it was a Spirit who killed his brother. Shido says that he doesn't consider her way of thinking bad, and he's sure his brother will say the same thing to her as well. Origami looks like she's about to cry so he holds her hand even more firmly. However, the platform they are standing on collapses, and Shido injures his hand grabbing Origami. Upon seeing the healing flames on his hand, Origami assumes her inverse form and starts to indiscriminately attack everything.

DAL v11 10

Shido reaching his hand out to Origami

Despite his attempts to get closer to Origami, he is blown away by her Reiryoku each time. Fraxinus is pierced by rays of black light while trying to help him. Witnessing the Fraxinus falling down sends a chill down his spine, as it reminds him of the events of the original timeline. Luckily, Shido is saved by Tohka and the others, who have sensed something was wrong. While they are shocked that the Spirit is Origami, they all agree to help him save another Spirit. While the Yamai Sisters provide an aerial distraction, Miku and Natsumi provide ground support by empowering everyone with <March>, with Natsumi using her <Kaleidoscope> to mimic Miku's support song. Meanwhile, Tohka and Yoshino provide cover as Shido makes his way to Origami. As Origami starts to hear Shido's screams of reaching out to her, Shido says that he told her 5 years ago that she's not alone and that no matter how many times she destroys the world, he will do something about it. No matter how many times she despairs, he will save her. Shido tells her that he needs her and yells for Origami to take his hand.

In his arms, a crying Origami apologizes to Shido because she did not have any romantic feelings towards him, but rather saw him as an emotional dependence, or to be more precise, someone she could cling to. She sincerely apologizes for causing him trouble, but he doesn't mind and says it's an honor that Origami needs him. Shido remarks it's time to give everything back to her. With a kiss, Origami's black Astral Dress is replaced with her white dress and her "feathers" dissipate into light particles. After being sealed, Origami starts another comical fight with Tohka, causing Shido to laugh and think about the problems that lie ahead. The next day, Origami tells Tohka that, despite everything that has occurred, she will still not give up Shido to her. Shido says that according to his memories, Origami stated that she did not have any romantic feelings for him. Origami says that he is correct but from now on it is true love. Shido thanks Origami for listening to him back then and says he is delighted that she has come back. He says he looks forward to spending time together with her, to which she smiles and gives him an affirmative response.

Itsuka Disaster[]

DAL v12 02

Shido holding Tohka's scarf

As they are walking to school, Shido gives out a loud sneeze, which causes Tohka to ask if he is cold. Shido tells her that he probably underestimated the December weather and will wear warmer clothing tomorrow. In response, Tohka offers him her muffler. However, Shido refuses, telling her that gloves alone won’t keep her neck warm. After thinking about it for a minute, Tohka says that they can wrap the muffler around both their necks in order to keep warm. Once again, Shido refuses, thinking that he would get awkward stares of jealousy from his classmates if he did so. However, Tohka refuses to back down and pushes the muffler to his hands. She justifies this by saying that Shido would catch a cold at that rate. At that moment, the Yamai sisters arrive and compare Tohka and Shido to a dog being walked by her master. As Tohka remains confused, Shido realizes that having a muffler in his hands resembles a dog collar. Shido then tells Tohka that they can also keep warm by chasing after the Yamai sisters, who soon quickly flee to school.

After arriving, Shido finds that his school shoes are missing, but he gives a vague answer to Tohka because he doesn't want to her to think that he is being bullied. Afterward, the two of them find Origami at Shido's seat. Tohka scolds Origami for taking Shido's shoes, as he had to make the sudden switch to slippers because of her actions. Origami soon quickly leaves to go outside after checking his temperature. Tohka comments how she can never lower her guard with Origami around. However, Shido notes that Origami seems to have remained the same. To Origami credit, Tohka notes that the old Origami would have clung onto Shido no matter how much she protested. However, after Origami returns, she resumes her usual perverse antics, causing Shido to yell to Tohka that Origami hasn't changed at all.

Later that day, all the students have a joint gym class where they are taking physical measurements. Tohka laments that Shido shouldn't participate if he is feeling sick, but he notes that his condition isn't anything serious. Instead, he tells Tohka and the others to be careful, as even though their powers are sealed, their abilities still far outshine those of a normal human. Therefore, they need to hold back their strength in order to get a measurement in a sensible range. Despite feeling ill, he still performs inhumanly well at each of his challenges. During the hand dynamometer test, he accidentally destroyed the machine by lightly squeezing it. For the handball test, Shido, despite having a hazy vision, manages to throw the ball beyond the horizon and far into the sky. His score causes the schoolyard to be wrapped into stunned silence. Lastly, during the 50 meter sprint time measurement, he breaks a world record at 4.38 seconds despite having a sluggish start. As everyone remains shocked at the achievement, Shido collapses, prompting Tohka and Origami to rush towards him.

Inside his hazy consciousness, Shido wakes up to find himself on a bed in the infirmary. Despite his body feeling ill, he is able to perform superhuman feats without even using his full strength. In an incomplete voice, he mutters that it was as if he was a Spirit. He is then visited by Kotori, who tells him that she arrived as soon as Tohka and the others informed her of the situation. As they attempt to transfer him into a Ratatsokr facility, Shido states that he can still walk by himself. However, as he stumbles around, his uncontrollable strength ends up destroying the surrounding walls and windows. The loud noise attracts the attention of the Aii, Mai, and Mii trio, who point out that he is destroying everything that he touches. As he is grilled for questions by the trio, Shido lets out a loud sneeze that creates a rampaging wind that blows up every skirt in the corridor. Afterwards, his head starts wobbling before he collapses in the corridor.

After waking up, Shido leaves his hospital bed and begins to walk aimlessly around the town while in a feverish state. Despite only wearing his school outfit during wintertime, he still doesn't feel cold. Instead, there seemed to be an invisible film surrounding his body and regulating his temperature. He then accidentally bumps into Aii, Mai, and Mii, who confront him about the superhuman feats that he performed at school. Shido, with his consciousness still in a dazed state, remembers that once he meets a girl, it is his goal to make her fall for him. Using his powers, he presents to them a bouquet of ice flowers. However, his flirtatious attitude and grandiose compliments end up scaring the trio away, as they swear to make Shido pay for embarrassing them. Afterwards, he runs into Tamae-Sensei and offers her the promise of marriage before she turns 20. Using both Natsumi and Miku's powers, he transforms the nearby pedestrians into musicians and asks them to offer their blessings to Tamae-Sensei. However, before anything could happen, Tamae-Sensei runs off in a hurry to grab a marriage registration form.

DAL v12 c01

Shido carrying an embarrassed Ellen

Next, Shido bumps into Ellen after she decides to go out to eat her favorite strawberry shortcake. Much to her shock tells her that he had feelings for her since their last meeting. And even though she is from DEM, she should go over to <Ratatoskr>. Ellen, thinking this is a prank, activates her Territory to crush Shido. However, he is unaffected by it. Then, she starts attacking Shido, but he easily dodged and blocked her attacks. Using her coat to blind his vision, she prepares for a roundhouse kick. But, Shido suddenly disappears in a flash of light, teleporting right beside her. Then, he lifts Ellen, in a princess carry manner, which greatly embarrasses the DEM Wizard. As Shido moves in to kiss Ellen, he ends up kissing her forehead, since he doesn't want to force an unwilling girl. He then proceeds to take a nonchalant exit, as Ellen swears that she will never forgive this humiliation.

After much frantic searching, the Spirits finally find him on the main street of the 3rd district. Much to their surprise, Shido makes a grand entrance while using Yoshino's powers to make ice candles lit by Kotori's flames. Kotori demands that he come with them since it is an emergency, but Shido refuses, liking how he finally has the power to fight alongside everyone. As she gives the order for Kaguya and Yuzuru to grab him, he easily distracts everyone by using Natsumi’s power to transform him, and his surroundings into “Shiori”. However, he comically forgot that Miku was in the group, as the idol screams that she is in paradise. Floating in the air using the Yamai Sisters' powers, Shido tells them that for once, he would like them to try and capture him instead. He gives them until midnight to win him over, as magic running out at midnight is a set scenario. Disappearing into the sky, he leaves the others with the challenge of making him fall for everyone.

As a result, Kotori and <Ratatoskr> are forced to make individual plans for each Spirit in order to try and make Shido’s heart race. Contacting him through his phone, they tell him to arrive at a certain address. By using his powers to leap into the sky, he quickly arrives at a giant building built inside a lonely forest separated from the city. Upon opening the door, Shido is surprised to see each of the Spirits wearing swimsuits in a scene that looked like a beach. Going first, the Yamai Sisters worked together to seduce Shido through a combination of their swimsuits and eating ice cream. Afterward, he finds Natsumi trying to hide in the corner, worried that everything will end up failing because of her. He quickly teases her by saying that he won't go on to the other Spirits until Natsumi makes his heart race. Seeing this Fraxinus begins the preparations for Natsumi's date with Shido. They give the command for her to try to seduce him in her Adult form. Reine quickly objects to her actions, telling Natsumi that using her powers is too dangerous with the pathway still blocked. However, she ran out of Spirit Power just a few minutes after transforming. Nevertheless, the sight of her clothes falling off post-transformation was enough to capture Shido.

DAL v12 06

Shido using Roaring Flash Blast Wave

During Yoshino’s date with Shido, she offered to apply sunscreen to Shido. Despite commenting that it is a bold choice, he still decides to proceed with Yoshino's plan. However, their date is interrupted by a large tremor that attacked the facility they were in. DEM has sent a <Bandersnatch> unit, with Ellen not too far behind, to capture him. However, Shido clamps his hands together and shouts out: secret art instant lightning blast. Within his hands, a concentrated ray of Reiryoku light, comparable to Tohka’s <Sandalphon> and Origami’s <Metatron>, easily destroys the mechanical squad in an instant. Afterwards, Yoshino removes her swimsuit in order to reveal a smaller one underneath. As she fulfilled the condition of making Shido’s heart race, Kotori replies that Yoshino is a terrifying child.

Due to the damage sustained on the roof, Ratatoskr quickly changes the scenery from a pool to an elegant ballroom. Shido is approached by Tohka, Origami, Miku, and Kotori, all of whom were wearing beautiful formal dresses. For Kotori's date, she takes him out for a dance, which surprises Shido since he didn’t know Kotori could take the lead in a dance. Shido teases her for trying to act as an adult while still being a child. He then offers Kotori an adult kiss, which causes Kotori to become flustered. However, the plan worked as she successfully raised Shido’s heartbeat to a rate where he was captured. Afterward, Miku arrives with an ensemble of musicians and backup dancers; Miku begins her performance while allowing Shido to sit on her lap. She begins to sing a beautiful and passionate song in English. Her performance is strong enough to move Shido, earning enough to make his heart race. As Shido laments dropping for such a direct approach, Miku reassures him that it’s fine. As his senior by one year, it should be okay for her to take the lead every once in a while. Next came Origami's date, where she secretly made plans to spike Shido's drink. However, her new personality intervenes, and she ends up being the one drunk instead. Despite this, her slurred speech and cute actions while drunk are enough to win Shido over.

During the last date of the evening, Tohka takes Shido to a long table filled with a mountain-sized feast. As Tohka's eyes start to glimmer, Kotori reminds her via communicator that Shido is more important than the food right now. Tohka remarks that he must be must be hungry, since he has not eaten anything since morning. Rather ironically, Tohka's own stomach starts to grumble, causing Shido to start to laugh as Tohka embarrassingly denies being hungry. As they both begin to eat, Tohka takes up a fork to feed Shido the roast beef. As Shido gratuitously accepts, Tohka asks him if it was delicious. After being told so, she remarks that it is kind of embarrassing, with a shy smile. Then, she closes her eyes as Shido was about to return the favor. However, she is quickly brought back to reality by Kotori, who yells for her to open her eyes. As Tohka does so, she finds Shido on the ground clutching for his chest in pain. As Tohka looks at Shido with concern, she and Kotori exchange shouts over what was happening, Shido started emitting a faint light, releasing a beam of energy that pierced the roof of the facility.

DAL v12 10

A dazed Shido speaks to Mana

Emerging from the pillar into the sky, he arrives just in time to see Mana fighting against Ellen. In a trance-like state, he voices his relief that Mana was alright, having been worried ever since she was kidnapped by DEM. He questions if a person named Mio had helped her out. After hearing that name, Mana feels a sharp pain in her head, as fragmented memories of her past begin to flash in her mind. Noticing the opportunity, Ellen prepares another attack, but is blocked by the Reiryoku surrounding Shido. Upon noticing Ellen’s appearance, Shido shouts out DEM and starts growling like a wild animal. The Reiryoku curled around Shido increased its intensity and blew away both Ellen and Mana who were nearby. 

Due to the danger of the Spirit's powers sealed inside his body going out of control, the other members of Ratatoskr's round table, superseded Kotori's control and activates <Dáinsleif> , a secret satellite designed to kill Shido in the worst case scenario, without Woodman's permission. Just before the light of the destruction hits him, he is shielded by a barrier created by <Phantom>. The enigmatic being comments that even if she can sympathize with their painful determination, she would be very troubled if Shido dies. Then, she weakens some of the Spirit power surrounding Shido in order to give the sealed Spirits a chance at saving him. Before leaving, she calls all of the sealed Spirits her “children”, and wishes them good luck. Despite <Phantom>'s intervention, Shido is still in a berserk state that unconsciously attacks everything in sight. Using their remaining Spirit powers, Tohka and the others all try to kiss him in order to restore the pathway of Reiryoku flowing between him and the sealed Spirits.

The Yamai Sisters take the first move, as they glide through the sky while both summon their Angels. Kaguya lance breaks through the barrier surrounding Shido, allowing Yuzuru to restrict Shido’s movements by using her chains. Immobilizing Shido, both kiss him at the same time, telling him to come back to his senses. However, before the other Spirits can take advantage of the opportunity set by the twins, Shido breaks loose from the chains and continues to move past the forest. Yoshino passed the Yamai Sisters with her <Zadkiel>. Natsumi is following her lead behind Yoshino's Angel, since she had already used up all of her power trying to capture Shido earlier. Yoshino then freezes Shido’s feet in order to restrain him. Taking this opportunity, Yoshino manages to kiss Shido. However, Natsumi wastes the opportunity by going on one of her usual negative rants. Shido then breaks free from his ice restraints and prepares to attack Natsumi. Luckily, Miku arrives and further restricts Shido with her <Gabriel>. As they both kiss Shido, Miku replies that she is lucky to have an indirect kiss with Natsumi. While angry at first, Natsumi realizes that she also had an indirect kiss with Yoshino, which embarrasses both of them.

Due to some of the pathways being restored, Shido starts behaving less like a beast, even summoning <Sandalphon> in order to fend the others away. After the first group succeeds, Origami and Kotori assume their limited Astral Dresses and prepare for battle. Origami uses her teleportation ability to get close enough to kiss Shido. Immediately afterwards, she teleports herself to provide an opportunity for Kotori to get close to Shido. As Kotori was struck by Shido’s <Sandalphon>, Origami calls out her name. However, Kotori assures her that she is fine because of her regeneration ability. Despite still feeling the pain, atone for carrying the weapon that was going to be used to kill Shido. As she kisses Shido, she tells him that she will be waiting later for an adult kiss.

DAL v12 11

Shido being hugged by Tohka

With everyone else having succeeded, Tohka is the last one left to kiss Shido. With both of them equipping their respective <Sandalphons>, the collision of their weapons causes a great explosion. Tohka thinks to herself that she never thought Shido could fight on par with her. In terms of raw power, she was at a clear disadvantage, but she compensated by using her superior swordplay, which allows her to successfully disarm Shido. However, at that moment, Tohka ran into her time limit, deactivating her Limited Astral Dress and exposing her to the volatile Reiryoku that Shido was emitting. Despite Kotori and the others offering their help, Tohka declines and states that this is something that she must do by herself. As she walks up to Shido, she wonders if he had always felt so much pain when he saved everyone. At that moment, Tohka finally realizes the name of the feeling that motivates her to save Shido: love. Managing to get in close enough, Tohka successfully kisses Shido, stabilizing his body as he soon regains consciousness. Confused at what is happening, Shido embarrassingly asks Tohka what she is doing. Giving a faint smile, she calls him an idiot, saying that she won't tell him before collapsing into his arms.

As Shido wakes up, he is greeted by Kotori, who breaks down in tears over her guilt about the <Dáinsleif> situation. However, Shido tells Kotori it's fine, as it was good to be prepared with countermeasures in case he ever went berserk. He tells Kotori that it is painful to see her cry, and given the chance he would still do everything that he did 5 years ago again. As Kotori starts to wipe away her tears, she leaves to grab everyone else. Before she leaves, Kotori tells Shido to thank Tohka, as she took the most amount of damage in order to save him. As Kotori leaves to inform the others, Tohka begins to wake up. As Tohka struggles to get up, Shido tells her not to force herself and thanks Tohka for saving him. Tohka tells him not to worry about it, as she has been saved by Shido numerous times before. As Tohka is about to add something, her cheeks quickly turn red, and she quickly remarks that it is a secret. More importantly, she brings up an apple slice to feed to Shido, since she was the only one who didn't get to finish her date with him. After eating the apple, Shido remarks that it tastes delicious, much to Tohka's delight.

Suddenly, Tohka's expression changes and she tells Shido that Kotori had told them that he had to kiss all the Spirits in order to seal their powers. She apologizes to Shido for giving him a contradictory request by telling him to save other Spirits while also forbidding the only method with which he could save them. Likewise, Shido also apologizes to Tohka for not telling her the truth much sooner. Still, she notes that Shido broke their promise, so she begins counting everyone's names before telling Shido to kiss her 7 times to make it up to her. Before Shido can react, Tohka gives him a deep kiss, just as everyone else enters the room. The other Spirits and Mana all protest at the scene, with him unable to come up with an excuse, Tohka remarks that she has no other choice and suddenly pulls Shido closer to her into an embrace, much to everyone else's dismay.

Nia Creation[]

For the following month, Shido undergoes several checkups in order to ensure he doesn't lose control of his powers again. Despite having already undergone multiple health exams, he still feels that the process is nauseating. During his last treatment, Shido is greeted by Kotori, who he feels has been becoming more distant after the <Dainslaif> incident. Suddenly, Shido runs and hugs her, telling Kotori that "Onii-chan is lonely". Kotori soon kicks him away, causing Shido to remark that he is happy that she is acting normal, which causes Kotori to blush. The touching moment is interrupted by Reine, who informs him that his mana levels are going back to normal and that he can go back to the usual medical checkup. Then, she says that it will be necessary to clear up the misunderstandings with Shido's physical measurements. But that could easily be cleared off by saying he accidentally took some sort of doping drug instead of the usual medicine. The real problem is to clear up the misunderstandings with Ai, Mai, Mii, and Tamae. She tells him to arrange a time where he can come up with some excuse for how he acted while he was not himself.

As he is leaving the underground Ratatoskr base, he runs into Nakatsugawa and Shiizaki, who have just returned from shopping for Kotori. He and Nakatsugawa briefly bond over Silver Bullet being republished in Shonen Blast. Seeing that the two are busy, he offers to deliver the groceries to Kotori. However, as Shido opens the door, he finds Kotori trying to remove the undergarments of a patient. Seeing that Shido is misreading the situation, she tells him that they are merely trying to get Mana to accept her medical treatment. As Mana brushes the matter aside by deeming it not a problem, Kotori starts scolding Mana while crying herself; telling the Wizard that she doesn’t care if her reckless behavior is putting her already shortened lifespan at risk. Nodding her head, Mana softly tells Kotori not to worry so much. Kotori retorts that she has never seen anyone as reckless as a pair of siblings like them. Grabbing Mana’s arm, Kotori tells her that they will force her to take the proper treatment and they will examine places even she didn’t know. As Mana screams to her brother for help, Shido tells him it's not good to skip treatment before leaving Mana to her fate.

While shopping for items for the Spirit’s dinner, Shido finds a girl who has collapsed on the street from overwork and hunger. Wondering what to do, Shido agrees to help her back to her home. Throughout the way back, she introduces herself as Nia Honjo. During the trip, she uses a lot of dirty jokes and flirty provocation to fluster Shido, much to his discomfort. After arriving at Nia’s apartment, she requests, in an exhausted tone, for Shido to cook something for her. Reluctantly, Shido decides to use some of the supplies he bought to cook a rice soup dish that eventually helps Nia regain some of her energy. Afterwards, she convinces Shido to assist her with the erasing and inking of her manga script. 

Just as he is about to leave, Nia reveals to a shocked Shido that she knows about his goal to make the Spirits fall for him. In an amused tone, she tells him that she is a Spirit that had been captured by DEM and how she can acquire any information by using her Angel <Rasiel>. She explains to Shido that Ellen was able to defeat her through an unexpected ambush, as she has to be actively thinking about the topic in order to use <Rasiel>. Feeling that Shido is underestimating <Rasiel>’s power, she shows him its ability to alter the future for a small increment of time by forcing him to commit a perverted action. Nia also reveals to him that she had used <Rasiel>'s information database to learn about him and set up their meeting as she was grateful to him for shooting down the DEM plane that was escorting her. As a way of thanking Shido, she agrees to go on a date with him, with the condition that it is in Akihabara. During dinnertime, Shido briefly discusses his meeting with Nia to Kotori. Kotori remarks how terrifying Nia’s Angel is, as it can be used to reveal even the well-hidden of secrets. Kotori briefly thinks about using the Angel to find out more about Shido’s past and <Phantom>, but she ultimately decides against it as they don't want Nia to think that they had an ulterior motive for helping her. 

DAL v13 c02

Shido and Nia head to Akihabara

During the scheduled date, Nia drags Shido around various Otaku stores in Akihabara. They arrive at a cosplay store where she wears a nurse costume as a fan service reward for Shido. Comically, she doesn't wear it properly enough to further tease him. Afterwards, they go to a manga bookstore where she buys all of her favorite manga volumes that she had missed during her captivity in DEM. However, even though the date is progressing smoothly, Nia’s affection level still remains constant. It is then that she announces to him her inability to love anything other than 2D. Shocked at this declaration, Shido begins to wonder what to do. As a result, Kotori gives Shido the command to cosplay as Nia’s favorite character, Tokiya. While at first amazed that her favorite character had entered the 3D world, seeing Shido act out of character for Tokiya angers her and causes her to kick him away.

After the failure of the cosplay plan, Kotori and Fraxinus decide to send Nia a visual novel game while synchronizing the game avatar’s voice with Shido. Once again, the plan progressed smoothly at first, but it only served to make Nia angrier after she accidentally found out the truth using <Rasiel>. Seeing that they are dealing with a type that they have never handled before, Kotori recruits the other Spirits to help win over Nia. As Tohka asks why Nia can only love 2D, Kotori remarks they will try to investigate the reason. Natsumi states that she can always transform Shido into a comic with her <Haniel>, which causes him to ask if she is joking. Following Origami’s suggestion, they decide to create a manga telling Shido’s story, and how he has helped the Spirits before. Shido questions the legitimacy of the plan, as he feels he won't be able to handle Nia personally critiquing and analyzing his everyday life. However, Yoshino defends the plan, saying that they can win Nia over if they accurately write how Shido saved them. Nevertheless, the joyful planning is interrupted by Nia, who quickly intervenes by using <Rasiel> to hack into Ratatoskr's communication line. She tells them that even if they make the manga, there is no guarantee that she will read it, especially to people who have insulted her Tokiya. Seeing Nia’s point, Kotori refutes that there is a decisive way to determine if their work is good, and challenges Nia to a sales competition at Comico in three days.

Soon after making the bold challenge, Kotori arranges a room where they can draw the illustration. She tells them that <Ratatoskr> can help with the arrangements with a booth and the copying. However, the main artwork must be done by them. As a result, everyone submits drawings of Shido in order to see who the main artist will be. Eventually, the Yamai Sisters, Origami, and Shido are assigned the role of assistants. Meanwhile, Natsumi, whose mimicking skills allowed her to copy the art style of a professional mangaka, is decided to be the main artist. As they are busy working on the manga, Kotori enters the room to provide refreshments. She pulls Shido aside and tells him that they have found something interesting related to Nia. As they drive to a nearby café, she tells him that they are there to meet Takajo-sensei, a fellow manga artist who was once Nia's friend. After lying that they were relatives of Nia, Takajo tells them that she must have done something to anger Nia, as she, one day, completely cut off contact with her. After thanking Takajo for her information, Kotori remarks that Nia must have used <Rasiel> to investigate those around her, and that knowledge is the reason why Nia likely distrusts humans.

As the doujin is almost done, Shido sees that Tohka's group is just as exhausted as the drawing team. Tohka's group reply that they have been working on a secret project and would tell them during Comico. With a looming deadline, everyone working on the illustrations starts becoming exhausted from the workload. However, despite taking the most amount of work in both the name and illustration, Natsumi refuses to take a single break. The little Spirit states that she was saved by the kindness of Shido and the others; as such, she wants Nia to experience the same feeling. Not knowing if she could be helpful later on, she decides to give her all in what she can do now; the drawing. After finally finishing the illustration, Natsumi collapses in exhaustion. Shido takes Natsumi to her room for a well-deserved nap, and also to keep her out of Miku’s clutches.

As the day for Comico arrives, Shido and the others establish their booth, which they had christened with the same name as their supporting organization, Ratatoskr. As they finish their preparations, Shido finds out that Nakatsugawa used to be called "MUNECHIUKA", a former member of the legendary circle <Mai MaiKaburi>. However, upon questioning him, Nakatsugawa immediately shushes, telling them that he is only a humble staff member today; with an attitude that shows he is embarrassed about his past. Before the sales battle began, Nia and Shido exchanged pleasantries, and as custom dictated, traded each other’s works. However, Nia states that she wouldn’t even consider reading it unless they somehow managed to beat her. At the beginning, Nia holds the advantage due to her name as a pro attracting a great deal of fans. However, Ratatoskr’s side manages to have a comeback after Tohka and the others reveal that they had made bunny outfits to wear in order to promote their work. Kotori had also sneaked in some Ratatoskr employees in order to strengthen their line. However, it is still not enough to surpass Nia's sales. Seeing this, Miku gives the extra push by announcing to her fans on social media that she would be personally handing copies of their doujin at their booth.

DAL v13 09

Shido arguing with Nia

During the contest, Nia is approached by her old friend Takajou, who tells her that no matter what happens, she will still remain a fan of Nia's works. As Nia struggles to give an answer, Takajou says that she has probably overstayed her welcome and leaves. Noticing this, Shido asks Nia if she is afraid that she will eventually give in to her curiosity and eventually find information from her Angel that would push her friends away. Angered by this, Nia yells that Shido would never understand what it's like to have a power that makes privacy worthless. Hearing this, Shido starts laughing; remembering all the times Kotori has threatened to broadcast his personal secrets, so Nia looks like a saint in comparison. The two start to quarrel as they continue selling books, with Shido saying that he won't hate her if she uses <Rasiel> on him. Nia frustratingly replies back that she would likely be the one to hate him if she investigated him. At the conclusion of their bout, both teams end up tying in sales.

Nia agrees to read their work after accepting defeat. While initially unimpressed, she is curious about how they managed to complete the work within only 2 days. As she uses <Rasiel> to find out the reason, she sees how each Spirit started out distrustful like her, but still gradually got immersed in Shido’s light and found acceptance in the world through him. The Spirits' story about how they changed themselves after meeting Shido brought Nia to tears. She decides that she will give Shido a second chance date. However, at that moment, Westcott releases the Realizer he had installed in Nia’s brain, forcing her to remember all the torture she endured when she was captured by DEM. Unable to handle the shift from hope to despair, Nia begins to inverse.

Soon after, Nia is unable to control her actions and summons her Demon King, <Beelzebub>, to unleash a swarm of shadow creatures from its scattered pages. Despite being shocked at the sudden change in situation, Shido resolves to save Nia after hearing pleas from the other Spirits. However, Ellen soon arrives to mock their bravado, taunting that it will end badly because she is now here. Tohka quickly takes it upon her to distract Ellen, while being supported by the Yamai Sisters and Miku. Even with Ellen momentarily taken care of, Shido and the others struggle to press forward against Nia's shadowy monsters, which keep replenishing every time they defeat one of the shadows. Things take a turn for the worse when Nia uses her future description ability to manipulate Origami, Yoshino, and Natsumi's Angels to attack their owners. Suddenly, Shido feels his body start to become paralyzed from the head down as Nia manipulates his future. 

Not wanting anyone else to get hurt, Shido suddenly remembers the feeling of what happened earlier last month when he lost control of his powers. The power sealed within him starts reacting, allowing him to break free from Nia's constraints. He summons a violent gust of wind through the Yamai Sisters' powers, which blows away the shadows nearby him. Suddenly the monsters feel less of a threat to him. Using Yoshino's <Zadkiel>, he freezes them in place as he marches closer to Nia. Calling out for <Sandalphon>, he uses the sword to mow down the remaining shadows still standing in his way. At the same time, he uses a combination of Kotori's healing flames, and Miku's soothing song in order to recover from the strain of using multiple Angels. He then attempts to awaken Nia’s consciousness by using <Gabriel>'s <Requiem> to ease Nia's mental trauma. While it starts to have an effect, Artemisia emerges from the shadows and knocks Shido away, while also stabbing Nia with her sword. She is also able to use her territory to extract Nia’s Qlipha Crystal. The crystal is then absorbed into Westcott, who subsequently steals Nia’s ability to use <Beelzebub>. 

Westcott, however, decides to retreat after obtaining Nia's Qlipha Crystal, as the sadistic DEM director wants to save the fun for later. The crystal extraction leaves Nia on the brink of death. But fortunately, Tohka notices that Nia still has some Spirit powers left. Kotori notes that it must be because the extraction wasn’t complete, as Shido was able to awaken some of her consciousness beforehand. It is then that Shido decides to seal Nia, hoping that the cycle of Spirit Power between him and the other Spirits would heal her. The endeavor is a success, and Nia slowly thanks Shido before closing her eyes again.

Afterward, Shido and the others wait outside as Nia undergoes treatment using a medical Realizer in order to stabilize her condition. Even though she is already awake, she is still recovering and has to remain in a wheelchair. Checking the time, Shido asks Reine for permission to take everyone outside in order to see the first sunrise of the New Year. Shido notes that the sunrise would be the perfect commemoration for Nia's new beginning after the mangaka artist states that she would contact Takajou after recovering. During the ensuing conversation, Nia reveals that she had been a Spirit for almost 30 years and questions when the other Spirits became one as well. Kotori tells her about when she became a Spirit, along with Miku and Origami, but adds that the rest are pure Spirits. Nia then responds in a questioning tone by saying that every Spirit used to be human, shocking everyone present.

Mukuro Planet[]

Seeing everyone's shocked expressions following her statement that all Spirits used to be human, Nia quickly dismisses it as a joke. However, later she privately tells Shido and Kotori to come to her room later. The group is then joined by Origami and Mana. The former found the meeting to be suspicious, while the latter wanted to talk to Shido. However, Nia gets distracted when she hears Mana call Shido "Nii-sama", causing her to make fun of Shido by calling him a siscon. Nia's comments re-spark Mana and Kotori's rivalry over who is the better sister. After things finally start to calm down, Nia reveals what she knows about Spirits. She says that their definition of "Pure Spirits" is flawed, since she also originally appeared in the world through Spacequakes and also had no memories, except for the knowledge of how to use her Angel.

Using <Rasiel>, Nia was able to obtain information about her past. Back then, a mysterious person gave her a Sephira Crystal containing <Rasiel> after an incident where she had lost all hope in her kind. Despite her efforts, she was never able to find out who gave her the crystal, as the information gathered by <Rasiel> was indecipherable to her. Her knowledge causes Shido and Kotori to wonder if everyone else had a similar situation, with Kotori noting that they should search for information about a possible lost child 30 years ago. Nia apologizes, as she states that they could have easily found out if she could still use <Rasiel> to search everyone else's past. However, Origami notes that she must still have some Reiryoku left, since she was able to be sealed by Shido. Origami explains that her powers should be able to flow back when she has a restless consciousness.

Despite being exhausted, Nia gathers her focus and is still able to summon her Angel and limited Astral Dress. However, she notes that although <Rasiel>’s ability to scour for information is still functional, it can no longer be transmitted it to her. Similar to her situation with the one who turned her into a Spirit, she can't understand anything that is inscribed here anymore. However, she notes that some information is still readable, learning where Shido hides his secret treasure. Nia notes that since <Rasiel> and <Beelzebub> used to be the same embodiment, they shouldn't be able to exist simultaneously; therefore, <Beelzebub>'s user would also be suffering from the same problems. The conversation soon shifts to Artemisia, the person who removed Nia's Qlipha Crystal. Mana tells Shido that Artemisia is a very famous SSS rank Wizard, but Artemisia wasn't in DEM while she was still there. Afterward, Kotori tells everyone to leave the room in order to allow Nia to rest.

DAL v14 04

Mana holding Shido as he falls unconscious

As everyone prepares to leave in order to give Nia some rest, Shido remembers that Mana had a question for him. Suddenly remembering, Mana asks him about the events during the previous month, when he had lost control of his powers. She tells him that he had asked her if a girl named Mio had helped her out. Upon hearing that name, Shido experiences a violent dizziness as if the whole world was spinning around. He remembers the vague silhouette of a girl with long hair, who says that she loves him. However, the mental strain proves too much, as he collapses unconscious into Mana's arms.

Three days later, Shido and the others visit the Shinto shrine for the first time in the New Year. After tossing a coin into the shrine and making a prayer, he finishes and asks the others what they had wished for. Tohka tells him that she wants to eat a lot of delicious food, and also wants to stay together with Shido and everyone else forever. Meanwhile, Origami just rubs her stomach before saying that preparations are ready. Kotori soon joins them, inviting Tohka and her group to write wishes on the wishing plaques. Seeing Natsumi and Nia's drawings, he comments that it looks like two mangakas who are rushing to meet a deadline. He tells Nia that <Ratatoskr> had prepared a kimono for her, but the manga artist says that she didn't want to wear one since she finds it difficult to move in them. She then teases him by asking if he has a kimono fetish. Then, to further provoke Shido, she hands him an illustration for a wishing plaque that Kotori refused to allow her to hang up because of its inappropriate content.

Afterward, Nia offers Natsumi and Shido the position of being her manga assistants. At that moment, Miku arrives and demands to join in as well. However, Nia states that would be difficult because she can't afford a salary for an idol. The ensuing ruckus causes the table to collapse, which causes Shido to fall down on top of Tohka in a position almost identical to Nia's illustration. Seeing that these wishing plaques do have some power to them, Nia writes down that he wants "boy" to be her bride, flustering Shido since, even in that case, he should be the groom. Shido and Kotori both see that Nia is still exhausted and tell her to not push herself. Then, Shido remembers the information that Nia had given them about all the Spirit being former humans and asks Kotori how the ongoing search was progressing. Kotori replies that Ratatoskr carried out a few investigations but is unable to verify anything. As they start reminiscing about the events that happened three days ago, Kotori tells Shido that she was very surprised when he suddenly collapsed and asks him if he remembers anything about Mio, to which Shido replies that he did perceive a sense of familiarity when he heard Mio’s name, but nothing comes up right now. Seeing that Kotori is getting worried, Shido promises that he won't go anywhere and will always be her older brother. Kotori quickly denies ever asking something like that, and they resume writing their wishing plaques.

The next day, Shido returns to school to find Tamae-sensei giving out a rant about soon turning 30 next Spring and still not being married. The teacher devilishly says that she doesn't want anything, but if possible she would wish in exchange for her life for a meteor to fall down from the sky. At that moment, a large impact occurs outside the school, presumably created by a large meteor. As the classroom erupts into concern for Tamae-Sensei's wish, Kotori contacts Shido and quickly informs him that a new Spirit has appeared.

As Shido arrives at the Ratatoskr base, Kotori points out a graph that shows that the same artillery was dropped on 42 locations in the whole world at the same time. Thinking that seeing would be faster than explaining, she shows him a video that they received from a Realizer. The new Spirit, which they decided to codename <Zodiac>, was likely found in space by DEM through Westcott's <Beelzebub>. DEM sent an armada of ships to capture her, but <Zodiac> effortlessly repelled them by using her Angel <Michael>. Kotori remarks that the meteors dropped today were likely sent by <Zodiac> in retaliation for disturbing her rest. As Shido questions how he can approach a Spirit in space, Kotori scolds her brother for his blockheadness and reminds him how they managed to capture the video in the first place.

DAL v14 07

Shido conversing with Mukuro

Using a Realizer they project a 3D image of Shido in order to be able to converse with <Zodiac>. As Shido approaches the new Spirit, he finds himself being attacked unconditionally. Kotori tells him to calm down, as he won't die from a hologram and remarks that <Zodiac> is likely being defensive due to DEM's recent attack. After <Zodiac> identifies herself as Mukuro Hoshimiya, the Fraxinus crew once again commands Shido to give the most embarrassing and outlandish option possible. Much to their surprise, Shido's action of declaring her to be his slave doesn't trigger even the slightest change in Mukuro's emotional readings. As Shido explains the situation with both Ratatoskr and DEM, Mukuro tells him that she used her powers to seal away her emotions, so she doesn't feel loneliness anymore. Disturbed that Mukuro also gave up the capability of feeling happiness as well, Shido invites her to come back with him to Earth. However, Mukuro rejects the proposal, and she calls Shido out on his hypocrisy by saying that she will be in more danger to DEM if she lets him seal her powers. Mukuro then used her Angel <Micheal> to end the transmission.

Receiving a rejection like never before, Shido falls into a dejected mood, but Kotori tries to raise his confidence by reminding him how the Spirits he has already saved are grateful for his actions, and DEM will continue to attack Mukuro regardless of their actions. At that moment, the other Spirits suddenly crash out of their hiding spot, revealing that they were eavesdropping on the conversation. Origami comments that they arrived halfway through the conversation, but there must be something that they can do together. However, Yuzuru rose on how they are going to approach Mukuro when she is in space. Kotori quickly remembers something and decides to take everyone into a secret Ratatoskr base. Upon arriving, Shido and the others are informed by Kotori that the location where they have arrived is classified, but tells them that it is known to be Ratatoskr’s technological center. Here, Kotori unveils the new Fraxinus EX, which has been upgraded because of the previous Fraxinus' losses against Ellen's <Goetia> and inverse Origami. She also tells Shido that there is someone who is looking forward to seeing him. After being teleported into the ship, everyone is introduced to MARIA, the Fraxinus's AI, which has been upgraded to be able to communicate directly with the crew. As Kotori gives out her commands to prepare to voyage into space to approach Mukuro, MARIA informs Kotori that Woodman would like to speak with them.

As they are walking towards Woodman's study, Shido notices that Kotori is acting unusually professional. When asked about her behavior, Kotori informs everyone that Woodman is the chairperson of Ratatoskr’s board of directors and the organization's founder; without him, Ratatoskr wouldn't exist. As they enter the room, Shido is shocked that Woodman is the same person he and Tohka had met right before Natsumi appeared. Woodman apologizes to Shido for the <Dainslaif> incident and informs him that precautions have been taken so that it will never occur again. Still a little bit unnerved by Mukuro's accusations, Shido asks Woodman the reasons for he wants to save the Spirits. Nia calls out Woodman on his goal of saving Spirits, asking how a co-founder of DEM could say such words. She tells everyone that she had used her <Raisel> a month ago to discover that Woodman, along with Westcott and Ellen, were responsible for the appearance of the First Spirit 30 years ago. In response to Nia's accusations, Woodman confesses that he once worked with Westcott, but changed his intentions to protecting other Spirits after falling in love with the First Spirit.

Upon closer inspection, Woodman notes that Shido does bear a resemblance to the boy from that time, but before he can elaborate further, DEM begins their attack on the Ratatoskr base. Nia bitterly notes that Westcott must have used <Beelzebub> to find their location before she had time to jam his information network. Upon Woodman's orders, he tells Shido and the others to hurry and start the operation to save <Zodiac>. Meanwhile, he will take an alternative route with Karen, as they can't let Westcott destroy the base. As they make their way for the Fraxinus EX, Shido and the others accidentally run into Westcott in the process. Despite their best efforts, Westcott uses <Beelzebub>'s ability <Ashufiriya> to transport everyone into a world of fantasy as they are all swallowed into the respective books that emerge beneath their feet.

Waking up, Shido finds himself inside a straw house and wearing a pig costume. In short, he looked just like a character from the Three Little Pigs. As a large wolf approaches from outside the house, Shido panics as he realizes that he is one of the brothers who got eaten by the wolf. Running away, he finds refuge in a small little cottage in the woods. There, he discovers Yoshino dressed in an outfit that made her look like the Little Red Riding Hood. She explains to Shido that she woke up dressed like this, and was suddenly called to go to granny's place. Yoshinon adds that they can't use their Angels or powers in this location. After clarifying this, she leaves the basket of food for the grandmother and prepares to leave. However, much to the duo's surprise, the grandmother ends up being the same wolf that was chasing after Shido. As the two make their escape, Shido accidentally trips while running, giving the wolf the chance to catch up. Luckily, they are saved by Nia and Tohka, who appear just in time to save Shido and Yoshino from a malicious wolf.

Nia suggests that Tohka feed the wolf one of the dumplings in her bag. After eating, the dumpling, the wolf suddenly becomes complacent and starts to repent for his prior actions. Nia remarks that Momotarou's dumplings are very effective against simple-minded creatures like the wolf. After reconvening with Shido and Yoshino, Nia informs them that they have been transported into a fantasy world created from the various stories and scenarios that <Beelzebub> has gathered in its database. Being trapped in this world, their appearances have also become intertwined within the stories. While Tohka is dressed as Momotarou, Nia takes on the appearance of Fatima, the main character from her manga Silver Bullet. Shido remarks that her manga doesn't seem to fit with the fairy tale motif that everyone has. In response, Nia puffs her chest in pride and proudly states that her manga has been rising in the rankings recently and its growing popularity for the public masses has allowed the hands of fate to pick her story.

Shido then starts to worry about the outside world, since they had left just as Ratatoskr was being attacked by DEM. However, Nia assures him that time isn't a huge concern for now, as the flow of time in the fantasy world is slower than in the real world. Their primary focus should be to find a prerequisite for escaping this world. As Shido asks for potential escape routes, Nia sarcastically replies that the easiest way would be for Westcott to reopen the passageway with <Beelzebub>. Since that is unlikely to happen, they should search for an all-powerful fictional character with the ability to open the world from the inside. Either way, they also need to search for Kotori and the others, who have also become scattered in this world. Listening to their conversation, the wolf offers to be their guide, as his heightened sense of smell can easily detect outsiders.

Shido and the others reconvene with Kotori and her group at the entrance to the king's banquet. However, the stubborn guard there refuses them entry because they look like peasants. By using Kotori's matches to create illusions of beautiful dresses; they were able to sneak into the party. Shido is surprised that the illusions of the flames transformed him into Shiori again. There; they found Miku as the mermaid entertainment, and Origami as the king of the castle. After finding every one, they start brainstorming again for ideas of how to escape from the fantasy world. Nia suggests that they find a fictional character that has the power to grant wishes, like the magic lamp from Aladdin, or the magic hammer from the One-Inch Boy. However, at that moment, the castle is suddenly invaded by the villains from each of their respective stories. Since they couldn't use their Angels in the fantasy world, Tohka and the others are helpless against the ensuing onslaught. Unable to help them, Shido remembers Mukuro's words, and questions if he had put the Spirits in more danger by sealing their powers.

DAL v14 11

Shido gives himself a fist bump

Luckily, they are saved by the appearance of a second Shido, whom Natsumi notes must be based on the manga that everyone wrote to impress Nia. After his fantasy counterpart manages to defeat all of the villains, he opens a gateway with his <Sandalphon>. Before leaving, Shido confesses to his other self that he is feeling conflicted and tells him about his encounter with Mukuro. Instead, the other Shido encourages him, saying that Mukuro sealing her emotions is likely an SOS signal for how she couldn't handle the pain of being alone. With his confidence renewed, Shido gives his fairy tale self a fist bump before heading back to his world.

After returning, Shido and the others board the new Fraxinus EX and launch off into space in order to begin the mission to save Mukuro. Through the usage of the Realizer, they create an invisible territory that allows Shido to physically talk to her without worrying about the lack of air or cosmic radiation. Seeing Shido's presence, Mukuro reminds him that she has asked him to leave her alone. However, Shido, after regaining his conviction and confidence, tells Mukuro to prepare herself, as his ego knows no bounds.

Mukuro Family[]

DAL v15 c02

Shido creates a copy of Michael

Shortly after arriving next to Mukuro, Shido finds himself under attack from a meteor barrage sent by Mukuro, who repeats that she wants to be left alone. Luckily, he is saved by the Fraxinus EX's automatic territory, which redirects the attack from him. Kotori informs him that the territory would provide him with some limited defense, but the main ship has to now focus on Goetia, which is being led by Ellen. Seeing that he needed to unlock Mukuro's heart in order to talk to her, Shido summons Natsumi's <Haniel> to create a copy of Mukuro's <Michael>. As he is faced with another barrage of attacks, Shido quickly summons <Zadkiel> to create an ice shield for defense. While focusing all of his attention on Mukuro, Shido finds himself unexpectedly ambushed by Artemisia. Luckily, Origami and Tohka arrive just in time to save him. As Origami stays behind to fend off Artemisia, Tohka provides him with backup as they continue their advance towards Mukuro.

DAL v15 03

Shido opening Mukuro's heart

As the battle rages on, Shido and Tohka are interrupted by the arrival of the Bandersnatch units sent by DEM. As Tohka manages to provide a distraction, Shido aims to use his copy of <Michael> to perform Rātaibu in order to break the seal in Mukuro's heart. However, Mukuro is able to redirect that attempt by opening a temporary spatial gate in order to redirect his attack. Just as Shido is about to suffer a retaliatory attack, he is saved by the Natsumi's sudden arrival, who has disguised herself as a piece of scrap metal. Natsumi then assumed his appearance as a further form of misdirection. With both Natsumi and Tohka's assistance in drawing attention away, Shido is able to successfully sneak up from behind and unlock Mukuro's heart. However, the momentary peace is interrupted by Artemisia, who has just launched a magical blast pinpointed at Mukuro's coordinates. Desperate to save Mukuro, Shido moves to defend her using <Zadkiel> to create an ice shield. Still, the blast is enough to push them away from Fraxinus' Territory, causing them to fall victim to the Earth's gravitational pull. As they both plummet back down to Earth, Shido reconfirms his desire to save Mukuro, and he uses <Raphael> in conjunction with <Zadkiel> to protect them from atmospheric reentry.

As Shido falls unconscious, he begins to remember an old, yet nostalgic dream about a person who felt lonely and abandoned while living in an orphanage. Eventually, that person's heart was opened up after finding a foster family which that person swore to treasure forever. As he came to, Shido felt tears start to drip down from his cheek. But before he can question the reason behind the tears, his hospital room is suddenly invaded by Kotori and the others, who had all come by after hearing that he had finally woke up. He then quickly asks about Mukuro's whereabouts. However, Kotori replies that any traces of Mukuro had already disappeared by the time they found where he had landed on Earth. Shido apologizes for wasting the opportunity the others gave him, but they comically reassure Shido in order to cheer him up.

Suddenly, Shido remembers the DEM attack on Ratatoskr's hidden base. He quickly asks Kotori what happened to Karen and Woodman. Kotori then displays a hand-sized terminal that soon shows Woodman's face on the screen. Woodman questions if he is still alright after falling down from atmospheric entry. However, the conversation is cut short by Karen, who demands that Woodman continue his medical treatment after losing an arm and a leg during his fight against Westcott. Despite Shido's concerns over what he had just heard, Kotori reassures him that at least they managed to successfully escape. Kotori then tells Shido to get some rest while they continue the search for Mukuro's location. However, at that moment, a spatial gate opened behind Shido, with arms reaching out to grab his neck.

Much to his surprise, the unexpected visitor turns out to be Mukuro, who quickly leaps forward to hug him from behind. Despite her previous emotionless attitude, Mukuro is now completely love-struck towards him. Still shocked over the sudden personality change, Shido asks why she has become so friendly all of a sudden. Mukuro replies that she was moved by the actions he had taken in order to save her, which causes Shido and the others to realize that they had successfully unlocked the seal restricting her heart. Mukuro then asks to devote himself to her, and in return she would do anything for him, no matter how perverted. However, before he can properly respond, Kotori informs Mukuro that Shido is still recovering from the injuries he sustained, and they would need to postpone their date to tomorrow. After Mukuro leaves, Kotori instructs Shido to head to a healing facility with a rejuvenation pool. However, upon entering, he is startled to find out that all the other Spirits have come in to join him for various reasons. Afterward, Shido finds himself being rather unable to recall the events of that time with considerable clarity. However, when he sees a messy pile of clothes inside the washing machine, his body ceaselessly trembles and shivers as if reliving some traumatic phenomenon.

The next day, Shido recalls another vague dream, only this time it was about his own past. After being abandoned by his birth mother, he recalls feeling worthless and fabricating an invisible barrier to protect his own heart. But slowly, his heart was opened up by his foster family, who had told him that he was needed. As he is reminiscing, Shido is suddenly called back into reality by Kotori, who reminds him that he should focus on his date with Mukuro. However, he suddenly panics after realizing that there is no way to contact her. To everyone's shock, except for Reine who noticed beforehand, Mukuro opens a gate behind Shido, and abruptly pulls him in. After recovering from being spirited away, Shido is contacted by Kotori, via intercom, to inform him that Mukuro has transported them to the other side of Tengu City.

After pulling Mukuro away from a nearby crowd, Shido soon began his date with her. During the date, he notices how she has difficulty walking due to her long hair. Shido's offer of having her hair cut provoked a violent response from Mukuro, causing him to quickly apologize. As an alternative, Shido follows Fraxinus's decision to take her to his home so that he can braid her hair. While there, Mukuro attempts to borrow Kotori's clothes. However, she ends up complaining that the space around the chest area is too tight, causing her to create her own clothes using Kotori's outfit as a model. The rest of the date goes spectacularly well, with Shido finding out Mukuro's preferences for Japanese cuisine and culture along the way. However, near the end, Mukuro asks for a declaration of love from Shido. When given one, she then asks for him to leave the other Spirits if that was the case. Seeing that Shido's gentle nature is the cause for the indecision, Mukuro decides to take matters into her own hands before departing again.

The next morning, Shido wakes up to prepare breakfast as usual. However, much to his shock, Kotori reacts as if he is a stranger who had invaded her home, chasing him out despite the cold winter morning. Deciding to press onward to school, he quickly discovers that none of his classmates could also remember him. Much to his despair, even Tohka and Origami could not recall his identity. Afterward, Shido spends the rest of the day attempting to visit all of the Spirits, only to find that none of them can remember him as well. Eventually, he finds Natsumi and Yoshino, the last of the Spirits he had yet to visit. However, like the others before them, they couldn't recall anything about him. Alone in his thoughts, he comes to the conclusion that this incident had something to do with Mukuro. If <Michael>'s powers can seal emotions, then it wouldn't have been a stretch to say that it would also work on memories. Thinking of this, he once again summons <Haniel> to transform into a copy of <Michael>. However, to his shock, the tip of a key protruding from a small spatial gate suddenly appeared in front of him. With a single utterance of the word "lock", <Haniel> returns to its original state and disappears into light particles fading in the wind.

At that moment, Mukuro emerges from a gate she had opened through <Michael>. After finding out that she is the one who had sealed everyone's memories, Shido quickly demands the motives for her actions. Much to his befuddlement, Mukuro reveals that she had done so in order for the two of them to only love each other. Hearing this, Shido is overcome by a feeling of dread, finally realizing that Mukuro's actions were not motivated by malice, but rather by pure unadulterated love. While walking alongside Mukuro in one of Tengu City's parks, Shido mentally rummaged through his remaining options. Thanks to Mukuro's actions, all of his allies have been cut off; even the key to destroying the status quo, <Haniel> had been sealed away. His only remaining option is to seal Mukuro's power through a kiss. However, if he is not careful, Shido fears that even his ability to seal a Spirit's power could be locked away, just like what happened with <Haniel>.

DAL v15 06

Shido sees Inverse Tohka

While asking Mukuro why she has become so attached to him, Mukuro replies that she had a dream where she saw him as a fellow person who was forsaken in loneliness before committing to a family. Surprised, Shido is just about to comment on that dream before being interrupted by a familiar voice. Looking around his surroundings, he discovers that the voice came from Origami, and is even more shocked that she still remembers him. Origami explains that she is the version of herself after the timeline has changed. Despite never being able to normally reappear, the outside interference causes her to manifest again despite her other self still having her memories sealed. Confused at how Origami still possesses her memories, Mukuro prepares to summon <Micheal> to re-lock them. Not willing to let his only newfound ally disappear again, Shido lets out a scream of protest. However, his voice is super impeded by Origami, who warns them not to bring out Reiryoku, lest it be detected by her. At that moment, Shido hears an ominous voice coming from above. To his utter bafflement, he finds Tohka in her Inverse Form, perching on top of a streetlight.

As Shido questions what had caused Tohka to invert, the Inverse Spirit quickly manifests her Demon King <Nahemah> and launches a projectile slash towards him. Luckily at that moment, Mukuro is able to divert the attack through a portal she conjures through <Michael>. With tensions on the rise between Tohka and Mukuro, Origami quickly tells Shido that she has a plan. Through clever wordplay, Origami manages to convince both Spirits to change the competition to a contest to see who can take his lips first in a kiss. Unfortunately, Tohka takes this in a literal context and seizes Shido's neck with her left hand. Seeing this, Mukuro tries to separate the two of them through her Angel, resuming their initial scuffle as Shido hangs on to dear life in the hands of Tohka's ironclad grip. However, Shido's body finally falls back down to the ground after Origami clarifies that the kiss cannot be acquired through brute force.

DAL v15 c04

Shido being fed by Mukuro & Inverse Tohka

An hour later, Shido finds himself in the unprecedented situation of having both Tohka and Mukuro demand to feed him. More importantly, the venue that Origami picks turned out to be a maid cafe. In between the veering forks being presented on both sides, Shido takes the time to ask Origami what had happened between both her and Tohka. Origami states that, due to Mukuro locking her memories, only the section that can link memories is left, which resulted in a version of herself that would never appear in normal circumstances to manifest. Meanwhile, she theorizes that Tohka inverted due to the subconscious stress from having her memories of him sealed, which produced a similar feeling akin to losing him entirely. Tohka, angry at seemingly being ignored, pulls Shido towards her while trusting a fork with a strawberry attached. In response, Mukuro retaliates by opening a small gate to pull in the fork, eating the strawberry in Shido's place. Just as another commotion is brewing, one of the maids arrives at their table, giving Shido a passive-aggressive smile as if telling him to keep the girls in his company under control. The maid then teaches a puzzled Tohka a surefire charm to make food taste even more delicious: the magical incantation "Moe, Moe" Kyun". However, after learning this charm, Tohka grabs Shido's collar, demanding he eat the cake on the floor like a dog. Caught in this uncompromising position as the maid returns, Origami and Shido quickly apologize and leave the café with the other two Spirits in tow.

Origami's next choice of venue ends up being Tengu Tower. However, seeing the building sparks an unusual response in Mukuro, who feels as if seeing that building is gnawing away at her very sense of self. However, despite Shido offering to go somewhere else, Mukuro refuses to retreat and hand Shido over to Tohka. As another argument begins between Mukuro and Tohka over Shido, the key Spirit is overwhelmed by a feeling of dizziness and clenches her stomach as if about to vomit. As Origami takes Mukuro to the restroom, Shido is left on the observation deck with Tohka. After some awkward silence between them, the Inverse Spirit asks if Tohka they kept calling her was a name her other self came up with. Shido replies by saying that he was the one who gave her that name. This causes Inverse Tohka to angrily stomp on his foot twice. Still, having a never before seen opportunity to converse with an Inverse Spirit, Shido asks Tohka questions about the nature of inversion and her relationship with her other self. Tohka takes some mild offense towards this as she explains that she is a true Spirit incarnated from the Sephira Crystal. It was actually the opposite of Shido's assumption, as when First Spirit divided her power, the true nature of the crystals is what Shido coins as inverse. However, the First Spirit likely later changed the affinity of the crystals in order to prevent the powers from corroding away at the human body.

As Shido questions why the First Spirit would do such a thing, Tohka grabs him by the collar and states that she only told him that on a whim. She briefly considers just taking his lips right here and now, but relents because something that pointless won't be enough to make his heart yield. But at that instant, Mukuro sees their interaction and, with a glare overflowing with unshakable killing intent, grabs Tohka by the collar. In retaliation, Tohka sliced down with her right hand, cutting off a part of Mukuro's hair in the process. Mukuro, angry at having the very same hair Shido praised her for being cut, summoned her Astral Dress, and unleashed the <Shifuru> to transform her Angel from a key to a halberd. Tohka, having decided that the competition for Shido's lips is officially over, summons her Demon King and prepares to face off against Mukuro.

As Shido and Origami are forced to watch Tohka and Mukuro's battle ensue, Origami decides to contact <Fraxinus> in order for Shido to be able to speak to Kotori. Despite Kotori still not remembering him, the sense of nostalgia in Shido's delivery convinces her and the rest of the Fraxinus crew to lend them their aid. Afterward, he also requests Origami's assistance, which causes the girl to state that her power is always available for Shido to use. After he thanks Origami for her help, the duo then proceeds to enter together into the battlefield created by Tohka and Mukuro. As Origami distracts inverse Tohka, Shido confronts Mukuro and asks why she erased everyone's memories of him. Mukuro is left shaken and confused by Shido's pleas to stop. Seeing the other Spirit girls quickly approach them, Mukuro snaps in her jealousy and uses <Michael> on the earth to seal its rotation. Despite the other girls having no memory of him, Shido convinces them to also lend him their strength in using their Reiryoku to delay <Michael>'s effect on the planet. When Natsumi asks him where he will be going, he replies that he's going to a place where a child is waiting for him to hold her hand.

Just as Mukuro is about to launch a surprise attack on Tohka through one of <Michael>'s wormholes, Shido leaps in the way, causing Mukuro to misfire and badly injure his shoulder. Shido reflexively uses <Gabriel> to mitigate the pain, <Haniel> to close the wound, and <Camael>'s flames to begin healing. The trauma of hurting Shido causes Mukuro to fully remember her past, triggering her inversion in the process. Shido realizes that due to using <Michael> to unlock Mukuro's heart, the memories became shared between the two of them. Shido tries to approach Mukuro but is pushed back by the torrent of Reiryoku surrounding her. Luckily, inverse Tohka lends a helping slash that dissipates this aura into mist. Now able to make it to Mukuro, Shido recognizes that the two of them are quite similar, being both fellow orphans who were starved for love. Realizing that Mukuro is fearful of losing that love she had obtained, Shido tells her not to worry and that she will always have him and he will be her family. Using the last of strength to kiss Mukuro, he is able to stop her powers from going out of control and inversing completely.

As he collapses with Mukuro sleeping by his side, Shido is approached by inverse Tohka, who looks mildly disappointed by this turn of events. Stating that her interest is now gone, inverse Tohka grabs Shido by the collar and kisses him. Before her consciousness disappears, she asks Shido to not let Tohka feel sad. As Origami rushes towards him, Shido is suddenly kissed again by Mukuro over having just kissed Tohka. Mukuro states that as a family, she won't try to monopolize him. But with a mischievous smile, she adds that such skin ship should come naturally with being family. Shido is left awkwardly worrying over how he could take responsibility for what he just said.

DAL v15 08

Shido goes stargazing with Mukuro

A few days later, Shido and Mukuro are watching the stars on the roof of the Spirit mansion. Shido tells her that Kotori could have prepared a better place to watch the stars, but Mukuro says that this is fine. Shido is informed by Mukuro that <Michael> also transferred some of his embarrassing memories to her, but Shido quickly covers his tracks by saying that it must just be her imagination. Mukuro then reminisces that she would once often watch the stars together with her older sister, and wonders how much time has passed since then. Mukuro then permits Shido as the only person to cut her hair since they are family. In response, Shido tells Mukuro to leave it to him as he gently pats Mukuro on the head.

One month later, as Shido, Origami, and Tohka arrive at their classroom, they are shocked to see Kurumi there, who tells them she has decided to come back to school starting today.

Kurumi Refrain[]

Shido remains shocked by Kurumi's appearance in the classroom, but Kurumi relaxes her expression and jokingly mocks Shido for not having anything else to say to a long-lost classmate who has just returned to class. In response, Origami and Tohka step forward to protect Shido, asking Kurumi her motives for coming here. Kurumi tells them that she harbors no intentions to cause trouble and it is heart-breaking that they don't trust her. Then, behind her cheerful facade, Kurumi lets out a few snickers. She states it would be easy for her to choose a more violent method by summoning her Angel and utilizing her clones to take the other classmates as hostages. As Shido shouts back her name in protest, Kurumi laughs out that she implores him to trust her word on it. Meanwhile, their conversation begins attracting gossip from their classmates, which Kurumi deliberately feeds into by voicing out loud even more outlandish and false stories about her staying as a servant in Shido's house. As things settle down, Shido retorts that he wants to do more than welcome her, but also still desires to seal her Reiryoku. Much to his surprise, Kurumi agrees but also adds that she has a stipulation to add but suddenly stops herself as class begins.

After being called by Kurumi to the school rooftop, Shido decides to head to that destination alone. Before leaving, he reassures the other Spirits that it is something he has to do, or otherwise the future would look bleak for the person who needs to seal her Reiryoku. Shido is teased by Kurumi for having grown from the life-threatening situations that have occurred to him in the past year. Flustered, Shido demands to know Kurumi’s condition. But before he can hear the answer, he is suddenly overcome by an intense dizziness reminiscent of the same sensation felt during his near-death experiences.

Shido wakes up to find Kurumi calling out his name. Beckoning a return back to the topic at hand, she tells him that her aim is still the Reiryoku sealed within his body. Now that he has accumulated ten Spirit's worth of energy, she fancies that the time should now be ripe for that goal. Additionally, Kurumi also recalls that Shido's goal is also to seal her Reiryoku. Giggling seductively, Kurumi states that she has no interest in the happy life Shido is offering and cannot be deprived of her Reiryoku at any cost. To that end, Kurumi stipulates a challenge between the two of them; whoever makes the other fall in love first will be allowed to accomplish his or her goal. Shido is left dumbfounded by the situation, which is made worse by having communications with <Fraxinus> shut down at that moment. However, rather than shy away as his past self would, Shido resolves to take Kurumi up on her contest and declares that he will do everything he can to win her over.

Later that night, Shido is punched by Kotori for taking up such a risky contest where defeat would mean his death. In turn, Kotori offers Shido the chance to return that punch, since it was her fault as a commander to have communications shut down at a moment when he had to make a critical decision. However, Shido takes the time to tickle Kotori instead as punishment, with the aftermath being caught as the other Spirits walk into the room. After having the misunderstanding made worse by Kotori and then later explained, everyone begins their meeting to discuss Kurumi’s intentions. Mukuro asks why Kurumi would need so much Reiryoku. To that question, Nia explains that Kurumi had once come to her asking for information needed to kill the Spirit of Origin. Origami adds that from her experience in asking to borrow Kurumi’s power, the Reiryoku is most likely necessary to use a bullet to travel back in time for that goal. However, due to speculation being able to run rampant, the group decides to not theorize any further about Kurumi's goals. The ensuing conversation is then interrupted by Mana, who reveals to everyone that Shido was the target of DEM's attack on the rooftop and that Kurumi is the one who provided Mana with the info about the attack beforehand.

The next morning, Shido is surprised to see Kurumi by the door greeting him. While initially taken aback by this, Shido regains his composure as Kurumi asks for them to take a detour to school. Shido decides to take Kurumi to an alleyway where stray cats gather, much to Kurumi's embarrassment and secret enjoyment. When arriving at school, Shido is shocked to find from Origami that there was a major accident on the route he normally takes to school. At lunchtime, Shido and Kurumi decide to swap bento boxes as part of their contest. While he admires the taste of Kurumi's lunch, Shido's skillful meal is enough to bring Kurumi to a euphoric state where she hallucinates cats surrounding her. In the end, the two decided to call the match a draw. Kurumi then teases Shido over the other Spirits eavesdropping on them and asks if he has any plans for next Wednesday. After Kurumi leaves, Shido is surrounded by the other Spirits at school, all of whom are concerned about him. Shido then learns from Origami that next Wednesday is Valentine's Day, when Kurumi is likely deciding to settle the score then.

Origami, Miku, and Nia decide to seduce Shido with mature and risqué clothing in order to train him against Kurumi's seductive wiles. While startled and rendered embarrassed by this arousing sight, Shido quickly regains his composure and kicks them out of his room. At that moment, Shido hears a rustling sound coming from his window as a few sheets of paper flutter into the room. Several girls with identical faces emerge, and Shido recognizes them as the same girls from Mana's report. Still, Shido is shocked that these girls, who identify themselves as the Nibelcole, are self-proclaimed Spirits created by DEM. However, his surprise is replaced by terror as the Nibelcole reveal that they have come to kill him. Despite trying to heal with <Camael>, the Nibelcole prepare to massacre him until he dies for sure. Shido then wakes up screaming in his bed, dismissing what had occurred as just a nightmare. After arriving at the living room, Shido is startled to find Kotori and Yoshino aged up thanks to Natsumi's <Haniel>. Kotori tells him that the next step in his training is to adapt to Kurumi's mature and seductive personality. If his heart rate exceeds a certain interval, a buzzer will ring and a picture of him from his dark days will be uploaded onto SNS as punishment. Despite Shido trying to escape from this embarrassing situation while keeping the buzzer from going off, he finds himself cut off at each corner by the other girls. However, he manages to preserve and escape to the door, only to find himself colliding with Reine, who promptly triggers the buzzer by gently stroking his head and calming him down with a hug.

On Valentine's Day, Shido is busy fixing up his appearance in front of the mirror, preparing himself for the inevitable confrontation with Kurumi. Before heading out to school, he is presented with homemade chocolate from Nia, Yoshino, Mukuro, Natsumi, and Miku. At school, Shido is gifted with valentine's chocolates from the Yamai twins, Origami, and Tohka. Shido's good fortune on Valentine's Day provokes the ire of his male classmates, who prepare a demonic ritual involving staking a chocolate to curse him. Luckily, their rage is calmed down by the Ai, Mai, and Mii, trio, who had prepared obligatory chocolates for everyone else not fortunate to be blessed. After school concludes, he begins his date with Kurumi, with him taking the lead due to figuring out that they both have the same plan anyway. Shido's plan is a recreation of his date with Kurumi's clone, wishing to show the original why the clone ended up falling in love with him. While the date seemed to have progressed well, Ratatoskr's analysis shows that there is still something holding back Kurumi.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

After being left behind by Kurumi, Shido is found on Fraxinus's main monitor and subsequently retrieved by the ship. Despite being relieved to see Shido is safe, Kotori is unnerved by the degree of resolve now on Shido's face. When the sealed Spirits, Reine, and Mana are all present in the briefing room, Shido tells them about how Kurumi became a Spirit, her motives regarding the First Spirit, and how she saved him from death countless times using the Sixth Bullet. Despite Mana's misgivings about trusting her sworn enemy, she ultimately relents as the possibility of her brother lying to her sounds even more absurd. The conversation then shifts to discussing about Mio Takamiya, a mysterious person they already know is connected to Shido and Mana's past. Mukuro suggests that Shido uses Michael in an attempt to unlock any lost memories regarding Mio. She recommends that Shido use Tefete to turn Michael into a more manageable size for the procedure. This causes Shido to wonder if Mukuro also did this when sealing her own emotions. However, the attempt seemingly ends in failure, with Shido collapsing unconscious from the strain.

Upon waking up, Shido reassures Mukuro that him falling unconscious wasn't her fault.