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Tatsuo Itsuka & Haruko Itsuka

Tatsuo and Haruko are Shido's adoptive parents. Shido feels greatly indebted to them for taking him in, so much so that he regularly spoils their daughter, Kotori. In turn, Tatsuo and Haruko greatly trust Shido. So much, in fact, that they leave him with the responsibility of taking care of Kotori and their home while they are overseas.

As Shinji, Tatsuo was his classmate and close friend. After obtaining the memories of his past life from Mio, Shido and his adoptive parents become aware of this past connection. However, their relationship does not seem to have been drastically affected by this knowledge.

Kotori Itsuka

A seemingly normal sibling relationship, Shido and Kotori have been living together in the same household for a long time, and are very close despite the two not being related by blood. Shido deeply cares about Kotori as a big brother to the point that he rushed out during a Spacequake alarm due to believing Kotori was at a family restaurant because of a prior promise. Five years prior to the present, Shido gave Kotori a pair of black ribbons as a birthday present. Knowing how much of a crybaby Kotori was, Shido wanted to, in his own way, help his sister grow emotionally. He told her that, so long as she wore the black ribbons, she would become her "strong self".  

This would come to somewhat backfire on Shido, as Kotori developed a strong, domineering personality while wearing her black ribbons, which she would use to fulfill her position as commander of Ratatoskr. Despite usually being put off by Kotori's bossy attitude while in "Commander Mode", as well as her often questionable advice to him during matters concerning the Spirits, Shido still loves his little sister very much. While he admits that his love is strictly as a sibling rather than as a lover, he reassures her that it is no less inferior to romantic love.

Mana Takamiya

Mana is introduced as Shido's biological younger sister, whom he was separated from for some years. When they were reunited, Mana immediately hugged Shido out of joy before calling him "big brother", which surprised him. Shido was very shocked to learn that he had a sister and told her that he had no memory of her. However, she said the same goes for her and showed him a pendant that contained a photo of the two of them together as children. Though he had a good time getting used to this event, he was rather accepting of it and welcomed her into his life.

Shido was horrified at how casually Mana killed a Kurumi clone, believing that her heart had grown jaded. Nevertheless, it has been seen that he cares very much for her, despite the fact that they both share amnesia towards their childhood memories of each other. It can be seen that the two of them care very deeply for one another and can be by each other's side whenever one of them needs the other. This can be seen on Mana's side for the most part, as she has been helping and protecting her older brother when he went to DEM Industries to save Tohka. She also takes the risk to distract Ellen in order to buy enough time for the Spirits to save Shido in his berserk state.

It is later revealed that Mana was Shido's younger sister from his previous life during the time he met the First Spirit. Back then, the two of them were very close, with both of them being relieved that the other was not harmed by a Spacequake attack. Although Mana did share some doubts over the circumstances of him finding the First Spirit, she ultimately chose to trust him after hearing his explanation, showcasing a degree of trust in her older brother. Likewise, their close bond can also be seen when Shido is outraged to hear that Westcott has kidnapped her in exchange for Mio.

Mio Takamiya

Shido was born from Mio in an attempt by her to resurrect Shinji Takamiya, effectively making her his mother in a way. However, Mio only saw him as Shinji's reincarnation and did not accept him as his own person. While sympathetic to her struggles, Shido also felt nauseous over the amount of sacrifices Mio made to resurrect “Shin”. Likewise, this feeling of dread grew even more when Mio declared her intentions of erasing all of his memories as Shido so that her idealized version of Shinji wouldn’t feel guilty. Because of this, they ended up as enemies in the Game Over Timeline and Shido eventually had to use Kurumi's <Vav> to travel back in time to undo all the deaths Mio caused.

In the True End Timeline, Shido and Mio initially still ended up fighting. However, they are finally able to have a proper interaction after they are both absorbed into <Ain Soph>. During their time in the world created by <Ain Soph>, Shido was able to convince Mio that he was not Shinji and that the real Shinji had long since passed away. It was here that he confronted Mio with her secret desire of wanting to die and giving birth to him in order to accomplish that goal. While at first surprised, Mio confesses that she might have indeed subconsciously been wishing for that. Instead of this, Shido vowed to make her fall for him over Shinji, and the two soon return to the real world to save it alongside the Spirits from Westcott. To atone for her sins, Mio ultimately sacrificed herself to protect Shido. As Mio passed away, she confirmed that she indeed loved Shido, but not as much as Shinji. Afterward, Shido mourned over Mio's death, although he took solace in the fact that she was able to reunite with Shinji in the afterlife.

Shinji Takamiya

Shinji was Shido’s previous life before Mio chose to take in Shinji’s corpse into her body to recreate him as Shido. Despite this, Shido had no recollection of ever being Shinji until Mio returned Shinji’s memories to him. When the Yamai sisters seek advice from Shido regarding their past incarnation as Yamai Kazamachi, Shido explains that he sees himself as his own person rather than being a counterfeit Shinji.

Shido was able to interact with a recreation of Shinji made within Mio's Ain Soph. Shinji is envious of the superpowers Shido can achieve with the Angels he has sealed, and jokingly asks to borrow some of them. The two display similar personalities and compete with each other in a cook-off with Mio and Reine as the judges. Shinji initially pretends to be furious when Shido promises to steal Mio away from him, but after acknowledging that he is already gone, he states that he can only entrust him with Mio from now on. When Mio ultimately sacrifices herself, Shido laments that he could not truly beat Shinji for Mio's affection, but he takes solace in the two reuniting in the afterlife.


Tohka Yatogami

Shido shares an especially close bond with Tohka that goes beyond the level of mere friendship. He was the one who gave Tohka her name, based on the day of their first meeting, April 10th. Shido cares very deeply for Tohka, as shown on many occasions, always going out of his way to make her happy and teach her the ways of the world. In fact, his feelings of caring towards Tohka are so strong that, when she was captured by DEM, Shido prioritized saving her above everything else, despite the grave risks involved and the enormity of the odds stacked against him. When Natsumi made Tohka disappear, Reine was hesitant to reveal the news as she predicted that it would cause Shido more distress than any of Natsumi's previous victims.

Later on, as Shido was about to be killed by Ellen right before Tohka's very eyes, she fell into deep despair and unleashed her Inverse Form, going on a rampage that almost cost Shido's life. However, even when faced with Tohka's berserk state, Shido still refused to give up on saving her, ultimately bringing Tohka back to her senses with a kiss; further emphasizing the deep feelings of trust and affection shared between the two.

When Tohka expressed her dislike of seeing him kiss other Spirits after he sealed Yoshino, he tried to keep his promise to not kiss other girls by having her avoid seeing him do so to seal other Spirits. Once Tohka learned that Shido had been doing so because it was the only way he could seal Spirits, they both apologized to each other; Tohka for prohibiting the method and Shido for keeping it a secret. Tohka forgave him, but in exchange for his apology for violating their promise without her knowing, she asked him to kiss her equivalent to the number of times he had kept it a secret to make up for that.

When Shido fell into despair over Mio killing all the Spirits in the Game Over Timeline, Tohka's revival caused him to shed tears of relief and gave him hope that the other Spirits could somehow still be saved. When Tohka is erased by Ain, his despair starts to set back in, but he continues to fight so as not to waste Tohka's efforts. Upon seeing Tohka alive and well in the True End Timeline, he tearfully embraces her.

Shido is devastated to learn that Tohka will disappear along with Mio's Sephira Crystal after the latter's death, but he contains his emotions to make the remainder of their final date as enjoyable as possible. However, when Tohka broke down and confessed her love for Shido just before her demise, Shido also broke into tears and reciprocated her feelings, sharing one last kiss just before she disappeared along with Tenka's artificial world. Shido could never bring himself to move on past Tohka's disappearance and was constantly looking for ways to reunite with her, which is ultimately granted by the “will of the world” restoring Tohka one year later.

Origami Tobiichi

Shido considers Origami to be a friend and is the only one capable of reading her intentions and actions despite her usual emotionless, doll-like expression. To his confusion, Origami knew him when he had never heard of her. While practicing for dating Spirits, he ends up asking her out. While normally stunned by her aggressive actions of seduction, Shido takes them all in strides and tries to be good friends with her. He initially called her by her last name but was requested to use her first name out of jealousy of being on a first-name basis with Tohka. Shido has shown great concern over her vendetta against the Spirits. He even tried to have her be friends with Tohka and Yoshino, but his initial efforts turned out unsuccessful. When Origami entered a murderous rage over thinking that Kotori was the one who killed her parents five years ago, she attacked Kotori during her date with Shido. After Shido resealed Kotori's powers, he even offered to let Origami kill him so she could end the Spirit <Efreet>'s powers without killing Kotori. This action was enough to cause Origami to hesitate, who then passed out shortly afterwards due to overstraining herself by going over <White Licorice>'s operational limit.

Five years before the start of the story, Shido (who was actually sent back in time by Kurumi) first met Origami after her parents' deaths, and offered his emotional support so she wouldn't fall into despair. After Shido created a new timeline by preventing the Spirit Origami from accidentally killing her own parents, Shido was saddened to find that she was no longer in his class, even though he realized she would be much happier with her parents' survival. When the new timeline Origami transfers to his class, he quickly starts addressing her casually with her first name even though he is a stranger from her point of view. Unlike most of his dates with the other Spirits, his experience with the old Origami's preferences allowed him to forgo needing Fraxinus' advice.

As he saves Origami from her Inverse form, he reminds her of his promise to support her and says that he needs her as she needs him. The Origami of the old timeline admitted that her feelings of obsession towards Shido were of reliance and not actual love. When Shido kisses her, he is unsure if his feelings toward her matter more than his duty to seal Spirits. As of the end of volume 11, the current Origami now states that her current feelings are of love.

In Ren Dystopia, he calls the New Timeline personality "Tobiichi-san" to help distinguish between the two.

Yoshino Himekawa

Generally, Shido treats Yoshino like a younger sister. After discovering the reason why Yoshino relies so much on the Yoshinon puppet as her idealized role model, Shido promises to become Yoshino's new hero. He would then come to fulfill that promise by returning Yoshinon to her, despite being gravely injured in the process of entering her blizzard dome.

When Yoshino confessed to him after winning the Spirits' battle royal, Shido was caught completely off-guard. However, he was not able to give her a response due to Tohka's subsequent emotional breakdown. One year later, Shido helped Yoshino regain her memories of her human life before becoming a Spirit. However, Yoshino then teased him over still not giving her an answer yet, much to Shido's surprise over Yoshino's newfound boldness and confidence.

Kurumi Tokisaki

The first time Shido met Kurumi, she immediately revealed herself to be a Spirit and attracted his attention. During their first date, he learned she was also the first Spirit he'd ever dealt with who was actively on the offensive. After witnessing Kurumi kill someone mercilessly, Shido was left horrified and conflicted, unable to think of what to do until Tohka explained to him that in the end any Spirit, like her, could've become like Kurumi if they had been left alone. He thus resolves to save her, despite being terrified of her and knowing that she intends to devour him. To that end, he is willing to risk his life to stop Kotori from killing her. Later on, despite his wariness toward her, Shido was fully willing to team up with Kurumi in order to save Tohka from DEM.

While Shido initially failed to seal her, she has indeed fallen for him, arguably before he even started to date her. She is also very teasing, especially after she witnesses Shido having to dress up as a girl to deal with the Spirit, Miku, and openly jokes about it, much to his dismay. Upon learning of Kurumi's goal to kill the First Spirit to undo the deaths of all the girls Mio sacrificed, and that Kurumi had mentally worn herself out repeatedly using her Sixth Bullet <Vav> to save him from DEM, Shido began to view her as a truly kind person despite her moniker as the "Worst Spirit", and became determined to help her. In the Game Over Timeline, Shido manages to win over Kurumi's heart, only for her to be killed by Mio before he can seal her. In the True End Timeline, Shido successfully prevents Kurumi's death by warning her of Mio ahead of time, causing her to finally decide to entrust her powers to Shido by kissing him and giving him a chance to stop Mio. As a show of gratitude, Shido kisses Kurumi once more before going off to confront the First Spirit. After inadvertently finding Kurumi wearing her clones' bandages and eyepatches, Shido entrusts her with a picture of him dressed up in a similar manner from his chuunibyou phase to quell her hostility.

In Date A Live Encore, a Kurumi clone meets up with Shido on July 7th for a surprise date. They spent the day together and were a couple until the real Kurumi came to kill her clone from one month prior (the same Kurumi that Shido confronted on Raizen High School's rooftop). Once he read Kurumi's wish she left to hang on a bamboo tree as part of a tradition, Shido climbed high up and tied it onto the tallest tree. He then remarks how that is one wish that needs to come true; and that he'd never forget her.

Yamai Sisters

Shido considers the Yamai sisters as close friends. When asked to choose one of the twins as being worthy of becoming the real Yamai, Shido rejected both options and presented a third choice so that both Kaguya and Yuzuru could live together. During a date with just Yuzuru, he refuses to pick a sister that he prefers, considering both to be equally precious.

When the twins come to him for advice about their origins, he assures them that they do not need to think of themselves as fake existences compared to the original Yamai, just as he doesn’t consider himself to be a “fake” Shinji.

By the time they are university students, Shido can perfectly understand Kaguya's flamboyant and grandiose speech patterns, something which Yuzuru praises him for.

Miku Izayoi

At first, Miku hated Shido, but only because of his gender, as she hates men in general due to an event that happened to her in the past. Shido reluctantly cross-dressed as Shiori to get closer to her. Upon learning of how she treated people, Shido openly admitted to hating her, but he still accepted her challenge at the Tenou Festival to seal her powers. When Raizen wins, Miku brainwashes everyone to attack Shido, becoming further enraged when she learns Shiori's gender. Despite her attempts at his life, Shido sought her help in rescuing Tohka from DEM. Shido questioned her condescending view of humans despite previously being one herself. After hearing her backstory, Shido expresses sympathy but still condemns her behavior, promising that he will be her fan and protect her life even if nobody else will. After Shido keeps his promise by saving Miku from Tenka, Miku overcomes her trauma and her feelings towards Shido has changed.

Afterward, Miku willingly allows herself to be sealed and starts referring to Shido as "Darling". Miku often shows her affection toward Shido without hesitation, much to Shido's embarrassment at times. When Miku was offered the chance to expand her career to America, but was hesitant to leave her loved ones behind, Shido promised to support whichever decision Miku would make.

Natsumi Kyouno

Shido had a rough beginning with Natsumi. While their date was originally going smoothly, Natsumi turned hostile when she believed he had discovered her true form. Her grudge was to the extent that she tried to ruin his reputation and erase him and all of his friends in a twisted game of find the imposter. Despite this, Shido never doubted that she would return his friends if he won and believed that winning the game would also help Natsumi herself. After he saves her from Ellen and tries to convince her that her true form is already cute without her having to hide it, she gradually opens up to him. When she showed some guilt over what she put him through, he reassured her that he considered such actions to be on the level of a mere childish prank. Shido was willing to be tortured by Ellen to protect Natsumi, and he disregarded his own safety in the face of a falling satellite in his desperation to find her. After he learned that Natsumi had been in his pocket as a lollipop the whole time, Shido simply expressed relief that she was safe, moving her to tears.

Shido displays considerable trust in Natsumi's capabilities, trusting her to be a decoy against Mukuro and playing the decoy role himself for her against <Beast>. When fighting against <Beast>, Shido understood that Natsumi's negativity was causing her to falter, and it was ultimately his encouragement that played a key role in allowing Natsumi to overcome her childhood trauma and successfully land a hit against <Beast>.

Nia Honjo

Shido's relationship with Nia started off relatively well since Nia was grateful to Shido for helping her escape from DEM. However, their relationship momentarily soured when Shido's cosplaying attempt accidentally made her feel like he was mocking her favorite manga character. Nonetheless, Shido was still determined to save Nia. Throughout their interactions, Shido noticed that Nia had a hard time opening up to people since she had a power that would allow her to violate the privacy of anyone who would approach her. In turn, Shido assured Nia that he wouldn't get angry at her if she used her powers to peek into his life. After reading the group's doujin, Nia learned from <Rasiel> the numerous times that Shido had saved other Spirits. She realized that his gentle and kindhearted nature was genuine and could save those who possessed Spirit powers. This realization proved instrumental in developing their bond, allowing Shido to save her by sealing her after Westcott stole the Qlipha Crystal from her. Shido shed tears of relief when Nia recovered from the event. Shido was enraged by Westcott's cruelty towards Nia and insisted that his Demon King rightfully belonged to Nia as her Angel.

Shido treasures Nia like the other Spirits, but he is often exasperated by her teasing. When offered a job as her personal cook, Shido considered it as a good salary under a familiar boss, although he was discouraged from taking up the offer by MARIA. Nia would later offer her own wisdom of why she chose her career, which lets Shido confide in her about his future plans to work at Asgard Electronics so he can learn more about Spirits.

Mukuro Hoshimiya

During their first conversation, Shido was surprised by Mukuro's lack of emotions. She revealed that she used her Angel, Michael, to seal away her emotions. Upon finding this out, Shido tried to convince Mukuro to come down to earth so he could seal her powers. However, Mukuro flat-out rejected him, telling him that she is happy with being all alone in outer space now and that his beliefs are hypocritical because coming down to earth would make it easier for DEM to capture her. She then ended their conversation and threatened him that if he appeared in front of her again she would use <Michael> to stop the earth's rotation.

Mukuro rejecting him and dismissing his beliefs as a form of hypocrisy had a profound impact on Shido. He began to question if sealing the Spirits' powers may be a mistake, as this makes them weaker and therefore easier for DEM to capture. In the end, Mukuro's words caused Shido to suffer a minor depression, which wasn't cured until he met with his counterpart in the fantasy world.

After having her heart unlocked, Mukuro becomes deeply attached to Shido after seeing his efforts in saving her, and that they were both once lonely orphans that felt empty and were starving for love. Due to becoming attached to Shido, she refused to share him with the others, even locking the memories of all of Shido's friends and family in the process. Shido was initially frightened by her possessiveness, but after he was able to figure out her past, he empathized with Mukuro's situation due to his own feelings of abandonment during his own childhood. Afterward, Mukuro refers to Shido as her family, and he is the only one whom she allows to cut her hair.


When first encountering Beast, Shido feels a strange sense of déjà vu to his first meeting with Tohka. Despite no longer having his powers, Shido sees Beast suffering and wishes to save her. For Shido, that simple desire to save a troubled girl is worth more than enough to risk his life. After discovering that Beast is a version of Tohka from another world, Shido follows Beast into her world in order to continue talking. He expresses sympathy towards this version of Tohka as she explains the circumstances that led to her Shido’s death, her descent into madness, and the subsequent destruction of her world.

Rather than seeing her as a replacement for his Tohka, Shido remarks that she is her own person and even goes so far as to offer this Tohka a home in his world. However, Tohka ultimately refused, wanting to remain in the world that held the memories of her Shido close to her heart. Shido accepted Tohka’s decision, and the two amicably parted ways while wishing each other the best going forward in the future.


Reine Murasame

Shido tries to treat Reine like a normal person. While initially trying to correct her whenever she referred to him as "Shin", he eventually gave up and accepted the nickname. Aside from this and Reine's strange treatment of him, such as hugging him and patting him on the head, their relationship was fairly normal, with Shido being in open amazement at the numerous skills that Reine displayed.

After Reine was revealed to be a doppelgänger of Mio Takamiya, Shido asked her out on a date to seal her powers. This revelation also caused Reine's strange treatment of Shido to start making sense, as she viewed him as her son. During their date, Reine asked Shido if he hates her mother, meaning her, for abandoning him, to which he answered that he didn't. Ultimately, however, Shido was unable to seal Reine's powers, as the person she loved was not him but Shinji. Afterward, Reine finally began referring to Shido by his full name and merged with Mio, ignoring Shido's pleas for her to stop. Within Ain Soph, as they resume their date alongside Mio and Shinji, Reine ultimately accepts that he will never truly be Shinji.


Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott

Westcott seems to know something about Shido's mysterious past, accidentally calling him Takamiya before switching back to Shido Itsuka. Westcott's plan involves allowing Shido to bond with each Spirit, only to kill him later in order to invert every Spirit that Shido had befriended.

In turn, Shido describes him as someone that can only be called "abnormal" or "bizarre". After regaining the memories of his previous life, including his death at the hands of Westcott and Mana’s kidnapping, Shido displayed unprecedented fury and hatred toward Westcott, to the point that he considered finishing him off after defeating him in the Game Over Timeline. However, Shido ultimately refused to stoop to Westcott’s level and preferred leaving him alive to face the consequences of his actions. However, in the True End Timeline, Shido had no issues channeling the power of all ten Angels against the DEM director, even if it meant accidentally killing him in the process. In the end, Shido didn’t mourn Westcott’s passing and was instead more devastated that Mio gave up her life to stop him.

Ellen Mira Mathers

Shido holds hostility toward Ellen for her numerous assaults on the Spirits. He has also shown fear of her after she almost killed him during his attempt to rescue Tohka from DEM's captivity. During his Reiryoku high, he flirts with her and tries to make her switch sides, unfazed by neither her previous actions nor her current futile attempts to attack him. After Westcott's death leaves Ellen with amnesia, Shido somewhat cautiously accepts her new meek personality and even seems sympathetic toward Nia's harsh treatment of her.


Despite being told that the Nibelcole were created by DEM to kill him, Shido was left confused by why the artificial Spirits would work for DEM. He also gravely underestimated the girls' dedication to Westcott's orders, which allowed them to brutally slaughter him during the numerous timelines Kurumi had to reset with the Sixth Bullet. However, rather than remain fearful of the Nibelcole, when told of the Nibelcole's critical weakness due to being derived from Nia's Reiryoku and connection to the Second Spirit's affections towards him, Shido would playfully flirt with the Niblecole on the battlefield to seal them. This act earned him the ire and animosity of the remaining Nibelcole, but Shido still continued to maintain a playful façade towards them.


Hiroto Tonomachi

Tonomachi is Shido's best friend, although he is often annoyed when Tonomachi, like many other boys at their school, shows jealousy over the number of girls around him. Tonomachi would later begin distancing himself from Shido after Natsumi used her Angel to impersonate him and made moves on his friends and classmates. Despite this, Shido still viewed Tonomachi as a good friend and was visibly hurt when Mukuro locked his memories.


Prior to having Ratatoskr force him to date the Spirits, Shido had a mundane or normal relationship with any of his classmates. After Tohka and Origami began competing over Shido, many of his male classmates became very jealous of him. His reputation as a shameless flirt in the eyes of his classmates would increase as more Spirits enter his life, with Natsumi's actions when disguised at him growing further to make matters worse.

Even after finishing his schooling at Raizen High School, he is recognized by his underclassmen as an infamous graduate due to rumors of his relationship with the various Spirits growing out of control.