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Sephira Crystals (霊結晶セフイラ, Sefira?. lit. "Spirit Crystal") are mysterious gems that act as the source of a Spirit's powers and are responsible for turning humans into Spirits. They also have alternate forms called Qlipha Crystals that contain Demon Kings and serve as the power source of the Spirits' Inverse Forms.



In order for a Sephira Crystal to turn a human into a Spirit, they simply need to touch it. The gem is then absorbed after contact and will turn that person into a Spirit. When Origami was being turned into a Spirit, she described the feeling as "as if a second heart was being created inside her".

Upon Beast being struck by the <Yggd Ramus>, her scattered swords can serve as a substitute for Sephira Crystals. As each girl bonded with their respective sword, it allowed the former Spirit girls to regain their powers. Nevertheless, MARIA remarks that the effects of the Yggd Ramus separating an Angel from its Spirit is only temporarily, even comparing it to the gravitational pull between a planet and its satellite. By the time Shido returned to his world, the girls had already lost their powers and Beast reclaimed her swords.


Human beings have varying levels of compatibility for becoming a host for the Sephira Crystals, with Phantom stating that Origami was an exceptional candidate due to wielding her Angel so skillfully.

As seen from Kotori Itsuka's example, Sephira Crystals can be toxic to the host's body and can induce madness. As a result, Mio Takamiya stated that they need to be further refined by killing the initial host and then transplanting the gem into another host. Repeating this process would ensure that the Sephira Crystals will come closer to completion and resolve the negative drawbacks. According to Mio, while the attributes of each Sephira Crystal is predetermined, the powers that manifest can vary depending on the personality of each host.

After Mio's death, her then lingering Sephira is quickly taken in by Tenka before it can disappear. However, despite being Mio's daughter, Tenka notes that even she is not fully compatible with Mio's powers. Most of the Reiryoku granted is spent preventing the defensive instinct of the Sephira from taking over. To circumvent this, Tenka uses the Sephira's power to create an artificial world where time is compressed to the limit. In doing so, she is able to extend both her remaining lifespan and the amount of time she had as the inheritor of Mio's Sephira.



Kotori explains that even <Ratatoskr>'s advanced technology was unable to safely remove her Sephira Crystal from her body, as it had merged with her on a cellular level, reluctantly depending on Shido to seal Spirits instead.[1] So far, there have shown to be three ways for a Sephira Crystal to be removed from a Spirits' body. The first method is to kill the Spirit. The second method is to seal all of the Reiryoku in Shido's body and then use a Realizer to remove it from his body in the form of a new Sephira Crystal. Finally, Artemisia Bell Ashcroft has also shown the ability to remove a Qlipha Crystal through unknown means by using her Territory, though Nia was left with a sliver of her Sephira Crystal because Shido partially awakened her from Inversion. Ellen Mira Mathers also states that she possesses a similar ability. Mio Takamiya has also displayed the ability to remove Sephira Crystals from their hosts by using her Angels and Astral Dress as weapons, although her methods in retrieving the Sephira Crystals lead to the deaths of all the Spirits who were originally human. As a pure Spirit, Tohka having her Sephira Crystal extracted by Mio only caused a temporary loss of her physical form.


Despite their supernatural existence, Sephira Crystals are not indestructible and can be destroyed. When contemplating what to do with Tenka, Mio remarked that she could simply imbue her hand with Reiryoku to crush the Sephria Crystal into dust. During their battle in outer space, Ellen was worried that the Sephira Crystals may become lost forever if they completely destroyed Fraxinus. Mio's final Angel <Ain> is also capable of completely erasing a Sephira Crystal from existence. After doing so to Tohka, she laments that this method completely eliminates Tohka's Reiryoku from the world. However, it also prevents Tohka from resurrecting herself like she did beforehand when Mio merely extracted the Sandalphon crystal.

Lastly, due to being created by Mio, the Sephira Crystals are tied to her lifeforce. After Mio's death, the other Spirits' Sephira Crystals all fade away, turning them back into ordinary humans, with the exception of Tohka who disappears along with her crystal.


According to Inverse Tohka, the Sephira Crystals first emerged as Qlipha Crystals when the First Spirit decided to divide her power. The Inverse Spirit later speculated that she reversed their properties into Sephira Crystals in order to make them more compatible with human hosts.

When creating the Sephira Crystals, Mio split off and condensed a portion of the Reiryoku. Along with her power, each Sephira Crystal is imbued with a portion of her emotions as well, with the color being determined by which particular feeling was strongest during its creation. If the emotion was wrath, it would be a fierce red. For blue, it was a sorrowful blue. If it was regret, it would be a bottomless black. The more negative the emotion, the stronger the Spirit would become. However, that also increased the toxicity of the Sephira Crystal as well. In order to purify the Sephira Crystal, she would use humans as sacrifices. Each time the Sephira crystal went through a new host, it would become slowly purified as if undergoing a filter treatment. Those that were used as 'filters' lost control of themselves when given a freshly made Sephira, going berserk and attacking everything in sight. This caused Mio to need to repeat this process numerous times, transplanting the Sephira into numerous hosts until it was fully purified.

One day, Mio wondered if it was possible to create a fully purified Sephira from the very beginning. To do this, Mio used the strongest emotion that was the source of all of her motivation: love. She concentrated her mind and separated the so-called “poison” that could harm humans into a place inside Sephira. However, that produced the unexpected effect of a Sephira gaining its own will. This Sephira would later develop into the second pure Spirit after Mio, growing to eventually become Tohka Yatogami.

List of Crystals[]

# Sephira Corresponding Angel(s) Spirit Color
0 Da'at Ain Soph Aur
Ain Soph
Mio Takamiya
Tenka & Tohka Yatogami
10 Malkuth Sandalphon Tohka Yatogami Purple[3]
4 Chesed Zadkiel Yoshino Himekawa Blue[4]
3 Binah Zafkiel Kurumi Tokisaki Black[5]
5 Gevurah Camael Sawa Yamauchi
Kotori Itsuka
8 Hod Raphael Kaguya Yamai & Yuzuru Yamai Orange[7]
9 Yesod Gabriel Miku Izayoi Violet[8]
7 Netzach Haniel Natsumi Kyouno Green[9]
1 Keter Metatron Origami Tobiichi White[10]
2 Chokmah Rasiel Nia Honjo
Kurumi Tokisaki
6 Tiphereth Michael Mukuro Hoshimiya Gold[12]


  • The term Sephira is derived from the Sephirot Tree, which is the spiritual tree that the Spirits are based on.
    • Each Sephira Crystal's color, like their respective Spirit's hair color, is based on the corresponding color for their Sephira on the Tree of Life.


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