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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Main Story[]

Tohka World[]

Sawa is seen walking with Kurumi to school one morning. They briefly pass by Shido's residence, but Shido fails to initially recognize Sawa.

Date A Bullet[]

Volume 7[]

Sawa appears in a flashback to Kurumi's past life. At a classroom after school, Sawa wakes Kurumi up. She notices Kurumi bring out what appears to be a love letter. Kurumi tells Sawa that she already rejected the boy who sent her the letter. Sawa teases Kurumi's cuteness, then asks what kind of date suits Kurumi. Sawa also worries about Kurumi not spending time with her after finding love, but Kurumi reassures her. They pinkie-swear to cheer for each other when they find love. The flashback turns out to be a dream that White Queen woke up from.

Volume 8[]

During her final showdown with Kurumi in the Neighboring World's Second Region Chokmah, White Queen's "Overlord" personality fully takes over, being based on Sawa's real-world personality. As a result, once Kurumi begins to address White Queen as Sawa, Sawa stops being referred to as White Queen in narrative terms.

Sawa stalls Kurumi until the gate to Keter emerges fully open, and she enters despite having been shot in the head. Being the first to arrive in Keter, Sawa models it after her hometown. Sawa encounters the tailing Kurumi inside a chapel based on the one they used to attend in the real world. There, they resume their gun battle. The chapel collapses, and Sawa flees while being chased by Kurumi's clones. Sawa ends up falling into a school building. Inside, she guns down Kurumi clones closing in on her while fighting a headache, understood to be White Queen's other personalities attempting to assert control. Using her authority as Dominion of Keter, she identifies a pattern of Reiryoku as that of Hibiki Higoromo, who had followed Sawa and Kurumi into Keter. Upon tracking her down, Hibiki's appearance had already changed to look like a strange fusion of Kurumi and White Queen.

When Kurumi arrives to support Hibiki, Sawa detaches her right arm and shoots <Het Akrab> at it, turning it into a clone of White Queen with her "General" personality. Sawa then regenerates her missing arm, and fires an <Arie> to separate Kurumi from Hibiki, allowing the White Queen clone to take on Hibiki. During the ensuing battle, Sawa starts countering the words Kurumi fires at her as well. Sawa momentarily refers to White Queen's Lady persona, which causes her head pain to strike again. Kurumi deduces that if her opponent really was Sawa, then she would never show contempt to a girl in love. Sawa responds furiously, and Kurumi deduces this as Sawa having momentarily succumbed to one of her other personalities. Sawa quickly regains herself and transforms the battlefield into her own home. Reminding Kurumi of the term "home advantage", Sawa says she'll win, and they resume fighting. Kurumi is momentarily distracted by the sight of several mementos in Sawa's bedroom, allowing Sawa to fire her ultimate attack, <Keshet>, which would destroy her own home as well. Kurumi, with the help of an onrushing clone to absorb the brunt of the attack, fires the modified <Yud Aleph> at herself to ultimately save herself, to Sawa's resulting shock. And with that, Kurumi fires the also-modified <Yud Bet> on Sawa, sending both of them into their shared mental space.

They sit down and have tea while still wearing their Astral Dresses, but without their weapons, leaving them with no choice but to talk. Kurumi says that if she dies here, Sawa will too. Under the rules of <Yud Bet>, Kurumi concedes that breaking her heart would be enough to let Sawa out as the winner. Sawa asks for how Kurumi would win, and Kurumi replies by saying that she'd win if she successfully splits White Queen from Sawa. As a result, they begin the "battle of the heart" by talking to each other. Kurumi first hears from Sawa that her goal is to destroy the Neighboring World without regard for Kurumi. This convinces Kurumi that Sawa's opinion of her had indeed changed. Sawa decides to change the setting, bringing Kurumi to the girls' school they used to attend in the real world. Sawa deduces that, because the Kurumi she's talking to just outed herself as a clone, it's enough for her to kill one Kurumi, and she wouldn't be afraid of death afterwards, even if the real Kurumi is still alive in the real world.

They walk up to the roof of the school, where Kurumi reveals her own goal: to see someone alive. Kurumi then asks if the inverted Kurumi clone's personality exists at all. Sawa says that she is Sawa, but only by mind, heart and memories. Finally, when Kurumi asks, Sawa snaps, yelling loudly that she hates Kurumi because she is evil. This causes the mental space to start collapsing due to the trauma on both of their minds. Kurumi says she'll think about Sawa's offer to die together, and excuses herself to go to the classroom. Kurumi returns with a request to change the setting to their town, and Sawa obliges, letting Kurumi walk around before returning to her again. Upon her return, Kurumi refuses Sawa's offer, wanting to wake up the next day. Sawa admits her own failings, and delivers a final wish - to say good night together. This ends the effect of <Yud Bet> and results in Sawa lying on the ground, on the verge of disappearing. Before she does, Kurumi calls Hibiki over and tells her that White Queen has some last words for her.

Much later, when Hibiki travels from Keter to the real world but finds herself lost in transition, a voice calls out to her, claiming to be the remnants of Sawa. Sawa's voice reminds Hibiki that she wasn't born in the world she is heading to, thus, she needs to configure her own body, and learn how to breathe the air of the real world.