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Japanese (Ruby) サタン
Japanese (Base) 救世魔王
Base meaning Demon King of Salvation
Rank SS-rank Demon King [1]
Wielders Origami Tobiichi
Novel Debut Volume 10
Anime Debut Season 3 Episode 8

Satan (救世魔王サタン, Satan?) is the Demon King corresponding to the first order of the qliphoth. Its original wielder is the Inverse Form of Origami Tobiichi.


Origami Tobiichi[]

Under Origami's command, <Satan> retains the crown-shaped drones of its Angel counterpart <Metatron>, except it is now much more dark and sinister. <Satan> boasts enough firepower to critically damage Fraxinus in both timelines and cause the airship to crash.

According to Ratatoskr's Daily Observations, her offensive abilities in this state are actually ranked even higher than her regular Spirit powers, though at the cost of severely lowering her defenses as a trade-off. Initially, Origami had no control over her body in this form, attacking everything and everyone in sight. However, this could also be because of the shock she suffered when she found out the truth. However, during the Spirits' battle royal, after being knocked out by Mukuro, the New Timeline Origami briefly took over her body and displayed the ability to consciously summon her Demon King to defeat the key Spirit. However, Old Timeline Origami was completely unconscious during this process and woke up shortly afterward, confused over the events that had just transpired.


  • Satan, also known as the Devil, is an entity in Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin.


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