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Japanese (Ruby) サンダルフォン
Japanese (Base) 鏖殺公
Base meaning Massacre Ruler
Rank AAA-rank Angel
Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Sandalphon (鏖殺公サンダルフォン, Sandarufon?) is the Angel corresponding to the tenth sephira. Its original wielder is Tohka Yatogami, and it normally takes the form of a giant broadsword.


Tohka Yatogami[]

When first manifested by Tohka, <Sandalphon> also consists of a gilded throne that doubles as the broadsword's scabbard. Tohka can summon the throne by stomping her heel, and it would emerge from the ground in front of her. The sword can also be directly manifested without the throne - because less Reiryoku is required to do so, <Sandalphon> takes this form most of the time when manifested by a sealed user. Similarly, the throne can be manifested after manifesting the sword. The throne itself seems to be a kind of support machine, being able to transform into certain modes that can enhance Tohka's abilities.

The sword seems to share the same skill set as Tohka, who uses Reiryoku encasement on it to increase its strength. She can also use it to fire energy slashes or shockwaves. At its full capacity, <Sandalphon> can cut virtually anything, including the fabric of spacetime, but Tohka subconsciously restrains this power due to her gentle personality.

  • Final Sword: Halvanhelev (最後の剣ハルヴァンヘレヴ, Haruvanherevu?. lit. "Sword of the End") is the ultimate form of <Sandalphon>, manifested by cutting the throne in half. The throne's pieces would then reinforce the sword into a massive single-edged zanbatō-shaped sword that drastically increases its wielder's destructive power. The amount of Reiryoku required to manifest and control Halvanhelev usually results in exhaustion for its user afterwards. When used by an unsealed user, the Reiryoku of Halvanhelev can overflow, causing damage to its surroundings.
  • Armor Mode: Ratelibish (レートリヴシユ, Rētorivushiyu?. lit. "Cloth") combines <Sandalphon>'s throne with Tohka's Astral Dress (Adonai Melek) to form an armor around Tohka's body, greatly increasing her agility and resilience. Tohka was able to assume this form after stealing a portion of Mio's Reiryoku to emerge from Mio's Astral Dress.
  • Unnamed Transport Mode: The throne can be knocked down horizontally to act as a form of transport over land, air, or water.

Shido Itsuka[]

After Tohka is sealed, Shido gains access to <Sandalphon>, which first awakened out of desperation when he saw Ellen about to kidnap Tohka. However, because of his inferior physical capabilities as a human compared to a Spirit, he would initially tire from extended use of <Sandalphon>, requiring strength enhancement and healing from <Gabriel> and <Camael> respectively just to endure the strain.

  • Final Sword: Halvanhelev (最後の剣ハルヴァンヘレヴ, Haruvanherevu?. lit. "Sword of the End") is normally not useable by Shido due to the strain from simply using Sandalphon. However, when receiving a boost from both Natsumi and Miku using <March> at full power, Shido is able to deploy the final sword form of <Sandalphon> against Westcott during the war between Ratatoskr and DEM. It is determined by Shido and Westcott through <Beelzebub> to be the strongest attack in his arsenal at the time. However, the attack fails to be decisive, as Westcott had already researched the exact range of the attack beforehand.


For Beast, her Tenth Sword is actually <Sandalphon>'s demonic counterpart, <Nahemah.> Instead, <Sandalphon> takes the form of the flowing claws hovering around Beast's left hand. Due to Beast's unhinged nature after having lost her sanity, she makes full use of <Sandalphon>'s ability to virtually slice anything. She is capable of even cutting through the fabric of space-time to enter a parallel world. After clashing against Yamai Kazamachi, the claws transform and return to <Sandalphon>'s usual appearance as a broadsword.


In Tohka Dead End, <Sandalphon> debuts in its throne, sword and Halvanhelev forms. In Yoshino Puppet, the already-sealed Tohka initially fails to summon <Sandalphon>, but does so once Reiryoku flows back to her and she also manifests a limited Astral Dress. Tohka uses <Sandalphon> as transport for Shido to reach Yoshino, knocking the throne down horizontally and sliding it across the ice formed on the ground by Yoshino's <Zadkiel>. In Kurumi Killer, Tohka manifests <Sandalphon> only as a sword, marking the first time the throne does not appear.

In Yamai Tempest, Shido manifests <Sandalphon> in its sword form for the first time, after calling out to Tohka having seen Ellen defeat Tohka with ease and order her Bandersnatch assistants to take Tohka away. Shido continues to hold <Sandalphon> while fleeing from Ellen with Tohka, then attempts to swing <Sandalphon> against the Yamai twins' winds to catch their attention. Shido's attempts fail until Tohka helps out and they swing the sword together. In Miku Truth, Shido is able to generate energy blasts off of <Sandalphon> for the first time, due to his desire to save Tohka.

In Natsumi Change, both Shido and Tohka manifest and use <Sandalphon> in an attempt to destroy a falling satellite before it lands on Tengu City. When their attempts fail, Natsumi joins them, using <Haniel> to copy <Sandalphon>, and the satellite is destroyed by the combined energy blast of three <Sandalphon>. In Itsuka Disaster, Tohka is the last Spirit to save Shido from his Reiryoku high. Both manifest <Sandalphon> and clash. Tohka wins the swordfight through a move that disarms Shido, but her <Sandalphon> disappears shortly afterwards.

In Mukuro Planet, while trapped in a fantasy world by Westcott, Shido and the Spirits encounter the fictional version of Shido from their doujin, who is revealed to also wield <Sandalphon>. This version of Shido uses <Sandalphon> to open a portal that allows the real Shido and sealed Spirits to escape back to the real world.

In Mio Game Over, Shido manifests the throne and Halvanhelev forms for the first time. Both were only made possible due to the assistance of Miku's <Gabriel> and Natsumi's <Haniel> (copying <Gabriel>). Later in the same volume, <Ratelibish> makes its sole appearance. In Tohka Good End Second Half, Beast wields <Sandalphon> by merging her claws. After Beast is revealed to be a parallel-world Tohka, she uses <Sandalphon> to cut through spacetime and allow Shido, who had followed her to the parallel world, to return to his world.


  • Sandalphon can be translated variously as "Lord of Extent of Height", "Co-brother", and "The Sound of Sandals."