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Tohka Dead End[]

Ryouko is introduced as Origami Tobiichi's superior in the Japanese Anti-Spirit Team. After Origami returns from the assigned mission, Ryouko commends Origami's efforts but warns that Origami may be removed from the team for putting herself in danger.

Ryouko's next mission with Origami against the Spirit codenamed <Princess> happens to be at Raizen High School, where the AST open fire from outside in order to lure <Princess> out. Ryouko sees Origami close in on <Princess> herself.

The next evening, Ryouko's team continues to track down <Princess>. Ryouko receives permission from her own superiors to fire at <Princess> from a distance, and she relays the command to Origami holding the anti-Spirit rifle. Ryouko notices Origami apparently misfiring, and scolds her. Within moments, Ryouko and Origami are struck by the shockwave caused by <Princess'> <Halvanhelev>.

Yoshino Puppet[]

Ryouko is first seen communicating at base, with Origami on site during the AST's mission against <Hermit>. She prevents Origami from firing at the building where <Hermit> was hiding in. Ryouko sees <Hermit> leave having summoned <Zadkiel>, and she commands her team to open fire. She orders them to return to base once they confirm <Hermit's> status as "lost".

Upon seeing <Hermit> and <Zadkiel> again, Ryouko orders her team to shoot. <Zadkiel> freezes up the ammunition before it can reach, then lowers the air temperature around the AST team on site, including Origami. Despite Ryouko's command to take over, the AST team on site freeze up, allowing <Zadkiel> to flee with <Hermit>.

Ryouko then joins the team on site and coordinates with them to trap <Hermit> and <Zadkiel>. They surround <Hermit> and <Zadkiel> from two sides and deploy a laser web. <Zadkiel> forms a blizzard dome in response, freezing up some of the AST members. After discussing with the remainder of her team, Ryouko watches Origami slash a building and attempt to trap <Hermit> in falling rubble. Ryouko grunts upon seeing <Princess> arrive to save <Hermit>, and she redirects her team's offensive against <Princess>.

Two days after <Hermit> is sealed, Ryouko gathers her team at the military base in Tengu City to welcome Mana Takamiya to their team.

Kurumi Killer[]

After the practice duel between Origami and Mana, Ryouko reprimands them for destroying expensive equipment during a mock battle.

On a later date, Ryouko is at the military observation room having checked, to their pictures, Origami's report of a self-proclaimed Spirit transferring to her class in school. Mana, who is also there, identifies the Spirit as <Nightmare>, and tells Ryouko that <Nightmare> actively kills humans instead of causing Spacequakes. When Mana states her intent to go after <Nightmare> herself, Ryouko reminds Mana who the team leader is. Mana retorts, saying that she received permission from the AST higher-ups to act independently.

Ryouko is implied to have put her team on standby in case Mana wasn't able to handle <Nightmare> by herself. Much later on, Ryouko hears from Origami that she made contact with <Nightmare>, and is requesting reinforcements, before cutting off communication.

Itsuka Sister[]

Ryouko is seen awaiting delivery of the <White Licorice> CR-Unit from Deus Ex Machina Industries. Origami mindlessly asks if it can be used to defeat <Efreet>, and Ryouko replies that she shouldn't. However, Origami's mention of <Efreet> causes Ryouko to ask whether Origami saw <Efreet> when facing <Nightmare>. Origami in turn asks to see the video proof.

Much later, Ryouko is alerted to the disappearance of <White Licorice> from the Tengu military base, and eventually hears that Origami had activated it.

Yamai Tempest[]

Ryouko beckons Origami over for a private conversation after finding out about the house arrest order given to Origami. She notices newly-transferred AST members Mikie Okamine and Mildred F. Fujimura eavesdrop on their conversation, and finds a resignation letter dropped on the floor by Mikie, only to be told by an onrushing Mikie that the letter was a mistake. Ryouko then reprimands Mildred twice for saying inappropriate remarks.

Much later, at the Tengu military base, Ryouko tells the newly-stationed Mildred to hurry up and prepare the <Nutcracker> CR-Unit for her. Ryouko also tells a tale about her previous AST superior.

Miku Lily[]

Ryouko vehemently protests after hearing that ten DEM Wizards, led by Jessica Bailey, have been drafted in to reinforce the AST. Ryouko's attempt to assert authority is shot down by Jessica's retort that the AST have yet to kill a single Spirit.

The Spirit codenamed <Diva> disappears after first detection, and the military coalition returns to the base. Ryouko notices a scuffle between Jessica and Origami, and moves to break it up while tending to Origami.

A while later, the supplementary DEM Wizards let the AST in on their top-secret mission to capture <Princess> as well as a second target, Shido Itsuka. Ryouko wonders if Shido is also a Spirit, but Jessica refuses to explain, other than to tell her that Origami should stay away from the DEM mission. After the DEM Wizards leave the meeting room, Ryouko realizes that Shido is the love interest of Origami's that she was told about.

On the day before the operation, Ryouko discloses the operation to Origami privately, and walks out without saying another word. On the day of the operation, the DEM forces led by Jessica face resistance from Origami. When Jessica calls for reinforcements, she hears Ryouko's pre-recorded voice confirming unavailability, and redirects her reinforcement request to the DEM's Japanese branch.

Miku Truth[]

Ryouko's team is deployed to support DEM, whose Japanese branch is being raided by <Nightmare>. Ryouko gets within <Nightmare's> line of sight when a strong gust of wind blows in. Ryouko activates her Territory to protect herself. A while later, she sees Origami fighting DEM's Ellen Mira Mathers and comes to her rescue. Before she can tell Origami off for leaving the hospital, the Spirits <Hermit> and <Berserk> occupy them.

Natsumi Change[]

Ryouko receives a call from Origami, who is running from DEM forces. Ryouko announces the punishment to be handed down to Origami for disobeying orders in her previous mission, but is cut off from the line before she can complete her sentence.

Tobiichi Angel[]

The AST are put on high alert having detected the Spirits codenamed <Berserk>, <Diva> and <Princess> from their base. Ryouko hears from the control room that another Spirit reading has been detected. She also finds out that Mikie and Mildred have fully prepared, only for all of them to receive the order to continue standing by.

Nia Creation[]

Ryouko, Mikie, and Mildred are attendees at Comico after being invited by Origami. They greet Origami at Shido's booth to buy their doujin. Ryouko then notices Origami's colleagues at the booth and comments on the girls looking similar, Origami allays Ryouko's suspicions about them by citing it to be just a coincidence.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Ryouko welcomes Origami as a visitor to the Tengu military base for the first time since the latter's departure from the AST. Ryouko mentions to Origami and the accompanying Mana that DEM had placed a bounty on Mana's head. Origami then asks if the AST were requested to mobilize. Ryouko hears Origami's intel about the upcoming war between DEM and Ratatoskr, and everything she knows about Spirits. Ryouko is initially sceptical of Origami's attempt to convince her crew to withdraw their alliance with DEM. In response, Origami demonstrates one instance of her Spirit powers, and leaves with Mana.

Once Ryouko sees the war unfold between DEM and the Spirits, she remains unconvinced of what Origami told her. Immediately afterwards, she receives a call from a DEM executive to mobilize. Ryouko identifies the Spirit in action as <Hermit>, and commands her team to engage <Hermit>. Just then, the DEM's response threatens to engulf her team in a massive burst of energy, only to be saved by <Zodiac's> timely use of <Michael> to redirect the attack towards the DEM executive herself. The two Spirits warn Ryouko and her team to stay away. This finally convinces Ryouko to prepare her team for "re-employment".

Mio Game Over[]

Ryouko and Mikie watch on as Artemisia Bell Ashcroft is taken to safety by Origami, who worked alongside two other Spirits to defeat her. As the other AST members surround <Hermit> and <Zodiac> in awe, Origami requests Ryouko to bring the still-unconscious Artemisia to Fraxinus. In turn, Ryouko commands her team to generate a Territory around Artemisia, and later Origami, when Mana alerts them to <Ain Soph Aur> behind them.

Mikie succumbs to the Angel's light and Origami saves her body from falling before tasking Ryouko with taking her up to Fraxinus as well. Ryouko and the remainder of her team flee but are almost shot down in the process. Fortunately, the Ratatoskr crew rescue them. Commander Kotori Itsuka introduces herself to Ryouko before passing a command to Kannazuki. Ryouko reacts with shock upon seeing her former boss at Ratatoskr. Kotori assigns Ryouko's crew to an evacuation duty.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, Ryouko is with Mikie and Mildred at the Tengu military base when they are suddenly surrounded by Bandersnatch units. Ryouko is able to avoid one of them and fire back from a short pistol, but the Bandersnatch unit repels the gunshot with ease. Fortunately, Origami arrives in a timely manner to save Ryouko and her former comrades.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Ryouko meets up with Mikie, Mildred, Origami, and Artemisia at a café. Ryouko laments at the recent lack of Spacequakes, and worries for her job. She even begins to think seriously about settling down, and is relieved that her former disciples have no plans to do so. However, when Origami excuses herself from the meeting, she mentions going to a wedding, and Ryouko is left bewildered.