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Volume 2[]

The first Rook appears at a café alongside Mayuka Momozono, listening to Rinemu Kirari's outburst after the latter had lost her singing voice. After Rinemu leaves for the Cradle of Dreams, Mayuka and Rook talk among themselves, confident that Rinemu will die there. To be certain, Mayuka plans to have Rook follow Rinemu and kill her at the Cradle if necessary. Rook fails to do so and is reprimanded afterwards. At that moment, Rook summons her Unsigned Angel <Vermillion> and agrees to steal the Voice of the Moon for Mayuka. They discover that the current Dominion of Yesod, Mizuha Banouin, is hosting a concert for Rinemu's sake. They attend the concert anyway, and witness Rinemu, Kurumi, and Tsuan hijack the concert.

At the end of the trio's performance, Rook steals the Voice of the Moon from Rinemu and is quickly engaged in combat by Kurumi in front of the venue audience. Rook flees on her Unsigned Angel, taking Mayuka hostage in the process and landing at the Cradle. Rook is quickly engaged by Tsuan, who had followed her, allowing Mayuka to escape. Tsuan stalls Rook long enough for Kurumi to also follow. Before Kurumi can attack, Rook smashes the Voice of the Moon and absorbs its Reiryoku. This allows Rook to eventually get the upper hand on both Kurumi and Tsuan, only for "Kurumi" to peel off her disguise. The real Kurumi, who planned to ambush Rook by allowing Hibiki Higoromo to disguise as her, prepares to kill Rook, only for White Queen to descend onto the Cradle and engage Kurumi instead. Tsuan is commanded to kill Rook in the meantime, but White Queen does so instead, proceeding to absorb Rook's Sephira fragment and take her Unsigned Angel. The Queen then bestows <Vermillion> to an Empty that she summoned and proclaims her as the new Rook after transforming her with the Scorpio Bullet <Akrab>.

Volume 3[]

The second Rook is first seen reporting to White Queen (which, unbeknownst to Rook, is actually Hibiki in disguise). She is instructed to bring <Zafkiel> over.

After Kurumi and Cistus are freed, Rook manipulates the surroundings to keep them trapped within Binah. The two Kurumi solve the riddle of the Jabberwocky and the Snark in time to face Rook before the real White Queen's return. They dispatch Rook with ease before turning their guns at each other. Upon White Queen's return, her attempt to promote another Empty into the third Rook appears to backfire due to Rook being momentarily paralyzed by the fear of death from multiple resurrection attempts in rapid succession. This Rook only begins to act after a hole is blasted through White Queen's abdomen. Rook goes to retrieve White Queen's saber, which Cistus had used to cut open a door out of Binah and escape with Kurumi, but then passed to a child version of Kurumi who already pushed Hibiki and Carte À Jouer through the same door. Rook's attack on the child Kurumi succeeds in making her vanish.

Volume 4[]

The current Rook is seen with Knight and Bishop kneeling in front of White Queen after they are informed about the death of Kareha Banouin.

Volume 7[]

Rook greets White Queen and hears about a dream that she woke up from. Rook then affirms that she is prepared, and goes with White Queen to greet the Empties that have come to salute her. Later on, at the gate leading to Chokmah, Rook discusses a strategy with Knight and Bishop. Knight dismisses the strategy, having known that Rook's opponents had faced her before and would be familiar with her fighting style.

The Three Executives proceed towards Chokmah unhindered, where Kurumi is already waiting for them. Knight engages Kurumi first, having already tasked Rook and Bishop with engaging the others. They then hide away, and Rook grabs an opportunity to sneak up on Kurumi from behind. Kurumi senses this and shoots down Rook's <Vermillion> with ease, before taunting her. Rook ends up calling out Bishop from hiding in order to take on Kurumi three-on-one. Kurumi calls out Knight's attempt to bluff her by taking on Hibiki's appearance, and dispatches her with the help of <Hei>. Fortunately for Rook and Bishop, White Queen arrives to galvanize them. On her command, they charge at Kurumi, who responds by shooting <Aleph> at herself and dodging. They stop when Kurumi calls White Queen by the name Hibiki, and eventually brings Hibiki's consciousness back. Rook finds herself facing a saber-wielding Hibiki, and even in spite of Hibiki's lack of swordsmanship, struggles to match her. Rook momentarily gains the upper hand by maintaining distance before commanding <Vermillion>, but her anger and hatred eventually get the better of her, and Hibiki lands a touch on Rook's neck, killing her.

During Kurumi's journey through Hibiki's mind via <Tet>, Rook appears in the classroom where the Quasi-Spirits introduced themselves before their killing game in Malkuth. Knowing Rook to be the odd one out, Kurumi shoots her.