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Shido Itsuka[]

"If Shido wants me, then I'll gladly give my everything to him. To become his lover, kiss him, have sex with him, marry him, give birth to as many babies as he wants, grow old together with him. But, even if Shido chooses someone other than me, I won't mind. If Shido thinks to marry Tobiichi-san, I'll bless him with all my heart. Of course, it also applies for other person as well. Even if Shido chooses Tohka-chan, Kotori-chan, Yoshino-chan or perhaps someone that I don't know. Of course, I don't mind if he doesn't choose to be with anyone, or even if he chooses everyone I'll support his wish. I'll do anything for Shido's happiness. If Shido wishes it, I'll grant any of his wish. I don't mind becoming his childhood friend, his lover, his wife, his younger sister, his older sister, his mother, his daughter, his superior, his subordinate, his enemy, his nemesis or even someone unrelated to him. As long as Shido is happy, I'm satisfied....Oh sorry, it seems I got too worked up by myself. But it is true that I don't mind whoever Shido chooses."

Despite assuming the role of Shido's childhood friend, she is incredibly devoted to him, so much that even Tohka and Origami were amazed by her boldness when she confessed to what extent she'll do for Shido's happiness.

Rio Sonogami[]

Rinne and Shido's are her "parents", with Rio created from Shido's subconscious feelings of seeing Rinne disappear. Rio calls Rinne her "Mama".

Tohka Yatogami[]

Since Rinne always takes care of Shido's house, Tohka is a great fan of her food. Rinne is also very fond of her, and whenever Tohka praises her food, Rinne thanks her and promises to cook something new next time.

Origami Tobiichi[]

Rinne deeply respects Origami due to her intelligence and determination, although their relationship is that of classmates. However, Origami believes that Rinne is not to be underestimated.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Kotori sees Rinne as her own big sister and rarely shows her Commander Mode around Rinne. Due to this, Rinne is always spoiling and protecting Kotori.

Yoshino Himekawa[]

Rinne sees Yoshino as the cute girl from next door, and Yoshino and Yoshinon think highly of her.

Kurumi Tokisaki[]

While they never see each other until the final battle, Rinne is aware of Kurumi's existence as a dangerous Spirit and knows that she used to be Shido's classmate.