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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Volume 2[]

After Kurumi loses the idol competition to Tsuan, she and Hibiki go to a nearby café where they overhear a conversation between Rinemu and Mayuka. As Rinemu is complaining about her position as an idol after losing the ability to sing, Mayuka decides to tell her about the Voice of the Moon, an item that could possibly cure her ailment. While desperate for a cure, the knowledge of that location makes Rinemu hesitant to proceed. However, her eagerness prevails, and Rinemu dashes out towards that location, known as the Cradle of Dreams. Kurumi and Hibiki catch up to Rinemu and bring her back to the café to discuss plans. They wish to help Rinemu rediscover her singing voice so that she is reinstated as Dominion of Yesod and would let them pass to another region. Kurumi and Hibiki stop short of declaring their own reasons for wanting to leave Yesod.

They stay for the night at a hotel-like building before making their way to the Cradle. They find an Empty there, and talk to her just before she disappears, traumatizing Rinemu. During their search, Kurumi and Hibiki narrow the Voice's location down to a rollercoaster named Storm Mountain, and Rinemu helps them with access by floating above the rollercoaster and following its tracks. They enter the "mountain" that the rollercoaster passes through, and encounter rainfall that causes a memory baptism. Rinemu is the last of the three to brave the rainfall; for her, she experiences the same memories that led to the downfall of the idol named Tsukino Yoimachi in the real world, and thus, the collapse of Rinemu's own singing voice.

Kurumi and Hibiki tell Rinemu that the two of them became her fans. This spurs Rinemu to move past the rainfall despite the trauma it causes her. There, the trio find the Voice of the Moon in front of them - a microphone. Rinemu picks it up and finds more memories of the real-world idol that became Yesod's corresponding Spirit. Miku herself addresses the Rinemu seeing those memories. She acknowledges Rinemu's two fans and invites her to the real world, but the memory soon runs out. Rinemu decides not to absorb the Reiryoku from the Voice of the Moon until the last moment. As soon as they agree among themselves to return to the Central District, they are ambushed. Kurumi orders Rinemu and Hibiki to stay put inside the "mountain" while she handles the assailants from outside. Once it is safe for them to come out again, Kurumi tells a trembling Rinemu that Mayuka, who told Rinemu about the Voice of the Moon, likely sent the assailants over.

Upon their return, Hibiki forms a three-piece supergroup of Rinemu, Kurumi and Tsuan for the sole purpose of enabling Rinemu's comeback as a performer. They hijack Mizuha Banouin's concert and Rinemu, using the Voice of the Moon, puts on a remarkable performance that, at the end of it, leaves her in tears. After apologizing to Mizuha, Rinemu lets Mizuha continue to be Dominion of Yesod while she goes traveling in order to promote her music. Mizuha, knowing all that happened to Rinemu, hugs her and begins to cry herself, though eventually understands Rinemu's ambitions.

At that moment, an assailant steals the Voice of the Moon from Rinemu after knocking her down. Kurumi confronts the assailant in front of a full audience, and the ensuing chaos causes the audience to start fleeing the venue. Mizuha's bodyguards quickly pull her, Rinemu and Hibiki to safety; Rinemu witnesses the assailant escape through the roof of the venue having taken Mayuka hostage, and for the first time begins to worry about her. Kurumi suggests that Mizuha and Rinemu sing together while she goes after the assailant. The announcement of such results in the audience reconvening at the venue, allowing Kurumi to use the City of Devouring Time to replenish her power.

At the end of Mizuha and Rinemu's performance, a bodyguard serving under Mizuha's sister Kareha delivers the bad news to them that Kurumi and Tsuan were defeated by White Queen, the Dominion of Binah who had appeared at Yesod.

Volume 3[]

White Queen's attack necessitated an emergency meeting between the Dominions of the other regions, held at Tiphereth. Both Mizuha and Rinemu attend as representatives of Yesod. They reveal that they rescued Tsuan. After showing a video of Rook's assault at the concert, Rinemu voices her enthusiasm for letting Kurumi fight on their side after rescuing her, but the other Dominions disagree. Not long afterwards, White Queen herself gatecrashes the meeting. Rinemu reveals that she is able to tell the truth of a statement. To challenge this, White Queen states her intent to kill them, causing everyone else in the meeting to prepare to either attack or defend.

After the meeting is disbanded, Chokmah's Dominion Maya Yukishiro pulls Rinemu and Mizuha over for a private conversation. Maya asks them if any of the Dominions look suspicious. Rinemu describes the other Dominions with honesty.

Volume 4[]

Rinemu is trusted to look after Yesod in Mizuha's place while the latter visits Hod. Rinemu appears to slack off instead, to the dismay of Mizuha's agent, who brings up the unresolved matter regarding Mayuka. Rinemu calls Mayuka over, praises her for her black-heartedness, and wants it to be put to good use by making her head of Yesod's security. Reassuring that Mayuka won't become an Empty, Rinemu hires Mayuka for this new role.

Volume 7[]

Rinemu is one of several to receive a letter written by Maya, which implied that White Queen had begun to invade Chokmah. Rinemu disregards the letter's first instruction by opening it in public, and having to excuse herself after realizing this.

Later on, when Kurumi uses <Tet> to enter Hibiki's dream, Rinemu is seen in said dream dressed in male clothing, and referred to as "the sleazy playboy".

Rinemu and Mizuha eventually go to Chokmah to voice their support for the other Dominions by singing to them. Afterward, Rinemu's excellent hearing allows her to detect which White Queen clones are chosen to use <Het Akrab> from within the clone army. This in turn allows the other Dominions to close in on those clones to prevent the enemy forces from further growing in the number of White Queen clones. Having realized this, White Queen mobilizes her clone army towards Rinemu. Rinemu sees Mizuha evacuate via her security guards, who urge Rinemu to stay on the battlefield. The other Dominions quickly save Rinemu from a horde of clones surrounding her, before hurling Rinemu into the air towards the other clones carrying <Het Akrab>.

Volume 8[]

Rinemu is among the Quasi-Spirits interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Rinemu chooses to leave the Neighboring World in order to promote her music to a wider audience. Before she leaves with Mizuha and her agent, Rinemu tearfully addresses the Yesod contingent that came to Keter to wave them off. She throws her microphone towards them, and it lands in the hands of a budding idol.

Both Rinemu and Mizuha turn out to have successful real-world idol debuts.