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Kurumi Tokisaki[]

Rinemu originally teams up with Kurumi and Hibiki to seek out the Voice the Moon to cure her inability to sing, as Kurumi deemed it would be easier to leave this region if Rinemu was the Dominion again. Rinemu makes her comeback performance alongside Kurumi and is thus grateful for her help.

However, during the Dominion conference, Rinemu's high approval of Kurumi isn't echoed by the other Dominions, and eventually Rinemu agrees with the other Dominions that Kurumi is a hostile force to the Neighboring World.

Hibiki Higoromo[]

Rinemu recognizes Hibiki in her "Hibi P." persona, though had never been brought up as an idol under her. After bringing Rinemu to seek the Voice of the Moon, Hibiki helps form a three-piece supergroup for the sole purpose of announcing Rinemu's comeback as a performer.

Mizuha Banouin[]

While she was still Dominion, Rinemu acknowledged Mizuha's talent as an idol. However, rather than viewing her as a threat, she was encouraging and even saved Mizuha from being swallowed up by a Compile.

Rinemu trusts Mizuha enough to let her continue to be Dominion of Yesod, even after regaining her singing voice. In turn, Mizuha decides to follow Rinemu out of the Neighboring World when the gate to the real world opens.

Mayuka Momozono[]

Despite Mayuka having plotted for her assassination, Rinemu doesn't hold a grudge and even requests Kurumi to save Mayuka from Rook. When Mayuka's status as an idol fell into ruin, Rinemu even helped her get a new job as chief of security in Yesod, arguing that even Mayuka's crafty and malicious nature could be put to good use when given the right job. However, despite being her senior, Rinemu also often mispronounces Mayuka's name.

Maya Yukishiro[]

Maya knows of Rinemu's honesty honed by her sharp hearing skills. After the Dominion conference, Maya pulls Rinemu aside in order to seek her opinion of the other Dominions. However, Rinemu knows in return that Maya holds a secret and would kill anyone who finds out.

Nevertheless, with the secret in danger of being found out by White Queen's invading forces, Maya writes to the other Dominions, including Rinemu, to request for their support, even though their memories would be erased at the end of the conflict. Rinemu reacts disappointingly to this, but travels to Chokmah with Mizuha to sing for her ally Dominions. After the conflict, Maya approves of Rinemu's decision to leave the Neighboring World to further her career.

Oka Miyafuji[]

While she was Dominion of Tiphereth, Oka wasn't on the best of terms with Rinemu, because Rinemu would always be performing at Tiphereth and causing Oka to complain.