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Volume 3[]

Retsumi, then known as Demon Sergeant, is first seen holding Hibiki Higoromo and Carte À Jouer hostage, after both of them had escaped Binah and found themselves at Hod.

Volume 4[]

While Hibiki quickly accepts joining Retsumi's faction and adapts to her new role quickly, Carte disappears with three of her cards, leaving behind an Ace of Spades. Retsumi promotes Hibiki to Sergeant after being impressed by her morale-boosting chants. After Hibiki leads a successful training session as Lieutenant, Retsumi promotes her to Major and puts her in charge of 40 fighters.

While waiting for Hibiki to choose her swimsuit, Retsumi meets with the spying Kurumi, who had been found by one of Retsumi's soldiers named Todou. Retsumi reprimands Todou for sneaking in a lethal weapon. Later, Kurumi talks with Retsumi to find out more about her association with Hod's incumbent Dominion, Kareha Banouin.

Afterwards, Retsumi lets Hibiki use her squad to launch a surprise ambush on Kareha's side before the end of training. The ambush fails and Hibiki retreats, facing a reprimand from Retsumi after returning to her. Despite this, Retsumi tells the story about her past to Hibiki, and promotes Hibiki to Commander, trusting her to retaliate against Kurumi without full squad support. Hibiki returns victorious, letting Retsumi promote her to Colonel, the rank just below the General rank that Retsumi holds. On the night before the decisive assault on Kareha's compound, Retsumi admits to Hibiki that she has nothing else to do after beating Kareha. Realizing what this means, Hibiki and Ace of Spades agree to keep Retsumi's admission a secret until the end of the war.

During the decisive assault, Hibiki organizes Retsumi's troops via command in order for Retsumi to close in on Kareha directly. Retsumi and Kareha fight via their Unsigned Angels. Ultimately, Retsumi wins, becoming the new Dominion of Hod. Kareha is happy for her friend's victory. Retsumi holds a party for her victory, inviting the losing side as well. At a tea house, Kareha and Retsumi discuss arrangements for the peaceful transition of power, before seeing the fireworks together. They are interrupted by Todou, who emerges with her lethal firearm and shoots at Kareha. Retsumi pushes Kareha away and is shot in her place. Kurumi arrives at the scene of the incident and fires <Dalet> at Retsumi to remove her wounds, but fails to revive her. Kurumi leaves the body of Retsumi to Hibiki, Mizuha and Cistus while she goes to retrieve Kareha, who had fled as a result.

Kurumi returns with Kareha, allowing Hibiki to use her <King Killing> technique that she discussed with Kurumi, but letting Kareha access Retsumi's mind instead. Kareha finds Retsumi there, and flies up with her out of Retsumi's mind before it collapses under <King Killing's> spell. The mission is successful and Retsumi regains consciousness inside the castle she had won from Kareha. On Retsumi's request, Kareha goes to her villa with Retsumi, Kurumi and Hibiki. Kareha and Retsumi offer to prepare a meal for Kurumi and Hibiki. Later, while in bed preparing to sleep, Retsumi hears, from the others, a conversation about love, and runs away in embarrassment after hearing that Kareha half-loves Retsumi. Hibiki catches up to Retsumi, who concedes that she isn't fine with being half-loved by a Kareha on the verge of death regardless.

The next day, on Hibiki's suggestion, Retsumi asks Kareha out on a date. During the date, Retsumi wears a yukata, and asks Kareha about the person she's in love with. Kareha manages to confess her love for Retsumi just before she disappears, and Retsumi confesses likewise while crying. Retsumi continues to be distraught during her first public address as Dominion of Hod, in which she informs the citizens of Hod that Kareha has died. To ensure that Hod remains the region for non-violent competition that makes their citizens happy for ever more, she urges the citizens of Hod to follow her as much as she follows them.

Volume 7[]

Retsumi is one of several to receive a letter written by Maya Yukishiro, which implied that White Queen had begun to invade her home region of Chokmah.

Retsumi ultimately answers the call to reinforce Maya and the other Dominions against White Queen's forces at Chokmah. She arrives with her army of water gun fighters. Entering the battlefield, Restumi commands her soldiers to fight in order to avenge Kareha's death.

Volume 8[]

Retsumi is among the Quasi-Spirits interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Retsumi chooses to leave the Neighboring World in order to explore the real world in memory of Kareha. Leading a small group of her own disciples, she tearfully shouts out to Kareha as she enters the gate to the real world from Keter.

In the real world, Retsumi becomes a counsellor for the migrated Quasi-Spirits, helping them adapt.