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Retsumi Jugasaki
Retsumi Jugasaki
Kanji 銃ヶ崎 列美
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Quasi-Spirit
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Occupation Dominion (Formerly)
Novel Debut Date A Bullet 3

Retsumi Jugasaki (銃ヶ崎 列美?) is the leader of the Rebel army in the Eighth Region Hod. After Kareha's death, she takes over as the new Dominion of Hod.


As the rebel leader, Retsumi commands one of the sides striving for control of the Eighth Region Hod. However, in truth, the conflict was instigated by Retsumi after discovering her friend Kareha's slow transformation into an Empty. Desperate to save her friend, Retsumi asked Kareha what would provide her with the motivation to keep living. After Kareha answered that it was through fighting Retsumi, she founded the rebel army in hopes of saving her friend. Like Kareha, Retsumi doesn't like the life-or-death battles that predominate the Tenth Region Malkuth. As a result, both sides agreed to a nonlethal war where bullets were traded for water guns and defeat would be determined if a poi sheet of paper on each Quasi-Spirit's body was successfully struck.


Retsumi has long blond hair done up in a ponytail. Her facial features are distinguished by her tan skin and light blue eyes. She wears an Astral Dress comprised of a modified general's jacket on top of a black bikini swimsuit. She is also described as having toned muscles.[1]


Retsumi has an outgoing personality which Kareha describes as bright and cheerful as the sun. She can be very determined at times, not giving up despite her numerous losses to Kareha. In other scenarios, she can be made to cry very easily, being brought close to tears when a subordinate mentioned the rebel army's constant defeats in the war so far, despite trying to assert herself to put the subordinate in her place at first.[2]

Retsumi appears to be a competent general and leader, as shown by how she is able to rally her troops and motivate them to fight.[3] However, her competence and confidence are shown to falter in matters of the heart. When confronted over things that Retsumi deems personal, she is prone to emotional outbursts and struggles to deal with what she feels. However, Retsumi is also relatively easy to console, as shown by how Hibiki was able to comfort her after she grew embarrassed by Kareha's confession.[4]

Retsumi also appears to have a one-track mind, which is shown by how she kept focus by prioritizing victory against Kareha. After finally defeating Kareha and being confronted with the reality of becoming Dominion, she falters and confesses that she hadn't thought of anything beyond beating Kareha, even grumbling when told to take the position seriously.[5]

Furthermore, Retsumi is shown to be kind and affectionate. She appreciated Hibiki's assistance enough to repeatedly promote her despite Hibiki doing very little throughout the war game. Her private interactions with Kareha especially highlight this upbeat demeanor. She evidently feels deeply despite the somewhat rascal façade she puts up, caring strongly for her closest friends.

Retsumi also has strong maternal instincts. She is described to have played a motherly role when helping other Quasi-Spirits adjust to the real world.



Like most Quasi-Spirits, Retsumi lacked any memories of her past life as a human. Retsumi was once a Quasi-Spirit who arrived at the Eighth Region Hod after barely escaping from the Tenth Region Malkuth with her life. At that time, her transformation into an Empty was at its terminal stages. However, during this time, she was able to regain the will to live by repeatedly challenging the Dominion Kareha Banouin to fight her. Despite repeatedly losing, she eventually gained the experience to defeat Kareha. In doing so, she requested that Kareha give her a name. While Kareha suggested Retsumi Jugasaki in a half-joking manner, Retsumi happily accepted the name.


Powers and Abilities[]

Unsigned Angel: Vajrantana (鉄火風雷ヴァジュランタナ, Vajurantana?. lit. "Violent-tempered Thunder")

Weapon: Modified Handheld Minigun

In order to comply with the Eighth Region Hod's nonlethal warfare, Retsumi modified her Unsigned Angel to fire out water rather than bullets. However, as noted by Kurumi's observation, the sheer water pressure shot out is still enough to wound anyone struck.

As a machine gun, Vajrantana boasts a high rate of fire and can release a barrage of water upon her target. Retsumi also demonstrated the ability to change Vajrantana into a cannon, modifying the rotating barrel with multiple muzzles into a stationary and singular barrel that can unleash a large cannonball of water.


  • (To Hibiki Higoromo and Carte À Jouer) “Are you allies or enemies? In the Eighth Region Hod, opportunists are not trusted. To follow our revolutionary army──or support the old relics with Banouin. Decide now!” [6]
  • (To Todou) "Injuring others will only accelerate our decline, just like what is happening in the Tenth Region Malkuth. It's important to win, but we mustn't kill!"
  • (To herself) "I don't want to wake up. If I'm in a dream, I would rather live here forever." [7]
  • (To Kareha Banouin) "I don't want to be apart from you. I feel sad, frustrated, I want to do something. But surely I can't do anything? So I want to tell you. Kareha-chan! ─I love you."


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