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Romaji Ren
Gender Female
Species Spirit
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Relatives Mio Takamiya (Mother)
Novel Debut Date A Live: Ren Dystopia (Novel)
Game Debut Date A Live: Ren Dystopia
Japanese Rie Takahashi

Ren (蓮, Ren?) is a character exclusive to the game Date A Live: Ren Dystopia.


Ren wears a stylish purple Astral Dress with bandages covering her arms and eyes. She has a visible scar over both eyes that resembles the makeup of a clown. Her eyes are purple in color, matching her long purple hair that is decorated with floral patterned ribbon ornaments and a small top hat with light pink frills at the bottom. Additionally, she has shackles with long chains that bind both her arms and legs together. 

After stealing Reiryoku from all the sealed Spirits, Ren gains a dark-colored Astral Dress which exposes her navel and legs, the latter gaining markings on her thighs. She also gains two dark hairpieces, and a dark halo with upside-down wings floating behind her. Overall, her Astral Dress looks like a more malicious version of Mio Takamiya's.


Ren proclaims herself a "pitiful jester" and pledges servitude to whoever opens her Angel, offering to grant three wishes. However, she has a sly nature and often twists her contractor's words so that they will wind up dissatisfied with the wish and make another to fix the previous. After absorbing as much Reiryoku as she can from her contractor, she will turn on them with killing intent, proclaiming to have been born a villain.


Ren was born as the personification of Mio Takamiya's sorrow and hatred toward Isaac Westcott for killing her beloved Shinji Takamiya. Fearing that Ren would someday harm Shinji's reincarnation Shido, Mio sealed her and left her in the space between this world and the Neighbouring World, but she was released when Shido changed history through Kurumi's <Zakfiel>.


Ren Dystopia


Powers and Abilities

Angel: Samael (瘴毒浄土サマエル, Shōdoku Jōdo?. lit. "Pure Land of Miasma")

Astral Dress: Unnamed

Samael is a small box that appears empty when opened. However, the person who opened it will start encountering Ren in their dreams, where she will offer to grant three wishes. One wish is granted per night, and takes effect when the contractor wakes up the next day.

However, Samael is a "poisonous" Angel that gradually absorbs the contractor's Reiryoku to empower Ren. The poison scales in accordance to the number of wishes granted; Origami and her new timeline self were each granted two wishes, so neither suffered the full repercussions. As her powers are unsealed, her right eye, then her left eye, are exposed. Once her power is unleashed, Ren can trap others within a pocket dimension, and create shadow clones of the Spirits whose Reiryoku she has absorbed which share injuries with the originals.


  • Samael means "Poison of God", fitting the poisonous nature of the Angel.


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