Reiryoku (霊力?. lit. "Spiritual Power") is an energy that fuels the attacks of each Spirit. Each Spirit is ranked differently in regards to how much Reiryoku they possess.



Reiryoku is the fuel that helps create a Spirit's Astral Dress and Angel. If any of those two are damaged, Reiryoku can be consumed to restore both to optimal condition. The use of both also releases Reiryoku into the surrounding environment. However, a Spirit's Reiryoku is not inexhaustible. Much like stamina, a Spirit that has used up all her power is liable to collapse from sheer exhaustion. As the Spirit of Origin, Mio's Reiryoku is immense. By splitting portions of her power, she was able to use her reiryoku to create the Sephira Crystals. However, even Mio notes that her power is finite and there was a limit to the number of Sephira Crystals she could create. 

When a Spirit is sealed by Shido Itsuka, a path of Reiryoku is formed between them. The Spirit becomes much weaker, only able to summon a Limited Astral Dress that meshes with their current outfit, but the Reiryoku will backflow under emotional distress. After Nia Honjou lost most of her Sephira Crystal, Shido was able to save her life by sealing her and stablizing her Reiryoku with the resulting path. 

Reiryoku can be detected as Reiha (霊波, lit. Spirit Waves). 

List of Ranks

Numerical Value Spirits Notes
125 Tohka Yatogami
199 Yoshino
220 Kurumi Tokisaki
215 Kotori Itsuka
179 Kaguya
185 Yuzuru
159 Miku Izayoi
219 Origami Tobiichi
201 Tenka
242 Inverse Origami
142 Nia Honjou
205 (225) Mukuro Hoshimiya Stats in parenthesis are when using Shifuru
999 Mio Takamiya

Neighboring World

Due to the Neighboring World being compromised entirely of Reiryoku, Reiryoku is crucial for the survival of the Quasi-Spirits living there. A Quasi-Spirit that has completely exhausted her supply will gradually fade away before vanishing completely. Additionally, there are various ways of generating and gathering ambient Reiryoku from the environment. In the Ninth Region Yesod, this is done through holding idol concerts and singing, which circulates a flow of Reiryoku between the idol and her fans.

Furthermore, those within the Neighboring World can create various items out of thin air through using this power. Limitations are only based on their supply level and imagination. However, there are limits to this. For example, Furue notes that it is easy to create classroom items when in a classroom, but the creation of weapons there would be more difficult since weapons naturally feel out of place in a classroom.


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