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Realizer (顕現装置リアライザ, Riaraiza?. lit. "Manifestation Apparatus") is a device used to manipulate reality.


The Realizer was created 30 years ago, shortly after the first Spacequake. It creates a Territory (随意領域テリトリー, Teritorī?. lit. "Voluntary Domain") which runs on Maryoku (魔力?). Within this Territory, the Realizer uses computer calculations to bend the laws of physics. It is seen as a modern form of "magic" produced through science.[1]

Wizards are produced by implanting a Realizer into a person's brain. They can create and control their own Territory to give themselves superhuman bodies and wield Combat Realizer Units. However, the Territory puts a heavy burden on a Wizard's brain, and most require Wiring Suits (着用型接続装置 ワイヤリングスーツ, Waiyaringusūtsu?. lit. "Wearable Connection Apparatus") to lessen the strain.

The Realizer is a secret to the public, who only know that Spacequake damage is fixed unnaturally quickly.[2] It is only produced by Asgard Electronics and Deus Ex Machina Industries. The former produces them exclusively for its founding organization Ratatoskr, while the latter provides Realizers to all other organizations that use them. As a result, the AST are oblivious to the existence of any other Realizer producers besides DEM.[3]


Approximately 40 years before the story began, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Karen Nora Mathers, Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, and Ellen Mira Mathers lived in a village of Magus (魔術師メイガス, Meigasu?) who could manipulate the world's Mana (マナ?), but their spells were fairly weak since they could only tinker with a small amount of Mana through spells and books. Feared by outsiders for their supernatural powers, their village was destroyed, leaving the four as the only survivors.

10 years later, the group founded DEM and enacted the Spirit Formula to create the Spirit of Origin, Mio Takamiya, intended to expand the scale of their magic. DEM based the Territory on the reality-manipulating space of her Angel <Ain Soph>.[4] Woodman would later remark that the birth of the First Spirit and the subsequent invention of the Realizer elevated them to powerful Wizards found only in fantasy stories.[5]

Known Realizers[]

  • Medical Realizer (医療用顕現装置メディカル・リアライザ, Medikaru Riaraiza?. lit. "Medical Manifestation Apparatus"): Used to treat injuries. It works faster and more efficiently than ordinary medical treatment, capable of fixing a broken[1] or even severed[6] limb within a day. The JSDF Tengū Hospital secretly uses these to treat injured AST members, strictly forbidding visitors in the meantime.[7] Aside from injuries, other parts of the body can be manipulated, such as regrowing hair.[8]
  • Ashcroft-β (アシュクロフト‐β, Ashukurofuto Bēta?): Used by DEM's airship <Arbatel>, it was capable of sealing off Arubi Island from outside contact by jamming communications.[9] It is also used by the Bandersnatch (バンダースナッチ, Bandāsunatchi ?), allowing the mechanical soldiers to control Territory without a human brain. It was modeled after the brainwaves of the Wizard Artemisia Bell Ashcroft. As such, Origami suggests that capturing Artemisia to analyze her brainwaves would be a theoretical method of disabling the Banderstanch.[10]
  • Basic Realizer (基礎顕現装置ベーシック・リアライザ, Bēshikku Riaraiza?. lit. "Basis Manifestation Device"): Used by Fraxinus to generate Maryoku for <Mystletainn> and its Territory.[11]
  • Control Realizer (制御顕現装置コントロール・リアライザ, Kontorōru Riaraiza?. lit. "Control Manifestation Device"): Used by Fraxinus to control its Permanent Territory (恒常随意領域パーマネント・テリトリー, Pāmanento Teritorī?. lit. "Constant Voluntary Domain"). It can also generate Maryoku, but not as efficiently as the Basic Realizer.[11]
  • Micro Realizer (超小型の顕現装置リアライザ, Chõkogata no Riaraiza?): A Realizer small enough to be implanted into a person's brain. DEM used this to temporarily suppress Nia Honjo's memories of torture and experimentation from her captivity.[12] Dr. Kurogami, a former DEM scientist, would later further develop this Realizer specifically for evolving mundane everyday tools, using it to drastically improve the performance of children's toys like model cars and spinning tops.[13]


  • In Kōshi Tachibana and Tsunako's subsequent series, King's Proposal, there is a Realize Device (リアライズ・デバイス?) attached to the shoulder strap of the school uniform, which is similarly treated like a magic wand used by modern-day magicians.


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