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Ratatoskr's Daily Observations

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Cover Character/s Tohka Yatogami
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Ratatoskr's Daily Observations is a collection of short stories and data facts within the Date A Live series.

Short Summary[]

Case 1

  • Tohka fighting against her own gluttony

Case 2

  • Switching "Yoshinon" to the other hand

Case 3

  • Pre-Vol 3: Kurumi getting ready to go to Shido's school

Case 4

  • Kotori trying to wash her black ribbon before her brother comes home

Case 5

  • The Yamai Sisters discovering each other's secret reading material

Case 6

  • Miku talking to her manager

Case 7

  • Shido dreaming of Dark Tohka reappearing and demanding food from him

Chapters/Short Stories[]