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Japanese (Ruby) ラジエル
Japanese (Base) 囁告篇帙
Base meaning Tome of Revelation
Rank S-rank Angel [1]
Novel Debut Volume 13
Anime Debut Season 4 Episode 1

Rasiel (囁告篇帙ラジエル, Rajieru?) is the Angel of knowledge corresponding to the second sephira. Its original wielder is Nia Honjo, and it normally takes the form of a book with crosses on its covers.


Users of <Rasiel> are omniscient, able to gain information about anything that has ever happened in the world, no matter where or when.

Nia Honjo[]

Nia describes <Rasiel> as "a super powerful search engine", where one has to focus on the sought-after information before arriving at an answer. However, in order to use this ability, she has to consciously think about the subject she is researching, and her Angel does not automatically detect any danger coming to the user. It is also incapable of giving information about a person's inner thoughts and events that have not occurred yet. Another limitation is that the Angel can only give facts, so it cannot tell Nia subjective information like what she should do when she's unsure of herself. Additionally, it also gave her illegible information about the person who turned her into a Spirit. However, she theorized that this may be because of that person's abilities. Nia can use her Angel for surveillance in constantly monitoring other peoples' locations, but she will lose track of them if she ceases contact with <Rasiel>.

  • Future Entry (未来記載, Mirai Kisai?): Nia can write on <Rasiel>'s blank pages with the pen attached to the veil of her Astral Dress. Everything written in <Rasiel> is fact; therefore, everything that Nia writes in the book will become reality. However, it takes time for the event to be written down, especially since Nia prefers to draw a manga illustration instead of just writing some text. The ability to change the future is not absolute, as Shido could resist alterations to the future when channeling the powers of the Angels of the Spirits he had already sealed. Nia also adds that it is unlikely for this power to work on a fellow Spirit with a full Astral Dress equipped. [2]
  • MARIA (マリア, Maria?): After regaining her full Astral Dress due to being empowered by Mio, Nia recreates her own version of the Nibelcole through a combination of her Angel and Ratatoskr's technology. In the process, she is able to give physical form to MARIA: Fraxinus's autonomous AI, as well as a means to transform <Rasiel>'s pages into clones of MARIA.
  • Ashufiriya (幻書館アシュフィリヤ, Ashufiriya?. lit. "Phantom Library"): An ability shared with <Rasiel>'s Demon King counterpart <Beelzebub>, it transports targets into a world of fiction, with the people imprisoned there assuming the roles of fairy tale and manga characters. Nia thus holds an instinctive knowledge of the technique when Westcott used it on her, Shido, and the other sealed Spirits. In the short story Nia Repair, when Nia's emotional state was overwhelmed by her inability to properly reconcile with Takajo, Ashufiriya sent her, Mukuro, and Takajo into a world based on the fighting manga Shinsen Kepuroko and Nia's Silver Bullet. However, due to only having a fragment of her Sephira left at the time, Nia questions how the situation is even possible. In the end, it's left ambiguous if the experience was just a shared dream or <Rasiel> activating on its own in order to give its owner a final push in repairing her friendship.

After Nia's Sephira Crystal is stolen by Westcott and turned into a Qlipha Crystal, she is left with only a small fragment of the remaining Sephira, and as a result, is left with a much weaker version of <Rasiel> that lacks the search power of its full form. Nia also notes that she can no longer use Future Entry, however, she would still be able to restrict Westcott's ability to search information via <Beelzebub>. Despite never fully reclaiming <Rasiel> for the rest of the story, Nia is able to utilize a full form of <Rasiel> on two occasions - first, when Mio powers up the Spirits in the final battle against Westcott, and second, while in Tenka's artificial world.

Kurumi Tokisaki[]

In the True End timeline, Kurumi ambushes Westcott in order to steal his Qlipha Crystal before reverting it into a Sephira Crystal and absorbing it, gaining access to <Rasiel> and the omniscience granted by it. She also adopts a new Astral Dress as a result. Kurumi has used <Rasiel> on two occasions. First, she finds out what Shido was doing inside the cocoon of Mio's <Ain Soph>. At some point during the month after the final battle against Westcott, Kurumi uses <Rasiel> to find out the truth about Tenka's artificial world. In this world, both Kurumi and Nia are able to use <Rasiel>, with Nia's use of <Rasiel> merely confirming what Kurumi told the other Spirits about the world.

While Kurumi does participate in her proposed battle royale, it remains unclear how she uses <Rasiel> for combat, but she was able to defeat Nia this way, before falling to Yoshino.

Shido Itsuka[]

Due to Westcott stealing the vast majority of Nia's Sephira Crystal beforehand, Shido lacked the ability to use <Rasiel> even after sealing Nia. However, he later gains the power of this Angel properly after Kurumi steals back Nia's Sephira and allows Shido to seal her. Indirectly, Shido channeled upon <Rasiel>'s power along with the other nine Angels in order to land a devastating punch onto Westcott, who had since become the Second Spirit of Origin.

While in Tenka's world, Shido had the option of using <Rasiel> to regain his true memories of what transpired after Mio died. However, Kurumi advised him to use <Zafkiel> to perform this function instead. As a result, <Rasiel> to this day remains the only Angel in his arsenal that Shido has never directly made use of.


The parallel-world Spirit codenamed <Beast> has indirect access to <Rasiel> via the Second Sword (二番目の剣, Nibanme no Ken?), which is shaped like a pen. The Second Sword inherits <Rasiel>'s Future Entry properties, allowing <Beast> to scribe words in the air with the sword to paralyze Origami during her sneak attack.


  • Rasiel's name also means "Secret of God", "Keeper of Secrets" or "Angel of Mysteries".


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