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Japanese (Ruby) ラファエル
Japanese (Base) 颶風騎士
Base meaning Hurricane Knight
Rank AA/AAA-rank Angel [1]
Novel Debut Volume 5
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 2

Raphael (颶風騎士ラファエル, Rafaeru?) is the Angel of wind corresponding to the eighth sephira. Its original wielder is Yamai Kazamachi; however, the form it takes is dependent on the wielder.


Each of <Raphael>'s users gain the power to manipulate wind. They can gracefully control the air currents in order to glide through the sky. At their full power, a user can easily create a typhoon that can blow away a small island.

Kaguya Yamai[]

When summoned by Kaguya, <Raphael> takes the form of a lance. Additionally, a left-sided wing materializes on Kaguya's back. The signature attack of this form of <Raphael> is called El Re'em (穿つ者エル・レエム, Eru Re'emu?. lit. "Piercer").

Yuzuru Yamai[]

When summoned by Yuzuru, <Raphael> takes the form of a pendulum. Additionally, a right-sided wing materializes on Yuzuru's back. The signature attack of this form of <Raphael> is called El Na'ash (縛める者エル・ナハシュ, Eru Nahashu?. lit. "Constrictor").


Kaguya and Yuzuru can combine their weapons to form a bow and arrow whose signature attack is El Kanaph (天を駆ける者エル・カナフ, Eru Kanafu?. lit. "Sky Rider"). In this form, Kaguya and Yuzuru's wings combine to form the body of the bow, Yuzuru's pendulum becomes the bowstring, and Kaguya's lance becomes the arrow.

Shido Itsuka[]

After Kaguya and Yuzuru are sealed, Shido gains access to <Raphael>. He does not materialize this Angel's physical forms, instead only using <Raphael> for its wind-manipulation powers. With <Raphael>, Shido can manipulate air currents in order to glide through the sky, gaining the ability to fly that an ordinary human lacks. As <Raphael> is also the fastest Angel, Shido uses it for high-speed movement, as well as to blast enemies away using wind. After sealing all ten Spirits, <Raphael>'s speed was enhanced to the extent where Shido could easily avoid <Ain Soph>'s roots and branches.

In the anime, when Shido uses <Raphael>, a pair of wings briefly materialize behind his back.

Yamai Kazamachi[]

The original Yamai was on the verge of death when she received her Sephira Crystal from Mio, and split into Kaguya and Yuzuru shortly afterwards. As a result, she did not use <Raphael> until she was briefly reincarnated as a fusion of Kaguya and Yuzuru during Tohka Good End Second Half. Yamai retains access to the usual lance and chain, but she also has the ability to use further-advanced forms of <Raphael> due to now having both wings behind her back:

  • El Tsuofuel (貫く者 エル・ツオフエル, Eru Tsuofueru?. lit. "Piercer"): Fusing her chain to the handle of her lance, her weapon becomes a guided projectile that can be steered through manipulating the chain portion. Even if the lance is dodged, the sheer wind pressure coating the weapon is enough to push back the target.
  • El Peguz (護る者 エル・ペゲツ, Eru Pegutsu?. lit. "Protector"): By wrapping her chains around her folded wings, Yamai creates a sturdy knight's shield that can be used to defend against incoming blows. The shield itself was durable enough to endure a direct guided slash from <Beast>'s <Sandalphon>.
  • El Yevurn (蒼穹を喰らう者エル・イエヴルン, Eru Ievurun?. lit. "Consumer of the Blue Sky"): By fusing all of the components of her Angel together with portions of her Astral Dress, Yamai summons a huge ballista that can fire a pure concentrated arrow of wind pressure.


Tohka's parallel-world counterpart codenamed <Beast> can utilize <Raphael> via her Eighth Sword (八番目の剣, Hachibanme no Ken?), which is a blade with a spiral-shaped hilt. By swinging this sword, <Beast> is able to summon large gusts of wind. This sword was the most used of <Beast>'s ten swords during her visit to Shido's world. She uses it once during an initial encounter with Shido, sweeping him off his feet and disorientating him enough to compare the experience to being thrown into a laundry machine. Later, she uses it twice more during a confrontation against the former Spirits, summoning gusts of wind that blew away the <Yggd Ramus> weapons in their hands.


  • Following the naming theme of the Spirits, Yamai corresponds to the eighth sephira on the Tree of Life, therefore their Angel is supposed to be Michael. However, Raphael and Michael are said to co-operate on the governing of the 6th and 8th sephirot, therefore both can be said to be affiliated with those sephirot. The fact there are two Yamai Spirits illustrates the point that it has two governing entities.
  • The name Raphael means "God has healed" or "God's healer" in Hebrew.
    • The actual meanings of El Re'em (ראם), El Na'ash (נחש), and El Kanaph (כנף) are "ram", "serpent", and "wing" in Hebrew.
  • Raphael was decided on having a wind attribute early on, but the Angel's form was not always a bow, with some ideas including a centaur or a chariot. The Yamai sisters' Astral Dresses also had concepts like "bandit" or "sylph" before "bondage" was settled on.[2]


  1. Kaguya and Yuzuru's individual Angels are ranked AA, while Yamai Kazamachi's combined Angel is ranked AAA