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Raizen High School

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Location Information
Kanji 来禅高校
Romaji Raizen Kōkō
English Raizen High School
Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 01

Raizen High School (来禅高校, Raizen Kōkō?) is the school where Shido attended before graduating during the one year time skip. Other characters, such as Tohka Yatogami and the Yamai twins, also attend school here. 


Raizen High School is a public high school located in Tengu City. It is within the Kantou region and is the school that Shido and other major characters attend. Having been built in the disaster area that affected Japan from the spacequake thirty years ago, the school is installed with the newest type of underground shelter that can fit all the students for whenever there is a spacequake occurring around the area. It is for these reasons that the school application rate is fairly high.

The school was unharmed when a spacequake occurred at the beginning of the series, though a part of it was blown up when a spacequake occurred after Tohka appeared for the second time as a powered Spirit. Then, the school days are cancelled for a while due to the repairing of the school.

To help Shido prepare to save Spirits, Reine Murasame, the analysis officer of Fraxinus, was deployed here to be a physics teacher and his deputy homeroom teacher in order to train him. Sometimes, Kotori might sneak in here in order to watch over Shido's training during break-times.

After Tohka was rendered powerless, she enrolls in Shido's class as a transfer student. Later on, the Spirit known as Kurumi Tokisaki also enrolled in Shido's class too, through unknown methods. As of Volume 5, the Yamai twins also joined in the school and enrolled in the class 2-3 after the school trip.


Prior to 30 years ago, Raizen High School's location was home originally to Kinomiya High School. When the threat of spacequakes began to occur, Kinomiya High School was fortunate enough to not have its grounds destroyed by the aftermath of the disaster plaguing the area. However, the fear of repeated Spacequakes still caused a large portion of their students to relocate. With the future of the school now uncertain, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education decided to have the school absorbed into Zenwa High School, whose facilities had been destroyed by the recent Spacequake. The decision was partially decided due to Zenwa having greater standardized test scores and extracurricular clubs than Kinomiya. [1]

However, current Kinomiya students protested over their alma mater's identity completely vanishing, which eventually lead to a competition between the two schools. After the conflict was resolved by Shinji Takamiya and Mio Takamiya, it was decided that the merger will attempt to keep as many elements as possible from both schools. The name of the new school was then left to public vote, with the winner being Shinji and Mio's submission. The pair named the new school Raizen (来禅) High School, forming the name as a portmanteau taking a single kanji from each of the two previous schools, Kinomiya (宮) and Zenwa (和). [2]

School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory for all pupils who attend. Like a real school, the uniform has to be worn at all times during class hours.

The uniform consists of:


  1. White long sleeved shirt (or short sleeve during summer)
  2. Black blazer with school emblem (optional during summer)
  3. Grey trousers
  4. Blue tie with black and grey stripes
  5. Black shoes


  1. White long sleeved shirt (or short sleeve during summer)
  2. Black blazer with school emblem (optional during summer)
  3. Blue skirt with two black stripes near the bottom
  4. Black or white long socks or tights
  5. Brown or black shoes
  6. Red ribbon tie
  7. Light orange cardigan with school emblem (optional)

The uniform seems to be strictly enforced with all buttons on shirts and blazers fastened, shirts tucked in, and ties and bows neatly tied. Though there are some people like Ai Yamabuki who adopts a rebellious appearance by not wearing the ribbon and having the blazer buttons undone. The Yamai twins also adopt a more relaxed style by wearing the cardigan with unfastened top buttons on their shirts, which allows their ribbons to loosely hang around their necks.

Notable locations

  • Canteen
  • Biology Room
  • Rooftop
  • Physics Preparation Room
  • Clinic


Current Students

1st Years

  • Noriko Otsuki [3]

Class 1-2

2nd Years

Class 2-5

  • Miyako Kinosaki[3]

3rd Years

Former Students

2nd Years

Class 2-3

Class 2-4


  • Due to the sheer amount of work that comes with the job, the office of student council president for Raizen High School is an occupation that not many students would ever want to hold.[3]


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