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Qlipha Crystals (反霊結晶クリファ, Kurifa?. lit. "Inverse Spirit Crystals") are alternate forms of Sephira Crystals, which they will transform into when Spirits enter their Inverse Form. They contain Demon Kings and serve as a Spirits' source of power while in their Inverse Form.



Similar to Sephira Crystals, Qlipha Crystals can be absorbed into the body of a human upon making physical contact. That person is then given the powers of a Spirits' Inverse Form.


Artemisia Bell Ashcroft has shown the ability to remove a Qlipha Crystal from a Spirits' body through unknown means using her Realizer. Ellen Mira Mathers says she possesses a similar ability.


According to Inverse Tohka, the Qlipha Crystal appeared first when the First Spirit decided to divide her power. The Inverse Spirit speculates that she reversed their properties into Sephira Crystals in order to make them more compatible for human hosts.

Qlipha Crystals were first introduced when Artemisia Bell Ashcroft removed Nia's from her body and transferred it to Westcott.

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  • Like how Sephira Crystals are named after the Sephirot Tree, the Qlipha Crystals are named after the Qliphoth Tree.
  • The base text "反霊結晶" reads "Hanrei Kesshō"

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