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Performed by Tohka Yatogami (CV. Marina Inoue) & Shiori Itsuka (CV.Saeko Zogo)
Released July 23, 2014
Publisher Nippon Columbia

Q&A is one of Tohka Yatogami's character songs as well as the first character song for Shiori Itsuka, and serves as an insert song on Date A Live Ⅱ Episode 6.

The song is performed by Marina Inoue as Tohka Yatogami and Saeko Zogo as Shiori Itsuka, written by Shio Watanabe, composed and arranged by Go Sakabe. In the English dub, the song is performed in English by Michelle Rojas and Ryan Elizabeth Reynolds, the voices of Tohka and Shiori respectively.

The full, TV size, and instrumental versions of the songs are included in the DATE A "IMPRESSIVE" MUSIC soundtrack album.



Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Q&A (TV Size) 1:15
02 Q&A (Full Size) 3:53
03 Q&A (Instrumental) 3:53


Arekore kakaekon de omoe ba ira nai mono made
Umaku naru īwake to myō na puraido
Jibun o tana ni age te hito no koto koto ā dako u da
Iu tsumori mo nai kedo

Mukishitsu ni mawaru tic & tac
"Gan baru" ttena n daro?

Question. Nantonaku nagasareteru socchi no mizu wa amai desu ka?
Yes/No Yes/No atari mimawashi ta totan ni
Koko dake toki ga tomaru COLOR

Arekore to tsumekon de soredemo mada fuan darake
"Maniawase" to sorera no hitsuyō sei
Ataerare ta koto dake konashi te ire ba manzoku
Sonna wake ja nai kedo

Akaneiro konjiru blue & white
"Juubun" tte dore kurai?

Question. Minasan kochira te no naru hō e ike ba wakari masu ka?
Yes/No Yes/No kotae wa mitsukara nai mama
Bokura wa sora o miteru

Me ni tomatta ki ni naru kotoba suki na iro de? Shi ta
Narabe kae te angō mitai ni nani ka mieru ki ga shi ta n da

Question. Anata no yume wa nani desu ka? Ima o seiippai iki te masu ka?
Yes/No Yes/No kotae wa mitsukara nai mada
Bokura wa sora o miteru COLOR

アレコレ抱え込んで 思えばいらないものまで
上手くなる言い訳と 妙なプライド
自分を棚にあげて 人の事こと ああだこうだ


Q.なんとなく流されてる そっちの水は 甘いですか?
Yes/No Yes/No あたり見回した途端に
ここだけ 時が止まるCOLOR

アレコレと詰め込んで それでもまだ不安だらけ
与えられた事だけ こなしていれば満足

茜色 混じるblue&white

Q.皆さんコチラ 手の鳴る方へ行けばわかりますか?
Yes/No Yes/No 答は見つからないまま
僕らは 空を見てる

目に留まった 気になるコトバ 好きな色で○した
並べ替えて 暗号みたいに 何か見える気がしたんだ

Q.あなたの夢は何ですか? 今を精一杯 生きてますか?
Yes/No Yes/No 答は見つからないまだ
僕らは 空を見てる COLOR

Racking my brains over this and that, thinking of unnecessary things
Giving well thought out excuses, with my strange pride
I raise myself onto a shelf, human affairs are beyond me
Though I don't have any intention of saying that

Return to being inorganic, tic&tac
What does it mean to "work hard"?

Q. The water somehow being shed over there, is it sweet?
Yes/No Yes/No Just as I turned around
This alone, is the COLOR of a frozen time

Even though I'm filled with this and that, I'm still riddled with anxiety
"Makeshift things" and their necessities
Just having things given to me satisfies me
That can't be possible though

Madder red, mixing with blue&white
How much is "enough"?

Q. Everyone over here please, will you understand if I used the sound of my hands?
Yes/No Yes/No Leave the answer unfound
We look up at the sky

It remained in the eyes, words that caught my attention and circled in my favorite color.
Shuffling it like a cipher, just what was I looking at?

Q. What is your dream? Are you living to your fullest right now?
Yes/No Yes/No The answer is still unfound
The COLOR of the sky we are looking at

Taking care to keep my baggage with me
Loading more and more when I should be unloading
Always seem to repeat my mistakes just to save my own pride

I'm the one ignoring all of my faults
Spreading rumors about everybody else
But I don't feel so great about it
Going through the motions, robotic tic and tac
"Go for it", they say, but how do I?

Attention, one question
I seem to be caught up in a messed-up scene
It's not right
I'm strained now, went on the other side

Yes and no, yes and no
The moment I finally stopped and looked around
When time is still, and I'm in the clear and see