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Performed by Miyu Tomita
Released April 17, 2024
Format CD
Genre J-pop, Anime song
Length 4:36
Publisher Nippon Columbia

Paradoxes is the opening theme of the fifth season: "Date A Live Ⅴ". This song is sung by Miyu Tomita.

Track Listing[]





見渡す限りに広がる色彩 懐かしい場面 ほどいて零した

握りしめる この手を開けば
触れてしまう とうに投げた希望

涙を枯らし向かう この闇を抜け
つつがない未来 あなたが見つめていても
やっと やっと 掴みかけた光
誰も 何も言わなくていい

冴えない気分を誤魔化す指スライド 新しい出会い つないで集めた
騒がしい日々がもたらしたParadox あどけない声が響いた

仕舞い込んだ 記憶がほどけて
触れてしまった 凍りついた想い

脇目も振らず目指す この旅の果て
変わらない今を あなたが望んでいても
やっと やっと 動き出した時間
誰も 何も知らなくていい

零れ落ちたどんな救いも 諦めないあなたの強さ
痛むはずのないこの胸覚えてた あたたかい痛み

最果ての続き どれだけ信じてみても

我も忘れて進む この闇を抜け
揺るがない未来 あなたが見つめるのなら
やっと やっと 掴みかけた光
誰も 何も言わなくていい

Colors spread as far as the eye can see, a nostalgic scene unraveled and spilled
A paradox that tightens the resolve I chose
I sank into a tomorrow that is out of reach

If I were to open this hand that I’m holding onto,
I would be touching the hope I gave up long ago

Dry your tears and head through this darkness
Even if you stare at the unbroken future
The light that is finally grasped
No one needs to say anything
All the answers are right here

Finger slides to disguise your dull mood, new encounters, collected together
(Trace with your fingertips)
A paradox brought forth by noisy days, an innocent voice echoed
(The paradox brought forth)

The memories I put away have come undone
I touched the frozen feelings

Aiming for the end of this journey without hesitation
Even if you wish for things to stay the same now
The time finally started moving
No one needs to know anything
The end of everything is waiting here

Your strength to not give up, no matter how much help you miss
Remembering the warm pain in this chest that shouldn’t hurt

Something that felt like it would change when I touched you
The continuation of the end, no matter how much I believe

What can you do other than wish?

Forget myself and move forward, through this darkness
If you look at the unwavering future
Finally grasping the light
No one needs to say anything
I’ll leave all the answers here

Miwatasu kagiri ni hirogaru shikisai natsukashii bamen hodoite koboshita
Eranda ketsui wo shimetsukeru Paradox
Todokanai asu ni shizumeta

Nigirishimeru kono te wo hirakeba
Furete shimau tou ni nageta kibou

Namida wo karashi mukau kono yami wo nuke
Tsutsuganai mirai anata ga mitsumeteitemo
Yatto yatto tsukami kaketa hikari
Daremo nanimo iwanakute ii
Subete no kotae wa koko ni chanto aru kara

Saenai kibun wo gomakasu yubi suraido atarashii deai tsunaide atsumeta
(yubisaki de nazoru)
Sawagashii hibi ga motarashita Paradox adokenai koe ga hibiita
(motarashita paradokkusu)

Shimaikonda kioku ga hodokete
Furete shimatta kooritsuita omoi

Wakime mo furazu mezasu kono tabi no hate
Kawaranai ima wo anata ga nozondeitemo
Yatto yatto ugokidashita jikan
Daremo nanimo shiranakute ii
Subete no owari wa koko de matteiru kara

Koboreochita donna sukui mo akiramenai anata no tsuyosa
Itamu hazu no nai kono mune oboeteta atatakai itami


In order of appearances


  • The montage sequence of the Sephira Crystals lighting up on Mio's halo reflects the order in which the Spirits are killed by Mio.
  • This song was later also used as the Ending of the final episode of Season 5.


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