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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Tohka Dead End[]

During the first day of school after Spring break, Origami approaches Shido. She seems to know him, despite Shido being unable to recall her. As Origami asks if he doesn’t remember her, Shido replies that he doesn’t. In spite of this rejection, Origami gives off an emotionless facial expression. Throughout the first class lesson, Shido can feel Origami intently staring at him. When the Spacequake alarm sounds, Origami runs in the opposite direction of the shelter.

Origami vs Tohka

Origami clashes with Tohka

Flying in formation with her AST team, they confront the Spirit <Princess>. After seeing Shido on the battlefield, she rushes down and engages the Spirit in close combat quarters with her laser blade <No Pain>. The two continue fighting until the Spirit is declared to be lost and disappears. As they were arriving at the JGSDF's Tengu Base, she wonders why Shido was there, and how she remembers him as the boy from that time. After arriving at the base, she is congratulated by her commander, Kusakabe Ryouko, who tells her that she did a good job. However, Origami reminds her that she didn’t defeat the Spirit, it just chose to vanish. In response, Ryouko scolds Origami by calling her thought process suicidal, since they are dealing with a natural disaster that possesses intelligence. However, while acknowledging her superior’s statements, she reconfirms her resolve to defeat the Spirits before leaving.

The next day, she confronts Shido and asks him why he was there yesterday, to which he responds by saying he was looking for his sister. Afterward, she asks him to keep her AST activities a secret. Before leaving, she tells him that a Spirit killed her parents five years ago, and she wants to prevent future tragedies like hers. As Shido was escaping from Tamae-sensei, he accidentally bumps into Origami. Kotori then gives Shido the command to try to flirt with Origami. Despite Shido saying weird stuff like smelling her gym clothes, she emotionlessly replied that she did the same thing. Origami tells him that she is happy and that she’s been watching them ever since they were put into the same class together. Much to Shido’s surprise, she agrees to his request for a date. However, the conversation is interrupted by the sound of a Spacequake alarm, and Origami leaves to join her comrades.

Origami, along with the rest of the AST squad, is ordered to be on standby because the Spirit is indoors and their Realizers have difficulty working in closed areas. They then proceed to launch a rainstorm of bullets to lure the Spirit out. However, after seeing that Shido is also inside, she rushes in recklessly to protect him, despite Ryouko warning her against acting so rashly. However, <Princess> merely responds by summoning her Angel, causing a large explosion that blew Origami away. As Origami is recovered by a helicopter, Ryouko scolds her again for her recklessness.

Origami prepares to shot

Origami prepares to shoot

The next day, Origami watches as Shido is accompanied by another girl. However, upon further inspection, she sees that the girl looks identical to the Spirit <Princess>. She proceeds to stalk the pair as they go on their date. Origami then states her position and ID code before asking AST to send her one observation machine. She then follows the two to Tengu Station. Ryouko calls to inform her there is a 98.5% match between the girl and the Spirit <Princess>. However, she is told that they must wait for permission from higher-ups before she can unleash her sniper rifle <CCC> on the Spirit. After getting approval, she fires her round, but Shido jumps in the way in order to protect Tohka. Origami stands unresponsive after seeing what she did, complexly horrified by her actions. However, before she could regain her composure, she is attacked by an unhinged Tohka, who lets out a relentless attack that effortlessly shatters Origami’s Territory. In her hazy vision, Origami prepares herself for the final blow, but the attack is stopped by Shido, who is revived as he falls down from the sky.

The following day at school, Origami comes into class covered in bandages. Despite using the medical Realizer for treatment, her injuries are still there. She apologizes to Shido for her previous actions, which Shido quickly accepts since their classmates are starting to spread rumors. As Tohka announces herself as a new transfer student, she voices her shock at why Origami was at school. As Tohka decides to sit next to Shido, the two continue to glare at each other as class begins to start.

Yoshino Puppet[]

Dal cookie

Origami presenting her cookies

Origami intervenes as Shido is about to eat a cookie made by Tohka. Throwing a fork with extreme precision, she breaks the cookie just as Shido was about to eat it. She tells Shido that it's unsafe to eat Tohka's cookies since they were made unhygienically. Instead, she offers Shido her perfectly organized cookies. Tohka refutes her by saying that it is impossible for Origami's cookies to taste delicious. As a result, Shido is forced to eat both girls' cookies at the same time. When seeing this, Origami taunts Tohka by stating that Shido ate her cookie 0.02 seconds faster.

The next day at school, Origami overhears a conversation between Shido and Tonomachi. Her interest is suddenly peaked when she overhears Shido telling Tonomachi that he was in the maid faction. When noticed by Shido, she greets him good morning in a monotonous tone, causing Tonomachi to wonder why Shido is the only one to get a greeting from her. During their lunch break, she and Tohka start fighting over who gets to eat lunch with Shido. This quarrel causes Shido himself to intervene and say that they should all eat together. During the meal, she glances suspiciously at why Shido and Tohka have the same bento box. Shido tells her that they both got those from the lunch vendor. However, Origami calls him out on the lie, revealing to Shido that she knows that he bought that lunch box 154 days ago at a discount shop in front of the station for 1580 Yen. At that moment, the Spacequake alarm goes off, causing Origami to leave in order to rejoin her comrades in the AST.

Along with her squad, Origami is ordered to be on standby since the Spirit <Hermit> has taken cover within a department store. Still, Origami asks Ryouko for permission to attack. However, her captain insists that they are on standby since there is no need for that much collateral damage when their target is the passive <Hermit>, and not the aggressive Spirit <Princess>. Hearing that name reminds Origami of her new classmate. She thinks to herself, much to her frustration, how her reports and AST investigations proved to be inconclusive. Despite her efforts, she is unable to show that Tohka is the Spirit <Princess>. At that moment, she senses Tohka’s presence walking towards the department store. However, she quickly dismisses this oversight, concluding it was merely her imagination.

As the <Hermit> escapes from the apartment store, Origami and her comrades begin launching their attack by firing a significant number of bullets from her Anti-Spirit Gatling gun <Oldest>. Due to her Territory providing her with enhanced superhuman eyesight, she catches sight of a shadow moving at high speed within the cloud of dust. Responding to her mental will, the small missiles located within the leg compartments of her equipment activate, each loaded with ten rounds of homing missiles that are aimed at <Hermit>. Despite the constant barrage, <Hermit> is eventually declared to be lost and disappears. As the AST squad is ordered to return to base, Origami's eyes catch wind of a puppet in the wreckage.

Origami maid costume

Origami in her maid outfit

From the camera audio, Shido discovers that Origami has Yoshinon in her possession and asks to visit her house to retrieve the doll. As Shido arrives, Origami greets him while being dressed in a maid costume. Origami is asked by Shido if she was living alone, to which she replies that she had lived with her grandmother five years ago after her parents died, but started living alone after entering high school. Origami offers Shido some cookies and tea, but Shido notes that his body was feeling rather odd after eating and drinking them. Origami moves closer to Shido, despite Shido's protests. In return, Origami offers Shido a trade. She then tells Shido that it isn't fair how she calls Tohka by her first name while using her last name, Tobiichi. So, she requests him to call her Origami from now on.

As Origami leaves to take a shower, Shido quickly uses that time to search for Yoshino's puppet. Before leaving, Shido asks Origami what she will do if some Spirits turn into good people. However, Origami says that is impossible since a Spirit caused a fire that killed her parents five years ago. To her, they are a disaster, the enemy of all living things. And of course, Tohka was no exception. However, since Tohka currently gives no Spirit readings, she can't take any actions. Their conversation is soon interrupted by another Spacequake alarm. Before leaving, she tells Shido to go to the shelter immediately.

After meeting up with her teammates, they continue their attack on Yoshino, who has become more unhinged after losing Yoshinon. The cold air starts to freeze their ammunition before it can even be launched. Afterward, two of her AST commanders are frozen intact with their territories still active. Separating into two teams, Origami, together with two members of the AST, delicately change their direction and withdraw from the leading team to ambush <Hermit> at the side with a laser net. At that moment, Yoshino unleashes her powers in the form of a blizzard dome. Realizing that the dome will react to the magic output of their Territories, Origami tries to crush <Hermit> by dropping the wreckage of a large apartment on the dome. However, before she could succeed, she is interrupted by Tohka, who tells her not to interfere.

Two days later, Origami is present at a briefing to discuss their latest battle with <Hermit>. Ryouko announces to her team that new personnel will be transferred to their team as a result of comprehensive Spirit sightings in Tengu City. Upon seeing the new girl, Mana Takamiya, Origami's eyes gasp with shock due to her resemblance to Shido. As they watch the video, she is further surprised to see that Shido was present; even more so, when Mana also notices Shido and calls him "Nii-sama."

Kurumi Killer[]

Origami vs Mana

Origami battling Mana

During a mock battle against Mana, Origami is the only member of her team still left standing. Making a sudden dash, Origami charges forward towards Mana. At that moment, she suddenly decreases the size of territory, catching Mana off balance. However, Mana quickly regains her balance by slicing her back thrusters off. Seeing the window of opportunity, Origami clenches her laser blade <No Pain> at Mana's back. However, she only manages to make a light scratch on Mana's equipment. Suddenly, Origami is immobilized under the weight of Mana's territory. With that, the practice battle is declared to be Mana's victory.

After the combat training, Origami returns to the hangar inside the base. She is then greeted by Mana, who offers her a sports drink. Mana then praises Origami, telling her that it had been a long time since she has had a challenge. In turn, Origami asks Mana how she can become strong like her. As she asked, Mana gave an expression like she was troubled. Seeing this Origami, changes the topic and asks Mana to tell her the details of when she killed a Spirit. Regarding Origami's words, Mana lightly shrugs her shoulders, saying that she isn't completely wrong and that she is assigned here in search of a particular Spirit. But before she could reveal the Spirit's identity, both Mana and Origami are smacked on the head by Ryouko, who scolds them for damaging valuable equipment during a practice battle. As Ryouko leaves, Origami agrees with Mana when the latter says that Ryouko's hard-headed attitude is just as annoying to deal with as that of the Spirits.

Afterward, Origami notices the similarities between Mana and Shido. She asks Mana about her relationship with Shido. After hearing Shido's name, Mana suddenly gets a headache. After recovering, Mana shows Origami a locket with a picture of her and Shido. Origami is told by Mana that she has no memories of her past and that the locket is her only clue. But despite that, she can still recognize the person in the picture as her older brother. Afterward, Mana asks Origami is familiar with Shido, and is so, she wants to know how he is doing right now. Origami then gives Mana hairpin detailed information about Shido, even including accurate details about Shido's medical history. Surprised at this, Mana questions Origami about the nature of her relationship with Shido. Regarding Mana's question, Origami replies with no hesitation or confusion that she and Shido are lovers.

At school, Tamae announces the arrival of a new transfer student to Origami and the other students. The student, Kurumi Tokisaki, boldly declares that she is a Spirit in front of all her classmates. The news of this greatly shocks Origami, causing her to give Kurumi a death glare. Afterward, Shido is assigned with showing Kurumi around the school, both Origami and Tohka cautiously follow Shido's movements. However, they both fall out of a cleaning equipment cabinet just as Kurumi was making her advances to Shido. Origami tells Kurumi that touring around the school does not require them to hold hands. However, Kurumi tells her that it's because of her weak complication. In return, Origami explains to Shido that she also has anemia and demands to hold hands with Shido as well. As this is happening, Origami's handphone suddenly starts ringing. She tells Shido that something came up and excuses herself. Before leaving, she tells Shido to be careful around Kurumi.

The next day, Origami informs Shido that Kurumi won't be coming to school. However, she is shocked when Kurumi appears a few minutes late. During the lunch break, Origami confronts Kurumi and asks to speak to her in private. Origami questions how Kurumi can still be alive, having seen Mana already taken care of her earlier in the morning. Kurumi realizes that Origami was with Mana. Seeing the change in mood in Kurumi's voice, Origami instinctively takes a few steps backward. However, Origami is then soon restricted by arms which appear out of Kurumi's shadow. Origami questions Kurumi about her motives, to which Kurumi tells her that she is after Shido. Hearing Shido's name, Origami falls into cold sweat. Despite having Origami in her mercy, Kurumi ultimately lets Origami go, saying that there is a chance for her to become even more "delicious" in the future.

Afterwards, Origami calls Shido, telling him that he absolutely can't be left alone tomorrow. She tells him that she will be waiting for him at 11:00 a.m. at the plaza outside Tengu Station. Being forced to take a triple date, Shido ends up having to balance his separate dates with Kurumi, Tohka, and Origami using Fraxinus's transporter. During Origami's date with Shido, Shido finds out that Origami arrived at least an hour earlier than planned. With Origami, Shido intends to see a movie at Tengu Gojuusou. However, Origami takes him closer to the aquarium, saying that they should eat lunch first since it wasn't the screening time yet. This unexpected change of plans causes Shido to panic, as Tohka was currently at the aquarium. As they arrive at the restaurant, Shido asks Origami for the reasons behind the date. Origami replies that she isn't letting Shido be alone today and that they should go to his house afterward. Flustered by the proposition, Shido asks for them to order food. However, being informed that something is occurring with Tohka, Shido leaves by excusing himself from the restaurant.

After Shido leaves, Origami accidentally bumps into Tohka. Despite both initially refusing to tell their motives for being there, they soon both announce at the same time that they are with Shido, surprising both of them. However, when they finally find Shido, Origami and Tohka are surprised by the sad expression that he has before he excuses himself. The next day, Kurumi activates her <City of Devouring Time>, incapacitating every student within the shadows territory. Struggling to get up, Origami enables an emergency device to summon her CR-Unit. The employment of her territory grants her some mobility within Kurumi's domain. As she leaves to find Shido, Origami is confronted seemingly by Kurumi herself. After finally arriving at the rooftop, Origami and Tohka find themselves witnessing Kurumi overwhelming Mana with her real powers. Kurumi reveals that the ones they have been killing are merely her clones. By summoning a large amount of her clone army, Kurumi soon restricts everyone present. To add the finishing touches, Kurumi prepares to summon a Spacequake to annihilate everyone present. However, the action is interrupted by Kotori, who has taken back her powers to fight Kurumi. Seeing a Spirit writhed in flames, Origami faints from pure shock.

Itsuka Sister[]

After the aftermath of Kotori's fight with Kurumi, Origami is transferred to a public hospital due to her injuries. That night, Origami has a nightmare of reliving the events that happened five years ago. There was a humongous conflagration occurring within the town. Origami rushed back home since her parents were still there. Just as she had finally found them, a large explosion came from the air. The explosion instantly disintegrated her parents and launched Origami into the air. Looking at the sky, she saw the figure of something that could be described as an angel. Seeing that angel killed her parents, Origami swore vengeance on it. After waking up, Origami tries to recall what had happened. Remembering seeing a Spirit cloaked in flames, Origami takes satisfaction in realizing that she finally found the person responsible for both causing the fire five years ago and killing her parents.

As she wanders around the hospital, Origami accidentally bumps into Shido, who is looking for Mana. After seeing that Shido is okay, Origami gives out a sigh of relief, However, that sigh eventually turns into annoyance after Shido informed her that Tohka is also fine. She then asks Shido why he is there, to which he responds that he has come to visit Mana. Origami questions if he has come only to visit Mana, causing Shido to correct himself reluctantly and say that he is there to visit her as well. Origami then tells Shido that they are probably using secret equipment to conduct Mana's surgery, so it is likely that no one will be able to meet her until she is transferred to the general ward. After a moment of silence, Origami purposely falls to the floor on her knees and requests that Shido help her back to her room. Shido suggests that they grab a wheelchair, but she insists that he carry her.

Shido carrying Origami

Origami being carried by Shido

As Shido piggybacks her, he suddenly feels a jolt as Origami's fingers start caressing his back. As they arrive at the room, Origami's stomach starts to rumble. She points to an apple and requests Shido to feed her. Shido reasons that she should be at least able to do that for herself. However, Origami makes up an excuse and says that she has been told to avoid strenuous activities. As Shido reluctantly agrees to feed her, Origami takes the opportunity to lick Shido's fingers suggestively. She then demands that Shido takes her temperature, assuming an erotic position as he does so. After Shido snaps back to his senses, Origami questions him about the Spirit that arrived when they were facing Kurumi, the one that had control over flames and was wearing a kimono Astral Dress. Sensing that something was off, Shido decides not to tell Origami about Kotori. Instead, he asks her why she seemed so invested. Origami confesses that the Spirit of Fire was the one who had killed her parents five years ago. Wanting to know more, Shido asks Origami to retell the events from 5 years ago, to which Origami explains the details that she remembers happening. Just as Shido is about to say something, a speaker message announces that visitor hours are now over. With that, Shido says his goodbyes to Origami before leaving with a troubled expression.

Origami's plea

Origami begging Tohka

The next day, Origami arrives and interrupts Yoshino and Tohka as they were shopping for new swimsuits with Shido. Upon further inspection, Origami is surprised that the Spirit <Hermit> is there as well. In response, Shido immediately makes an excuse which Reine tells him via intercom. Afterward, Origami approaches Tohka and asks her about the Spirit that was clad in flames. In response, Tohka tells Origami that she wouldn't tell her even if she knew something. Uncharacteristically, Origami starts begging for Tohka to confide in her. Surprised, Tohka tells her Origami to raise her head, since it was uncomfortable to observe. However, Origami ultimately finds the information that Tohka offers to be useless. After finding out that they are there to buy swimsuits, Origami demands to join in, as she only has a school swimsuit to wear.

As they were walking, Tohka asks Shido what a swimsuit is. Origami tells her that a swimsuit stands for Mi-Zu-Gi: one of the latest weapon models for Anti-Spirit Team use. It is a type of disintegration weapon that penetrates a Spirit's Astral Dress with ease. Origami's words startle both Tohka and Yoshino. She then mimics Shido's voice, telling them he is plotting to kill them with the weapon. However, Shido manages to snap both of them back to reality by pointing out how ridiculous that would be. As the girls started to pick out swimsuits, Origami participates in the contest, where the person who makes Shido's heart beat the fastest wins a date with him. Origami chooses a halter-top bikini, and then a white swimsuit, which she forces Shido to lift up the skirt covering the swimsuit.

After parting ways with Shido, she goes to visit the CR-Unit hangar inside Tengu Base before going home. She is greeted by Ryouko, who tells her that she should have informed her that she had been discharged from the hospital. She tells Ryouko that she has just undergone an important mission. The bag she holds is both a priceless gift and something that engraves the feelings of defeat in her. As Ryouko asks her what she means, Origami informs her superior that she cannot forgive <Hermit>. As they were talking, she notices the large piece of equipment being transferred. Ryouko tells her that it is the new experimental device. DW-029, Destruction Armament <White. Licorice>, a unit that grants the user the firepower of an entire AST team. Origami questions if she could use this to defeat <Efreet>. However, Ryouko tells her that it is an experimental equipment from Deus Ex Machina Industries, with even experienced Wizards entering a vegetative state after only 30 minutes of use.

Origami asks Ryouko why the equipment is there, to which she summarizes that it is probably designed for Mana to use. Ryouko then questions why Origami brings up the Spirit <Efreet>. Suddenly, Ryouko stops as if remembering something. Origami asks if she knew something about <Efreet>. Ryouko replies that she saw the video footage from <Efreet>'s battle with Kurumi. Widening her eyes, Origami immediately begs to see the footage of <Efreet>. As Origami stares at the screen, she briefly turns speechless. Her doubts are changed to affirmation as she determines that Kotori Itsuka is the enemy that she has been searching for all this time.

Stealing the White Licorice unit, Origami launches a devastating attack to the amusement park where Shido is having his date with Kotori. Shido cries out in outrage, asking Origami if she knows what she has done. Origami merely coldly replies that she is killing Kotori. However, Kotori emerges from the rubble of Origami's attack and asks her if she thinks that is enough to kill her. Inputting the coordinates, Origami traps Kotori within a sphere-like boundary while simultaneously attacking with her with missiles. However, Kotori's flame powers easily heal her from the damage taken. At that moment, Kotori loses control of her powers again and summons her Angel, Camael, to give a brutal counterattack to Origami, breaking apart her defensive territory with a flurry of hits. Crashing down from the sky, Origami asks if she had killed her parents just like this, shocking Kotori. Taking advantage of Kotori's horror, Origami uses her territory to bind Kotori's motions. However, before Origami can give the final blow, Shido pleads Origami to stop, not wanting Origami to sully her hands like Mana had done.

Nonetheless, Origami refuses to yield and uses an invisible wall to prevent Shido from interfering. But before the attack could be dealt, Origami is intercepted by both Tohka and Yoshino, who both equipped their limited Astral Dresses to confront her. Glaring at the two, Origami tells them that they are a nuisance and that she has no time for them. Without their full power, the two Spirits could only stall Origami's rampage. After getting the two out of her way, Origami continues to chase after Kotori, A stray missile sent by Origami approaches the eluding pair, but Shido shields Kotori with his body. However, since he had sealed Kotori's power, Shido's wounds begin to heal again. Stunned, Origami asks Shido what was happening. Shido replies that the Spirit powers of <Efreet> had been transferred to him. Therefore, if Origami wants to kill the Spirit <Efreet>, she will have to kill him as well. Shido then states that there was another person there five years ago, the person that turned Kotori into a Spirit. Despite wanting to believe Shido, Origami says that Shido has no proof. At that moment, the time limit for Origami's unit occurs, causing Origami to fall onto the ground. Despite this, she still tries to draw a 9mm handgun from the holster on her left leg. However, after hearing Shido's plea not to kill Kotori, Origami hesitates for a few minutes before finally collapsing.

Yamai Tempest[]

After the clash in the amusement park, the JGSDF officials are preparing to make a sentence that prohibits Origami from ever using a Realizer again. While she expected as much, Origami begins to feel powerless over losing her ability to fight the Spirits. At that moment, the meeting is interrupted by Isaac Westcott and his secretary Ellen. Using his connections, Westcott is able to change Origami's punishment to a two-month period of house arrest. Despite helping her, Origami can't help but feel a creepy feeling coming from the man. Afterwards, Origami is pulled out of the room by Ryouko. Origami questions how the JGSDF gave into the demands of a foreign enterprise.

Greeted by Westcott

Westcott greets Origami

In response, Ryouko smacks Origami on the head, telling Origami that she should think of it as God sending an angel with a scary face to help her out and that she won't lose the opportunity to take revenge for her parents with this. As Ryouko finishes scolding Origami, they are interrupted by Mikie and Mildred, with Mikie preparing to withdraw from the AST when Origami gets discharged. However, upon hearing that Origami's punishment was changed to a two-month house arrest, Mikie immediately rushes to hug Origami. But Origami sidesteps out of the way, saying that she would be surprised if she did something like that. The group is then greeted again by Westcott and his secretary Ellen. Westcott hands Origami a card with DEM's number, telling her to contact them should anything comes to trouble her again.

Much later at school, Origami is pulled aside by Shido to talk to her. Not wanting their conversation to be heard by their classmates, Shido requests to Origami to move to a place where both of them can be alone for a while. After hearing those words, Origami grabs Shido's hand with all her strength and brings them towards the girl's restroom. Much to Shido's shock, Origami starts to remove her underwear. However, Shido quickly pleads for her to stop. Confused, Origami then asks why he brought her to a place like this, to which Shido retorts that Origami was the one who brought them here. Shido then tells her that he wanted to talk to her about what happened last month. Hearing this, Origami apologizes for her previous actions, saying that she wishes to believe in Shido's words; and if possible, not kill his sister. However, Origami asks Shido if he is really human, to which he answers by saying that at the very least, he considers himself to be human. Despite getting a vague answer, Origami tells Shido that she will wait for a time when Shido is willing to tell her the complete truth. As they both leave the restroom, they are seen by Tohka, who asks them what they were doing. Responding in a taunting manner, Origami tells Tohka that it is a secret and greets Shido goodbye.

As Tohka is pretending to be a boy to share a room with Shido, Origami agrees with the decision, surprising their classmates since the two never get along with each other. However, Origami declares that the class ratio has become uneven with Tohka switching. Therefore, Shido must switch over to the girls' side in order re-balance things out. As Tohka screams that she has been tricked, Tamae notes that nobody can change groups, but there is still the arrangement of the seats on the airplane; thus, causing a shine in both Tohka and Origami's eyes.

After arriving on the island for the school trip, a violent storm occurs, causing everyone to evacuate to the nearby museum. Noticing that Shido wasn't there, Origami tries to rush outside to search for him but is stopped by the teachers. As Origami made a dash for outside, she is surprised to see Shido at the doorsteps, while carrying Tohka and being accompanied by two twins. As Reine provides a story for the two twins, Origami listens on with a doubtful ear. During the evening Origami enters the hot springs together with Ai, Mai, and Mii just as Shido was still there. Luckily, Tohka manages to provide a distraction and ultimately pushes Shido off of the hot springs before anyone could notice anything. Later that night, Origami ends up sharing a room with Yuzuru. As Yuzuru asks for the advice on how to seduce someone, Origami calls everyone else's answers to be naive and offers her guidance to Yuzuru.

Later that night, Origami runs into Tohka in the hallway. Tohka asks her if she was going to Reine's room, to where Shido was. Twitching her eyes, she tells Tohka that she is more than enough for Shido and asks the former to go back to her room. There, they get into an argument over the best way to take care of someone who has a cold. Origami mocks Tohka's lack of preparedness by pointing out that she has already brought a medical thermometer, cooling sheet, and towel for wiping off sweat. Tohka responds that she also has a towel. However, Origami retorts that the towel is the last resort and that she would usually lick the sweat off, causing Tohka to question what she means.

The next day, Origami participates in the volleyball match arranged by Reine. There, she is teamed up with Tohka, despite wanting to be with Shido. Despite her team originally having the advantage, their opponents start making a comeback after Kaguya and Yuzuru start working together. During that evening, Origami is about to head outside after hearing that Shido had left to go out with Tohka. However, she is stopped by a mechanical doll that she realized was using a Realizer. At that moment, Reine comes outside and tells Origami to head back inside. The mechanical doll lunges at Reine, causing Origami to push Reine out of the way and receive a heavy strike on her stomach. After waking up, Origami finds herself on a bed. She is greeted by Reine, who tells her that the doll suddenly stopped moving a few moments after she lost consciousness. Unable to control her emotions, Origami curses her own helplessness, since she was just a normal human without her CR-Unit. She mutters out that she wants to be stronger and not rely on anything, enough so that she will be able to protect Shido.

At the end of the school trip, Origami, along with Tohka and the Yamai sisters, fight over the right to sit next to Shido on the return trip back to Tengu City.

Miku Lily[]

Just as Tohka was about to make a pinky swear promise with Shido, Origami intervenes and grabs Shido's hand for herself. However, instead of swearing on a thousand needles, Origami says that he has to drink sleeping medicine if he breaks the promise. In retaliation, Tohka grabs Shido's other hand. However, Origami tells Tohka that a pinky swear done on the left hand signifies the end of a relationship. Shido then tells Tohka that he has never heard of anything like that before, causing her to become angry over being deceived.

After arriving at the AST base, Origami's two-month house arrest period has finally ended, allowing her to use the Realizer again. She then encounters Ryouko, who bitterly yells about the current situation. Ten foreign members from DEM had just transferred into the AST and were given special authorities. At that moment, the team, lead by Jessica Bailey, arrives and proceeds to mock the AST for not being able to hunt down a single Spirit. In particular, Jessica points out how Origami brought about no results even after unreasonably using the <White Licorice>. At that moment, the Spacequake alarm went off, causing Ryouko to ask Origami if her skills had not dulled from her break, to which Origami responds naturally. However, Jessica takes the time to mock Origami further by saying that her skills are useless if she can't kill the Spirits. As Origami continues to glare at Jessica, the DEM Wizard responds that they will also be dispatched. However, they also have a secret mission that takes priority. Hearing this causes Origami to feel an uneasy echo originating from Jessica's words.

Miku behind Origami

Miku surprising Origami

Alongside her team, Origami confronts the Spirit <Diva>. Sneaking up behind Origami, the Spirit puts her arms around Origami's neck affectionately. However, Origami responds by grabbing out her laser sword and preparing a slash, but to no avail as all of her attacks are seemingly blocked by an invisible wall. The DEM Wizards then notice Shido's presence and prepare to attack him. However, Origami intercepts the attack and demands to know what they were doing. Unable to get a clear answer from the Wizard, Origami parried her attack.

After returning to the base, Origami internally thinks that the way <Diva> escaped was unusual, since there was no report of her disappearing into the other dimension. More importantly, she also questions why the DEM Wizard was about to attack Shido. Confronting Jessica about this, Origami only receives a nonchalant answer that she could easily tell was a lie. Then, Origami asks if this had something to do with their secret mission, promoting a threat from Jessica to not interfere.

Later Origami, along with Tohka and Shido, participates in the school festival committee meeting. There, she and Shido are both shocked by the appearance of the representative from Rindouji Private Academy for Girls: Miku Izayoi, who looked exactly like the Spirit <Diva>. After Shido is forced to cross-dress to be able to approach Miku, Origami quickly sees through the disguise and takes the opportunity to take multiple pictures of "Shiori". As the preparations for the festival neared completion, Origami is chosen to be the lead vocalist for their band. However, the day before the festival, Origami senses something tense while in the AST hangar. Approaching Mildred, she asks if there are any large-scale operations recently. Mildred responds that they are preparing for a massive operation tomorrow, but she is stopped by Jessica before she could say anything else.

Annoyed, Origami approaches Ryouko, who starts speaking while pretending that Origami wasn't there. She voices out that there will be a full-scale attack at the festival tomorrow, with the goal of capturing both Tohka and Shido. Additionally, she might forget to lock the door to the second hangar. Unable to accept Shido also being a target, Origami clenches her fists firmly. Sneaking in from the back door, Origami deduces that DEM probably wants Shido because of his ability to seal the power of Spirits. Despite knowing that using the unit again would probably mean certain expulsion from the AST, Origami resolves to protect Shido, since he is the last remaining support for her heart.

Origami's battle

Origami facing against DEM

Just as Jessica is about to launch her out all attack on the concert hall, Origami intercepts them while being equipped with the <White Licorice>. Using her territory to restrict their movements, Origami is able to use the total firepower of the <White Licorice> unit to annihilate half of the Wizards stationed with Jessica. However, before she is able to finish, Origami reaches the time limit for the suit. Overwhelmed by a sense of nausea and headache, Origami is left helpless in front of the remaining DEM Wizards. Luckily, Mana intervenes and saves Origami from her pinch by frightening the other DEM Wizards away after disarming Jessica without difficulty.

Miku Truth[]

After the confrontation with DEM, Mana drops Origami back off at the AST base. As she begins to regain her consciousness, she is greeted by Mikie, who is glad that Origami has finally woken up. As Mikie apologizes for not being there to support her, Origami tells her that it is fine, since her actions were a violation of their orders and thus were the self-intentions of a single individual. Origami asks Mikie if Shido is okay, but Mikie only responds that they are still investigating. Due to the actions of a Spirit, there are massive riots in Tengu City. Much later, Mikie receives a message that both Kurumi and Shido have attacked the DEM headquarters. Hearing Shido's name, Origami immediately tries to leave and help him. However, Mikie tells her that it is impossible since her ID has now been frozen, which means she doesn't have access to the CR-Units anymore. Despite hearing this, Origami still resolves to go, even if she can only bring a handgun with her.

Mikie asks if Shido is that important to her, to which Origami says that Shido is more important than her life. Mikie threatens to kill herself if Origami leaves. However, Origami calmly replies that she will never do that since that would make her sad. Giving in to Origami's determination, Mikie tells her that she will help her and takes Origami to get a peculiar piece of equipment.

Origami arrives at battlefield

Origami prepares to fight Ellen

Just as Ellen and Jessica were overpowering Mana, Origami arrives at the battlefield with an unfamiliar Ashcroft series CR-Unit. As Origami engages Ellen, she finds herself hopelessly outmatched in both strength and firepower. However, Origami's plan was to cause as much collateral damage around Ellen as possible, hoping that the distractions would weaken her concentration and the strength of her Territory. However, Ellen is able to avoid Origami's attack and restrain her by grabbing her neck. Luckily, a sudden blast from the main cannon of the <Fraxinus> catches Ellen off guard, giving Origami the opening to land a slash on Ellen's body. Ellen praises Origami for being the second person to land an injury on her body. However, before they could continue their battle, Ellen receives a message and leaves to return to Westcott's side.

Later, she sees the Yamai sisters on the battlefield and prepares to attack them. Kaguya quickly incapacitates her with a gust of wind. Origami is then caught by Yuzuru, who asks her what is happening. Struggling to stay awake, she murmurs that Shido is in danger before passing out from exhaustion.

Natsumi Search[]

On October 16, Origami is at school, bemoaning how she wasn't able to confront <Witch> yesterday with the AST team because of her lenient house arrest. However, her attention is then turned to Shido's empty seat. Noticing that it was unusual for Shido to be late, she asks Tohka for Shido's whereabouts. However, Tohka merely states that Shido probably had something to do and that it was not Origami's concern. However, "Shido" soon appears in the classroom. Much to Origami's surprise, Shido starts to flirt with every girl in the room. Within the disconcerted classroom, Origami slightly raises her eyebrows at the scene.

DAL v8 06

Origami and Tohka pointing to the fake Shido

Later in the day, the real Shido arrives at school. When Shido questions if he did something to Origami as well, she shakes her head and says that he didn't. She then grabs his wrist and demands him to do something embarrassing to her now. As Shido runs away saying sorry, Origami and Tohka follow him to the roof. They are surprised to see both Shido and a doppelgänger present there. However, she and Tohka are both able to correctly identify the real Shido, with Origami noting that the fake's linking was 0.05 faster, and the body center was slanted 0.2 degrees to the left compared to the real Shido. Angry at being discovered, Natsumi releases her transformation and flies away, surprising both Origami and Tohka who both ask Shido what just happened.

Much later, Origami is included in the photos of 12 suspects that Natsumi gave to Shido. Origami is noted by Shido to be the only one to notice that someone had taken a picture of her. She then ends up being the last one to have an investigation date with Shido. As Shido arrives at the date, Reine informs him that Origami had already reached the predetermined location an hour earlier. Without changing her expression, she tells Shido that she's happy he is here. Before the date starts, Shido accidentally mutters that he still hasn't decided yet. This uncertainty causes Origami to question Shido's motives for inviting her out, asking him if he wanted to spend time with her instead of just watching a movie together. Openly hearing Shido say yes, Origami hops up into the air expressionlessly and walks towards the movie theater. Upon arriving, Origami requests two tickets for a 7:30 PM showing of "Black Fantasia". Despite Shido's insistence, Origami demands that she pay for the tickets, which Reine notes is designed to make Shido feel guilty about leaving after the movie is over.

DAL v8 09

Origami urging Shido

Just before the film starts, Origami is asked by Shido if she remembers the events that happened in June. Origami replies that she remembers she had a date with Shido then, pointing out the exact time intervals of each event during the day. When Shido asks how she can remember so much, Origami reveals that she keeps a detailed diary recording the events of each day. As the movie starts, Origami's hand moves closer to Shido. She says that she wants him to touch her as well, revealing that she isn't wearing any undergarments today. Her actions force Shido to admit that it was certainly the real Origami present.

Origami is later one of the last five people left on the final day of Natsumi's game. As Shido asks everyone for their help, Origami is the only one who remains silent throughout the conversation. As Shido speaks out to her, Origami tells him that she would always lend her aid to Shido, especially if it involved the Spirits. However, she questions where they are at presently, the reasons behind Shido's involvement, and his connection with the Spirits. However, Origami is interrupted by Kotori, who tells her that she will get wrinkles if she worries about the small details. Knowing that her questions will remain unanswered, Origami relents and offers her aid to Shido.

As she is updated with the situation with Natsumi, Origami asks if <Witch> can turn transform herself into an inanimate object, pointing that she could have turned literally into one of the photos. To test her theory, Origami starts to pierce each of the photos with her knife. However, the attempt ends in vain, as Natsumi wasn't disguised as a picture. As time starts to run out, both Origami and Kotori suggest that Natsumi entered the safe zone by disguising herself as the first person she captured. However, after declaring Yuzuru's name, Natsumi declares that they were incorrect again. As a result, Origami is the next person who gets sucked into Natsumi's mirror. However, Origami is eventually freed after Shido correctly deduces Natsumi's identity. Annoyed at having her true form seen again, Natsumi turns Origami and the others into children to spite Shido before making a hasty retreat.

Natsumi Change[]

Origami, along with the sealed Spirits, is transformed into children by Natsumi. Here, she keeps pestering Shido, as he struggles to maintain control, by asking him to take her to the bathroom. Luckily, Reine arrives and manages to restore order, telling Origami that Shido likes a girl who can go to the bathroom by herself. That night, Origami is the only one among the transformed to decline staying the night at the Itsuka residence, citing that she has something to handle. The next day, Origami and the others cause further commotion for Shido at school by arriving in their transformed states. To add to the pandemonium, Origami pretends to be Itsuka Chiyogami, Origami's and Shido's fictitious daughter, which hugely surprises everyone who heard that.

DAL v9 05

Origami noticing intruders

Much later, Origami finds herself transformed back to normal while within her house. As she thinks about what could have happened with Natsumi, she decides to check up with Shido and the others. However, as she is changing her clothes, she senses another presence approaching her home. As Origami hides her body behind the wall without saying anything, she pays attention to the front entrance while pulling out a small automatic gun from her leg holster. Not long after she did that, the door is thrown open, and several men then enter the room. But, at that moment, the wire installed at the door is pulled and tear gas sprays at the group of men vigorously. She then uses that opportunity to escape outside the window. As she is running away, she wonders who could be after her. At that moment, her phone starts to ring as she receives a call from Ryouko. Ryouko tells her that it might be because of her prior actions of using the <White Licorice> unit against DEM to protect Shido. As the operatives finally have her cornered, she receives a call from Ellen, who asks her to work for DEM. Origami replies that she would never work for an organization that would harm Shido. However, Ellen replies that Shido was no longer their target for the time being.

DAL v9 11

Origami with her new CR-Unit

Ellen asks Origami if she is okay with losing her power to fight against the Spirits. However, Origami doesn't buy that and asks Ellen if she still has some resentment for the injury which Origami inflicted on her last time. In response, Ellen remarks that the desire for a good subordinate outweighs such grievances. Ellen continues by saying that DEM also has knowledge about the Spirits that were there five years ago when her parents died. After a few moments of silence, Origami agrees to Ellen's offer, accepting the power that DEM would give her. After hearing Origami's acceptance, Ellen appears and knocks the group of men there unconscious. She then extends her hand and welcomes Origami to DEM.

After the second satellite was destroyed, Westcott dispatches Origami to test out her new CR-Unit against the third satellite descending to Tengu City. With her newfound power, she easily self-destructs the third satellite, shocking Shido as he catches a glimpse of Origami in the sky.

Tobiichi Angel[]

After the previous events, Shido and the others are shocked to find out that Origami had transferred to another school in the United Kingdom. Shido tries to visit Origami's house, but he finds the apartment empty and abandoned. Much to his surprise, he sees Origami outside. Origami tells Shido to follow her, and the two of them end up in a back alley. Before Shido can ask anything, Origami gets behind him and covers his mouth and nose with a cloth, causing Shido to pass out.

DAL v10 c01

Origami capturing Shido

As Shido wakes up, Origami confirms that she has joined DEM to obtain enough power to defeat Spirits. Shido asks Origami if she kidnapped him on Westcott's orders, but Origami says that she is doing this of her free will. She tells Shido that she is going to fight against the Spirits, and she doesn't want him to get caught in their battles. Shido informs Origami that Tohka and the others have nothing to do with the Spirit that killed Origami's parents, but Origami rebuts that Spirits are inherently dangerous. Shido responds that Tohka and the others have adapted to modern society and that they are in fact living like "humans." Origami replies that she understands, and she is scared of how she has become used to having the Spirits hanging around. Shido argues that the Spirits just want to live a normal life, but Origami says she won't allow that. She tells Shido that with Tohka's life, she will regain herself. Shido yells at Origami to wait, but she heads off to her showdown against Tohka and the others.

Faking a Spacequake alarm, she lures Tohka, Miku, Kaguya, and Yuzuru out into the open. Origami equips <Mordred> and opens fire on the Spirits. Tohka grabs Miku and leaps aside. At that exact moment, the Yamai twins kick against the ground and jump up because the place where they were standing had been blown into smithereens by Origami's cannon. Tohka notices hostility and killing intent in Origami's eyes - the same kind of eyes Origami had when she first fought against Tohka. Tohka asks Origami why she changed back to her old self. Tohka notes that Origami has changed in the last six months. She certainly still harbored hatred towards the Spirits, but it was not the same kind of hatred she had back in the day.

With <Mordred>, Origami can take on the Spirits alone without trouble. Tohka realizes that Origami is serious about killing them. As Kaguya's scream brings Tohka back to her senses, Origami had closed the distance between her and Tohka when the latter was lost in her thoughts. With an unforgiving force, Origami cuts through Tohka's Astral Dress. As Tohka wakes up, she sees Miku severely injured and Origami about to deliver the finishing blow to Yuzuru. Not wanting her friends to die, Tohka suddenly regains her full power to face Origami. Faced with Tohka's full power, Origami loses the advantage that she once had. She tries to focus her territory and channel her power through her <Clarent> laser blade. However, Tohka easily parries the attack and pushes Origami backward. As the fight drags on, Origami begins to experience terrible headaches, the same type of headaches she suffered when her <White Licorice> had reached its operation limit. Tohka capitalizes on the split second that Origami is distracted and lands a devastating slash on Origami.

As Origami lies defeated, she laments that she had wasted years of her life to only temporarily match Tohka’s power. After Origami weakly sighed, she powerlessly lowered her hand that was holding up to the heavens. At that moment, an unknown voice approached Origami and offered her power. Despite thinking that it was just a hallucination, Origami accepted the offer and the voice told her to reach out her hand to acquire a mysterious gem. The crystal dissolves the moment she touched it. Inducing a transformation, it felt as if another heart had formed inside her body as a different, warm kind of blood pumping into her body. Throughout the process, Origami felt her existence was changing into that of another entity.

DAL v10 c03

Origami vs. Tohka

Origami soon returns to the battle, shocking Tohka and the others as they realize she has become a Spirit. As Origami utters the name of her Angel, <Metatron>, brilliant light shines upon her and in an instant, she is clad in her Astral Dress. Origami doesn't seem to be too bothered by the fact that she has become a Spirit. She tells Tohka that she is the Spirit who hunts Spirits, and once every other Spirit is dead, she will kill herself. She readies her attack, Shemesh - The Sun, as her crown spins and light rays begin to spread around it. As soon as Tohka sets up a barrier to shield herself, the light particles rain down on the city. The rain of light engulfs the streets, cars, houses, and everything else in its path.

Tohka breaks through the downpour of destruction and attacks Origami, but to Tohka's surprise, Origami disappears in a flash of light and reappears a few meters away from her original position. Tohka attacks again, but Origami teleports away using Mal'akh - Heavenly Wings. Not giving Tohka a chance to catch her breath, Origami attacks the <Princess> with Kaddur - Sword of Light. Tohka tries to defend herself against the light beam strikes, but there are simply too many of them. To escape this one-sided assault, Tohka leaps toward Origami, ignoring all the attacks which the latter throws at her. Origami teleports away again just as Tohka's sword is about to reach her, but Tohka unexpectedly ditches Sandalphon to pursue Origami. With all of her strength, Tohka punches Origami in the face. As she is more gravely hurt, Tohka knows that she would be at a severe disadvantage if they kept on fighting like this. Betting it all on one decisive blow, Tohka summons her Throne and readies her Final Sword: <Halvanhelev>. Origami realizes Tohka's intentions and prepares her ultimate attack, <Artelif> - Gun Crown, as well. The blade wrapped in dark light and the crown covered in white light would surely obliterate each other. However, before they can launch their ultimate attacks, Shido's desperate scream snaps Tohka and Origami out of their battle frenzy. Not sure how to face Shido in her Spirit form, Origami flies away.

Without battles to distract her, Origami falls into self-loathing upon identifying herself as a Spirit. She ponders about the connection between the Spirit that killed her parents and Phantom. However, she realizes that she now that the power to defeat the Spirits, she can finally avenge her parents. An idea suddenly crosses her mind as she goes through the names of the Spirits that she has to kill - with the help of a particular individual, Origami realizes that she may be able to exact her revenge much sooner than she had expected.

Origami finds Kurumi and asks if she has the power to send her back in time. Kurumi jokingly asks Origami if she wanted to go back so that she can see Shido when he was an innocent child. However, Origami says she wishes to go back to five years ago and kill the Spirit that murdered her parents. Essentially, she wants to change the past. After considering Origami's position, Kurumi eventually agrees to send Origami to the past. She tells Origami that she is using the former AST soldier to test out the Twelfth Bullet and that she will be using Origami's spiritual energy to power the time travel. Origami gets uncharacteristically excited and assures Kurumi that she is ready to pay the price as long as she is sent back before the incident which happened five years ago. Kurumi summons Zafkiel and shoots Origami with the Twelfth Bullet.

Having traveled back in time, Origami is ecstatic when she spots <Phantom>. However, her ambush on the mysterious being ends in failure. Origami's presence puzzles Phantom because the Sephira for <Metatron> is still in the latter's possession. Avoiding Origami's attacks, <Phantom> says to herself that Origami must have used the power of <Zafkiel> to come here and that she's a little surprised Kurumi would lend someone else her power. <Phantom> tells Origami that she does not know about Origami's parents. <Phantom>'s remark that Origami has got the wrong person angers her, causing her to begin to attack <Phantom> even more ferociously. Origami's relentless attacks prove little harm to <Phantom>, but they manage to temporarily dispel the noise that has always covered <Phantom>, with Origami feeling like she has heard <Phantom>'s real voice somewhere before. However, Phantom leaves before Origami can finish her off. Origami fires a few light beams at Phantom in a desperate attempt to exact her revenge, but she is too slow, and the rays travel right through the shadow of <Phantom>.

Origami thinks to herself that even though she has failed to kill Phantom, she has driven her parents' killer away, so at the very least she's saved her family. As the time limit of Kurumi's bullet approaches, Origami gets teary at the thought of meeting her parents again when she goes back to the present. However, her mood suddenly changes when she takes notice of what is happening on the ground.

DAL v10 11

Origami starting to inverse

A young girl stands in a daze in front of ruins that look like they have just suffered extensive damage from light beam attacks. Five years ago, it was light beams raining down from the sky that killed Origami's parents. The young Origami followed the path of the light rays and saw her parents' killer. Though she did not know about Spirits, she remembers the silhouette - it was that of an angel. Origami has finally understood the situation. Five years ago, there were many Spirits present at the fire in Tengu City just as Shido had told her. However, there weren't just two Spirits. Kotori, who caused the fire; Phantom, who turned Kotori into a Spirit; and Origami, who had traveled back from the future to kill <Phantom>. There were three Spirits here on that day. It wasn't <Phantom> who killed Origami's parents. The person who took away their lives was none other than Origami herself. Faced with this terrorizing revelation, Origami lets out an anguished scream.

As the effects of the bullet wear off, Origami returns to the present as an Inverse Spirit. Unable to control her actions, she starts to attack everything near her indiscriminately. With a single blow, she completely annihilates the <Fraxinus> ship. As Shido tries to approach her, he notes that her eyes look soulless, like she had a dead face that had seen all kinds of despair in this world.

Tobiichi Devil[]

DAL v11 02

Origami, from 5 years ago, with Shido comforting her.

As Shido traveled five years into the past thanks to Kurumi, he arrives just as Origami's future self kills her parents. Origami's past self is comforted by Shido, who tells her that he would do anything if she would not give into despair. Wiping away her tears, she says to Shido that she will leave behind her tears, happiness, and enjoyment to him. She vows that she would give him this until the day that she kills the angel that murdered her parents. As she leaves, Shido and Kurumi realize that their actions have indirectly caused Origami's behavior in the future. As Shido travels back into the past for the second time, he manages to push Origami's parents out of the way of her future self's attack, drastically altering Origami's future in the process.

In the new timeline, Origami appears as a new transfer student in Shido's school. After greeting hello to her classmates, Tama-sensei instructs her to take the seat next to Shido. Upon seeing him, Origami gasps in shock. But soon afterward, Origami immediately swung her head to regain her composure. She then changed completely by bowing down formally before settling down on the seat designated by Tama-chan. During class, Origami receives a note from Shido that tells her to meet up with him later at the rooftop of the school. After meeting up with him, Origami voices her surprise at Shido's appearance, remarking that he looks identical to the person who died trying to save her parents five years ago.

Shido asks her if she had met the person during the fire five years ago. Origami wonders how Shido would know about something like that and quickly concludes that he is that person's younger brother. As Shido decides to go along with it to avoid further confusion, Origami bows, saying that Shido's brother had saved her parents, and goes on about how she can't thank him enough. She apologizes for her behavior and confirms that her parents were saved during the fire. But when Shido asks if she is living with them now, Origami pauses and tells him that they had died in a traffic accident four years ago.

Shido then asks Origami why she had joined AST. She is surprised that Shido knows about her affiliation with AST, but thinks that he probably saw her during combat when he went outside instead of evacuating during Spacequake alarms. She tells him it's a very dangerous thing to do, and that he should refrain from doing it in the future. She says that she joined AST because of the Spirit who killed the person that saved her parents. She wanted to become like that person and protect people from Spirits. Shido realizes the irony of fate and no matter what he does in the past, Origami will end up fighting the Spirits. Before Origami leaves, Shido asks her if she's become a Spirit, though she doesn't seem to have a clue about what he's saying. As the school bell rings, Origami thanks Shido and says it was nice to be able to speak with him. Shido asks if they could talk more and Origami replies that they have classes. Shido says it does not need to be today and asks her if it's okay to meet when she is free, which makes Origami blush. Origami tells him that she will think about it. Back in class, Origami passes a note that tells Shido that she is free this Saturday. Seeing that Shido has taken the note, a relieved Origami blushes and covers her face with the textbook.

As Shido was talking with Kurumi, Origami was still in school searching for a hair ornament that was a memento of her late mother. She eventually finds it on the stairway before the rooftop, where she had talked with Shido before. As she puts on the hairpin, she sees two silhouettes through the glass on the door - one of them is her classmate Shido, and the other one, clad in a red and black Astral Dress, is the Spirit codenamed Nightmare. As soon as Origami's head registers these pieces of information, she passes out as if her power supply had been switched off. Shido tries to explain the situation as Origami comes to the rooftop but quickly realizes that Origami is not responding. Kurumi greets Origami, but before the black-haired Spirit can finish, Origami begins to become enveloped in spiderweb-like darkness.

DAL v11 07

Origami assuming her inverse form

Origami calls out the name of her Demon, Devil of Salvation <Satan> and attacks Kurumi and Shido. Kurumi leaps into air and shoots at Origami, but the shot is easily blocked by Origami's "feathers", while the defenseless Kurumi is torn apart by Origami's attacks. Shido screams out Kurumi's name and turns to Origami only to be surprised by how her "feathers" and Astral Dress have vanished, leaving Origami in her school uniform. Shido tries to make sense of the events before him and is more confused when Origami asks him what she's doing here. Origami asks Shido if she's had a black out again and says she's been losing consciousness since a while ago. She thinks she's probably suffering from anemia and leaves after asking Shido if he's read the note she's given him.

As Shido returns home, he discusses Origami's unique case with Reine and Kotori. Reine says the conditions may be sharing the Reiryoku shot by Kurumi's Twelfth Bullet. Shido asks Reine if she's saying that the Inverse Origami is the Origami who has regained memories of the original world. Reine replies that it's just a theory, but it would seem to be a logical conclusion. Shido says the Origami who came to school is definitely the Origami with memories of this world. Reine says Shido is unique in that he has retained memories of the original world from the beginning, while Origami just has memories of the new world. As a defense mechanism against the memories of the original world being fed into the new Origami, she has separated herself from the Origami with memories of the original world. In other words, there are two Origami in one body, one with memories of the original world and the other with memories of the new world. Kotori and Reine conclude that the trigger that sets off the old Origami is the existence of Spirits. Since she didn't react to Tohka at school, Origami most likely responds to Reiryoku.

Meanwhile, at Origami's place, she's rolling on her bed and being embarrassed about what she did at school today. She was surprised when she saw Shido because of how much he looked like the person who saved her parents. The moment she saw Shido, she was overcome with deep emotions. It's not just when she looks at him but when she hears his voice, when she smells his scent or when she touches his hand, a mysterious feeling arises from her heart. She receives a text message from Shido about the time and location for their date and gets excited. She tells herself to calm down and decides to send a reply, but her first attempt ends up being too soldier-like so she deletes it and tries again, this time with flowery verses about how she can't wait for the next Saturday. There is a strange feeling she gets when she thinks about him and so on. She realizes the message is too embarrassing, so she deletes it again. By the time she replies to him, it's already the next day.

During their date, Origami asks Shido what they are going to do today; to which Shido is presented with three choices: watching movies, going shopping, or going to a hotel for real adults. Shopping gets the most votes, but Shido decides to take Origami to a hotel as a test. It doesn't seem to go well at all as the alarm on the <Fraxinus> goes off. Kotori yells at Shido to take Origami away from there before she gets angry. Kotori tells Shido to stick with their original choice and go shopping, to which he complies. Kotori is surprised when her crew informs her that Origami's emotional level increased slightly instead of falling. More choices come up as Origami asks Shido what they are shopping for, and once again instead of picking selection or pet stores, Shido takes Origami to some shady backstreet store to buy aphrodisiacs. Origami doesn't seem to know anything in the shop, but when Shido tries to take her to a different shop, he sees that despite being confused about the items, Origami is carrying some of the strongest aphrodisiacs in the shop. Shido asks her what she's doing, but Origami seems quite unsure what's going on herself. Seeing her in a state of utter confusion, Shido quickly takes Origami out of the shop.

They eventually end up going to selected stores, with Shido deciding to buy a 39,800 yen coat for Origami and telling her that she will wear and show it to him first as a token of gratitude. Origami jokes that Shido is quite the lady killer. She explains to Shido that she wants to look around in the shop for a bit longer and wanders off. With the help of Reine, Shido locates Origami some 20 meters behind him. He sees that she's in the changing room and decides to kill some time while she's trying on the clothes. A sudden scream from Origami interrupts Shido's thoughts, and he finds her dressed in school swimsuit, dog ears, and tail, completed with a leash. Origami gets a headache as she thinks about the things she's wearing and Shido tells her that they will go somewhere else as soon as she changes back into her normal clothes.

Origami apologizes to Shido for her bizarre behavior. Shido asks her if they should end their date early, to which Origami says that it's fine, and they don't need to stop early today. She thinks to herself that while she's euphoric going on a date with Shido, but she can't help but become overwhelmed with strange impulses now and then. From her clothing choice in the select shop to seemingly knowing what exactly to get in the aphrodisiac shop, Origami wonders what is going on and if she's been to the shop before. While eating, Shido leaves to talk with Kotori and tells Origami that he will be right back. As Shido disappears from Origami's view, a dirty thought crosses her mind as she sees Shido's used spoon. Despite fighting desperately to control her right hand, she eventually takes the spoon. Shido returns just in time to witness Origami holding his spoon with her tongue sticking out in a very suggestive manner. Hearing Shido calling her name snaps Origami out of her trance. As she tries to explain the situation, Origami stands up and causes the table to tilt towards Shido, whose shirt ends up getting wet thanks to the drinking cup on the table. Origami apologizes, but when Shido lifts his shirt to dry it, she loses control of herself again and starts snapping pictures of Shido. A teary Origami tells Shido that her body is moving on its own. The restaurant is filled with Origami's cries and the sound of unceasing camera shutters.

As the day starts to end, Shido and Origami arrives at the park on high ground as instructed by the <Fraxinus>. Origami tells Shido that one of the reasons she left AST was because her anemic blackouts, which was fatal to a soldier, and another reason was that she's unsure if killing Spirits was a righteous thing to do. She tells Shido that she's sorry for saying that because it was a Spirit who killed his brother. Shido says that he doesn't consider her way of thinking bad, and he's sure his brother will say the same thing to her as well. Origami looks like she's about to cry, so Shido holds her hand even more firmly. Just as Shido was about to kiss her, Origami's eyes are fixated on his injured left hand, which is being healed thanks to Kotori's power. Suddenly the siren goes off, and Shido is blown away by Origami's Reiryoku.

Kotori tells Shido that Origami would likely not stop unless Shido is dead. The <Fraxinus> restrains Origami using the Yggd Folium system and Kotori attempts to attack Origami with the ship's main cannon. Before Kotori can finish giving her order, however, Origami's "feathers" surround the Fraxinus, and rays of black light pierce the white airship. As Origami's "feathers" prepare to attack the fallen ship, a tremendous wind alters the trajectory of Origami's attacks, and the dark lights miss the airship. Tohka gets there just in time to save Shido being shot by the "feathers". Shido cries out Tohka's name and notices that all the Spirits are there. Tohka asks Shido who the rampaging Spirit is and becomes a little puzzled when she hears it's the new transfer student. Against the dreadfully offensive power of the Devil, Shido asks the Spirits to lend him a hand.

The sealed Spirits struggle to carve out a blood path to Origami for Shido, Inside Origami's mind, long-haired Origami is shown the memories of the original Origami. From killing her parents to indiscriminately destroying cities, the negative emotions begin to overwhelm her. She screams but her voice alone is not enough save the original Origami. This world's Origami cannot save the original world's Origami by herself. Someone from outside will have to reach out to her. Origami begins to hear Shido's voice. Shido says that he had told her five years ago that she is not alone, and no matter how many times she destroys the world, he will do something about it, and no matter how many times she despairs, he will save her. Shido tells her he needs her and yells at Origami to take his hand.

DAL v11 c05

Origami turning back to normal

In Shido's arms, a crying Origami recounts all the atrocities she had committed in the original world. Shido says that is a heavy burden that Origami will have to carry. Origami says she has to apologize to Shido because she did not have any romantic feelings towards him, but rather saw him as an emotional dependence, someone she could cling to for support. She sincerely apologizes for causing him all the trouble. Shido does not mind and says it is an honor because Origami needs him. He says it's time to give everything back to her - back then Origami didn't just leave her tears with him. Hearing that, Origami blushes and gives Shido an awkward, but genuine, smile. In that instant, Origami's black Astral Dress is replaced with her white dress. Her "feathers" dissipate into light particles as well. They kiss, and Origami is successfully sealed.

Tohka sees Shido with a half-naked Origami and says that it's a special occasion this time, and she will let Origami be with Shido. Shido notices the changes in Tohka's tone as she speaks to Origami like an old rival. Shido asks if Tohka's remembered Origami and gets an affirmative reply from Tohka. He realizes that just like how he was able to regain memories when he kissed and sealed Kotori, sealing Origami helped the others get back their memories of the original world. Origami thanks Tohka and others for fighting to save her, surprising everyone. Tohka wasn't expecting Origami to act like this, so she tells Origami that she only fought because Shido had asked her to. Origami says that if that is the case, she won't thank the ugly selfish Spirits. Shido laughs and thinks about the problems that lie ahead.

Three days later, Origami returns to school as Ratatoskr finishes checkups on her. Shido chats with the Spirits and notices that Tohka no longer refers to Origami by her full name. Origami finally shows up, but with her original short hair. Shido gets sentimental about having gone through so much and the fact that everyone is here again. Shido tries to wipe his tears, but Origami says to him that he should use "this." He reaches for something like a handkerchief but finds nothing. He turns to Origami and sees that her hands are empty, and before he knows it, Origami grabs Shido and presses his head against her abdomen. Tohka asks what Origami is doing, and Origami replies that she's wiping Shido's tears. She reveals that she wasn't wearing any underwear but rather a school swimsuit, which Origami claims to be exceptionally good at absorbing liquids. Shido's classmates don't seem to have gotten back the memories of the original Origami and are speculating what happened to her during her break.

Incidentally, the new Origami has jumped to No. 1 on the "Girl You Want to Date the Most" ranking. Tohka tells Origami to get away from Shido, but Origami says that while she's changed her attitude towards the Spirits, she will not give up Shido to Tohka. As long as Tohka pursues Shido, the <Princess> will remain the <Angel>'s enemy. Shido says that according to his memories, Origami stated that she did not have any romantic feeling for him. Origami says that he is correct but from now on it is true love. Shido thanks Origami for listening to him back then and says he is delighted that she has come back. He says he looks forward to spending time together with Origami, to which she smiles and gives him an affirmative response.

Itsuka Disaster[]

After being sealed, Origami's personality starts to fluctuate, with her original personality resurging when she is around Shido. After Shido and Tohka arrive at school, they find out that she had taken Shido’s indoor shoes to warm them up. Then, she apologizes after being told that Shido had to use slippers because of her actions. However, she reaches out to hug Shido, telling him that she will act as a temperature regulator system for him. After feeling that Shido’s temperature was high, she asks if he has a fever. After hearing this, she runs away surprised over what she is doing.

As she looks at herself in a mirror, she asks herself if Shido would think of her as a weird girl now. As Shido comes over to check up on her, her original personality resurfaces again. Despite being confused by her actions, she asks him to examine her body because she was feeling a little bit sick. Later during the physical examination, she deliberately gets a measurement that is one parameter above Tohka’s. When Tohka accuses her of this, she replies that it was just a coincidence, but later refuses Tohka’s demand for her to go first next time. Like everyone else, she is shocked when Shido collapses. While at the <Ratatoskr>’s underground facility, she comments that Shido’s behavior looked like a Spirit that could not control its power. She tells everyone that she cannot consider Shido a normal human because he has the power to seal a Spirits’ power. When Natsumi questions if <Ratatoskr> is hiding something from them, Origami replies that she is unsure if <Ratatoskr> even knows the cause for Shido’s power, but also adds that <Ratatoskr> has too many mysteries surrounding them. While grateful to <Ratatoskr>, she wonders why they would protect the Spirits and do such a dangerous action without any payment.

After Kotori and Reine arrive and explain the situation, they offer each Spirit a chance to enter the medical room individually and take turns kissing Shido. However, Origami requests to be last and asks if the room had a lock, causing everyone to think it would be better if they went together. However, after entering the hospital room, they are surprised to see that Shido had already left. After finding Shido, Origami and the others are surprised by the new flirtatious personality he has. Once Shido asks everyone to make him fall in love, Origami suggests that they invite Shido to a nudist beach. However, her suggestion is turned down, and they decide to go for swimsuits instead.

DAL v12 09

Origami drunk

During her date with Shido, she changes into a gorgeous dress. Then, she makes plans to spike Shido's drink secretly. However, her new personality intervenes, and she ends up being the one drunk instead. Despite this, her actions while drunk are enough to win Shido over. After Shido’s condition reaches its critical state, Origami secretly follows Kotori after she said that she would resolve the situation by herself. Pointing a gun towards Kotori, she asks her what she is doing. After Kotori replies that she is going to kill Shido using <Dáinsleif>, she asks if <Ratatoskr>’s policy is to kill Shido when he is no longer useful to them. Kotori replies that this is not the case, as they did want to use Shido, but by the time that <Ratatoskr> found him, he had already sealed her powers. Presently, Shido is a walking time bomb unless they can get him to seal all the Spirits and extract his powers in the form of a new Sephira Crystal. After hearing that word, Origami remembers it as the item that had turned her into a Spirit. However, the other Spirits arrive and convince Kotori not to give up.

At that moment, <Dáinsleif> starts activating anyway. Origami asks if it was because Kotori had just dropped the launch control. However, Kotori replies that the trigger control device was not created so that it could be tampered with easily. However, at that moment Shido is saved by <Phantom>. While all the other Spirits stare at the mosaic being, Origami stares at the mysterious being cautiously, remembering how she was able to turn her into a Spirit. However, Phantom merely states that she has given them a chance to save Shido.

After the first group successfully kisses Shido, Kotori and Origami assume their Limited Astral Dresses and prepare for battle. Origami uses her teleportation ability to get close enough to kiss Shido. Immediately afterward, she teleports herself out of the way to provide an opportunity for Kotori to get close to Shido. As Kotori is struck by Shido’s <Sandalphon>, Origami calls out her name. However, Kotori assures her that she is fine because of her regeneration ability.

After Shido is saved, Origami is among the group that walks in on Tohka kissing Shido. Origami responds that she cannot be off guard with Tohka.

Nia Creation[]

After the failure of the visual novel plan, Kotori recruits the help of the other sealed Spirits to persuade Nia. Origami asks if Nia saying that she can only love 2D means manga and anime characters, which Kotori confirms as true. While deep in thought as the others continue the conversation, Origami suggests that they create a manga with Shido’s life as the basis of the story, which the other Spirits agree is a good plan. After Kotori issues the sales challenge to Nia at Comico, the Spirits decide to each draw Shido to see who is most capable of being the leading artist. While Origami’s drawing was exquisite, Kotori shrieks upon seeing the age-inappropriate content involving her and Shido in a naked embrace. While Origami is confused, Kotori explains that they were going to hold their booth at an under-18 gallery, so the content of what she drew was prohibited. Eventually, it is decided that Natsumi would be the main artist, with Origami, Shido, and the Yamai twins as the supporting mangaka assistants.[1]

DAL v13 c03

Origami working on the doujin

For the next two days, Origami is among the drawers working tirelessly on both the name and illustration. When the doujin is finally complete, Origami participates in Comico as a staff member selling copies of the manga. Upon Kotori’s suggestion, she invited her old friends from the AST to come buy copies of the manga. Despite Mikie’s pleas, she refused to return to the AST and cited Shido as the primary reason for why she has changed so much. When Ryouko states that the other girls looked familiar, Origami repeatedly tells her it was just her imagination. Giving up, the AST members leave after buying the doujin and Origami returns to work.[2]

After tying with Nia in sales, Origami is present outside as one of the Spirits celebrating when Nia says that she would give Shido a second chance. However, things take a turn for the worse when Nia suddenly starts inverting. Combating the monsters that Nia summoned through <Beelzebub>, Origami and the other Spirits assumed their limited Astral Dress. Origami blows away the creatures with <Metatron>’s laser. However, she was rendered immobile after Nia used her Demon King to force <Metatron> to fire at its owner. As Artemisia knocks Shido back, Origami recovers quickly enough to grab Shido before he hits the ground. While doing so, she voices her surprise at Artemisia being here. Like everyone else, she is shocked by how Westcott was able to steal Nia’s Demon King.[3]

After DEM left, Origami instructed Natsumi to use her powers to transform Nia’s wounds into a healthy body without injuries. Afterward, she waits alongside Shido and the others to hear Nia’s status after undergoing surgery with the medical Realizer. She accompanies everyone else outside to see the first sunrise of the New Year. After Nia had said that she became a Spirit 30 years ago, Origami voices her surprise that the manga artist had been a Spirit for that long. Like everyone else, she is stunned after Nia says that every Spirit used to be human.[4]

Mukuro Planet[]

Shortly after Nia's bold declaration, she quickly tries to pass it off as a joke. However, Origami is clever to be suspicious and follows Shido and Kotori, who were privately invited to Nia's room. Origami herself is tailed by Mana, who wants a chance to talk to Shido. Origami then listens on as Nia's explains her prior circumstances of how she used <Rasiel> to discover her past life as a human. Nia apologizes to everyone as she states that they could have easily found out everyone else's pasts if she could still use <Rasiel>. However, Origami stipulates that she must still have some spirit power left since Shido could seal her. Origami explains that her powers should be able to flow back to her when she has a restless consciousness. Following Origami's advice, Nia is able to assume a Limited Astral Dress, but she notes that her ability to interpret  <Rasiel>'s database has been significantly weakened.

As they discuss the new enemies they must fight, Shido brings up the new Wizard that had appeared. Origami clarifies that she used to be acquainted with that Wizard, recognizing her as Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, a person affiliated with England's Anti-Spirit Team. Hearing that name, Mana also says that she has met her before. Additionally, Mana adds that if Artemisia joined while she was still in DEM, she would have surely been demoted by a rank. However, they both note that Artemisia wasn't a member of DEM before and wonder what happened. Afterward, Kotori tells everyone to stop for today and leave the room to allow Nia to rest.

DAL v14 c02

Origami praying at the shrine

Three days later, Origami joins Shido and the other Spirits in visiting the Shinto shrine for the first time in the New Year. While wearing a pure white kimono adorned with paper crane motifs, Origami is still piously praying and muttering incantations after everyone else is done. After finishing, Kaguya asks her what she prayed for during her turn. Upon being given Origami's answer, Kaguya starts blushing furiously and quickly moves to prevent Tohka from hearing it out of fear of any loss of innocence. When Shido questions her wish, Origami merely states that preparations are complete as she rubs her belly and gives Shido a thumbs up, greatly confounding Shido in the process.

The next day, the peaceful return to class is suddenly interrupted by a massive impact outside the classroom. Origami, who affirmed the situation first, points outside to Shido. As they look onward, they see a colossal epicenter created by the crash landing of a massive meteor. Soon afterward, Origami is informed about the appearance of a new Spirit by Shido. As they make their way to the Ratatoskr base, Origami, Tohka, and the Yamai sisters split ways with Shido, as they thought it was best not to let other Spirits see them discussing strategies once a new Spirit appears. However, after Shido fails to convince Mukuro, Origami and the other Spirits suddenly crash out of their hiding spot, revealing that they were eavesdropping on the entire conversation. Origami comments that they arrived halfway through the conversation, but there must be something that they can do together. Everyone soon agrees to lend their power once again to help Shido.

However, the question is raised on how they are going to approach Mukuro when she is in space. Kotori quickly remembers something and decides to take everyone into a secret Ratatoskr base where the new Fraxinus EX is being built. Amazed by the sight of the ship, Nia quickly asks if she can take a picture as a reference for her manga, to which Kotori bluntly rejects because the work is classified. Origami and the others are then marveled by the presence of the Fraxinus EX's AI, MARIA, which can now communicate directly to the crew. Then, MARIA informs everyone that Ratatoskr's founder, Elliot Woodman, would like to have a word with them.

After meeting Woodman, Origami questions the founder on Ratatoskr's intentions. Despite being grateful for their help, she wonders if there is something hidden behind their backs, as she wonders why such a large organization would spend that much money on saving the Spirits. Woodman responds by saying that protecting Spirits is his greatest goal. However, Nia calls him out on his noble attitude, revealing that she had used her <Rasiel> a month ago to find out that Woodman is a co-founder of DEM and summoned the First Spirit into the world 30 years ago together with Ellen and Westcott. As everyone is shocked by this revelation, Woodman gives out a sigh and tells everyone that he didn't want to conceal this, but that now is a good time to tell them everything. He admits that he used to work alongside Westcott and had similar intentions to harness the power of the Spirits. However, upon seeing the First Spirit, Woodman instantly fell in love with her. Changing his ideals, he then left DEM Industries and established Ratatoskr to protect the Spirits with his life.

Afterward, Woodman introduces everyone to Karen, who also left DEM alongside him. As they question Karen about her reasons for leaving, she reveals that she is in love with Woodman and wishes to bear his offspring. As everyone else is shocked by this revelation, Origami is the only one to compliment Karen for her resolve. In turn, Karen thanks Origami, saying that she is the second person to tell her this. At that moment, DEM begins their attack on the Ratatoskr base. Nia bitterly notes that Westcott must have used <Beelzebub> to find their location before she had time to jam his information network. As they make their way to the Fraxinus EX, Origami and the others accidentally run into Westcott in the process. Taking the initiative, Origami fires <Metatron>'s laser at him. But Westcott easily blocks it by summoning a book page. Despite their best efforts, Westcott uses <Beelzebub>'s ability <Ashufiriya> to transport everyone to a world of fantasy, as she and the others are all swallowed into the respective books that emerged beneath their feet.

After arriving at the fantasy world, Origami reveals herself as the king of the castle just as Shido and the others are about to get into a conflict with the palace guards. Much to everyone's shock, Origami is stark naked, and only wearing a cloak. As Tohka comments on this, Origami notes that these clothes were given to her by a traveling tailor and are only visible to people who love Shido. However, Kotori quickly tells her that she has been deceived, as her story is obviously based on The Emperor's New Clothes. Suddenly realizing this, Origami remains motionless for a short period, and then closely tightens the front of her overcoat afterward. She mutters silently that she didn't even notice it at all.

As everyone is reunited, they start brainstorming again for ideas on how to escape from the fantasy world. Nia suggests that they find a fictional character that has the power to grant wishes, like the magic lamp from Aladdin, or the magic hammer from the One-Inch Boy. Origami notes that as she is the ruler of this country, she can issue a public announcement and should be able to order the citizens to search for something similar to that. However, at that moment, the castle is suddenly invaded by the villains from each of their respective stories. From Origami's story, a little boy emerges, who keeps saying that the king is naked and has thrown his father into jail.

Since they can't use their Angels in the fantasy world, Origami and the others are helpless against the ensuing onslaught. Luckily, they are saved by the appearance of a second Shido, who Nia notes must be based on the manga that everyone drew to impress her. After the other Shido manages to defeat all of the villains, he opens a gateway with his <Sandalphon>. After returning to their world, Origami and the others board the new Fraxinus EX and launch off into space to begin the mission to save Mukuro.

Mukuro Family[]

DAL v15 01

Origami fighting against Artemisia

As Kotori and the other Spirits are left to confront Ellen, Origami and Tohka request to personally help Shido, who is struggling in dealing with Mukuro. Before leaving, Kotori gives her AW-11 <Brunhild>, a new CR-Unit developed by Asgard Electronics, to assist her. As Tohka leaves to help Shido defend against Mukuro's attacks, Origami is left fending off Artemisia, who was sent by DEM to capture Mukuro. As the two clashed, Artemisia notices that Origami's lance was designed to subtly absorb leftover magic in its surroundings to sharpen the edge of the blade. As a result, Origami would probably win in a battle of stamina if Artemisia didn't have vastly superior skills as a Wizard. Seeing that she was at a disadvantage, Origami summoned her limited Astral Dress, fusing her powers as a Spirit with her skills as a Wizard.

As the battle continued, Origami asks Artemisia why she left the SSS to join DEM. However, that merely provokes a confused response, which causes her to question what the SSS is supposed to be. Viewing it as provocation from the enemy, Artemisia chooses to ignore Origami's question and continue the fight. The conflict erupted into a stalemate, with Origami's <Metatron> clashing equally against Artemisia's laser blast. However, the battle is interrupted by them both noticing <Goetia> retreating back to Earth. Seeing this, Origami asks Artemisia to surrender peacefully now that her support has been defeated. However, despite remarking that Ellen losing was unexpected, the DEM Wizard states that she hasn't failed her objective yet, since her orders were to eliminate the Spirits. Before leaving, Artemisia releases a large blast from a magic cannon toward Mukuro and Shido's coordinates faster than Origami can intercept.

Later, Shido is relaxing in Ratatoskr’s healing spa, having been led there by Miku. While relaxing, he notices a shadow beneath the water, which turns out to be Origami. She offers to cleanse him, and despite his protests, she proceeds to lick his neck. They’re interrupted by Miku, and Origami appears displeased by the interruption during her attempts at seduction.

After returning to school following the New Year break, Origami reunites with Shido and Tohka. Origami and Tohka, along with the rest of the class, fail to recognize Shido due to Mukuro sealing their memories of him away. At the Spirit household, they all clamor over their meeting with the strange man (Shido). Origami, however, doesn’t speak up, and Kotori notices her silence. Upon asking if she’s alright, Origami brushes her off and attempts to stand, but immediately crumples despite Kotori supporting her, much to everybody’s shock. Origami, however, suddenly stands up again without even hinting at her previous weakness, and questions if the Spirit’s confusion over Shido was real. Upon their confirmation, Origami reveals that their amnesia must be due to Mukuro’s meddling, and that she remembers Shido’s name. In response to her revelation, Tohka collapses to her knees.

During Shido’s talk with Mukuro, Origami appears and addresses him by his last name. Upon hearing this, Shido asks how Origami managed to avoid <Michael>’s memory sealing. Origami responds by saying that after the split of timelines, Origami’s two versions lived within her single body. While Mukuro’s sealing locked Origami’s ‘surface’ version, Origami was still able to recall Shido’s name and identity to her through her other self. Mukuro then prepares to seal up Origami’s memories once more in order to prevent her from remembering Shido. However, Origami warns Mukuro that summoning her Angel will garner the attention of somebody else. As if on cue, that person is revealed to be Inverse Tohka, who swings a slash toward them.

Mukuro and Inverse Tohka trade blows, and Origami stops Shido from trying to intervene. Origami then steps forward, and dithers at first, before calling out to Mukuro. Origami reasons with her, stating that if she loves Shido, she shouldn’t fight Inverse Tohka as Shido despises fighting. She explains that there are other, better ways to win his heart over. Mukuro pauses, thinking over her words, and Origami then approaches Inverse Tohka, and asks for her motive. Inverse Tohka replies aggressively, and even though Origami is visibly stressed by the threat, presses on in appealing to Inverse Tohka’s distaste for the time she was humiliated by Shido. Finally, the Spirit and Inverse Spirit ask Origami outright how they should win Shido over and make his heart surrender, respectively. Origami then states that they should kiss him, and whoever does so will win. Inverse Tohka responds by slashing at Origami, annoyed by her jab in response to Inverse Tohka’s initial hesitation. Origami is unharmed, and Mukuro steps forward to impale Origami with <Michael>. While Mukuro tries to affirm what Origami meant, keeping her as a pseudo hostage whilst threatening her, Inverse Tohka goes to kiss Shido. Mukuro then frees Origami in favor of intercepting Inverse Tohka’s attempt. As another fight is about to break out, Origami intervenes again and states that the two shouldn’t use brute force. She then suggests that they go to a maid café to settle this matter.

Origami doesn’t partake in the conversation between Shido, Mukuro, and Inverse Tohka while the former two attempt to force-feed the latter. However, when Inverse Tohka threatens a maid at the café, she apologizes and takes the trio away from the café. She then opts to take them Tengu Tower, as it is said that those who kiss on the top of the lookout are blessed with good fortune. They are stopped by Mukuro, who doesn’t want to go. But Inverse Tohka’s insult galvanizes Mukuro, and they continue to the tower. Mukuro ends up feeling ill and struggles to hold back her nausea, assisted by Origami who leads her to the bathroom and pets her back to soothe her. Mukuro assures her that she can continue on despite being evidently ill, and Origami follows her with evident worry. However, as she tries to calm Mukuro down, Mukuro suddenly states that she will spare Origami when the time comes to seal their memories, unlike Inverse Tohka.

Origami follows Mukuro as she leaves the bathroom, and after Inverse Tohka accidentally cuts Mukuro’s hair as a result of being attacked by a possessive Mukuro, Mukuro flies into a rage. Despite Origami’s attempts to calm the rapidly rising tension between Mukuro and Inverse Tohka, Mukuro readies for battle as does Inverse Tohka. Origami rings Ratatoskr, hurriedly explaining to Kotori that she needs to suppress Mukuro and Inverse Tohka with Fraxinus’ territory. Shido then asks Origami for help in stopping their battle, and Origami obliges. Origami then deploys the CR-Unit <Brunhild>, and also assumes her limited Astral Dress. Mukuro and Inverse Tohka clash, but Origami steps in from the sidelines and absorbs a blow from Inverse Tohka. Inverse Tohka notes that Origami exudes a certain scent that is similar to her own, which is that of an Inverse Spirit. Tohka turns her attention completely to Origami, whilst Shido goes to deal with Mukuro. Origami engages Inverse Tohka and leads her into the sky, away from Shido and Mukuro.

Inverse Tohka eventually breaks away from Origami who chases after her. Their brief battle left her Astral Dress and CR-Unit both damaged due to the intensity of their scuffle. Shido, after being nearly killed by Mukuro as a result of trying to calm her down, manages to kiss and seal her. As Inverse Tohka seizes Shido, Origami acts on impulse and attempts to stop her, but realizes shortly after that such an action could cost Shido his life and refrains. Shido and Inverse Tohka then kiss, sealing her again, thus ending their battle. Since Mukuro was successfully sealed, Origami, Tohka, and everyone else recover their memories of Shido. Subsequently, this also results in the old timeline Origami regaining control as the dominant personality.

A few weeks later at school, Tohka and Origami share their usual back and forth with each other, with Origami feigning remorse for her actions in order to try to get beneath Shido’s jacket. Their bickering ceases, however, upon noticing someone in the classroom. As that person is revealed to be Kurumi Tokisaki, a shocked Origami cautions Shido not to approach her. Kurumi laughs and innocently asks why Origami and Tohka are so defensive, to which Origami glares back in response.

Kurumi Refrain[]

Since DEM continues to hold data on Origami, Artemisia decides to check on her file following their clash in space. However, upon consulting with Ellen about it, she is convinced to dismiss Origami as another Spirit trying to deceive her.

Meanwhile, Origami and the other Spirits gather at the Itsuka house to discuss Kurumi's challenge to Shido. Origami brings up the time she approached Kurumi. When Mana joins the conversation and gives her eyewitness account, Origami begins to understand that DEM are after Shido's blood and Kurumi is trying to stop them. The following morning, Tohka and Origami notice Shido arriving late to school with Kurumi. Shido later prevents Tohka and Origami from joining him with Kurumi at the rooftop; they end up having lunch with Kaguya and Yuzuru instead.

Later one night, Origami teams up with Miku and Nia to sneak into Shido's bed, wearing mature and revealing undergarments in an attempt to train him against Kurumi’s seduction tactics. While flustered by their plan at first, Shido quickly regains his composure and forces them out of his room. As punishment, Natsumi de-ages the three of them while turning herself and the other sealed Spirits into adult women for Shido's real training session the following day.

Origami is reverted to her usual appearance for the next stage of training: to make chocolate to give to Shido. Origami buys a 3D printer that would enable her to make a one-to-one hollow chocolate sculpture of her body. But when Reine explains that there may be too many calories in it, Origami quickly downsizes her project. The finished chocolate is the first thing to appear on Shido's desk on Valentine's Day. Shido explains that he can't consume all of it immediately, thus, Origami carefully puts her creation in a plastic bag. Shido also promises to eat Origami's chocolate after he has sealed Kurumi.

A flashback to a successful assassination attempt on Shido reveals that Origami was one of the Spirits that tried to stop Ellen, Artemisia, and the Nibelcole that Ellen summoned.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Origami and the other Spirits, along with Mana, are in attendance after Shido's return to Fraxinus from his date with Kurumi. When Mana asks about the person from Kurumi's memory who was called Mio, Origami supposes that it was possible for Mio to have met Shido and Mana with the same appearance as when she appeared to Kurumi. Later on, after Shido collapses having attempted to access an old memory via <Michael>, the Spirits reconvene at Shido's side. When Shido comes to, Origami makes an inappropriate comment, but she clarifies that everyone has indirectly kissed Shido by breathing the same circulated air.

During the emergency meeting called between the Spirits and Ratatoskr's crew, Origami discloses that she knows a possible means to disable DEM's Bandersnatch units. However, the meeting is disbanded not long afterwards, due to Nia voicing her concerns regarding the enemy snooping on them. Kotori thus has Origami and Mana discuss their strategy among themselves for the time being. Two days after the meeting, Origami and Mana visit the Tengu military base, both of them doing so for the first time since leaving the AST. They meet with their former superior Ryouko Kusakabe, and colleagues Mikie and Mildred. Origami hears, for the first time, that DEM had placed a bounty on Mana's head. Disregarding this, Origami asks whether Ryouko's squad were requested to mobilize, before proceeding to tell Ryouko about DEM's plan to attack on February 20th, as well as their perceived enemy, Ratatoskr. Origami hopes that Ryouko's squad will ignore any dispatch order issued by DEM, and let Ratatoskr handle reemployment if they decide to resign from their positions. Ryouko refuses to be swayed from her own established beliefs regarding Spirits. In response, Origami requests for Ryouko's team to hide behind the Bandersnatch units if they do get called to arms, so that she doesn't kill them. Origami also demonstrates one instance of her Spirit powers by firing a warning shot from <Metatron> before leaving with Mana.

On the day DEM mobilizes, Kotori asks for more about Origami and Mana's plan to disable the Bandersnatch. Origami tells MARIA that the Bandersnatch were through Ashcroft Beta, which was made through studying Artemisia's brainwaves. When MARIA confirms that she can jam the signals for the Bandersnatch if the Artemisia is brought to her, Origami requests for everyone's help in capturing the DEM Wizard. Once the DEM begin their offensive, Origami contributes her counter-offensive by using <Metatron> to blast down as many Bandersnatch units as possible, with Mana also providing assistance. When Mukuro and Yoshino prepare to return to Origami and Mana's location, Artemisia suddenly strikes from behind, and Origami is saved by Mana's alert call.

Before the fight commences, Origami states that Artemisia has been brainwashed by DEM. Artemisia dismisses the suggestion coming from a Spirit and continues to attack. Despite once again combining her CR-Unit with her Limited Astral Dress, Artemisia gains the upper hand and forces Origami to defend and stall. In spite of the local AST betraying her, Artemisia eventually lands the major blow on Origami's flank, only for that to serve as a second distraction for Mukuro to sneak up behind Artemisia and launch <Michael> at her ear.

Mio Game Over[]

In spite of her own injuries, Origami catches the fallen Artemisia and brings her to safety. After Mukuro and Yoshino return beside her, Origami requests Ryouko and her squad to bring Artemisia up to the Fraxinus. Just as the squad prepare to leave, Mana arrives and alerts the squad to the presence of <Ain Soph Aur> behind them. The Angel emanates light that the squad quickly attempt to shield themselves from. Mikie is struck by the light while attempting to shield Origami, and passes out. Origami quickly passes Mikie back to Ryouko and tells her squad to hurry to Ratatoskr. Origami, Mana, Yoshino and Mukuro then locate Mio herself, and after Mukuro reacts quickly to save Tohka from light that would have killed her, the arriving Spirits also see that Kaguya and Yuzuru have already fallen. Mio commands <Ain Soph> to change the background of the battlefield. After taking out Mukuro and absorbing her Sephira Crystal, Mio has <Ain Soph> write a new rule to prevent her opponents from escaping. In turn, she pulls Mana close and teleports her away, leaving the remaining Spirits with no choice but to fight. Origami launches an attack from <Metatron>, only for Mio to absorb the beams and send them right back. The beams penetrate Yoshino's <Zadkiel> and take her down.

Tohka and Origami stare in silence at the apparent helplessness of their situation, giving Mio the initiative to kill them. However, she is distracted by the blast of <Gungnir> from behind. This gives Origami and Tohka an opening to attack Mio themselves. Unfortunately, Mio takes control of the <Einherjar> that Origami had been using, and launches it through Origami herself before reclaiming her Sephira Crystal.

Mio True End[]

On the night of February 18th in the new timeline, Origami is woken up by the commotion from the room opposite the one she is sleeping in, on the Fraxinus. She beckons the Spirits from their room over to hers, in order for them to listen in on a conversation between Kotori and Shido regarding the latter's decision to date Reine. Once Origami calls Shido and reveals that she was responsible for the wiretapping through a button on Shido's shirt, she nevertheless offers to help Shido plan his date at the conference room. Kotori puts the call on loudspeaker and ensures that the Spirits move to the conference room one by one to avoid suspicion.

In the morning, Origami and the other Spirits help Ratatoskr oversee Shido's date with Reine, and the two decisions to be made on Shido's behalf. On the first decision, Origami votes for the least popular option, hoping to grab video footage of the reaction. On the second decision, Origami votes in line with the others to relax in the private outdoor bath with Reine, though has to hide her own jealousy from the others. Much later, when the Spirits see Shido kiss Reine, Origami looks on without expression. The DEM interrupt the date and Shido goes back to Fraxinus. There, Kotori accepts an outside communication line, receiving live feeds of the Spirits' friends at several locations. Origami notices one of the locations as an office of the Tengu military base where Ryouko, Mikie and Mildred were having a conversation, but are being surrounded by Bandersnatch units. Fortunately, with Mukuro's <Michael> opening a wormhole for her, Origami is able to get to the office and save her former military comrades. She returns to Fraxinus to see that Kurumi had once again saved Shido from an attempt on his life, only for Mio to return having summoned <Ain Soph>.

Origami teams up with Mana to defend Shido from Mio, but Shido is determined to address Mio and reason with her. After dodging the piercing light from Mio's Astral Dress, Origami witnesses Kurumi take Shido away from <Ain Soph>'s roots and branches before kissing him. This results in Shido having sealed all ten Spirits, allowing him to be equal to Mio's powers. Shido goes back to Mio and kisses her, enveloping both of them in light, and into <Ain Soph>. Origami remains silent as the other Spirits gather around Kurumi, who finds out Shido and Mio's location via <Rasiel>. When Fraxinus comes under attack again, Origami and Mana see the enemy warship Goetia enveloped in Reiryoku and charge forward to attack. They are intercepted by Ellen and Artemisia, both of them eventually gaining Reiryoku granted by Westcott in order to knock both of them back. In turn, Mio grants a power boost to Shido, Mana and all the Spirits, allowing Origami and Mana to fight back on equal terms. However, the distraction is sufficient for Westcott's <Athiel> to release dark powder on them, only for clones of MARIA materialized by <Rasiel> to rush in and protect them.

At the end of the final battle, Origami gathers with all the other Spirits, Mana and MARIA, having found Shido at the familiar beach. Origami then witnesses Tohka grab the Sephira Crystal left behind by Mio after her passing.

Tohka World[]

One month after the final battle against Westcott, Origami passes by the Itsuka residence on her way to school that morning. A few days later, Origami is called up to the Fraxinus for a midnight meeting, along with Shido and the other Spirits apart from Tohka and Kurumi, to discuss Tohka's objective for taking Mio's Sephira Crystal, as Kurumi had discovered through <Rasiel>. When "Tohka" appears to gatecrash the meeting, only Origami and Shido recognize her to actually be her inverse form. After "Tohka" leaves, Origami gives three possible reasons for "Tohka's" actions.

The following morning, Origami is privately given an invitation to a park by Kurumi, and arrives there to find out that the other Spirits (except Tohka) had been invited the same way. Once Kurumi appears to her invitees, she declares that the Spirits will be battling each other in order to circulate Reiryoku and preserve the world created by "Tohka" for as long as possible. Origami begins to understand Kurumi's objective through her own experiences as a Wizard handling CR-Units. Origami also agrees to further terms of the battle royale proposed by Kotori, mainly the ban on attacking those who can no longer summon their Astral Dresses or Angels.

Once the battle royale begins at noon, Origami manifests her full Astral Dress and is challenged by Kotori, who appears having already manifested her Astral Dress as well. Both summon their respective Angels and exchange a few words before they begin battle. Origami initially gains the upper hand until Mukuro intervenes in her Shifuru form. After seeing Kotori dodge <Metatron>'s blasts due to the power-up received, Origami is given the same power-up by Mukuro to keep things fair and finds herself facing two foes at once, with Mukuro joining the battle as a third party. Origami eventually conjures upwards of 100 <Metatron> cannons to focus on her opponents, distracting her opponents by commanding <Kadour> before getting them to form two separate crown formations via <Artelif>, in turn firing separate point-blank beams of light at her opponents. Origami ends up dodging one last command of Kotori's <Megiddo>, which served as a distraction for Mukuro to command <Jerez> from <Michael> and shatter Origami's Astral Dress.

Just as it seems that Origami would be eliminated, she gets up again, this time to materialize her Demon King and part of her inverse Astral Dress. Her alternate-timeline self manifests to command <Satan> and eliminate Mukuro. Immediately afterwards, Origami's original personality returns and she is left with a single strand of Reiryoku-generated silk covering her body, and a single <Metatron> cannon as she barely holds on to stay in contention. She sees the fallen Mukuro and remains unaware of how she won against her. Upon hearing a sound, Origami commands <Metatron>, but the source of the sound moves too fast for Origami's singular cannon to fire in time. Immediately afterwards, Origami loses consciousness altogether, though manages to see the one other battler still standing at her expense.

Origami is given a change of clothes after being escorted to the safe area of the park designated by Ratatoskr. There, she also witnesses Kurumi's brief skirmish with Mana that ends with the latter shot by <Dalet>. Origami quickly checks on Mana and sees that her Realizer has failed. As a result, Mana's CR-Unit also disintegrates and she is in her civilian clothes again. Origami helps carry Mana to a makeshift stretcher provided by Ratatoskr. After an earthquake occurs to signify the imminent end of Tenka's artificial world, Origami follows the other Spirits to eventually find Shido and Tohka, and all begin to cry as they have to say farewell to Tohka.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Origami decides to walk to school with Shido. During homeroom that day, Origami secretly sends an invitation to Shido via text. On a later date, Origami briefly meets her former AST colleagues and Artemisia before excusing herself to meet with Shido. She takes Shido to a hotel where she had booked a mock wedding session. Origami tries out a dress that Shido picked for her to wear, and goes with tuxedo-dressed Shido to the chapel at the back of the hotel to have a picture of them taken. As the attendant commands "cheese", Origami kisses Shido on the left cheek. After the session, Origami admits to Shido that he is free to choose who to be with, but she will also never forgive him if he forgets about Tohka.

Days later, she attends an emergency meeting between the former Spirits after Shido barely survives an encounter with Beast. Despite preparing to arm herself with her CR-Unit, the group is surprised by Beast using her Sixth Sword to warp herself directly inside Fraxinus.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

After Shido tackles Beast out of Fraxinus, Origami initially stops Mukuro from leaving Fraxinus via their transfer device, in order to discuss a plan that would allow the former Spirits to follow Shido by operating the <Yggd Folium> Realizer units, which weren't damaged by Beast's rampage. Using headsets connected to such units, the former Spirits descend safely to the ground to assist Shido. Origami, already armed with the <Brunhild> CR-Unit, is tasked with directly confronting Beast. After gaining an <Yggd Ramus> from MARIA, she coordinates a plan of attack with Kaguya and Yuzuru. As they distract Beast on the ground, Origami tries to do the same from the air, but Beast sees this coming and halts Origami's movements with the Future Description ability of her Second Sword. Afterward, Origami's <Brunhild> is shattered into pieces by a decisive blow from Beast's Sixth Sword.

After Natsumi successfully lands an <Yggd Ramus> through Beast's back, Beast's swords scatter and the First Sword reappears in front of Origami. Upon grabbing the sword, it transforms into Origami's Astral Dress and her Angel <Metatron>, allowing her to temporarily reclaim her Spirit powers. When <Metatron>'s attacks are easily dodged by Beast, Kotori decides to coordinate a combined full power <Camael> and <Metatron> blast at Beast while using <Gabriel> and <Zadkiel> to immobilize her. While effective in inflicting some damage, the blow fails to be a decisive and only appears to have singed Beast.

A month after Shido's return from the parallel world, Origami is revealed to have entered the same university as Shido.


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